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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet 
John Page in 1737 by King George D of 
England, was carried by his son, Nathaniel, 
who fought with the Bedford Minutemen at 
the Battle of Concord Bridge, April 19, 1775. 

JUL "2003" 

gigrmm 2x103 

Bebforb High School 

9 Mubge U/ay 
Ve&forb, Mass. 01730 

Volume XX 












Last May, the class of 2003 was the first class ever to move out of the dull cafeteria and experience 
the Junior Prom at the Bedford Renaissance Hotel. The night consisted of dinner, dancing and it was 
an overall success. The announcement of the prom king and queen was brought on halfway through 
the night. The winners were Krista Harrington, queen, and Jeff Tate, king. The prom court, voted 
upon by the class and the faculty, included Courtney Little, Meghan Wilcox, Carey St. Onge. Elyse 
Smith, Alex Iwanchuk, Tim Brady, Tyler Gray, and Richie Volpicelli. This night will provide many 
unforgettable memories for the class of 2003. The class officers, especially the prom committee, 
Allyson Mconnell and Kirsten Lundberg, would like to thank everyone for their generosity and 
helpfulness in making the junior prom such a special evening. 

By: Kirsten Lundberg 

Still \ 

•■ -•- -■ ■ — ■ ...... 

Lakeaha Ahams 


"jPfaflfp Aiken 

"He that will not reason is a bigot, he that 
cannot reason is a fool, he that dares not 
to reason is a slave." 

-William Drummond 
"Who is wise and understanding among 
you? Let him show it by his good life, by 
deeds done in the humility of wisdom." 
-James 3:13 
"He that is good for making excuses is 
seldom good for anything else." 

-Ben Franklin 
"The British are coming!" -Me? 

M^rk AmaXo 

Marco/, Marcuf, Marco, Matoman, 

"Always look on the bright side of life." 
-Monty Python 
"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go 
through life, son." 

-Dtari Worma, Animal House 

"Brett, this is Mark wait. Mark, this is 

Brett..." -Brett 

]ui\a Amirzahov 

Julia </uiia,Julef, Hulia 

"Regret for the things we did can be 
tempered by time; it is regret for tht 
things we did not do that is inconsol- 
able." -Sydney J. Harris 
"Oh, good! Good 1 Do you guys know 
how to get a chick out of a VCR?!" 
-Chandler, Friends 
" The only baggage you can bring is a 
that you can't leave behind." - U2 

Katbym Anthony 

Sarah Armstrong 

$a, ZLA, Muffin, itronfarmf, 
blottdie, Cole, funskine 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tomorrow." - Anonymous 
"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
"You can learn litde from victory. You can 
learn everything from defeat." 
-Christy Mathewson 
"N1III Caaaa" (Kak) 
"The only time success comes before 
work, is in the dictionary." - Erin O'Reily 

Talor Aror&on- 

Root Beer 

" Go confidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you have imagined." 

-Henry David Thoreau 
" In the game of life, heredity deals the 
hand, and society makes the rules, but 
you can still play your own cards." 
-Peter's Almanac 

X>ashb ArzuYnanya 

Pare, 4 no, Piezel, #/ Flaya 

"What up Hammah!?" -Brian ■ 
"You know if you wear that hat out of 
shower it dries your hair ..really ?" 
"Pump, pump it up. pump the jam, M 
the rhythm bumpin'" -New years 
"Like a champ!" -Andre 
"One love" -Drephilius the theoloj' 
"What you want me to do. touch it: 

Mictael Avery 

Heather "Bookman 

"You can't hive everything. Where would 
you put it?" 
-Steven Wright 
"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, 
for you are crunchy and taste good with 
"Who wants to be a walrus?" -Dara 

Corey Boggett 

Beau, Core, Core-Core, Florence, 
CoBagp, CoBo, Leo, Corky 

"To truly become number one you must 
constandy strive to surpass yourself, not 

the competition." 
"It is true that a mathematician who is 
not also something of a poet will never 
be a perfect mathematician." 

-K. Weierstrass 
"A monk uncloistered is a mere fish out 
of water, flapping on the pier." 


Brian "Barrows 

Neck, Necklace, Bri,B 

"Brian. . .Ragdoll. . . " -Michelle 
"Only two things are infinite, the 
universe and human stupidity, and I'm 
not sure about the former." 
-Albert Einstein 
"People demand freedom of speech to 
make up for the freedom of thought 
which they avoid." 
-Soren Aabye Kierkegaard 
"To live is the rarest thing in the world. 
Most people exist, that is all." 

-Oscar Wilde 

Davfo Boifle 

Laura Bcw&ocnzjLx 

Lauri, L B., Boodixief, 
L-Pawg, Lauri Boodari, Baudanza 

" The greatest thing you'll ever learn is 
just to love and be loved in return." 

- Moulin Rouge 

" Don't frown because you never know 
when someone is falling in love with 

your smile." -Anonymous 
' It's kind of fun to do the impossible." 

- Walt Disney 

" It is our choices that show what we 
truly are, far more than our abilities. 
- Professor Dumbledore 

Heather Baytk 

ihortyjellybean, Heatha Bay 

" Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes 
you're behind. The race is long and in 
the end it's only with yourself." 
- Baz Luhrman 

Kathryn Bentiey 


fO'mberty Bemarbo 

Xf/'/w, Kimbojeanie, Ed 

"Shoot for the moon and even if you 
miss you'll land amongst the stars." 

- Les Brown 
"It's like a magic!" - Carey and Carla 

Brian Blake 

"I am what I am, and that is all that I 
am, but who I will be is up to me." 
- Me 

" Willson!" - Tom Hanks 

" Timmy, Gobbles!" 
- Timy from South Park 
" To see the world in a grain of sand, A 

heaven in a wild flower. To hold 
infinity in the palm of your hand, and 
eternity in an hour." - Aguries of 
Innocence, By William Blake 


Sam, Sambly, Sammy B > 

"Dude, it's a sunkist." -Kellie 
'I don't want to come back down from 
this cloud." -Bush 
"duto duto duto duto duto" 
-Me and Kellie 

Kerry Campbell 

KB., Ker, Ker Bear 

"Shift and choose again." - My Dad 
"True friendship is seen through the 
heart and not through the eyes." 

Tim, Timmy, Braidf, Brady, Ckamf 

"Where's the donuts?" 

- Coach Sabourin 

"What we do in life echoes in eternity." 
- Gladiator 
"Dwaynoooo!!!" -Scott 
"Whose got the cauck? 

- The eight of us 

Kenneth Bubka 

Kenny P., Kenjamin 

"I'd like to think the best of me is still 
hiding up my sleeve." -John Mayer 
"The artists couldn't have gotten here 

without the rowers." -Lauren 
"Knowledge speaks, wisdom listens." 
-Jimi Hendrix 
"You can't always get a chiwawa." 
-The Rolling Stones 

Brett BogHigian 

BtFrefidente, Tke fed father, Bre 

"Wu-tang Clan ain't nuttin' ta. 

- The boys 
"Oh no... Corey! Your mom's callia 
you! - Tyler G. 
"Omniscient am I not, but well- 
informed." - Goethe. Faust I 
"Let's do it up." - Alex I. 
"No — Gatsby turned out alright in 
end." - Fitzgerald. The Great Gats" 



Chmtine Vuvnanr. 

Bumann, BwmBoom. Bocmmatti 

Michael Buia 

Jennifer Cohan 

Babo, ffecialjennie, Fennifer, Cube, 

"That's neither here nor there." 

- Mr. Spinosa 
"Sleep is the best meditation." 

- Dalai Lama 

"Walk softly, but carry a big stick." 
-Teddy Roosevelt 
"Whether one believes in a religion or 

not, and whether one believes in 
rebirth or not, there isn't anyone who 
doesn't appreciate kindness and 
compassion." - Dalai Lama 

Sarah Cohan 

Cuban, Bob a. Big Red, CaftAnn 

"Oh, Snap! "-Tracy Morgan 
"One more time for the West Coast." 

" Rabassouammi fikarijaii" -Shakira 

Derek Casteliana 

Cafta, P-money, P, P-man 

"All you have to decide is what to do 
with the time that is given to you." 
"Heroes get remembered but legends 
never die." -Sandlot 
"Everybody gets one chance to do 
something great, either too scared or 
they don't recognize it when it splits 

on their shoes." -Sandlot 
"It is not who jumps the highest — it's 
who wants it the most." 
- Buck Williams 

Afchael Cerchione 

A^am Chan 

Chan, Chan Man, A nan, Lo Honf IVanf 

" Adam, you are the dumbest Asian I 
know. Hey, isn't that an oxymoron? A 
dumb Asian." - Alex I. 
I don't even believe in Jebus!" - 

Homer Simpson 
Quick! Into the river! Hippos hate 
water!" - Homer Simpson 
"The sky will never look the same 
again till you show me how it could 
be" - A New Found Glory 

Timothy Churelia 

Tim, Timmy, TimmehahJ 

"To give anything less than your best is 
to sacrifice the gift." 

"No other road, no other way, no day 
but today." 

Katri'na demons 

Trina, K- Trina, Catnona, Liffy, Mice 

"Smile, be happy and everything will 
be alright." -Me 



Keith £ollfm 

" Hope is a good tiling, maybe the best 
of things, and no good thing ever dies." 
- Shawshank Redemption 
" Before you criticize someone, you 
should walk a mile in their shoes, that 
way when you criticize them, you're a 
mile away and you have their shoes." 

- Jack Handey 

" There is a very fme line between 
'hobby' and 'mental illness.'" 

- Dave Barry 

" What? No! We can't stop here, this is 
bat country!" - Fear and Loathing 

PC, Cofolla 

"If God didn't want us to kill animals he 
wouldn't have made them out of meat." 

-Mr. Stephenson 
"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go 
through life." -Animal House 

"Kids, you tried and you failed miserably, 
the lesson here is never try." 

-Homer Simpson 
"For everything you have missed you 
have gained something else." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Sfamekia Corrwell Cbriitopfiw Ooita. 

Cofta, Nation 

"What's the score here?" - Fear « 

"What else could go wrong?" -JJ 
"Yeah. . umm . I'm gonna go home] 
- Scotterman 

Michelle Cotfa 

Mifkyfoo, Mifh, Shellbell, Feachef, 

"As we go on remember all the times we 
had together and as our lives change 
come whatever we will still be friends 

forever" -Vitamin C 
"When you feel like hope is gone look 
inside you and be strong and you'll 
finally see the truth that a hero lies in 
you" -Mariah Carey 
"Friends are those people who know the 
words to the song in your heart and sing 
them back to you when you have 
forgotten the words" -Anonymous 

Anthony Orome 

lenrwi Vaviin 


'Let me interrupt myself for a second! 

Mr. Sheinfeld 
"You only love me for my chocolate."" 
Marisa Demarco 
"Such is life." -Mrs. Morris 

M^rfia T>eynarco 

Patrick Deprfesf 

Marisella, BQ Marifity,$i(, 
WarPMar,Poobee,M'riz, Bunnie ? " t 

"Who thiew dees birds at me?" 
- Chris Register 
a all up in that mess." - My Dad (after 

listening to a JaRule song) 
True friendship comes when silence 
ween two people is comfortable" - 

"Take the cat!" -Tim Brady 
" We can't stop here, this is bat country!" 
- Fear and Loathing 
"Brian. . .that's toilet water." - Me 

Nathaniel Dem 

Keith Bah 

"And in die end, it's not the years in your 
life that count. It's the life in your years." 

-Abraham Lincoln 
"Let's take the scenic route." 


"It's good to shut up sometimes." 
-Marcel Marceau 
"Our character is what we do when we 
think no one is looking." 

-H. Jackson Brown Jr. 

Matthew Ti'ih 

" Rat Pack" - Mr. Gaillard 
" I wish they made drinks that tasted like 

dynatap" - Brian Coppola 
" I tried moving once, it's very overrated" 

- Maddox Mission 
" You're such an inspiration for the way I 
would never ever choose to be" 
- A Perfect Circle 
" Money doesn't always bring happiness. 
People with ten million dollars are no 
happier than people with nine milium 

dollars." - Hobart Brown 
" As a general rule, nobody has money 
who ought to have it" - Benjamin Disrael 

Whitney Vorer 

PW, Wheatney, Betney, Pee 
Whitman, Whitter, WP-40 

A person's a person, no matter how 

small." -Dr. Seuss 
Life's too short for showers." -Betsey 
le who you are and say what you feel 
;cause chose who mind don't matter 
nd those who matter don't mind."- 

ife is not measured by the breath we 
le, but by the moments that take our 
breath away." -Anonymous 

Occnbice Tmprey 

Candy, Puff, Pufrey, Zkylar, lil 
Kuff, Kank, Candididunef 

"Never eat at Pier One!" -Dave Basile 
"Guys are like parking lots; all the good 
ones are taken, and the rest are 
"If you're arguing with an idiot, just 
make sure he isn't doing the same thing." 

yJchaei "Fowler 

Mike, Fowla, "F" 

Cruze through the lot on them duze 
twos gleemin" 

" Forget those who judge me from 
what they hear, and not what they 


- Tran 

Don't some just wish that they could 
see what I see??" 
- Godfried 

C&na "Fuai 

£ finanatrott, (jitter, Fiffin 

"Create a new fantasia, cause it beats 

hating yourself." -Orgy 
"It's a dangerous business, going out 
your door. You step onto the road and 
if you don't keep your feet, there's no 
knowing where you might be swept 

off to." -Lord of the Rings 
"King. . DOM!" -Sarah and me 
"I mock you with my monkey pants." 

-Oz (Buffy) 
"What about second breakfast?" -LOTR 
(see Sarah H.) 

David Gagnon 


"Mr. Madison, what you have just said, is 
the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever 

heard. At no point, in your rambling 
incoherent response were you even close 
to anything that could be considered a 
rational thought. Everyone in this room 
is now dumber for having listened to it. I 
award you no points and may God have 
mercy on your soul." 
-From Billy Madison 
"Purdue, the chicken school?" 

Gregory Gannon 

(j-ref, <joonan,Jaba, MC, Thumbf 

'Wow, its surprisingly good, I've never 
had it like this before." 
- Mark Amato 
"Hey Bill!!!" - Brett 
"Uhhh, its poop again" - Billy 

"Here's to us fools that have no 
meaning, I tip my glass to you, lets 
toast the night away to friends and 
forget about tomorrow." 
- New Found Glory 

U>gan E. Gam 

Lo</anf, Log, Logarithm, Airport 

"The human race has one really effective 
weapon, and that is laughter." 

- Mark Twain 

"I took the road less traveled by, and that 
has made all the difference." 

- Robert Frost 

"The needs of the many outweigh the 
needs of the few." 
- Spock 

Herve Girouarb 

'Because I remember, I despair. Because I 
remember, I have the duty to reject 
despair." -ElieWiesel 
" To believe in something, and not to live 
it, is dishonest." 
-Mohandas Gandhi 

Nicholas Gleason 

Nick, Nicholas, & if Man 

"And now for something completely 
-Monty Python 
'Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if 
you'll die today." 
-James Dean 
"Two points for honesty" -Guster 
"She wore Lemon, to color in the cold 
gray night" -U2 

Vara Goobman 

Bunny, Pfunk 

Cause every tool is a weapon -if you 
hold it right." 
-Ani Difranco 
"But let us begin." 
-John F. Kennedy 
he world is mud-luscious and puddle- 
-E. E. Cummings 

Tyler dray 

Carroll, Ty, T 

"The important thing is not to stop 
-Albert Einstein 
"The question is not whether we will die, 
but how we will live." 
-Joan Borysenko 
"It's like exqueeeeze me but have you 
ever heard of styling gel?" 
"I'm word." -Corey 

fiAegan Clreer 

Meg, Meg/, Meg-Babe, Hoppie, Pofuf, 

"The window taste funny!" 
"Whatever I'm Jewish!" 

"Watch the road!" 
-Beth arid Ashley 

Leah Gro*& 

"The world is a Comedy to those that 
think and a Tragedy to those that feel." 
"Whatever floats your pancake." 
"No matter what you do, do your best at 
it. If you're going to be a bum, be the 
best bum there is." 
-Robert Mitchum 
"It is not easy to find happiness in 
ourselves, and it is impossible to find it 
-Agnes Repplier 
"Does it pee when you bum?" 

Michelle Hagar 

Shelly, Shell, H20, MP 

" Mental toughness is essential to 
success." -Vince Lombard! 
" America's greatest strength, and its 

greatest weakness, is our belief in 
second chances, our belief that we can 
always start over, that things can be 
made better." -Anthony Walton 
" To accomplish great things, we must 
dream as well as act." 
-Anatole France 
" The Boston Red Sox, A New England 

\Cmta Harrington 

Krif, Boot 

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, 
hope for tomorrow." 
"Friendship is the hardest thing in the 
world to explain. It's not something you 

learned in school. But if you haven't 
learned the meaning of friendship, you 
haven't learned anything at all." 
-Muhammad Ali 
"I'll bring the blendah!" 
-Elyse Smith 

Un&sey Hartwell 

Tilly, Lindf, Lu, </umby 

"Love is blind" -Eve 
"Look, I'm smiling." -Katie B's 
"Blaze Bla" -Me 

"Hey, whats this number. Uh oh that's 

the Bedford Police Dept." 
-Kirsten and I 
'People who judge don't usually matter." 
"I'm a lover not a fighter but I'll crack 
your teeth" 

S ar ah Healy 

Sarar, Sararia, Healyminator, Shealy, 

-Glna and me 
"II I'm insane what's his excuse 1 " 
-Spike from Buffy 
"I don't think he knows about them Pip" 
-see Glna 
"I would not count on it" 
-Lord of the Rings 
"I would have followed you my brother. 
My captain. My king." 
-Lord of the Rings 

Kelli'e Heri&erson 

Smell, CurbHoffer, Potato, Smee 

.I'll never forget where you're at, don't 
let the days go by. Glycerine. . . " 

- Bush 

"Don't worry bout a thing, cause every 
little thing is gonna be alright" 
- Bob Marley 
"Just put it all out there." 

- Sam 


A -rod, Big A, Man-Hoo, A-diggity 

"Lets do it up" - The boys 
"May the Good Lord be with 
you down every road you roam 
And may sunshine and happiness 
surround you when you're far from 

home" -Rod Stewart 
"You can get high on math, like pot, 
and the best part is you can grow 
in your basement." Mr. V 

Elizabeth Holland 

Betf, Betzena, Butiey, Liz, Whitfey 

"I find my life is a lot easier the lower I 
keep everyone's expectations." 
-Calvin and Hobbes 
'A person's a person, no matter how tall.' 
"Call in sick and take on the day." 
"Kid, you'll move mountains!" 
-Dr. Suess 

Gregory Hughes 

"There are two types of people in this 
world; those who dictate and those who 
are dictated to. You decide what type of 
person you are." 
-Coach Burgess 
"Take the Cat" 

"Danielle \ocabo\\ 

Pannie, Shorty, 
Penny Ho, Angel 

"To love and to be loved are the greateJ 

joys on Earth." 

Kurt lobanneiien 

Kurtif, KJ, (juiltaume, i/ueemy 


- Mr. Gaillard 
-Barry D. 

"Wait. . .didn't I pull you over last week?" 
- Bedford Police 
"Who wants coffee?" 

- Mark Amato 

T^obney \o\mson 

Eric Kacfoelmyer 

"Allow myself to introduce. . .myself." 

-Austin Powers 
' Every man dies, not every man really 
" If you're going through hell, keep 
going. " 
-Winston Churchill 

Shorty, Mid jet, Meg f erf 

"We're in heaven. . ." 
'I always knew that looking back on us 
ying would make me laugh, but I never 
uiew that looking back on us laughing 
would make me cry." 
"What are we doing here?" -Kirsten 
And they diink we're dumb" -Nicole 
"Megan, I just hit aT-bus." -Emma 

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop 
and look around once in a while, you 
could miss it." 
-Ferris Bueller 
"No one can make you feel inferior 
without your consent." 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 
"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the 

-Katherine Hepburn 

Kathleen \<.oar\an 

Katy, Frefton 'ffifter 

"English? Who the hell needs that?! I'm 
not going to England." 
-Homer Simpson 
"And it's true we are immune, when fact 
is fiction and T.V is reality, and today the 

millions cry, we eat and drink while 
tomorrow they die. The real batde has 
begun. To claim the victory Jesus won. 
On a Sunday, bloody Sunday, Sunday, 
bloody Sunday." -U2 
"Carved upon my stone my body lie but 
still I roam." -Metallica 

pyan Lamb 



Cindy, Firft,Laft jirl 
What are you doing, Last!?!" Mr. Pilla 
"Making teenagers depressed is like 
nooting fish in a barrel." Bart Simpson 

"I am so cool!" Jason Coombs 
"More and more of our imports are 
coming from overseas." George Bush 

N icole Lawrence 


Mark Leihane 

Nick, Millertime, Kobe, Buddk* 

See, to live is to suffer; to 
survive, well that's to find 
meaning in the suffering. -DMX 
Only God can judge me, all you 
other people can get out of ray 
business. -2pac 
You gotta have a fire in 
your belly! - Coach Sullivan 
Ms. Hoover I glued my head 
to my shoulder. - Ralph Wiggum 

lalfet Uma 


"Girls just want to have fun." -Cindi 

"I used to be a sweet, sweet thing 
until they got a hold of me." -Dazed 
and Confused 
"If you can't be with the one you love, 
love the one your with." -Steven Stills 
"College, what the.... bye, bye, bye." - 

Robert lunbberg 

Courtney Little 

Kitten lanbberQ 

Kirty, lunby, iunbz, Kirt, London 

"What are we doing here!?" - Megan 
"Hey. what's this number...?" - Lindsey 
and me 

"last night consisted of you saying stupid 
things. ..and me laughing." -Emma 
"Sometimes there is no next time, no 
time outs, no second chances, 
sometimes it's now or never." 
"life is not a laughing matter, but can 
you imagine having to live without 


Ken, freat Wall (Pare), Btiennele 
Swift (Chris). UU, Koala, Kliu 

"Security is mostly a superstition. It 
does not exist in nature... Life is either 
a daring adventure or nothing at all." 

-Helen Keller 
"It is easy in the world to live after the 
world's opinion; it is easy in solitude 
to live after our own; but the great man 
is who in the midst of the crowd keeps 

with perfect sweetness the 
independence of solitude." -Ralph W. 

Arthur Utiby 

Nikki lua 

Nik, Sttllwell, Fuefuard, 

"The road goes ever on and on S 
Down from the door w here it begaa. 
Now far ahead the road has gone.fl 
And I must follow if I can. 
Pursuing it with eager feet. 
Until it joins some larger way A 
Where man) paths and errands meet. 
And wither then? I cannot say." J 
-J.R.R. Tolkien 


Michael Lynch 

" Till the war-drum throbb'd no . 
longer, and the batde-flags were * 
furl'd; In the parliament of nun. the 1 
Federation of the world. 
- Alfred Tennyson 
" Don't judge each day hy the harvest I 
you reap, but by the seeds you plant. 
- Robert Louis Stevenson 



Atyisa Martin 

Aaliyah, Lucy 

" You know!" 
I can do all things through Christ 
who strengthens me." 
- Phillipians 4: 13 



Allyson Mcconnell 

ion, MS, A U Falf, McCob, 

"In 3 words I can sum up everything 
I've learned about life: It goes on." 
-Robert Frost 
"Happiness lies not in our 
:ircumstances, but in ourselves." -Anon 

"yankees suck ... and stuff." 
'I guess this is growing up." -Blink 1 8 2 

Timothy hAcQxaxh 

Fatjr., Wigjumjr., Slim Time, 
Slimetky, Slim, Timmy Nifflef, 
Wifjum, Lenny, Sniper, Timmah! 

"Go banana!" -Ralph Wiggum 
"You're fat, you're slow, and nobody likes you." 
-Little Giants 

"Timmy!" -Timmy 
"War does not make one great." -Yoda 
"God created the integers, all the rest is 
the work of man." -Mr. Stephenson 

Stephen Mclcme 

Mac, Cone 

"OK or you could look like a Fruit" 
-Corey Baggett 
"Let's do it up"-The Crew 
"For a million dollars would you... 

Mia Milti 


Chrif, Ccfe, Minue 

"In matters of style, swim with the 
current; in matters of principle, stand 
like a rock." 
-Thomas Jefferson 
"It's only work if somebody makes you 
do it." -Calvin and Hobbes 

"Our greatest glory is not in never 
failing but rising up every time we 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"That music was either Chinese or 
Dutch." -M.H. 


Babyfirl, Airhead, Lofer 

"Never underestimate the power 
of your actions. With one small 
gesture you can change a person's 
life, for better or for worse. God 
puts us all in each others lives to 
impact on another in some way." - 
"Nothing can be loved or hated 
unless it is first known." 
- Leonardo Da Vinci 
"We should not let our fears hold 
us back from pursuing our 
-John F. Kennedy 

Thomas Mowi 

Tom, Tommy, Tom-Tom, Tommy boy 

"keep away from people who try to 
belittle your ambitions. Small 1 
people always do that, but the re alb 
great make you feel that you, too J 
can become great." - Mark Twain j 
"Those who do not remember the 
past are condemned to repeat it."J 
- George Sanuyana 1m 
"The price of greatness is 
responsibility." -Sir Winston .' 

Samuel Morgan- 

Tracy O'Brien 

Sfanky and ituart 

"Don't cry because it is over... Smile 
because it happend." - Dr. Seuss 
"There is nothing permanent 
except change." - Heraclitus 
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom 
listens." - Jimi Hendrix 
"I see myself as a huge fiery comet, 
a shooting star. Everyone stops, 
points up and gasps, 'Oh look at 
that!' then whoosh, and I'm gone... 
and they'll never see anything like 
it ever again... and they won't be 
able to forget me ever." - Jim 

Kzxthym O [ember 

Katie , Kate 

"Live today like you'll die tomorrow. 
Live tomorrow like you'll live 

"You can accomplish anything if you 
only put your mind to it." 
"What you don't know can't hurt you." 

Usa l?aqaerfe 

lee, Lee-lee, Life 

"No act of kindness, no matter how; 
small, is ever wasted." -Aesop 
"The only way to have a friend is to t 
one." -Ralph Waldo Emerson j 

"The challenge of life is keeping the 
child within you alive " -Anita Milla 

ebecca "Jparkbant 

fas, Beckf, Trifte-8, 88, Berecca, 

"Whoa, guys, whoa"-Kerry 
"Two things"-Colleen 
God hadn't intended for us to eat 
mals he wouldn't have made them 
out of meat."-Mr. Stephenson 
ir. It is the worst thing that men do 
o each other." -George McGovern 
ope you burn in effigy." -Mark 

Kara "Jpeny 

Write this down. E. M. E. T. I. B. Now 
read it backwards. Bite me!" 
- Sydney Bristow, "Alias" 
" You got into Harvard Law?" "What? 

Like it's hard?" - Legally Blonde 
Don't frost the pie!" - Me talking in 
my sleep 


Crazy P, Slovak, Fef, Ox 

Cupcake, cupcake, in my pants, make 

me dance."- Sam M.C. 
It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a 
bigger man to laugh at that man." 
- Jack Handey 
" I lost my Jenga Jams." 
- Homsar 

Jennifer fcaymonb 

Ooiieen fceeb 

Caween, Collen Bean, Weeny, C- 
Murler, K-tifta 

Remember to let her into your heart. 
Then you can start to make it better." 

- Paul McCartney 
You smell. a good friend." -Jenny 
"Good Job. Want a cookie." -Chris 
"I'm not a boy. I'm a Man." -Tommy 
"No.You're grounded." - Pat 
"OOOMPH ! " -Becca and me. 
"Fancy meeting you here." -Nick 

OcArn pjcharbion 

Tucker fKeivnann 

Sharonba fcoberti 

"Always look toward the positive side of 
things, because the negative side always 
leads to violence." - Me 
"Mind your own business! You know who 

you are who is always in someone's 
business! So don't look back and keep on 
walking!" - Me 


Mexican,Jeff-Man, Nick, Lanky- 
Man, Wookie 

"We're the proud parents of a child 
who has resisted his teacher's attempts 
to break his spirit and bend him to the 
will of his corporate masters." 

George Carlin 
"Pixy stix, because not every kid can 

afford crack." -A billboard 
"I would have slept better if I hadn't 
dreamt I was fighting snakes." -Mom 
"What are you a hippie? Or a dentist? 
Or some kind of hippie-dentist?" - 
Strong Bad 

Shown p.oe 

Skiff i, fkif Pr. Roe 

"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as 
if you'll die today." -James Dean 
"Ability is what you are capable of 
doing. Motivation determines what 
you do, Attitude determines how well 

you do it." -Lou Holtz 
"Money is the means, not the end."- 

Gar a Sabella 


" The sun's gonna shine and the rai 
gonna fall and in the end you might 
burnt or wet. but that's life. So danc 
the puddles and bathe in the sun. . 

at the end of the day. smile." 
"True friends are the people who 
there for you unconditionally. They 
people who never question you a 
support you no matter what the 
circumstances are. They are the pec 

worth living for." 
"Fate exists but it can only take you 
far. because once you're there. It's u 
you to make it happen 
- Can't Hardly Wait 

Ashley Siegel 

Karen Siegel 

Little Boo, BooBoo, Frincifena, 
Seagull, Chana Fayfeh, C are b tar, 
Karen Fay fie with the Keffe, Sweet Fea 

On ne voit bien qu'avec le Coeur. 
L'Essentiel est invisible pour les yeux 

- Antoine de St. Exupery 
" Where there's music, there can be no 

- Cervantes, "Don Quixote" 
" All the world's a stage and all the men 
and women merely players." 
- Shakespeare, "As you like it" 

N attain Smith 

Elyse Smith 

Caroline Sr. Onge 

Caroline R. St. Onje 

Carey, Care 
"The future belongs to those who 
elieve in the beauty of their dreams.' 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
„ove conquers all." -Virgil 

teeter Stewart 

Pete, Stew, Sweet Pete, Stew 

"Clothes make the man. Naked people 
have ittle or no influence in society." 

-Mark Twain 
"That's it! You people have stood in 
my way long enough. I'm going to 
clown college." -Homer Simpson 
"I'll tell you who took those lunches, 
that damn sasqutch." -Billy Madison 

Usa Stewart 

Jennifer Stracban 

Jen, J. Strac 

" Friendship is the hardest thing in the 
world to explain. It's not something 
you learn in school. But if you haven't 
learned the meaning of friendship, you 
really haven't learned anything." 

Muhammad Ali 
" To accomplish great things, we must 
not only act, but also dream; not only 
plan, but also believe." 
- Anatole France 
" You see things as they are and ask, 
■Why?' I dream things as they never 
were and ask, 'Why not?'" 

George Bernard Shaw 

"I'm putting on the foil coach -Slap Shot 

"I'm going Ahab man" -Fear and 
"Sloncha" -Adam Sandler 
'How about a litde reverse action" - 
Adam Sandler 

Jeffery Tate 

JbajJT}, Heff, Hefty (one zif), 

"Terrorist attacks can shake the 
foundations of our biggest buildings 
but they can not touch the foundations 

of America." George W. Bush 
"It is what we make of what we have, 
not what we are given, that separates 
one person from another. 
-Nelson Mandela 
"If your parents never had children, 
chances are you won't either." 
-Dick Cavett 


"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in a while, 

you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller 
"Donuts...Is there anything they can't 
do?" -Homer Simpson 

lamal Teqae 

Jam-al,Jrijjity,Jroc, BabySkaf, Shaf 
Paddy, Bigpe, Mai 

" Better everyday" 
- Coach Jim Sullivan 
" To be early is to be on time, to be on 
time is to be late, to be late is to be 
- Anonymous 
" Hold on!!!" 

- Moses 

" Did you here that ...the public service 

- Myself 

" I gotta get Jamal back." 

- Myself 

Katfxen'ne Thomas 

ate, Raitlyn, Katie, KT,F.P., MS, 
Maf, Blonde 

"Can I re-take that?" Katie Bentley 
" No one can make you feel inferior 
without your consent." -Eleanor 
"If you love someone, let them go. If 
they return to you, it was meant to be." 

Aaron Thomas 

A-dawg, Fefe-Jefuf 

"I have never made but one prayer to 
God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make 
my enemies ridiculous.' And God 
granted it." 
"Life is too short. So don't waste time 

Rebecca Trigg 

Reb, Becca, Trifj, Triggy, Twijj, 

"It is one thing to show a man that he 
is in error, and another to put him in 
possession of the truth." -John Locke 

"Gaining knowledge comes from 
gaining experience; gaining experience 
comes from living life." -Michal 
"Who loves you, doll?" -Daddy 
"I want you in this house at seven 
o'clock!" -Mummy 

Elizabeth Tmcfaler 


KWitma Tropeano 

Jamie \)anan'a 


"To err is human;to forgive is divine." 
"It all comes back to you, you're 
bound to get what you deserve. Try 
and test that... 

"Solo tu sabes bien quien soy, y por 

eso es tuyo mi corazon." Shakira 
"What's the use in worry, what's the 
use in hurry?" -DMB 

Bra^fork Vatter 

Brad, Bradley, B-Rad, Bradical, 

" I smell a win" - Pat Reed 
" We must all fear evil men, but there 
another kind of evil that we should ft 
most, and that is the indifference ol 

good men." - Boondock Saints 
" I'll be drinking on my yacht. Coca 
Cola's of course!" - Mr. Palmer 

"Rat pack" - Mr. Gaillard 
>w do we get to Bedford?" - Jeff 

"Ohhhh jeez" - Brad Vatter 
ver put off till tommorow what 
:an do the day after tomorrow" - 
Mark Twain 

TKlcharb Volpi'celb' 

Richie, Kick, Pick 

" It doesn't take much to keep holding 
someone's hand 
You have to keep your eyes open as 

wide as you can 
You never know what could come 
along..." - A New Found Glory 

"Miss the beat, you lose the rhythm, 
And nothing falls into place, Only 
missed by a fraction, Slipped a little off 

your pace" - Van Halen 
"The sea was angry that day, my friends, 
like an old man trying to send back 
soup in a deli." - George Costanza 
"You guys wanna get some coffee?" - 
Mark Amato 

Ebonf Waicon 

Bbby, Bb, Bbineeza, Bbbfkizz, Mf. 
Anne, Kitten 

"..You may shoot me with your words. 

You may cut me with your eyes. 
You may kill me with your hatefulness. 
But still, like air, I'll rise..." 

-Maya Angelou 

Katfoerooe Wallace 

"Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.' 
-Noam Chomsky 
"Making democracy work!" 
-Dara and me 
"A woman came up to me and said, 'I'd 
like to poison your mind with wrong 
ideas that appeal to you though I am 
not unkind." -They Might Be Giants 
"It is a very elegant feeling to wake up 
in the morning and go down to your 
neighborhood polling place and come 
away feeling proud of the way you 
voted." -Hunter S. Thompson 
"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies 
like a banana." 

Ywrna Wampier 

.Bmmerf, Brma, Brmatruie, 
Pork, Picky 

im as you'll live forever, live as 
xi'll die today" James Dean 
i keep your head up, even when 
iad is hard never give up." Tupac 
t night consisted of you saying 
id and me laughing." - Kirsten 
I can't see my cards" - Megan 

Matthew Wampier- 

Koan # 1 4 from "The Gateless Gate": 
"Once the'monks of the eastern and 
western Zen halls were quarrelling about 

a cat. Nansen held up the cat and said, 
"You monks! If one of you can say a word. 

I will spare the cat. If you can't say 
anything, I will put it to the sword.." No 
one could answer, so Nansen finally slew 
it. In the evening, when Joshu returned, 
Nansen told him what had happened. 
Joshu, thereupon, took off his sandals, 
put them on his head and walked out. 
Nansen said, "If you had been there, I 
could have saved the cat." 

Rebecca Warwick 

Kyriten U/faitt 

Ftfi, K-Ptwj, Curfton, Kurtie 

"We's about to have some 
complications and misunderstandings 
-Sharonda Rob«rts 
"Time to lean, time to clean." - 
Catherine A. Donovan 

Meghan U/flcox 

Christopher U/i'lkfra 


Mejgerf, Olive Oil 

"The hardest thing to learn in life is 
which bridge to cross, and which to 
-David Russell 
"A true friend reaches for your hand 
and touches your heart." -Anonymous 

"If you say so Megs." -Dad 
"Do you think I was born yesterday?" - 

Scott Wright 

icottie, Stanley, Zcotterman 

"Take the Cat! Take the Cat!" -Tim 
"Don't worry I'm almost done" -Pat 
"Don't you go dying on me now" 
-Lloyd Christmas 
"Excuse me sir, what's that one your 
face?" -Denny's waitress 



Michael Allen 
U/fllfam Co&ey 
Robert Croteau 
Samuel T>eans 
lung Min Lee 

'Dorian Manning 
Bi'anca fcobles 
Davfo Salvf 

Christopher Stoat 

OoXcxWna Tovnayc 
Michelle yen 

frieri&ty folks 

]eff Tate anb- £oartney Ktrle 

Kerry "Bosman £r Christopher Costa 

Greatly Gullible 

Betzy Holland £r "Derek CasteliaYux 

Marvelocaty Musical 

fcory ^axxbcmzjx £t Ken Bu^ka 

probably partying 

l?ar "Depn'eit £r Elyie Smith 


Corey BaggetT £r K''m Bernard 

Definitely Vramatic 

Tim ^fiarella £*r K^ren Sieget 

\yh/aa'otaty Vocal 

Ni'kki lua £t Mark Amato 

Tyler ££ray £t U/fu'tney Dorer 

Steve McUme £*- Ki'rsten Um&berg 


Kurt ]ohanne&on £t- Emma K/ampler-Dory 

Superbly Spirrt&fr 

Allyson McDonnell £r Brian Blake 





Scott Upright £r Sam Blancfws 

Mj'cKellePen, Hike Allen, txrib Ohm Matfaeion 



luscious legs 

Kmtf Trap€Ano £r<^reg Gxxronori 

Glass Optimist 

Ohm MJViue 

Most Ukely to Succeed 

Vara. CioobYnan £r Brett "BMgian 

Comfort Communicators 

Kate Thomas anb Kyrsten U/faitt 

Amazingly Athletic 

len £r Sarah Gabon £trTi'm Braby 


facfi \*>(|afcel(f £tr Jen Strach/xn 



Jesse fcobichauh £r Bi'anca fcobels 



TaVorites & prices^ 


M^ozrne; Cosmopolitan and 

"Female Vocalist: Britney Spears, 

Avril LaVigne, and Shalom 
Male Vocalist: Eminem 
phrase: "U/fcked" and "TWs town 
is beat/' 

"Fads: Cell phones, piercings, and 

AOL Instant Messenger 
£tirl's "Fashion: Low-cut leans and 
\ean skirts 

Boy's "Fashion: Jeans, shirts, and 

hooded sweatshirts 
Stores: American Eagle, 

Aeropostale, Abercrombie, and 

Sports Star Tarn Brady and 
Anna Koarm'kova 
Actor: \>fn "Diesel 
Actress: fceese U/itherspoon 
place to Eat: Border Cafe, "Fire 

and Ice, and The 99 
"Food: pizza and Mexican 
Music Group: New Found £lory and 

Tom petty and the Hearrbreakers 
TO Show. The Sopranos, The fteal 

Worib, and The Simpsons 
Movie: The "Fast and the "Furious and 

American pie I and II 
Song: "Move.....<£et Out the U/ay" 
by tudacris 

(c 1 


WoribexVreab: $2.50 

CiOllonof Milk: $3.00 

"Film (24 exp): $5.00 

potato Chips; $3.00 

1 "Dozen Eggs: $2.25 

Cigarettes: $5.50 

Movie Rental: $4.39 

Boston Cilobe (Sunday): $2.00 

ctum: $0.99 

pay phone: $0.50 

Stamp: $0.37 

Movie Ticket: $ 

Concert Ticket. $37 00 

CD: $11.99 

Blue leans: $35.00 

Coffee: $1.60 

Computer: $599.00 

Coke: $1.00 

large Cheese pizza: $8.99 
CanoyBar: $0.59 
"Four Bedroom House: $700,000 
New Can $27,000 
School Uxnch: $1.50 
^AaQazme: $4.50 
Hamburger: $1.00 
\>CpJ $75.00 
T5VJD pbyer: $120.00 
26" Television: $200.00 
Yearbook: $48.00 



Class of 2004 

Joseph Martin Meghan McConnell Colleen McGovem Erin McGowan 

Ashley McNulty 

Hailey Mello 

Wayne Minnich Daniel Mondello Hannah Murphy 


Derek Nener Plante Michelle O'Rourke Lindsay Parham 

Michal Perron 

Dominic Pespisa 

Victor Peters 

Jeffrey Picton 

Michael Pietrasik 


John Nakos 


Brittany Perry 

Ryan Potter 


Michael Prescott Elliot Rabinowitz Benjamin Ratichek Amanda Reader 

Patrick Reed 


\ w 

Erika Reiss Benjamin Reynolds Mercedes Reynoso Daniel Richichi Daniel Richter 


Nathaniel Rifkin 

Montana Ross 

Jillian Russo 

Benjamin Sagrillo 

Natashya Sanoja 

Rvan Santos 

Catriona Savage Stefanie Scaglione 


Mark Sales 


Joshua Scorton 


Stephanie Shamel 

William Shao 

Cory Shaw 

Marisa Siegel 

Kimberlv Simmons 

Jennifer Spencer Kathryn Springer Genevieve Stander 

Philip Stone 

Christopher Sullivan 


Class of 2005 

Cheryl Shao Wyatt Shea Peter Sheppard Emily Siegenthaler La Toya Sogren I 

Doug Stoner Eric Straw Sabrina Srucka Kenneth Sutton Eric Taylor 


Class of 2006 

Daniel Curtin Amy Dalrymple Adam Darkazalli Elizabeth Davidson Bradley Davis I fa 

Antonio Diaz 

Ann Dunlea 


Daniel Dvinov 

Lindsay Foy Scott Freedman 

Hillary Fish 

Christina Fowlia 

Jared Gans Marcus Gardner 

Adam Gart 

David Gelinas Dominic Gibson Ashleigh Gonzalez Lauren Grace Samuel Grainger I 

Kevin Grant Lindsay Gravina Patrick Green Matthew Hagar Prashanth Haran | 

InTfxe News 

Top Row: President Bush celebrates the 100th birthday of 
Senator Strom Thurmond (R - SC) at the White House with his 
colleagues. ~ An Afghan man and his son watch as soldiers from 
the US Army prepare to raid their home in November 2002. - 
- Lance Armstrong celebrates his fourth consecutive victory in 
the Tour de France July 28, 2002. -- Second Row: Miners reach 
out to shake the hands of their rescuers; they were pulled from 
a Pennsylvania mine on July 28, 2002 after being trapped for 
three days. -- Army soldiers decorate a Christmas Tree at their 
base in Bagram, Afghanistan. -- Third Row: Vice President Dick 
Cheney speaks at a fundraiser in November 2002. -- Chief UN Weapons 
Inspector Hans Blix greets his team in Iraq. -- Bottom Row: President 
Bush walks past family members during a ceremony in Shanksville, PA 
on September 11, 2002. --Fourth Row: A plane of UN weapons 
inspectors arrives in Iraq to begin inspecting weapons. 

Below: The seven STS-107 crew members take a break from their 
training regimen to pose for the traditional crew portrait. Seated in front 
are astronauts Rick D. Husband (left), mission commander; Kalpana 
Chawla, mission specialist; and William C. McCool, pilot. Standing are 
(from left) astronauts David M. Brown, Laurel B. Clark, and Michael P. 
Anderson, all mission specialists; and Han Ramon, payload specialist 
representing the Israeli Space Agency. Disaster struck the Columbia craft 
on re-entry February 1 , 2003, killing all crew members. 

what we iaw — 

Iparfi &r Entertainment 

Top Row: 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson with finalist 
Justin Guarini at the MTV Video Music Awards .August 2002 — The 
Osboumes (Kelly, Ozzy, Sharon, Robert Marcato and Jack) at the 
Emmy Awards in September 2002 -- The Anaheim Angels celebrate their 
victory in the 2002 MLB World Series in October. Second Row: Ray 
Romano holds his Best Lead Actor Emmy for his work in CBS' 'Everybody 
Loves Raymond' — Venus and Serena Williams celebrate their second 
place trophy at the US Open -- Avril Lavigne poses with her Best new 
Artist in a Video award at the MTV Video Music Awards. Third Row: 
Jennifer Aniston holds her Best Actress Emmy for NBC's 'Friends.' -- 
Eminem with his VMA for Best Music Video. Bottom Row: Shakira 
performs at the Latin Grammys in September. -- Michael Jackson dangles 
his son over the balcony of a Berlin Hotel in the now infamous scene. - 
- The Anaheim Angels celebrate their victory in the 2002 MLB World 


Ms. Taub 

Mrs. Thorsen 

Ms. Twombley 

Mr. Venkatesh 


Olcas Officers 

I freshmen 

President: Kathryn Arabasz 
Vice President: Saraj Bushnell 
Treasurer: Ellen Lee 
Secretary: Cheng Li 
Rep. Anthony Bagget 
Advisors: Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Roach 

I Gophomores 

Sophomore Class Council. Top: John Sepp, Mark 
Sargent, Maggie Brogan, Katherine Amato, Allyssa 
Theodore, Mai Fung, Shelly Wanamaker, Joe Mizzoni 

Class Rep. John Sepp 

Advisor: Ms. Harvey 

I Juniors 

President: Erin McGowan 
Vice President: Kate Willsky 
Treasurer: Colleen McGovern 
Secretary: Lisa Mara 
Class Rep. Dan Richichi 

Prom Committee: Meghan Harris & Diana Bickford 
Advisor: Mrs. Billouin 

I Seniors 

President: Brett Bohigian 
Vice President: Alex Iwanchuk 
Treasurer: Tyler Gray 
Secretary: Allyson McConnel 

Prom Committee: (Not Pictured) Kirsten Lundberg 
and Kim Bernardo 

Advisor: Mr. Walsh 

% an 

Seniors: Phil Aiken, Mark Amato, Julia Amirzadov, Kaihryn Anthony, Corey Baggett, Heather Backman. 
Heather Bayliss, Kim Bernardo, Amanda Besselman. Brett Boghigan, Jenn Caban, Sarah Caban, Adam Chan, 
Tim Churella, Keith Collins, Brian Coppola, Marisa DeMarco, Nathan Dern, Whitney Dorer, Keith Egan, 
David Gagnon, Logan Gans. David Gerberg, Dara Goodman, Tyler Gray, Michelle Hagar, Betsy Holland. 
Katie Kourian, Cindy Last, Ken Liu, Michael Lynch, Tim McGrath, Chris Minue, Tom Moran, Sam Morgan- 
Cleveland, Lisa Paquette, Rebecca Parkhurst, Derek Pfefier, Colleen Reed, Caroline St. Onge, Jon Sepp, 
Ashley Siegel, Peter Stewart, Kate Thomas, Brad Vatter, Rich Volpicelli, Kate Wallace. Matt Wampler-Doty. 
Rebecca Warwick, Scott Wright, and Michelle Yen. 

Juniors: Megan Asp, Amanda Baggett, Abby Belknap, Britta Bell, Diana Bickford. Alexia Bililies, Sarah Brun, 
Tara Busa, Mike Buttrick, Mingli Chang, Sonia Chheda, Ruth Cook. Scott Dalrymple, Alec Danaher. Phil 
DeMeo, Chris Dutton, Emily Frank, Matt Gagnon, Colby Gregory. Britta Gocht. Ben Gould, Mike Hall. Owen 
Harris, Mike Hurley-Dorof, Alistair Ingram, Chris Kiely, Eun Jin Kim, Jacob Lafo, Miana Libby, Amy Lin, 
Michelle Manning, Lisa Mara, Colleen McGovern, Erin McGowan, Ashley McNulty, Derek Nener-Plante 
Lindsay Parham, JefFPicton. Elliot Rabinowitz, Pat Reed, Erika Reiss. Dan Richichi, Danny Richter, Jill Russo, 
Ryan Santos, Will Shao. Phil Stone. Corina Tom, Jessica Watro. Laura Whallon, Brendan Wilkerson, and Ben 


Junior Statesmen of 

Upper: Kayla Avery, Shelly Wanamaker, Alison Neff, 
Sabrina Stucka, Jared Gains 

Lower Upper: Maxine Lopez-Keough, Kelly Walsh, 
Jeffery Ohlstein. 

Upper Middle: Ahni Mooradian, Nicole Berke, Mai Fung 
Peter Sheppard, Mike Pabian. 

Middle: Alexandra Grebnev, Chris Stevens, Mike Waters 
Lower Middle: Mr. Reynolds, Logan Gains, Alex Gaman, 
Jamie Chin. 

Bottom: Alex O'Brian, James Betz, Peter Betz, 
Jamie Dorer. 

Boy* Anfc GfrU 

Dara Goodman, Tyler Gray, Brett Bohigihan 



Behind: Emit Kelty. Keith Egan, Nick Gleason, Sam Morgan-Cleveland. Logan Gains, Mr. Reynolds. 
Front: Anthony Baggett, John Sepp, Philip DeMeo, Brendan Wilkerson, Mai Fung. Alyssa Theodore, and Dan 


Not Pictured: Mike Hurley-Dorof and Derek Nener-plante 

Atmosphere Committee 


4 HF 

Marisa Demarco, Kathryn Anthony, Dara Goodman, Katherine Wallace, Ms. Walker 


Top: Adam Chan, Philip Aiken, Jamie Dorer, Elliot Rabinowitz. Upper Middle: Ashley McNulty, Nick Young, Grant Harris, 
Brian Gleason. Middle: Britta Gocht, Caitlin Chapman, Laura Valente, Becky Moshcini, Sam Morgan-Cleavland, Mike Buttrick, 
Pat Read. Lower Middle: Sonia Chheda, Marrisa Demarco, Amanda Finestone, Diana Bickford, Jillian Russo, Corina Tom, 
Julia Amirzadou, Amy Lin . Sitting: Corey Baggett, Whitney Dorer, Rebecca Parkhurst. 

Dave Basile, Lauri Baudanza, Bretta Bell, Deepa Bharat, 
Sarah Brun, Tara Busa, Mike Buttrick, Dedra Calandarian, 
Sonia Chheda, Tim Churella, Keith Egan, Amanda 
Finestone, Emily Frank, Britta Gocht. Amy Lin. Audrey 
Lin, Michelle Manning, Ashley McNulty, Britany Nener- 
Plante, Jenny Owen, Pat Read, Jillian Russo. Katie 
Springer, Genevieve Stander, Ariel Stimpson. Corina Tom, 
Rebecca Trigg, Laura Valente, Jessica Whitley, and Lisa. 


I 4 

METCO Students: Shawn Ayala, Sheldon Ayala, O'Neil Anderson, 
Nikisha Harris, Tatiana Murchison, Mercedes Reynoso, Daniel 
Reed, Philip Wornum, Jamal Teque, Glenford Julien, Aaron 
Richardson, Eboni Walcott, Margret Harvey, Julissa Shortte, 
Jakoys Wilkens, Joseph Martin, Alberto Rue, Torri McGee, 
Dashawn Oliver, Dana Ravenel, Tommy Hubbard. 


j?eer Heart ors 

Left Photo: Left to right: Katie Springer, Amy Lin. Jill Russo, Hailey Mello, Corina Tom. Lindsey Parham and Dan Richter. 

Rrght Photo: Back Row: Britta Bell, Sarah Brun, Britta Gocht, Alexia Bililies. Michelle Eaton, Abby Belknap. Meghan Harris. 
Amanda Finestone, Miana Libby, Tom Lane, Sheldon Ayala, Dan Richichi, Michael Hurley-Dorof and one of the Kennedy twins. 

Front row: Sonia Chheda, Meagan Asp, Emily Frank, Diana Bickford, Ruth Cook and Amanda Baggett. 

'peer Leaberi 

The Peer Leaders: Back Row: Jeff Tate, Dave Arzumanyan, Greg Hughes, Nikki Lua, Betsey Holland, Mrs. Billouin. 
Middle Row: Tyler Gray, Samantha Blanchard, Kurt Johannessen, Katrina Clemons, Alex Iwanchuk, Brett 
Boghigian, Ken Liu, Julia Amirzadov, Jen Strachan. Front Row: Corey Baggett, Erin McGowan, Whitney Dorer, 
and Colleen Reed. 

Left: Back Row: Nick Duchi, Alex Iwanchuck, 
Casey McGuggin, Matt Wilkins, Ed Petipas, Chris 
Sullivan, David Luke. Ryan ChanMoy. Steven 
Mclane, Kyrsten Whitt, Amanda Besselman, and 
Monica Beamen. 

Third Row: Lauren Johnson, Caitlyn O'Brien, 
Natashya Sanoja, Meghan Mulcahy, Jessica Watro, 
Becky Moschini. Amanda Costa, Stephanie Palm, 
and Alyson Pavic. 

Second Row: Amanda Baggett, Alexia Bililies. 
Courtney Wissenbed. Tracy O'Brien. Christina 
Freccere. Jimmy McNamara, and Mike Mechem. 
Front Row: Laura Whallon. Lauren Pappas. Jamie 
Vanaria, Melissa Zelermeyer. Caitlyn Hadley. 
and Maria Montalto. 

Left To Right: Ms. Caves. Chris Stuart. Gina Fusi, Sarah Healy, Kate Wallace, Ms. Supprise 

ATS Infercalturol 

Woulh you like to live arib go to school in another coun- 
try^ Utoulh you like to host an international stu&ent in 
your home? The International Club - AF6 can show you 

how to make it poc&ible. 

Members of the International Club - AFS 

... try foods from around the world. 

... meet students who have lived in other countries. 

... learn about new customs and traditions. 

... celebrate holidays from other countries. 

... watch foreign films and animation. 

... are part of a "circle of friends" for international students at BHS. 

Alphabetical Order: Abby Belknap, Alexia Bililies, Jamie Chin, Phil Galler. Maxine Lopez-Keough. Erin 
McGowan, Julie Miller-Hendry, Danny Richter, Melissa Ross, John Sepp. and Kelly Walsh. 
Lead by Mrs. Allen. 

New forum 

Laura Valente, Amanda Costa, Deepa Bharat, Leah Gross, Ben Gould 

Not Pictured: 

Anthony Stiles II, Chris Stuart, 
Lucy MacRobert, Chris Wilkins, 
Lindsay Parham, Zoe Jankoff, 
Cori Gross, Raenessa Acasio 

Above: Back Row: Matt Wallace & Devin Smith 

Middle Row: Matt Wampler-Doty, Kate Wallace, Mr. Shienfeld, Kayo Anthony, Ben Gould, and Erika 

Front: Mingli Chang 

i 1 1 f**W* 

In Alphabetical Order: Kaenessa Acisio, Laura 
Backman, Abby Belknap, James Betz, Peter Betz, 
Tara Busa, Nick Chambers-Maher, Caitlin 
Chapman, Jenny Chamriey, Tim Churella, Amy 
Dalrymple, Scott Dalrymple, Liz Davidson, Jack 
Davis, Julie Finestone, Luke Fougere, Emily Frank, 
Matt Gagnon, Dylan Gart, Dominic Gibson, Britta 
Gocht, Alastair Ingram, Naomi Ingram, Daniel 
Jamison, Peter Johannesen, Kelly JonkofT, Audrey 
Lin, Ken Liu, Simone Lorraine, Sheena Majoney, 
Nick Marshall, Allison Neff, Lisa Paquette, Lindsay 
Parham, Becca Parkhurst, Elliot Rabinowitz, Alyssa 
Racowski, Hannah Reynolds, Lili Robinson, Scott 
Rossi, Jillian Russo, Kristen Sarson, Emily 
Seiganthaler, Ashley Seigel, Karen Seigel, Natty 
Smith, Michael Stephen, Ariel Stimson, Alexandra 
Sutsko, Prusilla Szeta, Corina Tom, John Warwick, 
Jessica Watro, and Kate Willsky. 

Le Circle 

9 >( k 

Best Buddies, an international organization, is dedicated 
to enhancing the lives of people with special needs by 
providing on-to-one friendships. The newly formed BHS 
Chapter of Best Buddies has been extremely successful! 
We have 24 "matches" who see each other regularly in 
and out of school. Both the LABBB students and the high 
school Peer Buddies are having lots of fun and are thrilled 
to be making new friends! 
Officers: Alexia Bililies. President 
Amanda Baggett. Vice President 
Jimmy McNamara, Secretary 
Laura Whallon, Treasurer 
Steve McLane, Activities Coordinator 
Faculty Advisors: Faren Frank, Special Education 
Aleta Devan, Regular Education 

9pamh Club 

sh Club: Front Row: Emma Stuhl, Eleen Le, Cory Baggett, 

■ Vanaria, Tyler Grey, and Anthony Baggett 

le Row: Derek Nener-Plante, Stephanie Larsen, Julie 

zadov, Taylor Aronson-Waintrup, Cheng Li 

Row: Jacob Lafo, Adam Chan, Katie Arabasz, Peter Stern 

aura Velenti 

Science Team 

Back Row: Jamie Dorer, Jamie Chin, Mingli Chang, William Shao, Phil Aiken, TylerGray, and 
Tim Churella. 

Front Row: Sarah Lam, Ching Tzer Chang, Pete Sheppard, Ken Liu, Scott Dalrymple, Mark 
Amato, and Brett Boghigian 

Nearly blocked: Doc. Haswell and Ms. Kurzman try to announce their existence to the 
oblivious cameraman. 

Environmental Club 



The Environmental Club 

Back Row: Jeff Ohlstein, Mike Avery, Ken Liu, Logan Ganz, William Shao, Alex Harasim. 

Front Row: Matt Pearson, Scott Dalrymple, Alex Gaman, Gerrad Ganz, Ching Tzer Chang, and and Drusilla 


Back Row: Mark Amato, Tyler Gray, and Logan Ganz. 

Middle Row: AJ Devaux, Ken Liu, Corey Baggett, and Nathaniel Rifkin. 

Front Row: Gerrad Ganz and Jimmy Babcock. 



Standing Matt Wimpler-Doty. Ken Liu. Mau 
Wallace, Matt Pearson, and Alex Gaman. 
Sirring: Jimmy "Jimbob" Babcock and Marissa 


Not pictured: Jamie Chin 

"Moke a Utish" Club 


Back Row Doctor Haswell. 
Natasha Son)a. Emily Frank. 
Katie Springer. Maggie Bro- 
gan. Deepa Bahrat. Amanda 
Pepin. Emma Stuhl. Maria 
Montalto. Melissa Barrnet. 
MonKa Beamon. Manssa Fog 
and Jocelyn Eaton. 
Front: Fiailey Mello and Jimmy 

OTO Trill Teem 

Armeb Exhibition 

Above: Back Row, Left-to-right -David Gagnon and Tristan Bard 

Middle Row -Brian Blake, Colby Gregory, Alex Grebnev, Eric Buder, and Sean 


Front Row -Ken Nelson and Mike Hrinishin 

£Ancarme& Exhibition 

Above: Back Row -Tom Moran, Alec Danaher, Matt Gagnon, and Brian Barrows. 
Middle Row -Johnny Warwick, .Andrew Moran, Ariella Carmichael, Alexia 
Arocha. Raenessa Acrsio, and Amy Boshco 
Front Row -Rebecca Hart, Lauren Badia, and Megan Callais 

Above: Back Row -Tom Moran, Tristan Bard. James Betz, Pat Green, and Sean 

Front Row -Anthony Stiles, Mike Hrinishin, Eric Buder, Ken Nelson, and Colby 

&otor £jtuxrh 

Showing the colors 

I lit 1 1 

Left to Right: Dave Gagnon & Colby Gregory 

6 A.M. Drill 

Left to Right: David Gagnon, Brian Blake 
Jon Beckley, Alec Danaher, Shawn Roe 
Tim McGrath. 

Front Row: Rodney Johnson, Ashley 
DePietro, Alexia Arocha, Scott Dalrymple, 
Colby Gregory. 

Back Row: Sam Deans, Matt Gagnon, Mike 
Busa, Tom Moran, Brian Barrows. 

OTlicjht nt Element 

Front Row: Michael Hrinishin, John 
Warwick, Ashley LaBrie, Rebecca Hart. 
Back Row: Michael Stephan, Ricky Gomez, 
David Woolrich, Peter Betz. 

<* * •* 


C "flight 2 n b Element 

Left- Front Row: Darryl Holliday, 

Katherine Gorski, Lauren Badia, 

Alexandra Grebnev. 

Back Row: Rich Payne, Joshua Caryer, 

James Betz, Ashley Gauthier, Kenny 


V Ttfgfxt Ht Element 

Left - Front Row: Bradley Davis, Andrew 

Moran, Ryan Lamb, David Gelinas, 

Dustin Waller, Anthony Stiles. 

Back Row: Sean Hannaway, Patrick 

Greene, Hansen Christen, Marcus 


V "Flight xnb Element 

Left - Front Row: Antonio Diaz, Eric 
Butler, Raenessa Acacio, Chris Stone, Ariel 
Carmichael, Dale Moore. 
Back Row: Kenneth Nelson, Tristan Bard, 
Akash Ramnanan, Joseph Wissler, Phil 
Steinberg, Mario Johnson. 

It's Over? We finished on time??? We didn't loose any 
money??????????? Whooaaa. That's way too good to be true. 
If your not pulling my leg, then I'd like to thank the rest 
of the staff for making all that true. Honestly, we could 
not have made it through the year without any of them. 
First of all, I'd like to thank Mr. Rinaldi, our long-time 
adviser and treasure-chest of knowledge. He has been 
there for us more times than I can count and deserves more 
credit than any of us. He knew exactly what had to be 
done and when, and he did all the stuff that we couldn't 
do. Furthermore, he provided us with the munchies that 
kept us going through the long hours. Next, I'd like to 
thank the staff in no particular order. Jamie C: Thanks for 
being the guy with the technical know-how who got our 
dividers fixed, setup our fourth computer, and helped to 
keep us grounded in reality. Steph R: Hey, without the 
stuff you did in the beginning, we could have missed 
dedline 1 by several more weeks. Ken L: Even without 
your best efforts, you got our mailings to succeed. Sean 
G: The Drill Team page would have been empty if you 
hadn't been there to help us with their schedule and 
photos. Mike P: Thanks for being there for every single 
dedline and doing both photos and layout, not to mention 
managing our crew during X-block. You are one of the 
most creative people I've ever met and your signature 
mischief will forever be part of Yearbook. Wyatt S: You 
set up most of the photo stuff that we needed in the 
beginning and got the photo group going early on. 
Kirsten L and Emma W: Thank you both for your 
patience with us and learning how we function in a snap. 

If it weren't for you two, we wouldn't have been able to make 
the senior pages as good as they are now or finish them as 
quickly as we did. Phil S: Thanks for trying to learn what you 
could from Ken, putting up with the lack of business stuff, 
and always being ready. Ashley D and Christine B: Thanks 
for finishing the deadline 2 sports pages for us. Your 
knowledge of many of the names or where to find them has 
saved us much trouble. Do you know when we're going to 
get our tape roller back? Ching Tzer C: The entertainment 
was great! Seeing freshmen learning the ropes is always cool. 
Naming your grade would have been "brain-scratchingly" 
hard. Jessica W: Don't worry, I was getting to you!! Thank 
you for your extensive contribution of photography, jokes, 
and ability to keep others in line *cough*clowns *cough*. Thank 
you as well for your constant ideas on how to make the book 
better. Mike L: You saved us from having to resort to work 
late night Fridays by being there when we most desperately 
needed people during proofing season. Work ethic wise, 
you are one of the best. Phil G: Thanks for getting a lot of 
the faculty pictures for us. ErikaB: You gave our book a sense 
of sanity amid the cacophony of naughty words and hollering. 
When Mike P. starts bouncing off the walls, you're the only 
one who can calm him down. Every person who helped 
us caption a sports page or club: My sincerest thanks. 
Captioning has always been the greatest challenge of every 
book and every single assistance helped us to rise above it. 
Krysten Whitt 
Stephanie Scaglione 

The team 

Back Row: Kirsten Lundberg, Jamie Chin, 
Sean Griffin, Mingli Chang, Mike Prescott, 
and Kyrsten Whitt. 

Kneeling : Erika Briere, Jessica Watro, Ashley 
Davison, Christine Boynton, and Emma 

Not Pictured: Stephanie Scaglione, Ching 
Tzer Chang, Stephanie Russo, Mike Landau, 
Ken Liu, Phil Stone, and Adviser Mr. Rinaldi. 

Right: Editor Mingli Chang and Editor 
Jamie Chin mount a sizeable snow hill 
during February vacation. 
Far Right: The newest addition to room 
DO, Gustav. 

Bottom Right: Editor Mingli Chang pushes 
Chris Chang into working harder. 
Bottom: Photo Editor Jessica Watro at- 
tempts to stay awake, finish a page, read 
her book, and do homework at the same 
time, every day. 

U%nera \txmon, The Competition 1?i'ece' [jr*i 


Left: Emily Siegenthaler. Kelly Walsh and 
Lisa Perry in there wonderful outfits. Above: 
Chris Stuart working out. Right Nattie Smith, 
Mike Poe and Nickolas Marshall lead the 
great leftists. Below: Ben Reynolds talks to 
the skull. 

Left: The Co-Presidents of Drama Club Collen 
Reed and Corey Baggett. Right: The teachers 
in the junior play, Erin McGowan, Kate Willsky 
and Michelle Eaton. 

Far left: Ben Reynolds, 
Erika Briere and Tom 
Lane make great punks. 
Left: Jessica Watro in 
her geek outfit. Bottom 
right: Kate Willsky giv- 
ing her motivational 


Left: Sarah Brun's character giving 
birth in a dumpster. Above: Emily 
Frank and Michael Hurley-Dorof 
in the kissing scene. Right: Ken 
Budka meditating. Bottom left: The 
preps, Owen Harris, Abby Belknap, 
Michael Hurley-Dorof and Hailey 
Mello. Bottom: Maxine Lopez 
Keough in her fancy dress. 

Drama Club Far Left: Bottom Row: Philip 
Aiken, Abby Belknap, Collen Read, Corey Baggett 
and Tom Lane. Second Row: Stefanie Scaglione, 
Karen Siegal, Allison Neff, Becki Moskini, Erin 
McGowen, Michelle Eaton, Anthony Baggett, 
Stephanie Russo, Natty Smith and Mike Poe. 
Third Row: Simone Loraine, JeffPickton, Diana 
Bickford, Emily Siegentaler, Catline Chapman, 
Tyler Gray, Tim Churella, Chris Sullivan, Rebecca 
Parkhurst and Laura Kelly-Bowditch. Back row: 
Alan Bittenson, Nick Gleason, Jesse Robishaud, 
Derek PhefFer and Alex Danaher. 
Left, Back Row:- Jessica Watro, Erika Briere, 
Sarah Levy, Dara Goodman Kayo Anthony, 
Marisa DeMarco, Amy Daunrple, Sarah Lam and 
Hannah Rentyolds. Second Row: Kayla 
Scaglione, Sherya Dave, Allie Lua and Kerry 

Senior Cast, Top Row: Rebecca Parkhurst, Collen Read, Jesse 
Robichaud, Karen Siegel, Dara Goodman, Lauri Baudanza, 
Nick Gleason, Corey Bagget and Tyler Gray. Bottom Row: Chris 
Stuart, Ken Budka and Phil Aiken. Director: Mrs. Budka. 

*f ft' 

Sophmore Cast: Top Row: Lisa Perrry, Catlin Chapman, Emily 
Siengentaler, Alan Bittenson and Maxine Lopez Keogh. Bottom 
Junior Cast: Top Row: Owen Harris. Michael Hurley Dorof, Lindsey Row: Kelly Walsh and Kayla Scaglione. Director: Ms. Walker. 

Parham and Tom Lane. Second Row: Savannah Armstrong, Hailey Mello, 
Diana Bickford, Simone Lorrain, Sarah Levy. Erika Briere, Sarah Brun, 
Michelle Eaton. Abby Belknap and Kate Wilsky. Front Row: Emily Frank, 
Jessica Watro and Erin McGowan. Director: Mr. McDonald. 

Freshman Cast: Hannah Reynolds, Laura Townsend, Nicho- 
las Marshall, Stephanie Russo, Grant Harris, Laura Kelly- 
Bowditch, Dinah MacPhail, Amy Daunriple. Director: Mrs. K 
Sullivan. Not Pictured: Andy Salidino and Natty Smith. 

Bottom: Dinah MacPhail and Stefanie Scaglione show the 
Queen her new pet, the silver swan. 

Bottom: Madrigal Singers, Michael Hurley 
Dorof, Michelle Manning, Ben Williams 
and Karen Siegel practice the procession 
with the rest of the Madrigal singers. 

Top Right: Madrigal Singers practice sing- 
ing on the stairs outside the cafeteria 
before going into the cafeteria for the 
start of the show. Top row left to right: 
Ken Budka, Elliot Rabinowitz, Abby 
Belknap, Michael Hurley Dorof, Michele 
Manning, Mark Amato, Ben Gould, Nicole 
Berke, Jimmy McNamara, Ben Williams. 
Bottom Row Left to Right: Stefanie 
Scaglione, Heather Backman, Karen Siegel. 
Natty Smith, Kayo Anthony, Carolyn 
Dunlea and Tara Busa. (missing from 
action: Dinah MacPhail) 

Right . Ben Gould and Kayo Anthony danc- 
ing around the cauldron. 

Far Left: Ben Williams (a.k.a. "Fa La 
La Man") showing off his skills to 
Jimmy McNamara. 
Left: Heather Backman and Mark 
Amato at the New Years Eve Ball. 

Bottom Left : Tara Busa , Abby Belknap 
and Nichole Berke as the Bedfordshire 

Below: Karen Siegel trying to per- 
suade Natty Smith to find a husband 
for her sister. 

- \ Lj V - h 


Top Row Left to Right: Jaquelyn Bumbaca, Samantha Blanchard. Nikki Lua, Rebecca Trigg. Christopher Stevens, Tristan 
Bard. Ben Ratichek, Peter Betz, Alii Lua and Sarah Brun. Third Row Left to Right: Laura Whallon, Natashya Sanoja. Emily 
Siegenthaler, Craig Baylis, Owen Harris, Frank Tanner, Emmett Kelty, Chris Sullivan and Jill Russo. Second Row Left to 
Right: Caitlin Chapman, Colby Gregory, Ricky Reiss, Tom Lane, Maxine Lopez Keough and Kayla Scaglione. Bottom 
Row Left to Right: Jon Warwick and Alan Bittenson. 

Left To Right: Jimmy McNamara, Ken Budka, Emmit Kelty, Ben Gould , Mike Hurley-Dorof, Elliot Rabinowitz. 
Mark Amato. Nathaniel Smith, Ben Williams 

Left to Right: Maxine Lopez-Keough, Tara Busa. AbbyBelknap. Kayo Anthony. Nicole Burke, Caroline Dunlea, Michele Manning. 

Laura Whallon, Stefanie Scaglione, Karen Siegel.Dinah McPhail. Bottom: Colleen Reed 

Wrrib Enaemble 


Alphabetical Order: Phil Aiken, Mark Amato, Megan Asp, Laura Baudanza, Monica Beaman, Abby Belknap, 
Kerry Bosman, Sarah Bushnell, Mike Buttrick, Nicole Carignan, Keith Collins, Kevin Conway, Ian Dudley- 
Marling, Keith Egan, NickGleason, Britta Gocht, Tyler Gray, Mike Hall, Sarah Healy, Cheng Li, Nick Marshall, 
Erin McGowan, Chris Minue, Ji-Hyen Ok, Lindsay Parham, Rebecca Parkhurst, Derek PfefTer, JeffPicton, Katie 
Purnell, Pat Reed, Colleen Reed, Ben Reynolds, Jessie Robichaud, Kim Sagrillo, Kayla Scaglione, Karen Siegel, 
Kate Thomas, Corina Tom, Laura Townsend, Richie Volpicelli, Jenny Waldron, and Jessica Watro 



Far Back: Mike Buttrick and Mr. Felker. 

Back Row: Ben Reynolds, Ben "Fish" Williams, Scott Dalrympe. JefTPicton, Pat Read, Jamie Dorer, and Amy 

Front Row: Gabby Wirth. Laura Townsend, Patrick O'Neil, Mark Amato, and Mingli Chang. 
Not Present: Phil Aiken and Grant Harris 

Concert Picture 

Alphabetical Order:Lara Backman. Ariel Carrruchael. Tim Churella. Shreya Dave. Prashanth Haran, Naomi 
Hastings, Daniel Jamison, Taline Kalantan. Laura Kelly-Bowditch, Sarah Lan, Alex O'Brien. Elyse Purchia. 
Hannah Reynolds, and Nathaniel Smith. Conductor: Mr. MafTa 

Ohccmbex Orchedtr 

Above, left to right: Mai Fung, Michelle Manning. Ryan Moon. Mr. MafTa, Ben Reynolds, and Ruth Cook. 

Concert Vwfo 

.. J. 

liipi^^^.iiii Tii'HP 1 """ iiiiisjii : ' " r ' i u RF^"" ' fu : 11 [lninm l i ifPFRifffliTiTl 

Concert Picture 

Alphabetical Order: Stephen Baker, Tristan Bard, Joe Bigda-Peyton, Tara Busa, Megan Callais, Jennifer 
Champney, Rory Christensen, David Churella, Kaitlin Connell, Amy Dalrymple, Antonio Diaz, Ann Dunlea, 
Karen Figueroa, Marcus Gardner, Dylan Gart, Brian Gleason, Lauren Grace, Mark Karanovich, Ashley Labrie, 
Tom Lane, Amy Lin, Kerry Marasa, Ashley McNulty, Kristen Merlo, Alison Miley, Courtney O'Keefe, Pat 
O'Neill, Tim Pietrasik, Dan Richter, Jacqueline Roe, Dan Rossin, Andy Saladino, Ryan Szanto, Alyssa 
Theodore, Kelly Walsh, Jacob Wert, and Gabrielle Wirth. Conductor: Mr. Felker 


Concert Choir 

Above: Third Row: Laura Kelly-Bowditch, Simone Lorrain, Talor Aronson-Waintrup, Shawn Roe, Michael Allen, Nick Marshall, Hans Christian, Tunesha Jackson, 
Nicole Brassard, Kristin Peterson, Kristina Barounis, and Michelle Mendell. 

Second Row: Bethie Miller, Amanda Whitlegr, Grant Harris, Shawn Ayala, Victoria Sanoja, Michaela St.Onge, Kaylyn Bumann, Lindsay Foy , Mishay George, and Delika 

First Row: Taline Kalentari, Maggie Brogan, Stephanie Russo, Chris Redmand, Michael Poe, Ariel Stimpson, Naomi Ingrim, Shallon Silvesirone, and Ashleigh Gonzalez. 
Not Pictured: Hannah Reynolds, Taylor Besselman, Christina Ponte, Amanda Baum, and Ashley Patterson 

2JOQ3 yearbook Abfciliona 

Due to technical problems, the Mural Painting page was omitted from the 
yearbook. We apologize for this mistake. 

Mural parntfng 

Above: Erika Briere paints the camera. 

Below: An artist is hard at work on a mural 
in the nurse's office. 

Posing in front of mural, left to right: Tim Ptetrasik, Ben Gould, Valerie Varney. Cory Penta, Laura Montagna. 
Amanda Costa. Alyssa Cox, Rory Chrisiensen. Emily Robinson, Erika Briere, Alyyssa Rackowski, Jason 
Coombs, Mike Prescott, and Eun Jin Kim 

Not Pictured: Megan Caliais. Mingli Chang, Marybeth Corbett, Caxa LeBianc, Naomi Hastings Lindsay 
Gravina, Ryan Manita. 

Above: The unsuspecting Jason Coombs 
is about to be attacked by Ben Gould 
(hiding under the dropdoth). 

Top Right: Painters work on their mural in 
upper E hall. 

the painters ■ Ben Gould. 

Left Eun Jin Kim works out the details in her mural near the library 

The 2003 Yearbook table of contents artwork was created by Michelle Yen 
We appreciate her efforts and regret the omission of her name in the book. 

lThe Big 3 

Greg Hughes, Jamal Teque, and Greg 
Hughes stand tall as they face the cam- 

Above: The Bucs start with the ball as 

they get on the line. 

Top picture: Pat Depriest sends the ball on 
its way with a good kick 

Top Right: Danny Richter dashes past the 
opposing team 

Above: Josh Davis pulls a trick on the 
camera as he pretends to miss the ball. 

Right: Nothing can hold back Hughes and 
the rest of the Buccanears 


Above: Alphabetical Order: James Abisamra, O'Neil Anderson, Shawn Ayala. Anthony 
Baggett, Brendan Barrett. Chris Braley, Eric Buder, Chris Chapman, Dan Curtin, Brad 
Davis, Danny Dvinov, Marcus Gardner, AdamGart. Dominic Gibson. Sam Grainger, Ma* 

Hagar, Luis Herrere, Alex Huxsaw, Derek Johnson. Greg Johnson. Mark Karanovich. 

Chang Li, jimmy Liang, Nick Mayerk. James Miller, Phil Mischler. Tim Mondelo. Andrew 
Moran, Andrew Parham, Dan Park, Nathan Perron. Colin Penta. Corey Penta, Justin 
Pespisa, Trevor Railey, Ken Russell. Chris Stone, Corey Stoner, Ryan Szanto. Sateesh 
Vankatesh, and Ben Waite. Coaches Joe Casey and Paul McGrath sit in the middle. 

Above^The coaches call in the boys to plan their next set of manuvers 

. -■ ■ — : 1 - ' 

• v-»^st».^ . ..v:.> 

Right: Tim Brady moves swiftly down the Above: The Buccanears cheer on the res! i 
field towards victory. the team. 

Alphabetical Order: Mike Aceto, Dave Arzumanyan, Corey Baggett, Dave Barnett, 
lasile, Rob Basile, Ricky Barbato, Jon Beckley, Tim Brady, Craig Brown, Josh 
Chris Champney, Josh Davis, Pat DePriest, Travis Desiato, John Feurstein, Jim 
Luke Fougere, Greg Gannon, John Hartwell, Larry Howard, Greg Hughes, Jeff 
es, Mark LeShane, Robert Lundberg, Matt Lynch, Tim McGrath, Matt Murray, Chris 
■n, Mike O'Reilly, Nick Park, Rich Payne, Bernie Pekala, Ryan Polosky, Brit 
rdson, Danny Richter, Scott Rossi, Mark Sargent, Doug Stoner, Ian Sullivan, Jamal 
•, Scott Wright and Coaches Dan Maclssac & Jim Sullivan. 

Above: The Bucs prepare to launch themselves into the fray to defend their bill. 

Right: Mike Busa, Jamal Teque, Greg 
Hughes, AJ Lusby, and Josh Davis. 

Above: Josh Davis goes for the three 



C; > 

A 23 


Top Row: Tim Mondello, Peter Stern, Greg Johnson. Matt Hagar. Coach (M 
Bottom Row: Keith Barbato, JefT Raymond, Tony Lusby. John McGhee, 


Above: From left to right, AJ Lusby, Alex Hudzik, Mike Busa, Josh Davis, Joe Martin, 
AdamDarkazalli eagerly anticipate more playing time, as Coach Boschetto, Coach LeB. 

and Coach Byrns observe the game. 

Boy*' Basketball 

>p Row: Alex Hudzik, Jeff Hughes, Greg Hughes, Pat Sullivan, Jamal Teque, AJ Lusby, 
sh Davis. Bottom Row: Mike Busa, Alberto Rue, Abam Darkazalli, Joe Martin, Mark Busa. 

Above: Alberto Rue is determined to 
get past his opponent. 


The Girls Varsity Basketball team is mov- 
ing up the ladder. This years record was 
an improvement from last years with 
four unforgettable wins. A one point 
victory against Boston Latin and an out- 
standing, well played game against 
Newton South will remain in everyone's 
head. The Lady Bucs have learned that 
winning is not the most important thing 
but coming together as a team and hard 
work will bring them victories. This 
years team was led by co. -captains Jen 
Strachan and Natashya Sanoja. Thank 
you to the three seniors Kristi Tropeano, 
Jen Strachan and Sarah Armstrong for 
their outstanding leadership. The three 
seniors will surely be missed, but hope- 
fully next years team will continue to 
make it to the top. 
Good Luck! 
By Natashya Sanoja 

Battle for the Ball: 

GirW Basketball 

J 1 I 

The Seniors 

Above: Kristi Tropeano, Sara Armstrong, and Jen 

Above: Vicky Blanc hard reaches 
into sky as the ball bounces off 

i I i 

The Captains 

Above: Natashya Sanjoa, Jen Strachan, and Coach 


Above: Kate Gorski dashes 
across the floor with the ball in 

Above: Kristi Tropeano 
back for a shot as a defe 
vainly tries to stop her. 


Above: Jakoya Wilkins swinj 
around the opposition and 
goes in for the hoop- 

'he "Freshmen Team 

The Varsity Team 

Above: Back Row: Rebekah Armstrong, Kristin Peterson, Brittany Nener- 
Plante, Pascal Whitt, Kristina Barounis, and Melinda Corssino 
Front Row: Stephanie Larsen, Brittany White, Stephanie Woolrich, 
Melissa Barnett, and Sarah Bushnell. 

Above: Back Row: Brianna Tropeano, Lisa Coppola, Ariel 
Carmichael, Stephanie Barounis, Deepa Barrat, Shallon 
Silverstone, Vicki Sanoja, Coach McConnel. 
Front Row: Amanda O'Rourke, Natalie Taylor, Keisha Gainey, 
Grace Armstrong, Tiffany Perm. 

Above: Back Row: Coach Casey Kennedy, Jenny Champney, Cassy 
Taverna, Sara Heinrich, Meghan McConnel, Meghan Harris, Coach 
McConnel, and Coach Cody. 

Middle Riw: Jen Morse, Jakoya Wilkins, Tori McGee, Kate Gorski, and 
Vicki Blanchard. 

Front Row: Sara Armstrong, Natasha Sanoja, Jen Strachan, and Kristi 

I Sarah Armstrong 
tries to run the 
blockade of 
enemy players 
that stand in her 

Right: Capt. Jen 
Strachan dashes 
down the court as 
the opposing team 
races to get there 
before her. 

Left: Coach Cody 
plans out some 
things with the 

Soys' "Baseball 


Even though knocked out in the 2 nd round of the Division III State 
Tournament, the boys varsity baseball team still had a promising year. 
The team was lead by 9 seniors (Danny Fagan, Timmy Busa, Dennis 
Griecci, Ben Armstrong, Gunnar Olson, Pete Spencer, Mike Sargent, 
Dane Mahoney, and Craig Warrington) which ended with a 14-6 
record. Tim Brady, Scott Wright, Ian Sullivan, Richie Volpicelli, 
Danny Richter, Jacob Lafo, and Chris Dutton also contributed to the 
team's winning ways. The team accomplished a great amount during 
the season, but nothing was better than their win against Concord- 
Carlisle up in Cooperstown, New York, the home of baseball. In the 
up coming year, the boys will have a new challenge to deal with when 
they change to using all wooden bats instead of the long time 
aluminum ones. But with many experience players returning, the 
baseball team looks to improve and once again have another success- 
ful season. 
By Richie Volpicelli 

Top Left: Scott Wright and 
Dane Mahoneylook onto 
the field with 

Bottom Left: The team shows their spirit 
and psyches themselves up for the game. 

Top Right: Ian Sullivan displays 
his talent as he pitches a 
perfect strike over the plate. 

Bottom Right: The perfect view of a base- 
ball game in action. 

Right: Dan goes to bat 
Below: A fine day to play baseball 


>aseball Top: Left-to-Right- Pat Reed, Owen Harris, Franky Tanner, Alec Danaher. David Gagnon, 
n Moran, Mike Hurley-Dorof, Dan Richichi, and Matt Gagnon. 

Below: Pete Spencer, starting 
catcher, helps out Coach Sullivan during 
an infield practice. 

Above: Tim Brady gives his all while 
running to first, making sure he beats the 

Left:The 2002 Boys 
Top row: Coach Sabourin. Richie 
Volpichelli, Travis Desiato, Tim Brady, Ian 
Sullivan, Scott Wright. Jacob Lafo, Dan 
Richter, Chris Dutton, Coach Sullivan 
Front row: Ben Armstrong, Dan Fagan. 
Craig Warrington. Tim Busa. Chris Olsen. 
Dennis Greicci. MikeSargeant, Peter Spen- 
cer, and Dane Mahoney 

CSrk' Softball 

Although last year's Lady Bucs did not bring home a victory for each 
game, they remained together as a team. They showed strong 
competiveness throughout each of their games. Completing a no 
hitter, shut out against one of their biggest competitors, Acton- 
Boxboro.was one of the biggest highlights of the year. In the final 
innings of the game, the girls were able to score multiple runs, and 
bring the final score within three. They not only grew as a team this 
past spring, but as people as well. They learned to accept when they 
were defeated, and celebrate during a victory. The girls will look 
forward to playing hard and strong in this coming year and will 
continue to remember that "the only time success comes before work 
is in the dictionary." 
By: Sarah Armstrong 

Top Left: First baseman, Lindsey 
Hartwell, gets down and ready to 
field the ball for a quick out. 

Bottom Left: SamanthaBlanchard, 
Kate Thomas, Lindsey Hartwell, 
Sarah Armstrong.Kellie Henderson, 
and Michelle Hagar pose for the 

Top Right: Sarah Armstrong takes a 
strong swing sending one deep into 
the outfield. 

Bottom RIght:The girls demon- 
strate their spirit with an infield 
huddle to regain their confidence 
before the next inning. 

Above: 2002 Girls Junior Varsity Softball team: Kirsten Lundberg, 
Katie Bentley, Lauri Baudanza, Nicole Gabarino, Katie Springer, 
Danielle Carey, Colleen McGovern, and Samantha Jones 


Above: 2002 Girls Freshman Softball team: Marissa Foti, Kara 
LeBlanc, Becky Moschini, Maggie Brogan, Maria Montalto, 
Amanda Pepin, Dale Moore, and Bethie Miller. 

Below: Kellie Henderson squares. 
for a bunt 

Above: Short stop, Kristen Merlot 
makes a strong throw to first, 
keeping the Lady Bucs in the game 

Left: 2002 Girls Varsity Softball 
Team: Top row: 

Coach Wilson, Taryn Westercamp, 
Alii Lua, Meghan Asp, Kristen 
Merlot, Coach Gullage 
Second row: Michelle Hagar, Kate 
Thomas, Jackie Adams, Nicole 
Farina, Michelle Farina, Sarah 
Armstrong, Kellie Henderson 
Front row: Lindsey Hartwell, 

Boy*' Tenm 

Right: Singles player Chris Kiely meets his 

Right: The 2002 division II Boys' Tennis 

Top row: Coach Geilfuss, Eric Kachelmyer, 
Mark Amato, Elliot Rabinowitz, William 
Shao, Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Christopher 
Kiely, Christopher Long 
Second row: Philip Trambley, Dave 
Arzumanyan, Brett Boghigian, Philip 
DeMeo, Peter Johannesen, Brian Spencer 
Kenneth Liu 

Front row: Steven Kerwin, Michael 
Debartalo, Patrick Redmond, Ryan Lucas, 
Andy Shen, Jerry Gao 

Above: A player sports the height of 
Bedford Tennis fashion 

As "MIAA Division II Boys Tennis Champions," the Bedford tennis team once again proved that they 
were not only one of the best teams in their division, but the entire state as well. The team was coached 
by should-be "Coach of the Year," John Geilfuss. With only two losses and a state championship, the 
tennis team fulfilled their great expectations for the season. Led by senior captains Pat Redmond and 
Mike DeBartolo, the team was agruably one of the best division two teams in some time. With one 
of the best singles players in the state, Pat Redmond, playing first singles, the team was destined for 
greatness. Chris Kiely worked hard and played well at the demanding second singles position. A 
rotation of Mark DeBartalo, Eric Kachelmyer, Brian Spencer, and Elliot Rabinowitz were used in the 
third singles position. Midway through the season, both doubles teams had yet to lost a set, let alone 
a match. The doubles matches had only lost a total of three matches the whole season. The Bedford 
team had three doubles pairings that could regularly beat any first doubles team. They were: Mike 
DeBartalo and Eric Kachelmyer, Phil DeMeo and Chris Long, and Brett Boghigian and Peter 
Johannessen. Also seen to dominate matches were the pairings of Eric Kachelmyer and Brett 
Boghigian, and Phil DeMeo and Brett Boghigian. Ryan Lucas and Mark Amato also made appearances 
in some varsity matches. Unofficial JV Captains Steve Kerwin and Dave Arzumanyan were a force to 
be reckoned with in the JV matches. The JV doubles teams of Andy Shen and Jerry Gao, and Ken Liu 
and Will Shao provided the team with the intellectual advantage over every team. With the loss of only 
two seniors for the 2003 season, the Bedford "netmen" only look to surpass their previous 



■■■■ ; '/ 

Above: Chris Long rips a forehand wi 
down the line 

By: Brett Boghigian 


CtirW Tennis 

Below: Rebecca Parkhurst gracj 
serves the ball to her 



The girls tennis team worked hard to progress during the 200 1 season, the 
girls worked together improving their skills under the leadership of captains 
Nancy Yeh and Pam Harvey and Coach Aldo. The team tried very hard in 
the competitive DCL league, especially against the state champions, Boston 
Latin. Although many matches were tough, the girls gave all their energy and 
strength. Their hard work definitely paid off and let to individual and team 
development. In addition to this, the girls had a fun and enjoyable season. 
Next spring should be a good season as the team continues to grow! 

-••I «' » V 


Right: The 2002 Girl's Tennis Team: back 
row: Laura Valente, Carey St. Onge, Katie 
Kerwin, Jenny Spencer, Lisa Mara, Tara 
Busa, Kate Gorski, Coach Barton, middle 
row: Katherine Amato, Mai Fung, Kerry 
Marasa, Rebecca Parkhurst, Marissa 
DeMarco, Kim Bernardo, Lauren Grey, 
Nancy Yeh, Pam Harvey, Vanessa DeMeo, 
and Cheryl Shao. 

Left: Carey St. Onge smiles as she hits a 

Right: Captains Nancy Yeh and Pam Harvey 
pose for the camera with their coach. 

Left: Lauren Grey shows great form as Above: Kim Bernardo lunges to 

she serves the ball. save the ball. 

govs 7 Lacrosse 

The Bedford Varsity Lacrosse team 
had its best season in a long time. The 
team was lead by captains Dave 
Weston, Ryan Read, and Dave Webster, 
along with nine other seniors. The 
team was able to gain a few convinc- 
ing wins, including two DCL wins 
against Newton-South. The team 
made its presence known in the DCL. 
The years to come show some great 
promise in which the team hopes to 
call on the expertise of some talented 
sophomores, like Scott Rossi, Mike 
O'Reilly, Chris O'Brien, and Jonny 
Hempton. However, the upcoming 
season will be a test after losing 
twelve seniors. The Bucs will count of 
returning seniors Mike Lynch, Steve 
Mclane, and Greg Gannon to lead the 
way into another successful year. 

By: Greg Gannon 

Left: The Bedford varsity lacrosse team gets 
pumped up for the upcoming batde. 

Above: Ryan Read stares down the 
defender, looking for an open pass. 

Above: 2002 Junior Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Team: back row: Ken Sutton, Brian Gleason. Mark Sargent, Nick Park. 

Brit Richardson, front row: Matt Poe, Matt Bushnell, Andrew Tolman, Robert Basile 

Below: Brian Miley tries to shake off 
the Chemsford defender. 

Below: Dave Bratton ferociously awaits any shot on the net. 

Below: Scott Rossi out runs the de- 
fender with his eyes on 

A - J M 

1 iff 

Above: 2002 Varsity Boy's Lacrosse Team: top row: Coach McGrath, Shawn Roe, Scott Rossi, Mike Lynch, Jim Grande, 
Ben Ratichek. Steve McLane, Greg Gannon, John Hempton, Keith Collins, front row: Jonathan Cogliano, Tyler 
MacNeill, Alex Herz. Ryan Read, Dave Webster, Dave Weston, Dave Bratton, Nils Sandeil. James Reinhardt. Brian 



mm* : 

Above: Kate Valente reaches for the ball Top right: Jen Strachan reaches 
after the draw. for a ground ball . 

As the first ever Varsity Girls Lacrosse team for Bedford, the girls 
concluded with a great year behind them. The two new coaches, Reagan 
Teti and Sarah B, helped the team make many strides to improve their 
skills. The girls did not win many games, but they always made sure 
to put in their best efforts throughout the season. The team was lead 
by Captains: Kate Valente, Margerete Low, Kate Weston, and Ashley 
Cambell. The returning players look forward to next season, and have 
high hopes that it should be even better than last year's season. 

Above: Jessica Christian carries the ball up the field with Candice Duprey read)| 

a pass. 

Left: Alexi Wilson waits for a pass to make 
the next goal 

Above: The 2002 Varsity Girls Lacrosse Team: Top row: Coach Reagan, Erin McGowan, Rebecca Trigg. Bntta Fotch, Amanda 
Bagget, Alexi Wilson, Jessica Watro, and Coach Sarah 

Middle row: Mary-Kate McNamara, Jen Strachan, Candice Duprey, Jamie Vanaria. Julia Amirzadov, and 
Ashley Campbell 

Bottom row: Jessica Christian. Kate Weston. Kate Valente. Margaret Low, Courtney Campbell, and Emily Sheehan 



Cross CouyrXry 

The Senior! 

Above: Standing: Brad Vatter, Keith Collins, Tim Churella, Sam 
Morgan-Cleveland, and Ken Liu. 
Lying Down: Whitney Dorer. 


Above: Back Row: David Churella, Andy Criscione, Mike Pabian, Jimmy McNamara, 
Alex O'Brien, Kevin Grant, Prashanth Haran, Daniel Cullen, Coach ?????. 
Front Row: Pat Reed, Brad Vatter, Keith Collins, Ken Liu, Tim Churella, 
Sam Morgan -Cleveland, Owen Harris. 

Below: Brad Vatter pushes his earn 
to the limit during practice. 

Above: Standing: Taylor Besselman, Grace Armstrong, Nishanthi Gunasekara, 

Abby Belknap, and Emily Frank. 
Kneeling: Whitney Dorer 

Above: Sam stretches his legs in 
preparation for the run. 


Right: David Gagnon 
makes it over the hurdle. 

Far Right: Taylor Gray 
sprints to the finish line. 

Far Right: David 
Churella and team mate 
press hard to finish the 

Right: Brett Boghigian 
give it all he's got 

Right: Tyler Gray sprints 
to the finish line. 

Right: Seniors, top row: Jesse Robishaud, Brett Bohigan, Krista 
Harrington, David Gagnon, Tyler Gray, Tim Churella, Samantha 
Blanchard and Adam Chin. Bottom row: Jen Caban, Alex Iwanchuk, 

Corey Baggett and Phil Aiken. 

Back Row: Coach Al, Shelly Wanamaker. Ian 
Dudley-Marley, David Gagnon, Bernie 
Pekola, Jesse Robichaud, Ricky Gomez, Jim 
Folte, James Betz, Jamie Dorer, Montana 
Ross, Paul Rossi, Chris Champney, Saceesh 
Vankatesh, Dave Churella, Andy Criscione, 
Danny Richter, and Coach Stott. 

Middle Row: Audrey Lin, Ariel Stimpson. 
Dimitra Phillos, Ashley McNulty, Kristan 
Merlo, Beth Rogers, Ben Kessler, Tim 
Churella, Phil Aiken, Laura Valente, 
Katherine Amato, Anthony Baggett, and 
Michaela St. Onge 

Front Row: Taylor Besselman. Naomi 
Ingram, Katie Springer, Amy Lin, Sonia 
Chheda, Corina Tom, Samantha Blanchard, 
Krista Harrington. Alex Iwanchuk, Brett 
Boghigian, Tyler Gray, Adam Chan, and 
Corey Baggett. 


The Varsity Senior Team 

Krista Harrington, Alex Iwanchuk, Tyler 

Grey, Samantha Blanchard. Cory Baggett 

Outdoor Track 

Right: Captains: Tyler Gray, Jenny 
Boscho.Alex Iwanchuk, Sarah 
Sheppard, and Corey Baggett strike a 


Below: Look out below! Mike Busa 
takes a flying leap. 

r** • 4 V 

Above: The 2002 Outdoor Track team: back row: Sean Hannaway, Ricky 
Gomez, Peter Betz, James Foltz, John Feuerstein, Jamie Dorer, Jesse 
Robichaud, Philip Aiken, A.J. Lusby, David Salvi, Coach Chebor, Tiffany 
Penn, Keisha Boykin, Coach Doherty, middle row: Karen Figueroa, Tim 
Churella, James Iandoli, Joseph King, Eric Taylor, Michael Waters, Mike 
Busa, Sonia Chheda, Nishanthi Gunasekara, Jenny Waldron, Katie Purnell, 
front row: Ian Dudley-Marling, Brian Copolla, Sarah Sheppard, Jenny 
Boshco, Alex Iwanchuk, Tyler Gray, Corey Baggett, Alyssa Martin, Sharonda 

Bedford High School's 2002 outdoor track season was 
another successful year. There were more individuals than 
ever that qualified for the state meet, and the team finished 
10th overall at the meet. They managed to lose only one 
state qualifier. Each team member gave their all through- 
out the season to represent Bedford with pride. They are 
looking forward to next season, where they will enter the 
year will confidence and the stamina to break individual Above: Tyler Gray gives hisaj 

and team records, while also making a statement at the state ^"l*™ ^ *" S competit ' 
. , 6 the 800m. 


By: Corey Baggett and Tyler Gray 

Right: Tim Churella demonstrates 
his dedication while running for a 
sub-4 minute mile. 




Left: A BHS player moves to recei> 

Bottom Left: Two BHS players mova 
to interecept the puck from the oppJ 
mg team. 

Bottom: Tim McGrath comes to tell I 
photographer that the interview is m 

U 1 

Top Row : John Feuerstein, 
Tim, McGrath, Mike O'Reilly, 
Chris O'Brien, Pat DePriest, 
iDavid Basile, Scott Wright, 
and Richy Volpicelli. 

Bottom Row: Billy Wilson, 
Kelly Walsh, Andrew Tolman, 
Mark Sargent, Robert Basile, 
Dave Ahem, Brendan Sheen, 
and Colton Sullivan. 



bove: Billy Wilson clears the puck. 

"Be^for^ Hockey 2002. 

The Goalie 

Storm Tillman stands 
vigilant over the goal 

The Break 

The Melee 

A Buc takes a moment's The team works feverishly 
rest, waiting for the game to keep the puck from their 
to resume. goal. 

Below: David Basile catches his breath 
waiting for the face off. 

Above: A Buc stands ready for the face off to 

snior Hockey Players: David Basile, Tim McGrath, Patrick DePriest, Scott 
'right, and Richie Volpicelli 

Congratulations on a great season Bucs ! We may not have any " W s, 
but the improvement we experienced as a team this season was 
incredible. Many of the scores from the previous season were cut in 
half. Much thanks to Coach Barton for all her hard work and inspira- 
tion on and off the field. It was greatly appreciated. The girls' varsity 
field hockey team was made up of 5 seniors , 6 j uniors , 4 sophomores , 
and 1 freshman led by co-captains Kim Bernardo and Michelle Hagar. 
Congratulations to Maggie Brogan, Jill Russo, Michelle Hagar, Candice 
Duprey, and Megan Asp for being this year's DCL all stars. Thanks to 
everyone for such a memorable and enjoyable 2002 season. We are 
so happy to have been able to play with such a talented , dedicated , and 
enthusiastic group of girls this year. We put up quite a fight this season 
and truly competed with the other teams in the DCL. Good luck to 
everyone next year, especially new tri-captains Colleen McGovern, 
Jill Russo, and Meagan Asp. . . you guys will be great! 
- Kim Bernardo & Michelle Hagar 

Right: BrittaGocht 
battles aggressively 

^^^^^^^^^^^ for possession of the 


e: Ana Chambers-Maher lunges out to make a save. 



mt hxv.1 

thman Team 

>ve: Back Row: Jenny Oien, Kristin Peterson, 
dreKalenderian, Jennifer Champney. Pascal 
itt, Britni O'Connor. Middle Row: Sara 
hnell, Emma Stuhl, Jessica Reynolds, Amy 
jenthaler, Leah Micu, Ariel Stimson. Front 
w: Ashleigh Gonzalez. Naomi Ingram. 
)ekah Armstrong, Michaela St.Onge, 
jhanieLarsen, Kathryn Arabasz. 

Right: Candice Duprey skill- 
fully manuvers the ball up the 

Far Left: Back Row: Shelly Wanamaker, Lauren Badia. 
Rebecca Moschini, Maggie Brogan. Middle Row: Corina 
Tom. Jill Russo, Colleen McGovern, Megan Asp, Britta Gocht, 
Ana Chambers-Maher. Front Row: Michelle Hagar, Kim Bernardo, 
Rebecca Warwick. 

Left: Varsity Captains Kim Bernardo and 
Michelle Hagar. 

Junior Varsity 

Below: Back Row: Alex Grebnez, Lucy MacRobert, Sarah Brun, 

Hailey Mello, Michelle Eaton, Cara LeBlanc. Second Row: Ashley Davison, Rory 

Christensen, Nicole Berke, Jessica Watro. Front Row: Kate Willsky, 

Kayla Scaglione, Sonia Chheda, Cheryl Shao, Rebecca Hart. 

.8 * 5 

t: Varsity Team getting advice from Coach 
ton during an away game. 


ifte Team 

This year the Rifle team saw more 
members than it has had in many 
years. Although we lost several 
skilled seniors from last year, the 
younger shooters have stepped up to 
give the team another great season. 
This year, in addition to our long time 
coach Mr. Goodwin, Capt. Carson, 
from ROTC, joined us in the range. 
We look forward to extending our 
reign as Mass. Rifle League champs in 
the years to come. 

-Mike Buttrick 

Above: Mike Buttrick stands sharp as 
he demonstrates the proper standing 
posture and one of the many ways to 
support the rifle stock. 

Left: Coach Goodwin and Capt. San 
Deans stand together as they lool 
forward to another year. 

Above: Colby enjoys himself as he gets the attention of the three Rifle Team 
girls Nicole Carignan, Becca Hart, and Alexandra Grebnev. 


Off-Hand Practice 

Left: One of the team relays fires off- 
hand targets. 

Calm and Patient 

Kevin Conway focuses in on the bul ls- 
eye for another "X". 


Top Shots 

Left: Captain Sam Deans and Co. Cap- 
tain Mike Buttrick stand in their rifle 

W-0 -99- 00 sum 

12-0 00- 1 

M.fe. Qjtr<» 

Ibove: Back Row: Alex Grebnev, Colby Gregory, Nicole Carignan, Brian Chen, William Shao, Mingli Chang, Ben |ones, Mikt- 
pbian, Chris Goyette, Rebecca Hart, and Matt Gagnon. 

Vont Row: Tristan Bard, Josh Caryer, Eric Butler, Mike Buttrick, Sam Deans, Kenny Sutton, Kevin Conwav . and Wavne Minnich. 



Tins year's Bedford Swim Team had more fun than any other in 
the past. Despite a losing record and small numbers, we had a great 
time. Much of this can be attributed to our extraordinary coaches, 
Dotty Blake and Cissy Westerkamp, who realized that victory was 
not in the cards this year. However, this season was far from a 
failure. There were more best times and scores achieved then any 
previous season. Both our boys and girls swim teams were led by 
a strong group of seniors who showed amazing versatility: Rebecca 
Parkhurst, Tom Moran, Sarah Healy, Keith Egan, Betsey Holland, 
and Brian Blake. All were willing and competed in both sprint and 
endurance events. Our small but effective dive team consisted of 
two seniors: first time diver Whitney Dorer and Chris Minue. 
Even though our numbers have declined, the future of the team 
looks promising because of the dedication and effort displayed by 
the underclassmen. Our practices were something we looked 
forward to everyday, despite the long bus ride and odd hours. We 
wish all of you the best of luck and want you to keep one thing in 
mind... Just fmish, don't drown, automatic points! Woo! 
Your Captains, 

Keith Egan, Betsey Holland, and Chris Minue. 

Off the block. 

Tom Moran brings his arms back as . 
gets ready to launch into the war 

Chris Minue pretends to do a belli 
flop before hitting the water. 



Above: Tri-Captians: Keith Egan, Betsy Holland, and Chris Minue stand by their loving coach Mrs. 


The Seniors Core: Back Row: Keith Egan, Betsy Holland, and Brian Blake. 

Front Row: Sarah Healy, Chris Minue, Whitney Dorer, Rebecca Parkhurst, and Tom Moran. 

Having Fun. 

Coach Blake jokes around with Bes 
and Rebecca. 

Betsy tries to calm down a zombified 
Brian before he falls into the pool. 

ney Dorer is captured in mid-air as 
;ets ready to dive into the water. 

Above: The Entire Team. 
Back Row: Katie Taylor. Ana 
Chambers-Maher, Amanda 
Finestone, Dale Morre, and Sean 

Middle Row: Coach Blake, Megan 
Asp, Jenny Waldron, and Brian 

Front Row: Sarah Healy, Betsy 
Holland, Whitney Dorer, Rebecca 
Parkhurst, Chris Minue, Keith 
Egan, and Tom Moran 

Egan in Action 

Keith makes it all look 
so easy. 

Ski Team 


Top: Number 113, Kurt Johannessen, flashes down hill at top speed. 
Above: Alistair Ingram glides downhill as if it took no effort at all. 

Above: Brian Coppola demonstrates the proper way to ski around a flag. 

The 2.002.-2XD03 Season 

Interest in the ski team is at a new high, with many underclassmen eager 
to try out. In the upcoming years, the ski team will become a force to be 
reckoned with. Returning to coach for a second year was Mrs. Johannessen. 
With new techniques and exercises, she whipped the team into shape in 
the preseason and on the slopes. This season, the team was led by captains 
Chris Dutton and Owen Harris. Other varsity racers were Matt Fish, Peter 
Johannessen, Peter Sheppard and Mike Waters. This year's girl's team 
only had four members and was led by Rebecca Trigg. 
By Owen Harris 

Above: Owen Harris and Chris Du 

Left: Kristen Sarson banks to the left weav 
ing through the course. 


Left: Peter Sheppard shows his 
stuff as he flies down the hill. 


The Ski Team: 

First Row: Kyle Rober, Sabrina Stucka, Peter Sheppard. and Michael Waters. 

Second Row: Matthew Fish, Alex O'Brien, Kieth Collins, Owen Harris, Chris Dutton, and Alastair Ingram. 
Third Row: Kristen Sarson, Jeffery Vatter, Rebecca Trigg, Mike Pietrasik, Peter Johannessen, and Ross Vcnuti. 



Seniors: Left-Right: Rebecca Trigg, Matthew 
Fish, Keith Collins, and Ross Venuti. 

This year the Bedford High 
School cheerleaders had their work 
cut out for them. After losing many 
valuable seniors from the previous 
year, they knew it would be tough 
to defend their Dual-County League 
1 st place title. Obstacles arose when 
their routine was not yet complete 
just one week prior to their first 
competition. However, this did not 
deter them from putting on an 
amazing performance when DCLs 
finally rolled around in November. 
Although they only emerged as 
silver medallists, they were proud 
of what they had accomplished that 
season. Amidst the endless prac- 
tices and competitions, the cheer- 
leaders were always able to show 
unconditional support towards not 
only the football team, but other 
sports as well. Countless signs and 
banners later, the season was over. 
Ladies, keep up the excellent work 
and good luck in years to come! 

Senior captain, 
Julia Amirzadov 

Captains Sarah Caban and Julia 
Amirzadov with their coach, Paula Stott. 

Varsity Cheerleading, Fall '02: left to right- (first row, seniors) Ami Misc 
Amirzadov, Sarah Caban, Sam Blanchard, Nikki Lua. (second row) Joce 
Marssa Foti, Laura Whallon, Alexi Wilson, Amanda Baggett, Ruth Cook, 
Fowlie, Naomi Hastings, (third row) Melissa Ross, Kayla Avery, Maria 
Monica Beamon, Lindsey Collins. 

Below: Seniors- Sarah Caban, Julia 
Amirzadov, Nikki Lua. Katrina Clemons, 
and Sharonda Roberts. 

Above: Amanda Baggett shows off for the 

Right: "Quieeet!" On the field at halftime 
performing their infamous "Missy Mix' 

V ® 

Below: Seniors (left to right): Nikki 
Lua, Sam Blanchard, Sarah CAban 
Julia Amirzadov, and Ami Micshler. 



Left: The cheerleaders anxiously 
await their turn to perform their half- 
time routine, or are they huddling 
together for warmth? 

"We're the best, no doubt about it!" 
Sophomore Jocelyn Egan hits her 



Left: The cheerleaders demonstrate 
somebeautiful "halves" mid-routine. 

Above: BHS shows off its spirit on the 
field. GO BUCS! 

Left: Alexi Wilson pulls a strong ara- 

Bekra Senior co-captain Mark Amato Right: DCL All-Star Pat Sullivan launches 
lines up his putt to win the match. one at the driving range. 

The 2002 golf season was known as a "rebuilding" year. After losing 8 
seniors, there were only 4 returning players. Among these were seniors 
Brett Boghigian and Adam Chan, senior co-captain Mark Amato, and 
junior co-captain and DCL All-star Pat Sullivan. Sullivan played in the 
MIAA Division 3 North sectional golf tournament at Thompson Country 
Club in North Reading, shooting an 86, missing the cut for the state 
tournament by one stroke. The team ended up with a record of 5 - 1 0- 1 , 
which was better than most expected. Most of the team were newcomers 
to the sport. With manyhours of practice, hard work, and excellent 
coaching by Mr. Reynolds and leadership of Mark Amato, the team was 
able to win some big matches, including its biggest win in Wayland, 
where Brett "El Tigre," shot an amazing 22 points, the highest point total 
seen since the point system began 4 years ago. Junior Billy Wilson and 
sophomore Pete Sheppard always came in with solid performances. 
Freshman Brandon Sheehan and sophomores Matt Bushnell and Andrew 
Tollman were also able to play well in some Varsity matches. Senior Steve 
McLane decided to switch from soccer to golf, and scored well in many 
matches. Freshman Chris Redmond, and sophomore Nick Young did not 
see any varsity action, but they will be needed in order for success in the 
upcoming years. 
By Adam Chan 

Above: Golf stars Brett Boghigian and A 
Chan practice their putts before the big m. 

Above: Back Row: Brandon Sheehan, Pete Sheppard. Nick Young. Matt Bushnell. 

Billy Wilson, Andrew Tollman, Chris Redmond. 

Front Row: Mark Amato. Pat Sullivan. Adam Chan. Brett Boghigian. 

Back Row: Cassie Taverna, Liz Davidson, Deepa Bharat, Ann Dunlea, 
Gabby Wirth, Savannah Armstrong, Katie Purnell. 
Front Row: Kaitlin Connell, Amy Boshco, Ji-Hyen Ok, DrusiJla Szeto, 
Samantha Jones, Kristen Sarson. 

ove: Ann, Christine, and Alii are ready 
start playing. 

e: The varsity team coming together for a quick photo before a game. 


Many people came to pre-season this year with a rumor in mind. 
A lot of people seem to think that Volleyball is an easy sport. As many 
of the girls realized... it's not! This year 34 girls tried out for the 
team, which was 1 4 more then last year. The talent increased with 
the numbers. A lot of things have changed including the rules and 
the offensive strategy. The returning players this season include 
captains Katie Olander and Danielle Carey, Lisa Stewart, Shamekia 
Cornwell, MianaLibby, Amanda Reader, Christine Boynton, Carolyn 
Dunlea, Ashley LeBrie, Ally Lua, Molly Lannigan, Deepa Bharat, 
Savannah Armstrong , and Katie Purnell . All of the players really came 
together as a team this year and played very strongly. We have greatly 
improved and look forward to the upcoming talent. 
-Katie Olander and Danielle Carey 


Above: J. V. Captains Cassie Taverna and 
Katie Purnell 

Katie I 

Above: Danielle, Molly and Carolyn 
wait in line for warm-ups before a 



* • «t 

Above: Deepa. Cassie, and Ann get ready 
for the start of the game. 




a - /— 

(ft . 



Above: Jamie moves forward as she gets ready to fire the ball up 
the field. 

Above: Back Row: Vicky Sanoja, Ashley McNulty, Shallon Silvestrone, Lisa CopJ 
Meghan McConnel, Jen Morse, Amanda Besselmen. Kathryn Amato. Cory Shil 
Middle Row: Jenny Spencer, Laura Valente, Kristen Merlo, Erin McGowan.J 
Springer, Alii Miley. 

Front Row: Natashya Sanoja, Jen Caban, Jamie Vanaria, Jen Strachan, Du\ 


1 Z i& ■ 

Above: Meghan McConnell heads the ball in an attempt to get it up the 

uyuot Varsity 

Above: Back Row: Lindsey Gravina. Amanda O'Rorke, Marjorie Dale, Meliss 

Barnett, Sara Heinrich. Ellen Lee. 

Middle Row: Taline Kalentaxi. Erica Christian, Stephani Lima, Alyssa Cox 
Jackie Rae, Natalie Taylor. 

Front Row: Sabrina Stukah. Alyssa Theodore. Beth Rogers, Bethie Miller. 

@) arts' Soccer 

Below: Vicky Sanoja brings the ball up the field. 

v. Alison Miley drop kicks the ball out of the goal. 

Below: Natashya leads the mad dash of both teams as 
they surge towards the ball. 

Left: Erin 
McGowan shows 
off her muscular 
strength as she 
snaps the ball 

Tfoe 2D02. Season 

by Laura Valente 

le girls' Varsity soccer team played their first game on September 1 1th. 2002, against 
ncoln-Sudbury. Since then, they have gone on to have an admirable season. This year the 
.plains of the team are seniors: returning captain Jen Caban, Jen Strachan, Jamie Vanaria. and 
nior Natashya Sanoja. New to the team are freshman stopper Jen Morse, mid-fielder Shallon 
lverstone, and Vicky Sanoja, also an inside mid-fielder. [Catherine Amato, Laura Valente. 
listen Merlo, and returning goalie Alison Miley are the sophomores playing for the team, 
iniors include Amanda Besselmen, Jenny Spencer, Erin McGowan, Cory Shaw, Ashley 
icNulty, Katie Springer, and Megan McConnell. Senior Krista Herrington, injured for the 
ason with a fractured ankle, also graces the team. 

Ferocious Foursome 

At Left: Jen Caban. Danielle Iandoly, 
Jamie Van Aria, and Jen Strachan stand 
tall and ready to lead the team through 
all that would stand in their way. 

Tyler takes the ball up 
the field as a boy 
watches in awe of the 
mighty Buccaneer. 


The Team stands on 
the sideline as they 
rest from the 
ferocious competition 
on the field. 

Chris Costa swings around as he 
gets ready to launch the ball. 


The Seniors 

Above: Brian Coppola, Phil Aiken, 

Tyler Gray, Richie Volpicelli, Mike Busa, Derek Pfeffer, Alex Iwanchuk, Jeff Tate, 
and Chris Costa stand together for a group shot. 



Derek Pfeffer drops low to 
intercept the falling ball in 
a penalty kick 


The Freshman Team 

Back Row- Ben Kesler, Matt Pearson, Daniel Jamison, Jeff Vatter, Peter Stern, Travis 
Johnson, and Coach McGowan. 

Front Row- Mike Poe, John Warwick, Jeff Raymond, Adam Shuman, and Kyle Rober. 
Not Shown- Eric Taylor, Joe Bigda-Payton, Matt Poe, and Brian Gleason. 

The JV Team 

Back Row- Coach Kovacs, Ian Dudley-Marling, Mike Landau, Ricardo Salum, Jon 
Sepp, Joe Bigda-Peyton, Jeff Vatter, Eric Taylor, Brian Gleason. 
Front Row- William Shao, Matt Poe, Alex, Ben Kesler, John Hempton, Scott 
Dalrymple, Jeff Raimond, and Jamie Dorer. 

Below: Richie Volpicelli and Tyler 
Gray jog back after scoring a goal. 


Above: Derek Pfeffer makes an easy 
catch as Jeff Tate stands on watch. 

The Varsity 

Back Row- Coach Boschetto. Mark Busa. 
Gary Lucas, Alex Hudzik. Mike Waters. 
Ben Ratichek, Joe King. Alistair Ingram. 
Brendan Wilkerson. Jack Davis. Ricky 
Gonez. Adam Darkazowie, Chris Dutton. 
Chris Kiely. and James Betz. 
Front Row- Derek Pfeffer, Brian Coppola. 
Tyler Gray. Phil Aiken. Mike Busa. Alex 
Iwanchuk. Chris Costa. RichicVolpicelli. 
and JelT Tate. 

Philip Aiken 

^tivities: Soccer JV 1,2 V 3,4; Track JV 1 V 
2^4; Marching Band 1 ,2,3,4; Drama Club 3,4 
Treas. 4; Pit 1 , 2,4 Crew 3 ; NHS 3 ,4 Treas. 4; Jazz 
Band 1,2,3,4; Interact 1 1 , 1 2 ; Telemedia 1,2,3; 
Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to GOD for creating me and blessing me in so 
many ways. HEY DAD and MOM, I know I've been 
difficult at times but you were always supportive. 
Thanks for giving me the freedom to make my own 
decisions and for respecting my privacy. I know I 
don't express it much, but I love you and you've had 
a profound impact on me. BETHANY, for being the 
only one in the family who can relate to me and 
backing me up when the parents get confused. 
JOHN, I also am very curious about what you will 
become. I don't really care if you play any sports, just 
be nasty at whatever you do. COREY- for helping me 
discover how cool a guy I really am (3/1/02), track, 
lifting, ribbing it up, drama, being funny, and too 
much other stuff to mention. AMANDA- Jr. Prom, 
and for not having the same birthday as me. To the 
Baggetts, I will never forgive myself for your ceiling. 
TYLER- showing me how to run, being impossibly 
good at soccer, our after school routine, and being 
just slightly more amazing than me. ALLY- parking 
your dumb car next to mine, teaching me to care for 
pe environment... PETER- thinking up the perfect 
type of chocolate to describe me. JEFF- soccer was 
great, CWV was interesting. RICH- playing the 
drums and being a truly nice guy. STEVE- lifting, 
getting hypnotized, and having a funnier head ab- 
normality than me. ALEX- sports were fun, espe- 
cially track (van rides), you make me feel better 
about my hygiene. MARK - Don't offer to be my 
foosball partner ever again. KATE- band and physics 
were a blast, but you're too smart for me. BRETT, 
CHAN] KURT. GREG, JEN S.- It's been fun getting to 
know you all over the past few years. B-fasts and trips 
to Boston were great. BRIAN- soccer warm-ups. 
KEITH C- four years of crazy classes, procrastinating 
everything, especially when playing cards. Remem- 
ber, it's just like bumper cars but you have to fill out 
papers. JEFF- always having the funniest ideas. B- 
RAD- driving in Burlington... DEREK- being enor- 
mous, pummeling the soccer ball and many other 
things, having occasional meaningful conversations, 
good taste in movies, haircuts, protein (one of your 
pillars). DAVE- liking jazz and amusing me in CPR. 
SAM- putting me in my place whenever we play 
DDR. You're really funny. KEITH E.- being friendly 
and worrying way too much about tests and recitals. 
JEN C- being the indoor track team. BECCA- thank 
you. BETSEY- always being enthusiastic, even dur- 
ing history. KEN L.- being brilliant and a cool guy, 
too. KENNY B.- being able to provide music for any 
occasion and being a great man. TIM- challenging 
me in workouts, being so good at the bench press, 
always being clever... Shout out to Andy and Run 
DMC. Also, thanks for being Portuguese. NICK- lots 
of musical stuff, soccer, hanging out a bunch, being 
Irish. JESSE- bands were too much fun, you were a 
great drum major, all the other crazy stuff we've 
done in high school, being able to jump over me, 
and being Mexican? TIM, NICK, JESSE- Spongebob... 
ASHLEY- owning NICHOLAS, thinking up interest- 

ing names for me, talking online for twenty minutes 
before you realized I wasn't Jason. KATIE- superfan, 
making band fun. MEAGAN- gross. CORINA- 
appreciating how huge I am, making funny pictures 
with BRITTA in wind ensemble, being crazy and 
looking like AMY. AMY- being crazy and looking 
likeCORINA. COLLEEN- online conversations, drama 
club, band, crazy parties at your place, checkers? 
You're a great friend. PAT- when you're not too 
weird, you're actually a nice guy. MIKEHALL- you 
are special. Keep it up! CHRIS- Your leadership 
made band uh... memorable. ALEC- I own you in 
golf. MIKE B. and CHERUB, you made it. Thanks to 
the soccer team and all my people in the track 
program. Congratulations to the saxophone section, 
we were spectacular. I'd like to thank all of my 
teachers and coaches, you've been very influential, 
though I regret never taking the chance to get to 
know many of you. Mrs. Irving, analysis was memo- 
rable, thank you for your fabulous recommendation. 
Mrs. Sullivan, thank you for convincing an engineer 
that he could be a good writer, and for writing my 
recommendation on such short notice. Thank you to 
all of my music teachers and directors, especially Mr. 
Reagan, who first showed me how cool music could 
be. It would be impossible for me to mention all the 
people who have had some impact on me. so I've no 
doubt omitted a few or perhaps several people, for 
which I'm terribly sorry. Thank you everyone, good 
luck in the future, and go Bucs. 

Mark Amato 

Thanks to (in no particular order): My mom and 
dad: For putting up with the garbage I sometimes 
gave them and always wanting the best for me. Love 
you two. Kath: For being a great sister. I might goof 
around a bit, but I still love you and wouldn't trade 
you for anyone. Nick: For being there for the last 1 8 
years of my life. I wish you the best in every 
endeavor. Karen: For Madrigal fun times, the play, 
and all the good times we had together. Jeff: Coolest 
Honda at school, best detective, and the only sane 
one of us all. Greg: It is my sincere hope that you get 
to drive your own car for the rest of your life, because 
quite frankly, I was saddened by the lack of loud 
exhausts this year. Also: varsity shaggit. 'Nuff said. 
Brett: I'll always remember good times at tennis, 
golf, WW, and first grade through high school. You 
are going to own Tufts, mark my words. Oh, and 
Wu-Tang Clan... Ty: For fun times through all the 
classes we had together; church trips; and LAN stuff. 
Brian: For skiing, building stuff, Dremel mastery, 
and being a goof in general. Brad: For riotous times 
at work, for running into telephone poles, and for 
sitting in class imagining that you are in your car. 
Kurt: For funny phrases, skiing, car knowledge, and 
being an all around good guy. Pete: For being a 
comedic genius at all times. Nothing compared to 
English class with you and Ty. Richie: Best Hockey 
player and Drummer around. Also, fun times in your 
basement and at the Border Cafe. Telephone, any- 
one? Corey : For epic foosball struggles that resulted 
in property damage, for good ideas involving other 
people's houses (ie. TP, etc.), and for being a good 
actor and singer. Steve: For joining golf team, for 
not laughing at the LAN stuff, and for generally being 
tall. Adam: For not taking offense at my father's 
comments about the type of import cars we all seem 
to drive. Alex: For a slew of good times. Ally and Jen: 

For being the roses among thorns, and for ma 
sure we kept the stupidity to an acceptable 1 
Leah: For newspaper fun times, and for being o 
the few people able to put up with my horrible 
in music. Matheson: For being Matheson. Phil 
being smart and stuff. Oh, yeah, and for putting 
skull through the ceiling. Ross: For gym fun, pain 
and other assorted inanity. Dave: For bringinj 
Armenian Power to Spanish and the tennis c 
Webster: For being the coolest kid in Madrigal., 
for the fun time we had at Tool. Stevo: For teac 
me about electronics, math, and funny sleeples 
minute engineerfests. Mike(l): For being a q 
funny dude. Also, for giving me a lifetime wor 
ways to make people's lives miserable. Mik« 
Coolest Junior in Madrigal. Keep up the good vi 
I fully expect you to follow in my shoes. Matt! 
pulling an e-brake slide right in front of me. 
crud. Owen: Best Spanish student... ever. That 
ing been said, next time you go to Spain, tak 
advice. Also, you still must teach me how to ' 
helicopter well. Sarah: For being in Science T\ 
and for programming fun. My Teachers: Thank* 
imparting knowledge on me and guiding my 1 
through the halls of BHS. Mr. Palmer: For beini 
best teacher I ever had. I hope you are enjoying a 
one... a coca cola, in your yacht. 

Julia Amirzadov 

First off, of course, I would like to thank my p 
and my grandfather. You guys have always 
there for me when it counts and I love you. T 
you. Everyone else: Cabans- trying and failing t 
you apart by your backpacks when they both 
very similar floral print, skating on the n 
rollerblading obstacle course, hair-clip fights o r 
bus in 5th grade, many more that I can't think of! 
. Sarah C- almost dying on the Concord n 
cheerleading, food, shopping fiascos, you have i 
one with the butt. Jen C- spilling chocolate pud< 
on yourself everyday at lunch in middle sch 
soccer before I quit. Jamie- 1 have so much to s 4 
you. Thank you for being great friend to me. I 
know how I would have made it through witl 
you. You have always been there to listen andl 
going to miss you. It's hard to encompass it al 
here's some: bunnies, chemistry, Enrique songs' 
summer, Christmas, lacrosse. Cosabella, ap bio I 
dies, any conversation we've had, I won't forget 
of it . Lindsey C- you're crazy, but I love you. M 
talks on the bus, incidents in the w oods, stay o~ 
trouble. Marissa- throwing me up there everydi 
have to hand it to you. Monica- you're crazy 
don't change, what kind of machine do we wa 
be? haha. Jocelyn- you're a sweetie, good luck v 
everything. Nikki L- How would I have gc 
through the year without you there? I have no i 
We have our quarrels (but they're always joki 
Thank you for the support you've provided, 
were such a huge part of the squad. We still ha\ 
chill. Other cheerleaders- good luck in year 
come. Derek P- dog walking parties, becasue. 
grade dance, physics (cars, creative notes), sc 
darts, murse, haikus in calculus, thanks for b> 
there. Good times, keep in touch. Sammy 
cheerleading, Halloween when we almost died 
of sophomore year (you know the times), 
hopefully years to come. Heather B- since 5th gr 
the attic club (haha). Class of '02 (My boys. I 

»ys be one of the guys, right?): Dave- D-money, 
it can I say? We've had some crazy/intense times 
;ther. Psychology last year, driving me every- 
:re. being taken off the list, Toy Works, the hot 
incident, always taking care of me, others I don't 
ember now, you know what they are. You're a 

friend, thank you for always being there for me, 
low you love listening to me complain about 
f. I can always tell you anything. We're going to 
j in touch, no doubt. Jim- our sessions (never 
|et), grande peppermint mocha frappe, Decath- 

my freshman year geometry, keeping your 
es for HER under control. Matt- your house, the 
lmer, good times, keep giving me phone calls, I 
i them. Brian- sophomore year was memorable, 
house and the cones, James in my room, getting 

whole chemistry class high on gas, you always 
iting to play with fire, yellow rabbit. James- the 
lmer, Kerry 's house and beating each other up for 
irs and hours (hardcore), the hot tub, police. 
k- sophomore year was weird, we've had some 
resting times, hopefully more to come. Class of 
: Stevo- I am so glad we've stayed friends, you 
ays know how to solve my problems. Will you 
■ry me? Showing me a more than excellent time 
JU, April 20th 2002, ice cream at 4 in the 
rning, laughing at the fly, me getting lost in the 
, eating pizza very slowly, Lydia's house. Chris D- 

you're in here, shout out. summer, consoling 
that cold December night when EVERYONE was 
ly house, it's not a dog it's a bird, "I'll prove it", 
er thanks: Jen S- colonel, lacrosse bus. Whitney- 
ive you. burning stuff at your house, sandal 
wing contests, it's been great. Betsey- You're the 
it hyper person I know, don't get stung by 
rfish. Jeff- you're fun, don't change. Peter!- We 

have to go to Jui-Peter. Richie- TPing your 
ise. Kerry- you're cool, you know the times we've 
. Lisa P- helping me decorate my room, just 
ging around. Sam MC- movies, New Years. Chris 
the many classes we've had together, they've all 
n interesting. Wet Dog, AP bio, calc. Special 
nks: The Caban Family- for always having me 
r, eating your food and such. The Vanaria Family- 
nk you so much for letting me spend Chrismas 
ti you, I hope that one day I can reciprocate such 
sture. The food was EXCELLENT. Teachers: Mrs. 
ullivan, Mr. Thompson!, Mr. McGowan (high- 
). I will ALWAYS remember you guys when I 
ik of my favorite teachers, thank you for provid- 
guidance and wisdom. It was fun. If you think I 
uld have thanked you and you're not in here, 
i't take it personal, I just don't like you... J/K, I 
forgot, I'm sorry. Good luck to everyone in the 
sof 2003. 

athryn Anthony 

kind of funny, I've wanted to get out of Bedford 
is long as I can remember, but now that the time 
come, I finally realize everything that I'm leaving 
ind. First of all, I want to thank all of my teachers, 
le of us would have made it this far without all of 
i. Especially teachers like Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Sullivan, 
all the other teachers that try to get to know you 
person as well as a student. There are a lot of 
nds I want to thank. Unfortunately, half of them 
never going to read this. I know that makes them 
nd dead, but no worries, they're just not BHS 
lents. Steph, McGilvry, Sara, Claire, Marc, Joel, 

Nathan, and Joanna, even though we don't get to 
hang out nearly enough, you've all been there for me 
when I needed people most, and I can't thank you 
enough for that. Dara, you've been there as long as 
I can remember. I don't know what I'd have done if 
we hadn't met in Mrs. Peel's class. I don't know who 
I'd be if we hadn't met in Mrs. Peel's class. You've 
taught me a lot about the world; thanks for helping 
me into it. Marisa, Colleen, you two are just crazy. 
The best thing about hanging out with you guys is 
that there's no pretense. I can just have fun with you 
without having to worry about looking foolish. 
Ben... thank you. Just... thank you for being who 
you are, and for loving me. I definitely never 
expected to fall in love in high school, but Tw mrwt.i 
- "you are my love." I'm going to miss all of you so 
much, and it's going to be really hard to get along 
without you. I don't what else to say except, "You 
can learn a lot from people who view the world 
differently than you do." So, thank you. 

Sarah Armstrong 

I want to start off by thanking my Mom and Dad, I 
could not have done much without their help. Mom, 
thank you for always being there for me to talk to and 
go shopping with. You've always been there when I 
have a problem and I thank you for that. Dad, thanks 
for always pushing me in school, sports, life. You 
have coached me for years and taught me most 
everything I know about Softball. Thanks for waking 
up to take me to those 6 am games over the summers. 
Love you guys! Ben- You are the best brother any one 
could ask for, you have always watched out for me, 
so thanks! Grace and Rebekah- You two are always 
up for a laugh. I wish you luck throughout the rest 
of high school and I'll be here if you need anything. 
Grammie & Grampa-Thank you for all that you have 
done for me, love you guys! Granna-Thanks for all 
the support you have given me over the years can't 
wait for Maine vacations! And now, for my friends. 
Katie-KAK, we have had some pretty good times 
together. We've known eachother for a long time, 
from childhood friends to senior antics. From soft- 
ball games to basketball games, proms and parties, 
we've done it all. UTA for life! FP, SHPD, SPD, H 
double R, CC and more! The trips to NH and the 
Cape, our many nights of just talking and driving. 
Our pranks and our $40 worth! And our nights of 
"star gazing". Shopping for the perfect dresses or 
new dance outfits. Too many memories to remem- 
ber, and I'm glad I went through them with you. I 
hope there are many more to come, love ya babe! Oh 
yeah, who's driving tonight? Jen-We have grown up 
playing basketball together. And making memories 
as we go. You have always been a great friend to me. 
From New years parties, to shopping at the mall, 
locking ricky in the closet and eating all your food as 
I go. I'll always remember our talks that we have and 
all of our "blonde moments". WTTYAC!! Nikki- you 
have been there for me through everything, I've 
known you forever and a day. The sleepovers at your 
house, and boy watching, Softball games and dances 
I'll always remember. You will forever be "my" 
catcher. Always remember the Florida trip! Jenn- 
One of the people that can always find a story to 
compete with mine. Trips to Arlington and Panera, 
Hampton beach, communicating with the boys in 
the car on the highway in the rain. Thanks for always 
being willing to talk and do my make up! Alex- 

Promise? Thanks for always helping me study before 
those big Civ tests. And for making me smile even 
when I don't want to! Remember all the good times 
and maybe someday. Heather-For all the New years 
parties you have had. and the sleepovers. The jun- 
cakes in the morning, and for coming with ijie to 
sleep over my church! Ryan- For Junior Prort) and 
"babysitting" and always making your house a ™fli 
able. Sam- you are definitely one of the funniest 
people I know. Always up for a laugh. Thanks for 
always being around to talk to. Dave B. - For the 
dinners over at your house with the family and the 
cruises. Dave- Thanks for the semi and the talks. 
Kellie- Thanks for driving around all those ftights 
when no one else would! And for being around to 
share stories Monday morning after the good week- 
ends. Courtney- the Florida trip! Those were some 
good times, and I'm glad we went together Krista- 
For being there to sit and talk to at lunch and for just 
being a sweetheart. Carey- Thanks for being so nice 
and my co field hockey partner! Candice- For all the 
times inside and outside of school. Playing tag BrtlF 
auditorium and skipping. Convincing me to do field 
hockey my first and last years of high school. Katel 
we have played just about every season of sporti 
together. You can always make me laugh. Thanks! 
Katie B- thanks for all the rides home from basketball 
and obsessing over "potato head". Tim- For all the 
boat rides and late night talks. Jared- for all the advia 
and phone conversations. Buddy- for not killing mi 
on the 3 second car ride, and watching out for me a : 
the campsite. Sara- For being the sweetest person 
know! And the "milk". The Brogdon family- You an: 
new friends to our family and have eased in to beinj ; 
as close to us as family. Thanks for all your love ant 
support! Mr. Wilson- Thank you so much for alway I 
believing in me while I'm on and off the mound 
Kelly- For teaching me everything I know abou: 
pitching and getting me worked up to this point o _ 
my Softball career and for being a great friend. I hope 
to see you at my future games! To the Girls on the 
Softball team- Merlo, Alii, Taryn, Meaghan. Good 
luck in the future, keep that spirit up and you will 
win the states! Basketball team- Thanks to Jen. Jenny. 
Cassy, Lala, Coya, Sarah, Vicky, Jen. Meagan and 
Kristi. you guys are awesome, good luck next year! 
Anyone else I might have left out, sorry! Thanks to 
the class of 2003, good luck in the fture! 

Taylor Aronson 

Thank you to all family, friends and faculty that have 
guided me throughout the years. I want to thank my 
parents for being there and supporting me through- 
out this time. Thank you to my class for making my 
school experience a positive one and to all my friends 
for all the fun times we had in and out of school. 
There were definitely some memorable experiences. 
When I moved to Bedford, everyone made the 
transition easier. A special thank you to Mr. Fichera 
for making my first year here fun and enjoyable. I'd 
also like to (hank all the teachers that went the extra 
mile for me to make sure I had the best education 
possible. These years have prepared me for whatever 
the future brings 

Corey Baggett. 

It's been a great couple of years! Word. Mom and 
Dad, thank you for being the most caring, under- 
standing, loving, and coolest parents around. I have 
learnt so much from you and will be so successful in 
life because of it. I will always make you proud and 
I greatly appreciate everything you've done for me. 
Anthony and Amanda, I love you both, thanks for 
always being there for me and being such great 
friends. We will always stay so close. Be good and 
have fun over the next few years. Carroll, what can 
I say? I don't know what high school would have 
been without you. We had so many good times and 
so many more to come. When we are all old in the 
future, with our Carroll & James corporation, we will 
have to take a little vacation back to Harvard Square 
and play a game of chess for good-times sake. Alex, 
thanks for being such a good friend. Last summer 
was awesome, but this one will be even better. Oh 
the stories we have. Flake, thanks for always being 
there for me. You are a great guy and you inspire me. 
In last year's yearbook you said you learned a lot 
from me, well I've learned a ton from you. Cone, 
sorry for always making fun of your weird head, but 
I'm glad we are good friends. I can't wait for the 
beach. Bret, don't worry, I like those type of movies 
:oo. Thanks for being my friend. Richie, I'll never 
forget Mrs. Walker's class. Adam, Greg, Pete, Jeff, 
and the whole crew, thanks for all your friendships. 
We had some unbelievable times together. We 
should go to a concert again soon. Thanks for 
verything, you guys mean a lot to me. Jen, thanks 
or our friendship, I'll beat you in b-ball any day. 
hit, physics was the best. Mark, LAN parties rule, 
axlne, it was fun arguing with you. Kelsey, you're 
the coolest. Riley, you are the man. Mrs. Gray, 
thanks for being my second mom and for all the 
hugs. Margo, thanks for cheering. The Chapmans, 
thanks for always welcoming me in your home and 
for raising the best daughter ever. Peer Leaders, it 
was fun, thanks for listening. Thanks to everyone 
"who was involved in all the plays with me, they were 
always fun. Thank you to all my teachers and 
coaches, you have influenced me greatly. Thanks to 
all my football and track teammates and to my 
Bedford Farms buddies for making the last few years 
the best experience ever. ~Caitlin~ Thank you for 
making me a better person every single day! You 
make this world a better place for me to live in and 
you make me so happy. You are truly the most 
beautiful person I have ever know. Always watch the 
stars. Thank you. 

Brian Barrows 

I want to start off by thanking the people in my 
family that have made a huge impact on me, and 
helped me out so very much. Mom and Dad: You 
guys have been there through thick and thin, and 
helped me out even when I have been a hassle to deal 
with. Thank you for sticking it out and dealing, I 
have learned a lot and been provided many opportu- 
nities because of you guys, love ya both. Grandma: 
You have always been a incredible person to be 
around Grandma. All the talks that we've had have 
made a huge impact on who I have become. Thank 
you for always being there to talk to. Mr. and Mrs. 
Manning: Thank you for opening your home (and 
refrigerator) to me. You have always known just 

what to say at the right times, and have shared so 
much. Whether it be rides or long talks, your always 
there when it counts. Dave: Commander, your gonna 
have a lot of fun next year man, hopefully all goes 
well and in 5 years we'll see you blowin' stuff up in 
your plane. Travis: I just have to say it one last time, 
DON'T DO IT! Mike: Stallion, take care of yourself 
in Flo, and don't forget to study every once in 
awhile. Everyone, its been a great 4 years, and wish 
everyone the best, I hope that all of you succeed in 
every way that you hope for, it was fun. Michelle: 
Saving the best for last, We both know by now that 
I'm not exactly the best person when it comes to 
thoughtful speeches, but I'm gonna do my best here. 
Thank you for putting up with me for these last 
couple of years. I couldn't have possibly dreamed of 
a better person to spend so much time with. You 
know that you've been everything to me. We have so 
many memories: Your first day of school, Our first 
movie, Running through the sprinklers on the soccer 
field. The subtleties of eating pepperoni pizza, going 
to the gym, Christmas, Mac G's, hand scratching, 
church, the pool, spit fights, long walks, the waltz, 
snuggling up on the couch, fox news, talking for 
hours, my rambling, movies, ice skating, watching 
the stars come out, listening to you sing, The Skulls 
and Unbreakable, I could go on forever. You have 
made this all so very special. You have shaped 
everything about who I am today. I owe you so 
much. You have been more than a girlfriend to me, 
you are my best-friend. I am looking forward to so 
much with you. I cherish all the time that we have 
spent together, and I know that I couldn't have spent 
it better anywhere else, you mean the world to me 
Michelle. Simply said, your adorable. I can't wait to 
spend so much time with you this summer. I love 
you everything about you, more than you know, and 
I always will. 

David Basile 

Activities: Hockey 1,2.3.4; football 1,3,4 

Thanks: To my parents, I love you both. Mom I want 
to thank you for always being there and pushing me 
even when I don't want to be pushed. If not for you 
I would not be where I am today. Dad I would like 
to thank you for the support you have given me and 
for always being there when I needed you the most. 
Grampa I will always enjoying the time we had 
together. Nobody will ever take your place in my 
heart. Nana, you are one of the most important 
people to me. Rob even though we have our 
differences I still love you and could not replace you. 
Matt, have fun while it lasts because it goes by too 
fast. Danielle you know that if you ever need any- 
thing you can turn to me. Thanks also to Steve for 
what you have done in the past for me, Sean for being 
there and never steering rong, Matt I will always 
remember the weekend adventures in the past espe- 
cially junior year, Mark (wild man), Rob, Ian, Katie 
for yelling at me to write this, Jay, Sarah for putting 
up with me, and everyone else. Ms. Rosen, thank you 
for being you and always trying to help me with my 
spelling and believing in me, Ms. Foley, I don't have 
to do the blue book anymore, ha, ha, thanks for 
everything. Ms. Roach, thanks for making Senior 
year fun. Ms. Sav, thanks for putting up with me for 
3 years, and thank you for all your help, also for 
putting up with me and Mrs.G, I'll never forget you. 

Lauri Baudanza 

First of all the most important, I'd like to thai 
family. MOM and DAD you guys are the gr 
parents ever. You were always there for me, I 
always, from band camp to girl scouts to softl 
the England trip to my Junior prom, I didn't 
cause I have "cool" parents. Next, TOMMY, 
for showing me what NOT to do, being 
brother, and even being nice to me sometir 
know you will be able to accomplish anythin 
want. And to all my aunts, uncles, cousins, yoi 
have always supported me in everything I've 
wanted to do thanx. Next teachers, thanx to ; 
teachers. MR. REAGEN (Uncle Bri) Master., 
house, thanx for teaching me how to play tru 
putting up with me all the time bugging you 
you became asst principal, you know I'll be b 
see you and Andrea and Caitlin. MR. FELKER, 
for taking over for Reagan, filling some pret 
shoes, I'll always remember playing Softball, < 
playing, at band camp, all the new music you 
duced us to, and many fun classes of not doin 
work. CHRIS RYAN, You are the greatest, desp 
whole large wooden bat incident, we really c 
you once you left. MRS. BUDKA, my teachei 
boss, I had so much fun in your music clas; 
working with you in summerstock. Thank y< 
opening up the world of stage to me. MR 
thanx for letting me be a co stage manager 
thanx for being so awesome and putting up wi 
even when I'm completely covered in black p, 
glued my hands together. Thank you to every 
the neighborhood, we made the best group 
on hilltop dr, and I will never forget all the 
stuff we did when we were little. Now on to the 
important part of HS, friends. This is in no paru 
order, and I'm sorry if I forgot you. COLLEEN, i 
for being my friend since we were in 6th grad< 
pard, we had so much fun in summerstock, 
mini vans, clouds, stars, girl scouts, band, wha 
it like? Have fun in college, and I know you'll 
a great teacher. SULLY thx for being so cool 
were always there to talk to me, and make ar 
smile or laugh, remember our mummy and 
witch movies? Hope your senior year is awes 
and don't get into to much trouble with Harr 
B Low. MEAGAN thx for being weird, you r 
want to stop stocking Nathan and Caitlin. bu< 
weekends in NH, every morning to school, 
looking at me swan. ASHLEY bah, thanx for letti 
have tons of sleepovers at ur house, blue lolli] 
where are we going tonight, Funspot? The s 
KATIE you're so cute, thanx for being so cool, al 
there to talk to about anything, braiding my 
getting snacks before softball at ur house. CO 
(cornia) and AMY "Asians" thanx for always p 
up with me attacking you. Amy can I squish 
nose? Corina you play trumpet? JESSE and 
for always making sure we have plenty of 
around, you guys both have great talent, I kno 
will succeed. Someday I can watch you on stag 
be like hey I knew them. DANNY my jr se: 
prom date, playing video games at your house, 
presents, you are a great friend, thx, have fi 
year. BECCA, NICK. WHITNEY thx for all the si 
paint managing for the play, thx to all of the < 
you guys are the best to work with, I'm gonna, 
working with you guys though, plus you are all 

i ads, TIM, thanx for always being around to argue 
n us about something, or to help me get more 
fused over my physics homework, or to help me 
ire out who to thank in here. KEITH E. my 
npet buddy from the beginning, you are awe- 
ie, from teaching me how to ride a two wheel 
:, to getting thru our recitals every year you've 
n there, thx, MINUE hey, we've had some fun 
cs in the past, thx, hope you have fun at Trinity, 
all know you will succeed. Time to embarrass 
te people, my Girl Scout troop, thanx NIKKI, 
ie great times, camping, singing, remember 
dom park? battleship cove? Nikki you remember 
[S? AHNI for putting up with the cold ride to 
x>l every morning. Thx to my other Trumpets 
* JEFF and KEVIN, pat and jeff you guys have 
le band fun since I was in 8th grade, its always a 
;t though you do scare me sometimes, your 
;some Kevin. MIKE B putting up with me in band 
physics this year I can be annoying huh? AMY D 
for being the other female trumpeter. Thx to all 
old and new trumpeters in the marching band, 
the whole marching band. Thanx to anyone I've 
r played Softball with. I hope I didn't miss anyone 
n Bedford. Thanx to SCOOCH who has always 
n there to talk to and have fun with when he is 
lally in mass, the circus was awesome you're 
:some. Thanx FLETCHER for being one of the 
t friends I could ever have, from getting lost 
ring back and forth, movies, long nites, video 
les, new years eve, so much in such a little time, 
so glad I met you and hope we always stay 
nds, and I know you'll do well in college don't 
r change. Thx to all my friends who have already 
duated you guys were a big part of my high 
ool experience but I cant name all of you here, I 

I say thanx to my sisters though, you guys know 
you are. THANK YOU EVERYONE and I'm 

athryn Bentley 

it I would like to thank my parents, you both have 
;n so great and so much fun, never a quiet night 
)ur house. Thanks for being so understanding 
Hit everything. I hope that I grow up to be as fun 
he two of you! John: Thanks for being a good big 
ither, being ok with seeing me out at night and 
'ays kicking people out of our house when I get 
d! Cora: You are the worlds funniest little sister; 
it so much fun to have around, thanks for always 
ting up with me and fighting back! Kate: It's been 
zy having you as a friend and I love it! Thanks for 
fays being willing to talk even when you couldn ' t , 
ALWAYS having an answer and your good one 
as!! Good times with doggy, his truck and chas- 
; people down with it, for stalking our boys all 
;ht long just to make sure they were doing what 
y said they would. For making fun of "them" all 
time. You have helped me through so much that 
3ody else will ever understand, thanks for every- 
tig and stay strong! Lindsey: Thanks for all of the 
'Cntures, there isn't one night when we went out 

I I wouldn't go home asking myself what hap- 
ied!! We always seem to have fun with anything 
do. Thanks for letting me clean your room, being 
college buddy, tongue rings, crazy day dreams, 

nning out the apartment and club linds. Do I even 
'eto say 22 and all the memories with HIM, going 

to the club, pole dancing and knowing that nobody 
judges on the dismount, after hours (crazy night). I 
can't thank you enough for being there for me and 
telling me how it is and not what I want to hear. I 
know we'll stay in touch, maybe even go to the same 
college and have little lights all over the place, I'll 
bring the TV. Spencer's: Thanks for being home 
number two and letting me sit at your house all day 
long with you, and for being my emergency number 
on every form I have ever filled out during my high 
school career. Jenny: Please tell me what I am going 
to do with out you when I go to school? I really have 
no idea. Thank you for everything under the sun 
because I am sure we have done it at some point in 
our lives together! Thanks for all the talks and the 
good advice. Alexia: We've had good times together, 
such as, hiking in your back yard and pretending to 
ride horses on your moms' bed. Thanks for all the 
good memories. Kim: Thanks for all the good times 
we have had together, always having lockers next to 
each other and allowing me to park in a 4 by 4 
everyday for the past year. Thanks for everything. 
Carey: I think you're one of the funniest people I 
know; we've had so many good laughs together 
while doing aerobics and being fabulous dancers. 
Thanks for always making me laugh and I will never 
forget being couple number one. Krista: It's been 
crazy but who can forget Sebago Jenelle: Sneaking 
out in Cape Cod all summer long. Kirsten : Thanks for 
always amazing me with your crazy stories. Megan 
K: Thanks for doing the fish with me and being the 
only person who would fall asleep with me at after 
hours and always laughing at my jokes. You're so 
much fun and I hope to drive up to UNH with you 
soon. Stop giving random men your phone number. 
Jenn R. and Kellie: Thanks for all of our great talks. 
Kyrsten W.: Thanks for all the good times at CWV, I 
know deep down inside you really loved all my 
stories. Alex I.: I had a wonderful time being chased 
out of Sun Microsystems parking lot. Don't take the 
tongue ring yet! Jeff T.: LC buddies forever, you and 
me, thanks for having an arm fetish, pimping out 
your Honda and dreaming about dropping out with 
me. Please become a frat boy and call me so I can 
come visit you! Mike F.: Thanks for harassing me 
with you valor outfits! Michelle C: We were in so 
many classes together through out the years; you 
always find a way to amaze me. Stay strong and keep 
in touch. Meghan W. , I'm sorry I broke your camera ! 
Sam: Thanks for all of our talks and never leaving out 
any details, sharing stories about the boys and having 
our crushes, DB forever! Ms. Sav: You are such an 
incredible person. You have been there through ever 
little detail of my high school career, even when I did 
not want you to be there. You mean so much to me 
and we will never loose touch, don't worry you will 
be getting calls at 2 am from me when I need help 
with a paper! I hope that one day I can become as 
good a teacher as you are. HoHo: Thanks for all the 
good talks we have had. hanging out with me all the 
time back in the day and telling me all the good 
stories about you at college. Eric J.: Thanks for being 
YOU and never changing. You're the one person in 
my life who I can always talk to. You are incredible 
and you are too good to me. Thanks for ALL the good 
memories. Thank you for always coming home with 
a new saying, always letting me give you the "tude", 
and taking trips to Maine. I'll never forget the white 
Honda. I Love You. Holla 1 .2.MacDonalds: Thanks 

for being so caring, agreeing with me on Eric's 
fashion sense and making me feel welcome. Megan 
G., ElyesS., MiaM., Tracy O., John H., Brian S.. Sarah 
A., Emma W-D, Nicole L., Katie K. and anyone else 
I forgot- Good Luck 

Kimberly Bernardo 

First, the family! MOM- I can be a real pain, thanks 
for always putting up with me! Thanks for all the ski 
vacations, delivering laundry on your knees, being 
"Computer Gig," jinxing everything, teaching us 
how to shop. You have inspired me in so manvways 
and I love you. I hope I can grow up to be juit like 
you. DAD- Thanks for always backing me up against 
mom! For all the math/physics help, concert tipkets, 
teaching me todrive(tough task!), vacations, giving 
us anything and everything we ever wanted. I love 
you so much! JILL- Thanks for being a great big 
sister. For stealing your clothes, making fun of linds. 
helping with applications, dropping jell) beans in 
church, laughing at mom, prom hair, meeting boys 
in the Poconos, and setting IMPOSSIBLE standards to 
live up to! Love you. LINDS- "If you like a freshet 
house raise your paw up!" Eddie, Sonny, Petta 
Ponce. Thanks for being a Panther, hanging out wit! i 
me, ski jumps/dancing, "Goodbye. . .forever!" egg:, 
in the bathroom, "smells like salmon," helping m<: 
bake, cracking my back. I'm gonna miss you the 
most next year! Love you. CAREY- my best friend 
forever. Campfire, "bread!" "I wish Janet was my 
mom!" snowboarding, "you wombat," Carla/Danny 
T-Rex, Massimo, "sut," being unable to ride in cars 
Starbucks, Tammy, birthdays, tanning, hunchbacks 
Siamese twins, dumping Greg, nsync, big bums 
padded bras, grannies, getting peed on, puking at the 
first sleepover, gftd, "rent-a-kenta," rollerblading to 
BF, "pubie monster," Terri Mills, "ye animal," "wil 
you be my best friend for the rest of the year?" ! 
know theres SO much I forgot, but thanks for alway: : 
being there for me through everything. Love you 
pumpkin! KRISTA- "Trick-or-Treat 1 " Basil you're 
the best! Thanks for Washington(all sleeping in the 

same bed), Hanukkah songs, "the touching." mtss 

Peggy, cool blue eyeshadow that I wanted, the hindu 
in D.C.. ALWAYS driving, liking my fat fingers, 
licking frosted -Barbie, "meatballs," throwing the 
bowling ball in the wrong alley, picking my nose, 
fall/drag in ropes class, eating a whole bag of chips 
before dinner, and always being there to talk to. 
Thanks for being one of my best friends for so long. 
Love you Mare! KATIE- Bentley! Thanks for driving 
when we didn't have our licenses, snowboarding, 
landmarks with Carey and her camera, horseback 
riding, picnic with Jojo and Eric, "pubie monster." 
brian barrows and locker girls, and always being a 
great friend. I'll miss you next year! MEGHAN- 
Megs! You're always so much fun! New 
Years(breaking the bottle right when we walked in 
the door!), the boys "line-up." talking about "little 
miss perfect...!" KIRSTEN- You're always laughing. 
I love it! Thanks for London and planning the prom 
with me Roger! ELYSE & COURTNEY- Two of the 
sweetest girls ever! Elyse, you always have the best 
stories and know everything about anything! The "P. 
Envy!" Court, you're always smiling and sweet! I 
always think of "the girls night" wc had lor you're 
birthday (what a crazy night!). GIRLS- can't wait for 
Montreal! ALEX- You're a choad. but you really are 
the best. You've done so much lor me. thanks for 

always being there. Dinners in Boston, ice skating, 
strawberry shakes, Tiffanys jewelry, "the marathon," 
and other stuff I won't mention! I hope we're always 
best friends... ILYSM. GREGGY- Jello! Thanks for 
-telling me hold your arm, visiting me at Wedgewood, 
80'Spants, chemistry talks. You're one of my favor- 
ites! BRETT- 1 love our talks, we always seem to agree 
about things! I'll miss you lots next year, hope we 
stay great friends. Goodluck at Tufts! TIM- Me, you, 
& Lorie all the way! Thanks for making me watch the 
Matrix & all your other fantastic flicks, being on top, 
letting me do your lashes, and just being a 
weirdo!... thanks for making me happy =) GREG- 
"Buttsweat," thanks for wearing green sweatpants! 
PAT- you always had the best parties! IAN, SCOTT, 
DAVE, CHRIS, BRIAN- you guys always made every- 
thing fun! High school wouldn't have been nearly as 
fun without you. KATE- Piggy! Thanks for making 
me laugh, FH, "The pencil," lunch (enough said), 
Britney Spears Halloween, belly piercing, Mary- 
Kate's party. KURT & MATHESON- Wedgewood 
i . tvays a blast! SR! JEFF- Heffy you're the greatest! 
Thanks for hitting my bum and lifeguarding with 
me! COREY- my "positively preppy" pal. PETE & 
CHAN- the funniest boys at BHS! I'll miss you guys! 
RICHIE- I miss our foursome dates in your base- 
ment! ROSS- thanks for being so sweet and treating 
me better than anyone else! I'm glad we've become 
such good pals. Thanks for eating dirty carrots & 
chatting about miss Amanda! I'll miss you. BRIAN C- 
"after school activities." MAGGIE & ALI- my photo 
buddies! Maggie, "Cheebugah!" Ali, "your eyes are 
so pretty." Thanks to anyone I forgot. . .I'll miss you 

Brian Blake 

would just like to thank everyone who helped me 
hrough high school and life in general. I w-ould like 

thank my family of course; they have always been 
there for me and supported me in anything that I 
have done. I would like to thank all of my friends for 
just being themselves and being there for me. I also 
would like to thank the teachers that I have had 
throughout my years of high school. They have 
helped me grow as a person and expand my interests. 

1 would like to thank Mr. Reagan for those wonderful 
morning announcements. I want to thank the Lunch 
Ladies for filling me up, and all of my friends that I 
had to mooch money off of to buy lunch. I would 
also like to thank the Cashier Lady for sometimes 
letting me keep my quarter from cookies and milk so 
I wouldn't owe my friends as much money. I would 
like to thank the person who invented the Dance 
Dance Revolution pads and game, which have made 
evenings over friends' houses and parties so much 
more interesting. Also, I would like to thank the 
creators of Dragon Ball Z who got me inspired 
enough to teach myself how to draw anime. Last, but 
not least, I want to thank my parents, who I love very 
much, for all that they have done to raise me and help 
me through life. If I missed anyone, which I 
probably have, I am sorry and thank you for what 

Samantha Blanchard 

Mom- thanks for dealing with me. Vikki and Chris- 
tine- thanks for being so honest. Dan- Thanks for the 
good times and being there for the bad. You're 
awesome. Kellie- you're my other half! We've al- 
ways stuck by each other. Jackie, Nicole, Michele- 

you are my posse. "Goonan"- thanks for making me 
laugh. "Put 'em on the shelf!" Kirsten and Emma 
BLBG, linds, kate, katie b's, megan, jenn, sarah, katie 
k, thanks for all the good times! Chan, pete, heffer, 
kyrsten, alex, kurt, brett, ty we go way back, I'm 
going to miss you guys. To everyone else, good luck! 

Brett Boghigian 

I cannot possibly thank everyone I need to in the 
proper way that you all deserve. First off, I must 
thank my family for without their encouragement 
and enrichment in my life I would not be where I am 
today. MOM-For being the best teacher. You have 
taught me to be a good person and a leader. For 
investing all your time with me when I was little. For 
reading to me when I couldn't read and always trying 
to provide me with the best tools to succeed in life. 
DAD-For teaching me everything Mom didn't when 
I was little. The endless hours you played outside 
with me hasn't been forgotten. TODD-As it seems to 
be with most siblings, we never really got along too 
well. I know you look up to me even though I don't 
show it. I hope I've done a good job showing you 
what's right and wrong. AUNTY KAREN, UNCLE 
BILL, JEFF. and SCOTT. As a preface to thanking all 
my friends, I'll never forget all the times we spent 
together. I consider myself extremely lucky you have 
all of you. I have the best and most diverse group of 
friends anyone could ever ask for. To all my boys: 
don't forget the Wu-Tang. 2003:ADAM-We go so 
far back I cannot recount our early days. We've both 
changed much over the years from Ghostbusters to 
golf, but we still stayed bros. ALEX-Where would I 
be without my VP? Thanks for all the times we 
conspired about everything, skipped class, always 
paying on the weekends, and always doin' it up. 
TYLER-Out of everyone that I know, I've strived to 
be more like you. Thanks for helping me in class 
when few other can, and always having the right 
answers. Boys state and HEY BILL! You are going far 
in life, my friend. COREY-I'm soooo glad you came 
here. You are one of the most determined people I 
have ever met, don't lose that. STEVE-For always 
being a bro and having a level head on things. Hoody 
hoo! GREG-For being so much fun to chill with. I 
can't even fathom to think about the funny things 
we've done together. Programming and sleeping on 
me at Corey's. My mannnnnnnn! KRISTA-You've 
been one of my best friends since we were young 
enough to have friends. You are one of the sweetest, 
kindest girls I've ever met. Thanks for being my 
buddy these past seventeen years. KIM-For the hours 
talking about everything. We've shared a lot since 
we were little kids and too bad you squirted juice in 
my eye in first grade! CAREY-I'm glad we've been 
great friends ever since I had a crush on you in first 
grade. Thanks for always being willing to talk and 
being incredibly intelligent. PAT, IAN, TIM, DAVE, 
are so much fun to hang out with I can't even begin 
to tell you. I'm glad we're one big crew. KURT-For 
being a thug in French and ruling Wedgewood with 
me. PETER-Sorry I stole your magic cards but you got 
me back by throwing a desk at my eye. Ron is the 
man. JEFF-For just being JT-money and always look- 
ing out. RICH-For always understanding about situ- 
ations w : hen others don't. MATHESON- You are a 
crazy kid, and very funny too. MARK-For the endless 
hours of arguments, among other things. You are 

also a crazy kid. We've been friends since we g 
same 33MHz computer. KEN-You are the brij 
kid I have ever met. You have a look on thing 
I can only hope for. You are going very far ii 
COURTNEY-There are few people who I alwa 
happy, smiling, and full of energy, and you ai 
of them. I'm glad I call a friend. JEN and AL 
must stink to have to hang out with us. El 
a good kid and I miss you. To all my older fri 
I know you won't read this, but I still need to 
you. 2002:RYAN L, STEVE, RYAN W. DAN 
being the man when I was a freshman and b 
and NICOLE V for the good old days at 
2004:PHIL D-For all the talks, being my first p 
all the times at Wedgewood, and all the times 
you at tennis and ping-pong. I can tell you an' 
and you'd understand. ERIN-I can't even bej 
talk about all the things we've shared these past 
years. Thank you. RICHTER-For being online 
night like me. AMANDA, USA, COLLEEN, and JE 
GARY. MIKE HALL! 2005: MAXINE- Where do I 
Without you I would be a significantly difl 
person. You're the most amazing girl I've ev? 
and mature beyond your years. Thanks for dre 
with me and for the prom. I promise ne 
remember to forget you. CAITLIN-It's safe t 
can tell you about anything. I could never wri 
good of a friend you've been to me, but at the 
time, I think you already know. When we gro 
we can read Gatsby passages together. PETER 
being a savage protege, musician, social criti 
worker, and doubles partner. Don't ever stop 
your music, you've got a gift. EMILY-For a 
being around to talk to and talking about just 
everything. EMMET- Killa. AHNI-Armenian. 
forget our inside jokes!! KATH-For being s 
cutie and for the semi. IAN D-M. 2006: 
ers: MORRIS-You provided me with inspiratio 
no one else has. Thanks for letting me chill wi; 
in your room, always encouraging me, being a 
teacher and even more so, being such a great ft 
MODZELEWSKI. Good luck 2003. I hope 1 1 

Timothy Brady 

Mom and Dad, I could have not asked for two 
parents, you have raised me the best you could 
and for that I am grateful. I appreciate how yo 
always encouraged and pushed me to do my " 
both academics and sports. Mom- all your wot! 
college and school, semis and proms, allowi ng 
stay out for those exciting nights in Bedford, fig 
the police when they toed my car. Dad- you 
weirdest man I have ever met in a good way! 
for encouraging me in my sports always pushin 
car work falling asleep at night when I com 
hope I can be as successful as you when I gro 
Jeb and Liz- when people say they have the 
siblings they can have, I'm sure they always me 
but I definitely do. Jeb- raising me to be the a 
that I became, toughening me up. intense 

j le battles for hours, cud games, being trapped in 
t exact same body but different hair color, letting 
j borrow your cars, taking me to Maine, and never 
ring me in the dark. Liz-, you are the weirdest 
Jnen I know, definitely brought comedy into my 
i sliding across the table in England, before Christ - 
ji dinner, rides, being the senior when I as the 
j lunar4 you are a funny girl and I wonder how 
I rd your kids will be! The CREW (whose got the 
'ing?)-Scott-best friends since before pre school 
fort at my house, Aruba, jokes,, gym, cards, 
;o games, painting my witness to being struck by 
itning, falling off ladders, Mr. grayson, too many 
re memories to list. Pat-thanks for the parties! its 
ir ini the betterpool player, dpw, bball, new 
npshire, football. Ian- fun man to party with, 
viding humor, junior year senior prom at least 
had fun! Greg-football, funniest one of our 
nds, skitso, loon, penguin, bball, class, maine. 
is- wallball, dpw, jokes, painting, you are a 
ny kid. Brian- you on the other hand are pretty 
id at pool, partying, your basement hanging out. 
e- now years parties, birthday parties, comedy, 
tball, and being a good friend Kiin-you/re an 
:some girl and I hope we have a lot of good times 
:ome. I'd say it was a pretty good new year! I'm 
i finally became friends and even more this year. 
,nks for the good times Krista, Courtney, Carey, 
;e, Meghan, Rachel. I especially want to thank 
ich Sabourn and Coach Sullivan for all that you 
e done for me. Wow, I almost forgot about my 
e brother, Hudzik Thanks for always letting me 
t on you, cards, minibball, being my neighbor., 
ay hello to Dick Corey, Jamal Ben, Derek, The old 
ior crew, Denis, Boone, Wilson, Busa, Ryan and 
rest of ya. Everybody else if I forgot about you too 
L But I can't stand writing this anymore, LATAZ. 

enneth Budka 

parents and my brother, Joe, are the first I would 
• to thank. Being born was probably the most 
jortant event of my life... Everyone says mine are 
coolest parents anyone could have and I can't 
ue. My family has instilled in me a sense of 
sonal responsibility, self-confidence, and most 
sortantly, humor. They've been there for me 
ough all these years of school when I was con- 
nly adjusting. I feel lucky to have both my parents 
y close to me, and a brother who I can always talk 
I know how much of a challenge lies before me 
I that they will be close at hand for when I need 
p. I look forward to the day I can somehow repay 
m for who they are and what they do. I've had 
ne great teachers through out these 1 2 years of 
ool. Not all of them were spent in Bedford. Tom 
ling was my art teacher from third to seventh 
de when I went to school in Harvard, MA. Art to 
m was a way of life. Being part of that way of life 
'e added dimension to my personality. He helped 
get in touch with my creative side, taught me to 
iress myself through what I do, and I learned from 
n how important it is to have art in my life. He was 
/ays proud of my art work, but unfortunately was 
/er able to hear my music. It was at his memorial 
vice that in singing a song, and seeing how it 
ected myself and the people around me, that I 
covered my calling. This was my first solo perfor- 
Jice and remains one of the most inspiring expe- 
llees of my life. Gotta love the music depatrment! 

When I thought I wasn't much of a singer, Mr. Low 
put me in Chamber singers, then Madrigal, then cast 
me as Sasha in Fiddler on the Roof which was very 
memorable. Mr. Salvante gave me direction for my 
guitar playing. He's also just a cool guy. I hope 
everything works out with him and I wish we could 
have worked together more. Mr. Felker is the man. 
He went to college and got a degree in "The Man." 
He validated my electric bass playing skills by put- 
ting me in with the Marching Band (an experience 
which I can't even begin to praise), and gave me an 
idea of the different directions a musician can go in 
the world. All the music teachers and Mr. Boschetto 
have been an inspiration as far as my career choice, 
Music Education, goes. "Remember, no man is a 
failure who has friends." Without the friends I have 
made I would most certainly be lost. I have learned 
so much about myself by spending time with these 
people and at the same time have enjoyed some truly 
joyful experiences. I thank all of my friends for 
making my life the crazy, hectic, tiring, stressful 
thing that it is. I have learned to appreciate friendship 
for what it is, not for what it can give me, and I will 
hold that with me for the rest of my life. I thank Jesse 
for being my best friend for as long as I can remem- 
ber. Through working out our differences and shar- 
ing so much joy and pain together, our friendship 
has become stronger than the average. I thank Sarah 
for being there when I needed someone to talk to. 
For smiling whenever I would frown and for laugh- 
ing whenever I would cry, and for smacking me 
whenever I would tickle her. I thank Alyssa and her 
family for helping me to define friendship. I thank 
Katie for being whatever I need whenever I need it. 
There have been so many times I would talk to her 
and she would listen to me, and lift my spirits, and 
convince me that I'm better than I think I am, and 
that I can do anything. I thank Max for being a good 
movie date and a whole lot more. Fish for all the truly 
good laughs. Ben for being a good friend and some- 
one to talk to. Chris for keeping a sense of humor 
about everything, and cheering me on in everything 
I do. Tim for pointing out the humorous subtleties 
of my personality, and always offering the "Tim" 
side of things, which always seem to make a lot more 
sense. Alec for pick-up truck rides to Bickfords and 
"Heh Ken!" Lauri for having a locker next to mine, 
sitting next to me in Humanities, being around to 
poke and say "hi" when no one else is paying 
attention. Jenny for letting me punch her, "Hello 
Hercules!" and Ari Hest! Kayla for yelling at me, 
making fun of me, smiling, and letting me do the 
same to her. Nate for being funny, when me, Jesse 
and Tony were fighting, but being a good guy when 
it came down to it. Tony for showing me the other 
side of things, that dreams are really worth pursuing 
and hard work pays off, sometimes in more ways 
than we think. I thank Lauren for the happiness, 
inspiration, and unconditional love she has given 
me. Never have I experienced such joy for the mere 
presence of someone as I have with her. And with no 
one have I felt such hope for the future There are so 
many people that have made school a great experi- 
ence for me. I wanted to give special thanks to some 
people. However, no one who I ever laughed with, 
taught, drove around, ate with at lunch, bumped 
into in the hall and yelled at. sang with, or made fun 
of is an exception here. I am what I am lor the people 
I've grown to know. I'm so lucky to have had so 

many good experiences so far, and look forward to 
whatever comes next. 

Michael Busa 

First I'd like to thank my parents for putting up with, 
me. They were always trying to push me in the right 
direction. To my brother Mark, thank yob for 
putting up with me as well through the good times 
and bad. It was great to be able to play with you this 
past year in soccer and in basketball for the past two 
years. Learn from my mistakes which you get to see 
first hand. To my friends, we had some good times 
huh?! I thank my best friends Dave, Steve, Travis, AJ, 
Eric, Derek, and Kara. ROTC friends: Tom, Gomez. 
Betzs, Becca, Lauren, Ashley, Matt, Shawn, Brian, 
Alex, Alexia, Tony, and Tim.. In school: Danielle, 
Rebecca, Ami, Dave, and Nate. To all my soccer 
team thank you for this year and last. To all my 
basketball team this year and last, thank you. To the 
track team for the past four years, thank you. We 
have gone through some hard times in school and 
out, but always managed to pull through. Dave, we 
have had a lot of fun between ROTC, Friday nightsi 
summer time and more. There are so many people 
to mention. I thank you all! You know who you are 
Good luck to the class of 2003. 

Derek Castellana 

I want to first start off by thanking everyone in my 
family, who has been there by my side for the pas 
eighteen years. MOM and DAD thanks for every 
thing, I can never thank you enough for pushing mi 
to be better. MATT thanks for being a great brother 
and helping me when I needed it, I love ya bro 
WENDY, I have learned a lot from you and we have 
always had good times together, thanks for encour 
aging me to be someone better. PAPA, thank you fo 
being a great role model, I will always love you anc. 
think of you and I hope you are still watching over 
me to keep me inline. Now I would like to thauk all 
of my bros. MARK and DAVE, bikes rules and 
sleepovers during vacations, video games. Bruce- 
Leeroy!, lacrosse and hockey games, and going&Tir 
to eat. guys are my second family and I'm glad 
we are great friends and I'll love you guys like 
brothers. MIKE, we have been through it all. the food 
locker! riding bikes, cars, going to the mall 
are one of my closest friends and you have been there 
for me in good and bad times, you're a funny person 
and a good friend. ..thanks bro. PAT. baseball, get- 
ting into that 4th grade fight, that was funny. ..chillin 
at your house over the years, playing with your cats, 
and how can I forget the "red alert", I own you. 
COSTA, we have had a lot of fun times, just cruising 
around and having a good time (you know what I 
mean) or going to Jamie's house and doing prank 
calls to restaurants, glad I got to know you all these 
years. TIM, sneaking in your house during the 
summer and then going back out and ringing the 
doorbell, red alert I'm still waiting for a rematch, 
hope you do great things in college man. good luck. 
IAN. baseball, going into your back yard and finding 
those snapping turtles, stone environmental camp... 
I will always think of you as a good person and a 
friend and hope we keep in touch over the years, I 
hope you go to a great college and play hockey. 
CHAN, tomagatchi in middle school, and red alert! 
Those were some good times. GREG, you are and 
odd one, but funny as hell. ..meeting you on your 

dads soccer team "the ninja turtles" ya that's what we 
named it. dial party you had with that skater, 
Wedgw ood, yes you are faster than me at the breast- 
stroke, I will give you that, also going to swim meets 
and having so much fun and going to the barn having 
the tournaments and how can I forget the paintballing, 
c a good friend and I'm glad I know you, good 
luck in the future. ROBERT, cruising around going 
into Burlington, oh god! Never go they're again man, 
also chillin on the ramp with Marky who I'll never 
get. Well I'm happy to really get to know you better 
this year and you are a very good friend and I hope 
we keep in touch in the future. JEFF, thanks for 
having those 1 st and 2nd grade parties at your house 
during school, those were one of my favorite things 
that I can think of about that has to do with school, 
also Wedgwood and tennis. RITCHIE and ALEX, I've 
known you guys for a while starting at Wedgwood 
and we have had good times, going to swim meets 
and tennis and racket smack it. I will never forget 
those times, thanks for sharing them with me, and 
Alex... Karen says hi, haha. BRIAN, forensics, your 
Maxima breaking and having to drive your purple 
car around Bedford, the stale popcorn! Those were 
good times I will never forget them. KYRSTEN, 
watching you and Tony get pulled over. ..that as 
hilarious, cruising around, forensics and having you 
and Shamika and me and Brian with all those com- 
ments. That was some funny stuff... you're an awe- 
some person and a good friend. SHAMIKA, forensics 
was so much fun, bootleg this and bootleg that, I 
want those DVD's you were gonna get me. DEREK P, 
its been fun all these years walking down the halls 
knowing there is another Derek out there haha. It 
was fun going to the gym that day and chilling at 
your house just eating food if you know what I mean. 
You're an awesome friend. TONY, man you're an 
awesome person who is a lot of fun to chill with and 
I wish I knew you before high school, we had some 
good times just cruising around, chillin in your 
room with that black light and more to come, and I'll 
never forget you, we definitely need to keep in touch 
after high school. Now for my teachers. MS SAV, I'm 
happy you were my LC teacher for the past three 
years, you could help me with whatever I needed but 
also you had to put up with me which I'm sure wasn't 
fun haha. I can't wait to see your face when all of your 
students graduate. We will keep in touch. MS FOLEY, 
your someone who I could always talk to with 
whatever I needed help with if it was in school or out. 
You taught me to be a strong person and face 
everything no matter what it is that comes to you. 
Thank you for everything. JD, your one of the coolest 
teachers I know and I have learned a lot in your class 
which will help me in the future. Oh ya, how can I 
forget.... where are my bonus points for helping you 
jump-start your car, haha. Thanks for everything. 
MR SULLIVAN, you're the coolest teacher and its 
awesome how you listen to everyone's weekends 
and you tell them what should happen if something 
bad happens, I will never forget your class. Thanks 
for making it a fun one. Sorry if I forgot anyone. I will 
miss you all, thanks for a wonderful ride. 

Adam Chan 

Activities: Golf - 3, 4 Indoor Track - 1, 2, 3, 4 
Baseball -2, 3,4 Spanish Club - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 S.A.D.D. 
-2,3,4 Interact - 2, 3,4 Environmental Club 
-4 Car Club -3, 4 NHS -3. 4 Cool Asian LIFE 

I would like to start off by thanking my family. MOM 
— you are the best person in the world. You have 
helped me so much in life. You have put up with a 
lot and you have supported me throughout the 
whole way. DAD - thanks for being Man Hoo. 
Always telling me to praaactice and do my home- 
work. Thanks for teaching me all of life's skills. I 
appreciate everything you both have done for me. I 
love you both. JENNY JEAN — You are a great short 
big sister. Its funny how you were a pain in the butt 
when we lived together, and now that you are in 
college, we became a lot closer. Thanks for giving 
me guidance throughout high school. Good luck 
after college. SENIORS: BRETT - "El Tigre" Golf 
was... fun. All of those loooong hours at the course. 
We've been through a lot. . .making fun of the Papa 
Roach kid, WW barn, Blinkl 82 and Green Day, Lo 
Hong Wang, Living down the street, Mrs. Eickels 
dog, raptor walk, magic cards, spot painting, and 
many more. We've got good years ahead of us. I 
know we will remain close friends. JEFF— Thanks for 
being a J. Hondas and ricers rock. Thanks for the 
trips to stop and shop, Friendly's with chocolate 
nuts, talking to the trans, McDonalds drive through 
lady. Collecting Cones and CSI parties. RICHIE - 
Thanks for being Dick. Thanks for liking all of the 
same music and introducing me to NFG and Simple 
Plan. Remember the boxer walk, laughing at Barcode, 
Belief begins with PR, Out Cold, toophar, Blinkl 82 
and Green Day. chocolate nuts, partying Asian Style. 
JEN straCHAN - Thanks for being an honorary Asian 
and sorry for zapping you in physics every day. 
Thanks for hanging with us boys. Got Rice? ALLI — 
Thanks for being a good friend, leaving notes, 
writing poetry, having a cool mom that calls me 
Chan, and for all of the Asian Jokes. PETER - 
Friendly's with chocolate nuts and Stacy! Rock on 
Gerty Farish. Thanks for terrorizing me in 5 th grade, 
and for poking me all the time. You are a profes- 
sional rapper. G-REG — Thanks for making "Greg 
and raptor Noises", driving Hondas, stealing TP 
from my car and Levdog. Remember the funny 
hammered guy at Blinkl 82 and getting pulled over 
and saving you with my Asian/Mongloid power. 
COREY - Thanks for having the coolest house ever, 
driving around collecting cones, yelling at the freaks 
in Harvard Square, riding the magic cone, Raptor 
noises and Eagle Eyes. TYLER — Tyyyyyler you're 
so... thanks for being nasty at track, pumping iron 
after practice, and walking into my neighbors' house. 
ALEX — Thanks for being a Man Ho, Snap! Cirque Du 
Soliel, "Studying" for Civ and math. Don't forget to 
use soap every day. STEVE — thanks for the haircuts, 
being cone, golf team, Cirque Du Soliel. I will always 
drop you! KURT - thanks for driving a fast car, 
chilling at WW and the car club. WHITNEY -Thanks 
for letting me abuse you all the time. DAVE - thanks 
for never beating me in arm wrestling. I will always 
be more jacked than you. CAREY - Homefry, thanks 
for being a Whale and calling me Andy, giving me 
the inside scoop on Urchin. Thanks for keeping me 
awake in math by playing games. Sociology was a 
quantum leap. Wish me luck with Hot Stuff. Do you 
smell Victory? HUGHES - "duh duh duh...duh 
structural componential synthesis will garner bla bla 
bla" Thanks for the female help, the King Kong Song, 
and losing your arm in Vietnam. PAT - thanks for 
NOT helping me with my situation, but thanks for 
trying. KRISTA - Thanks for entertaining me in the 

morning, thanks for being a boot, RIP Rafael. 

- Thanks for telling me the story of the Girl tha 
3 girls in the hospital, and thanks for the J 
Spanish projects. SAMANTHA - I shouldnj 
thanking you because you like Bush, and youi 
New Found Glory, but I'm a nice kid. Thankl 
golfing with me, and being a better track 
BRADY - Nice mitts. How were the A< 
MATHESON - Thanks for being a psycho. MAP 

- thanks for not being a psycho anymore. KIRS 

- thanks for always laughing at whatever 1 
through a lot. Growing up across the street fc 
years, getting our Max Bench up to 200 lbs fresb 
year, and then not lifting again, going on the 
path with the Chicken lady, chilling in your 
ment playing Starcraft, working for CollegePro 
the babbling buffoon. ..sleeping on the roof 
getting paid for it. Stay out of trouble, get a hai 
ERIN — Too many things to mention... thank 
being my helper at life. You've always been thei 
me. You are one of my best friends, and I tre 
our friendship. Remember Charlie and Eva. ( 
LEEN — We've had some fun times. Semiformai 
Junior Prom were great. Thanks for helping me 
the TP off my car. Cirque Du Soliel was awew 
Remember the Slow Children. LISA - Thank; 
being one of the nicest people I know. Thankl 
being my Reading Across America buddy. Good! 
with dancing. If in 10yearswearen' 
remember to vote Dawn Giglio. RUTH — thankj 
the knee thing in math. PHIL- What color is my 
today? KATHERINE - thanks for being the 
Amato. . just kidding. . . MICHAELA - Captain 
Gilmore Savage Kirk, you are my hero. We wi 
rich with AdaMichaela wear and our Punk 1 
Band. You are the kewlest, Dominique and a 
those other random online people aren't. Ch« 
the yarn belt! Good Times. Good Times... 
anyone who I forgot, you mean nothing to me 
kidding, Chan loves and thanks you all. Sc 
Name: ChanMan 1 56. . .keep in touch all 

Timothy Churella. 

FAMILY: Friends will come and go, but you 
always, and will always be there for me. MOM 
DAD-You've made me the person I am today 
nothing I've done could've been accomplished w 
out your continuous support and encouragem 
thanks for taking care of me when I was really 
attending all my sports games and other activii 
and letting me enjoy my childhood while watd 
over me at the same time-I love you both. AN 
You've been a great brother and a great fri 
Thanks for the games, bike rides, concerts, talks, 
everything else we've done together. I've alv 
been proud to be known as your litde brot 
DAVID-I'm glad we've had time to do things toge 
after Andy went to college. You've joined in 
band, XC, and track-I'm proud to have you <3 
"little Churella. "X-C: All my teammates and coa 
who've made it such an awesome three years- Fan 
Park meets, pasta parties, sleepover. crab apple fif 
overcrowded cars, violent football games, explo* 
vans and all our fun times EMILY-your unmistak 
laugh, high fives, water fights and all the other ti 
you've attacked me SAM-convincing me to j 
crazy runs through the woods, power s 
WHITNEY-for always telling me I was avvesd 

when I'd rather be told I wasn't-even if I run in 
ge, I'll always remember where I got started. 

VICTOR and PAM-coaching us. letting us 
jletely take over your weekends, vacations, and 
:verybody else that's been on my teams over the 
I, We've had some crazy times. . .trips to Building 
onga lines around EPCOT, penny wars, throw- 
iverything out windows, gluing fingers to- 
;r, wrestling in the pool, lots of Chinese food, 
rns, times I was ready to strangle you all (and 
me...), all our trips to Worlds-I'll remember it 
COUTS: I've learned so much and had such fun 
Tiger to Eagle. Thanks to FISH, BRAD, BRIANS, 
>, TOM, PETER and all the other members of 
k Also, to MR DUTTON, KEN, MR. FISH, MR. 
TER and all the leaders, both scout and adult, 
've guided me and helped me along my way. 
CHING BAND: When I started playing violin, 
uld have never though I'd end up in the march- 
band. ..thanks to all those in 8th grade that 
inced me to put on a bass drum. Everybody in 
>and has become like family to me. Our trips to 
;or for camp- trying to steal the golfcart, being 
ht "old school style," ra-ra wars, sound-offs, 
ling runs, march-offs, Softball games, boy bands, 
anthem, hacky sack, royal rumbles, Spongebob, 
ng the dock, chats in my hammock, eating 
ests, closing campfires DRUM MAJORS-it can be 
h trying to lead your peers and keep them from 
ig you, you all succeeded! SULLIVANS and 
DANZAS-always giving us a house where we 
d hang out REAGAN and FELKER-leading a 
p like us takes a special kind of talent and 
•nee, you put up with a lot... THE DRUMLINE- 
: was the rest of the band, then there was us- 
lic trees, sphincter gnomes, our own personal 

;tives, Master of the House (REAGAN can fill 

e blank), loud runs to stay awake, always being 
core! BEN-oil, "Great ideas" TOM-chicken 
es, moths, gooooooaaaall! NASH and JIM-for 
ling us and joking with us CHEM AND MATH: 
e classes have been like no other. ..fights over 
lows, circle drawing contests, seeing who could 
the most bank points, U Lowell, blackjack, 
ler warfare MARK-"burn in effigy," you've 
inly livened up classes... BRETT-what's that sign 
re writing? Matoman what? NATE-thanks for 
Jizza MATT-never have I met somebody who 
d argue like you COREY-something green? 
es between magnetic stirrers KAREN-watch out 
he snakes... ALL MY FRIENDS: Whether in 
ol, in band, or just people I've met along the way 
ugh high school, thanks to all who've made my 
ol years as good as they have. Some I've already 
tioned, and, in no particular order, here's to 
ybody elsc.TY and PHIL-pushing me to run 
r in track, making Physics awesome KEN-my 
ig grace in French REBECCA-being in all my 
es, scolding me for being a slacker KEITH- 
issions about reports the night before they're 
making sure I couldn't fall asleep in front of you 
ass LILLY-being even more of a slacker than 
iorme BRAD-CDs, shifty eyes KENandJESSE- 
£ shows, hacky-sack, The Upper Hand ABBY- 
is" at night, smoking you out of your house in 
nornings SABRINA and AHNI-being immature, 
ig my mind off everything serious SARAH- 
n, getting lost in Somerville MEAGAN-your 

Buddha and complete lack of self-consciousness 
ASHLEY-keeping Nick in line, rides on the T NICK- 
Dropkicks, drum captain, political debates PAT- 
stealing cones, being goofy AMY-always laughing, 
really weird conversations, trying to operate car 
doors, being Asian ALEC-setting your mind to a task 
and not quitting, bike rides, playing bass drum 
JENNY-throwing a water balloon through an open 
window and running like hell, drinking milk like no 
other, running into fire hydrants CHRIS-I once 
thought you were a quiet kid...7-in-3, being drum 
major, never being shy about anything, swimming 
parties at Hanscom, winning animals at Denny's 
LAURI-pushing me to join band, never signing 
offline, always opening your house to us COLLEEN- 
You've become one of my best friends-we've talked 
about everything (probably twice. ..)-you've been 
there to joke around and have fun, but also for more 
serious times-you are like no other... CORINA-You 
were one of my first friends in Bedford, and our 
friendship has just kept growing-between hours 
spent at your house for OM, you always hurting 
yourself punching me, long conversations, trips to 
Boston or TUH shows, or just hanging out, I've 
always had fun when I was with you - ALL MY 
TEACHERS-Your hard work and dedication to us 
often goes unappreciated. Thanks to not only all that 
have taught me not only about academics, but how 
you've helped me grow and mature along the way. 
EVERYBODY I haven't mentioned specifically, but 
have in any way affected me. 

Katrina Clemons 

First I would like to thank God who is the head of my 
life, without him I could not have made it this far. 
Aunts, uncles, and cousins I love you all. To my 
mother and grandmother, I love you guys more than 
life itself, thank you for supporting me and putting 
up with me through the years, even though it has not 
been easy. To Sam and Brian I love you and thank you 
for supporting me and providing everything that I 
need. Tina, I love you so much, thank you for 
making me laugh, always being there when I need 
you, and being a great sister. Jay, thank you for 
teaching me all about sports, coming to all the B-ball 
games, you are the best and coolest little brother a 
sister could have. Eboni, I love you girl, I'll never 
forget you, stay strong and true, keep dancin' on. 
A.J., you make me laugh, you are like a big brother 
I never had, thank you for putting up with my corny 
jokes and annoying ways. Aaron, you are the best, 
you taught me so many big words, do not let those 
asinine people in life make you have a conniption. 
Jamal, you're so sweet and funny, I'll never forget 
you, Kyrsten, you're so angry and funny, Alyssa, 
keep singing girl, Sharonda, keep it real girl, Rodney, 
you'll be Bruce Lee someday, Shamekia, don't force 
it, Jesse, I love your sense of fashion, Dave A, I love 
your clothes, Greg H, keep it real because I know 
inside you are really one of "us", Scott W, you are 
hilarious and ..yes I will remember you, Alex, you 
should be a model, keep smiling, and getting all of 
the chicks, Jeff T, thanks for all your nicknames you 
gave me, Lakeisha. stay happy and kind, Eric K, 
you're really nice. Josh D, keep shooting those three 
pointers, Alexi W, keep it real, Delilah, I love your 
accent, Joe M. keep listening to Jay-Z, Also Thanks 
to: Haylee and Robin, I'll never forget you. All the 
cheerleaders(old and new), the Peer Leaders. All of 

my teachers for helping me and putting up with me, 
especially Ms. Paul, (keep dancing) and Dr. Haswell, 
you are so sweet, you two are my favorite teachers. 
Thanks to everyone else that I may have forgotten. I 
love you all! Class of 2003 forever! . 

Keith Collins 

Most importantly, I want to thank my parents, the 
biggest influences in my life. I don't know where I'd 
be without you. You have always guided me in the 
right direction, even if I didn't realize it at the 
time. Thanks for everything. Mom - For your under- 
standing no matter what I did. Dad - For taking me to 
concerts, mini b-ball, crossbeam, skiing, and college 
stuff. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. 
Kendra - Thanks for putting up with me.GootJ luck 
in HS. Thanks to all my friends for making high 
school interesting. Jeff - For finding the humor in 
everything. All the nights in your car driving to 
nowhere or watching ultimate tv. Endless bin/ games 
("it owes me") and ping-pong ("official rules"), 
GD/Blink concert, NFG, nights at wachu sett. Derek - 
For being such a good friend, all the nights in your 
basements and the sleepovers (goldeneye, 1080) 
golfing every day, b-ball games, cape, soccer (an< 
the rides after), wedgewood, and all the nicknames 
Nick - Our GD obsession in middle school, crew 
guster, secret names. Colleen - Thanks for every 
thing, for always making me happy. For all the gooc 
times we've had from London to just drivinj 
around. Brad - Slacking and CD trade forever! For al 
the crazy rides you gave me, ski team, "there is no 
easierway!," paranevil, wachusett, snowbanks (360) 
you always zoning out for the entire period, luncl, 
hw sessions, and for being goofy. "We have all o 
these cds."Ross - Cruisin' around, snowbanks, NFG 
"is this the first day?," always toolin on brad. Sam 
For introducing me to DDR, XC, 2AM kinko . 
run. Maybe someday you will have an M3 like me. Phil 
- Trash talking in WE, rooming in England (best 
room ever), PD ("bumper cars.."), and video 
games. Dave- For the locker, B-ball battle (simbaVAnd 
yes, you are the coolest jew I know. Ken- For discus- 
sions all night before every deadline, and for talks at 
XC.Tim - For being the model for all slackers, for 
pushing us in XC, and for putting up with me when 
you sat in front of me, which was almost every 
class. Matt- Cookies!, ski team, the air horn and 
jackass, "this is beat. "Nate- For making fun of every- 
one, and all the days at the Willard. Kevin - For being 
a cherub. You will never win at ERS.Cabans - All the 
nights at Dereks. the cape (and the ride). Chris - For 
all the slackin in band ("where are we?"), all the late 
nite chats. KeithE- We both know who the original 
is. All the nicknames, and then giving yourself the 
same middle name as me. Fun times at crew and 
drawing on my bag. Rebecca - For being a fellow 
insomniac, and for never passing in our tests on 
time. Good times at crew and England. Jesse - All the 
upper hand shows. Mark - For being a crazy metallic ad 
and for being crazy. Matt - Thanks for not taking 
showers in glass houses and forcing your zen wis- 
dom on us. Dan - For all your funny stories and voices 
that made CWV bearable. Owen - You have crazy 
hair.Pat - For your shiny head.Thanks to all the 
teachers I have ever had for their wisdom and 
guidance- Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Irving. Mr. McGowan. 
Mr. Reynolds, and Mr. Palmer. Also, thanks to all my 
relatives, coaches, and adults who have influenced 

mc. Sorry if I forget to mention anyone.Thank You to 
everyone who has played a role in my life! 

Brian Coppola 

First I would like to thank my parents for dealing 
with all the stupid things that I have done and for still 
allowing me to live in the house after some of them. 
Lis, thanks for always supporting me and for helping 
me with everything I chose to do. MEG, you are one 
of the best things that has ever happened to me, you 
have supported me in everything I do and have 
always been there for me. We have been through a 
lot already, watching movies at westford, soccer 
season, new years, hockey games and basketball 
games, mo, Christmas, waldorf kids, Jay and car 
searching, so many experiences. ROSS, oh man, 
good times, the shop, scoot and mini-bike, dimetapp, 
pipe-snakes, potatoguns, night bocci, donuts, jimmy 
and your siblings, skiing, grandmas food, paintball, 
world of wheels, all the craziness over the years. 
CHRIS, guitar, humanities class, trips to ricca, model 
rockets, the lawn tractor, tunnels of armageddon, 
stuck in the purple car, birthdays, the lake and all the 
otherstuff. MATT, 5. 0's, monster garage, hummers, 
loud pipes, the neighbors, the pool, vitamins, ssips, 
lanky people in salmon shirts, PR's, your gangster 
sister, all the cars and fun times. MARK, all of your 
different girls over the years, the computers, skiing 
trips, paintball, the barbecue parties, the exploder, 
science team projects, chips and salsa, active elec- 
tronics, choice beverages, all the math and science 
classes, Capri and Blue Ribbon and On the Border, 
your crazy death metal, the Bruins and hockey 
games, attempting to skate at Burlington Ice Palace, 
all the crazy family in your house. JEFF, the soccer 
team and the sidelines, cleaning up after people in 
your house, car repair at wedgewood, forensics 
classes, craziness at work. KIM, after school excercises 
and lunch talks. KURT, talking about al the cars and 
stuff, your 300zx or lack thereof, car shows, riding 
on the wedgewood tractor with no oil, finding all the 
crazy ricers, terrorizing Williams and Sonoma. PETE, 
doing goofy things at work, boy scouts, new years a 
long time ago, playing foosball, lunches at school, 
you are the funniest person I know. WHIT, your 
giant trampoline, surprise birthday, forensics class, 
your funny leopard print dress, waiting at the end of 
my driveway after you drove me home and jen 
forgot to come get you, good times at the McConnell 
house. REBECCA, KERRY, BETSEY, good times, 
Rebecca - 1 want a cake!, Kerry - parties, Betsey - free 
JEN, STEVE, all the good times over the summer and 
just in general. KYRSTEN, off balance and OB, 
bootleg rap, demonstrations, forensics, baby gap, 
the Willard, out of control and ludacris, ratos, aw 
naw! SHAMIKA, your entire bootleg house, foren- 
sics classes, causing a scene with Derek and Kyrsten. 
JOSH, talking at our lockers, the worst class ever - 
humanities, and almost falling asleep in law class. 
DEREK, the funny silver mustang and speeding tick- 
ets, copying answers, us folks gotta stick together in 
forensics, prom night and stale popcorn. PHIL, math 
classes, soccer dinners, track, you have one of the 
goofiest senses of humor, ever. TY, programming 
classes, math, soccer season, youth group, your one 
of the most outgoing and successful people that I 
know. CABANS, Spanish projects, going to the 
movies, the clubbing mechanism, my mom ran- 

domly showing up at your house, youth group. 
CHRIS M., gullage classes, wet dog, do want a 
cookie?, getting your car from hanscom, Spanish 
projects, law classes, the yellow beetle, grandmas 
fudge. JAMIE, I will always remember you as being 
unreal at Spanish, for someone that isn't actually 
Spanish, or Mexican, or a south American in general 
or anybody else that naturally speaks Spanish, 
senorita's class, talks during break, visiting at Bedford 
auto. ALLI, you are one of the craziest and most 
energetic people that I know, you do a lot of things, 
but more importantly you do them all well, prom 
night, your Christmas present, the westford house, 
your birthday, Starbucks trips, chess/environmental 
club meetings. SAM, fireworks, lacrosse, going to 
play pool, you are one of the funniest and goofiest 
people in the school. BRAD, computer games, boy 
scout trips, skiing, eating food and watching movies, 
drinking lots of soda and making pyramids, Steves 
pizza, eating donuts and cookies, making movies for 
class, we go back a long time. JEFF, late night donuts, 
driving into the drive-through the wrong way, free 
pies from McDonalds, installing new speakers in the 
mall parking lot, the George Foreman grill, going to 
brads house, radar detectors falling out your win- 
dow-, sitting in Ross's basement and eating tons of 
food, you will definitely be a swindler business man 
when you grow up. DEREK P., soccer dinners and 
practices, BSC, protein shakes, Spanish class. SAM B., 
guitar class, falling asleep in law, trying to figure out 
the college application and all the papers, making up 
songs about people, disturbing the art class. BIANICA. 
riding your crazy civic, trying to get cheap parts for 
my car, locker talks, all the stuff that we talked about 
and all the fun times. JENELLE, sleeping during class 
and finding mysterious pieces of paper when you 
wake up, visiting during physics, working at the 
Willard, driving in the purple car. Thanks to every- 
one that I might have forgotten and to all the other 
people that I couldn't fit in. 

Shamekia Cornwell 

First I wanna say this is costing me money so if your 
name isn't in it don't take it to heart I just ran out of 
money. I want to thank God because without him 
none of us would be here. I want to thank the two 
people who have been there for me through the 
most, my parents and even though it seems like I 
haven't leaned anything (hardheaded) I really have, 
so thank you for everything. To my many siblings 
Dre, Des, Jojo thanks for whatever it is you did for 
me. Scottie I love you thanks for the support and 
stickin by my through my "rough time". All my 
friends who stood by me through it all good and bad 
times thank you for being there for me. Burger ... my 
sister thanks for the laughs and the tears, Kiki and 
Nicola (no salami) Love you guys good luck. Jeremy 
love you for the best friend you are, Ashley I miss you 
so much you're in my prayers, Ebby, Trina, and 
Aaron (assinined conniptions), you three people are 
the most genuine people that I know at this high 
school you let me know and understand the true 
meaning of "Keeping it real!" I wish you all the best 
of luck. Brenda (LeeLa) we had our times. And we 
shared a lot of thoughts about the same things Good 
luck in the future. Lasheril43 the BHS volleyball team 
Katie, Lisa, and Leah you guys were awesome. Coach 
Gallo you taught me not to be sorry just to fix it. 
Kirsten dang where to being! Drama!!! Lol Boot- 

leggin and Downiaodin is the same. The ash 
the snow. Erika and Michelle love you guys 
Love you both. Aj, Alyssa, Rodney. Good Luck 
Graduating class of 2003! 

Christopher Costa 

First, I would like to thank my parents. Morq 
for not giving up on me even though it seem 
I wasn't listening to you half the time. Also foe 
everything you could do to get what was best 
and always being concerned. Dad , well I 
who's footsteps I follow in. Thanks for 
wanting to hang out and do things with 
always had a great time. Also I have never met 
with so much advice to give, while still being 
the strangest people I know. A cooler cover 
the trick. I love you both. Melissa thank y 
being a great sister, you always look out for iS 
have some how managed to put up with me. i 
on doing like your doing and you'll do i ust 
Now I would like to thank the crew. Paj. we'v 
some good times. Like when the Russiansl 
bombing us, fear and loathing nights when tj 
nothing else to do. Denny's at the crack of daw* 
DP Dubs, I can't wait until this summer. And! 
way you ever find out who slept in the top bunki 
you and I can go on forever speaking a language 
few can understand, Loathin. You mind put| 
couple rulers away for me? The only fair soluc 
a problem, rock, paper, scissors. Good luck 
hockey next year, pink muthar fuggar. Ti 
you and I share something nobody else w 
experience, the batmobile. You ever want to 
a cruise you know what to do. Greg , you are th 
of freestyle and I live for your rap wars. Scott 
I have never seen anyone disappear as quick af 
Also I don't know anyone else who would ev 
the boogaloo. And by the way. the eight h 
finally complete. Brian well the original five si 
in your basement and it has grown ever since. ' 
I have never seen anyone drive as bad as you. 
"red light" all I have to say about that is, in 
Adrian. I have the power. IX what won't you 
All the good times in the red baron, she was uni 
pable, the stone wall, bombs over baghdad i 
verse. The soccer team , we had a great seasor 
year and good luck next year. Coach Wilson . I 
learned a lot from you over the last couple of y 
and you made soccer a great experience. Also I ' 
to thank all the girls in our grade, Krista. Carey. 
Courtney, Elyse, Megan, Kirsten. Megan K., Linii 
it was always fun to have you guys around. I w 
also like to thank the rest of the guys in the g 
Alex, Brett, Richie, Tyler, good luck and hope t 
you around. 

Michelle Costa 

First I would like to thank God for being there a 
years of my life. MOM-You are truly the hero ii 
life. You brought me up the best you could 
when w r e had some really hard times. You sup 
me so much in everything I choose to do anc 
always there for me to talk to. All the values 
taught me I will carry on with me as I grow. I 
you. DAD- what can I say as old as I get I will al' 
be daddy's little girl. Even though you have 
always made the best decisions in life I will al' 
love you, I'll never forget Marines-we're the br 
the rest. JEN-I smell bacon. .jk.. I'm so proud of 

ifou've come with college and making your 
■Ins come true, I really appreciate you being the 
II haven't had in the past couple of years but now 
lime to accomplish your goals and take care of 
U I love you. MANDA- My Broadway singer, 
Ure so smart and talented I know you will be great 
Uiatever career you pursue, thanks for being my 
Ud and sister even though you can be a little 
■tale I still love you. BOB- For the couple of years 
mt been in my life loving my mom and help 
■g care of my family I really appreciate it I love 
t COREY, SHAUNA, and JESSE- my other siblings 
|j I love so much you guys are so funny and fun 
i ing out with I love you. ROBBY-Hunny you 
h been in my life almost my whole high school 
I :r. You have seen me on my truly worst days and 
mest days and have supported me through both, 
ve been there to help me whenever I've felt like 
ig up, you wiped my tears when I cried in your 
, and through all the problems we have faced 
ve never given up on me, for all those reasons I 
v we were meant to be together. Thank you for 
inly being my boyfriend but also my best friend, 
't wait to see what the future has in store for us 
know one thing... I'll have my bags packed on 
8th birthday so make room for me. I love you! 
and LINDA-My second parents, thank you for 
le dinners, putting up with my 8:00am phone 
. giving me rides home, and providing a second 
e to me. I really appreciate it. RICKEY, JEN and 
G- You guys are like my second family-thanks 
)utting up with Robby and me, and always 
ng me laugh. BERT-You are the funniest person 
>w, and a great boyfriend to my sister. I love you 
i brother, but I'm just waiting for the ring so you 
>e my brother-in-law! CHRIS- Thanks for being 
; for my sister, giving me rides to school even 
gh I was always keeping you waiting, and for 
fling so loud in the halls at school and pretend- 
o be an abusive boyfriend in school. ERIN-My 
Tue friend from Medford that I will never forget 
you for all the great memories we've had 
ving up...vava. JEN R. -I can honestly say I have 
some of the most memorable events in my life 
>en with you, you introduced me to my boy- 
id and the whole town of Arlington, you were 
e for me when I ran away from home (PlanD), 
ed same health concerns and don't they stink, 
so many more great memories. This year we've 
vn apart and faced some difficulties but I will 
r forget all our memories. KATIE K. - you, Jen, 
Me were like the three stooges for the longest 
, even though this year we all grew apart the 
lories will always remain. The late night walk- 
back to your house when Jen fell, and we were 
ig crazy, filling up bottles half way with water, 
rollerblading everywhere in the summer. KELLIE- 
one girl who can always make me laugh even 
n I'm having a bad day. Never forget Wilmington 
y's and partying in your driveway. SARA-Never 
et egging the pedophiles car (oh yah that wasn't 
ar!), stories about UTA and the doll, night with 
e and our little game of show and tell!!! TRACY 
|We just starting talking this year but I'm glad I 
l:o know you you're a cool girl. SAMMY- My first 
id from Bedford, never forget playing flashlight 
In our neighborhood, singing our hearts out on 
I porch, and you telling me everything about 
pord when I moved here. You were the best next- 

door neighbor!! MEGAN and EMMA-We were the 
best of friends in 8th grade and created so many 
memories, never forget sleeping in the tent in Megan's 
back yard, stealing drinks from the restaurant next to 
Stop and Shop, Filenes, the party at Emma's, chillen 
with Andrew, Nick, Andy, and Johnny, and the D.C. 
trip starting the roomer of the man in the window. 
We had some great times in the past; even though we 
stopped talking to each other I'll never forget you 
guys. KATIE B.- My L.C. buddy! You are one cool kid 
thanks for listening to all my friend problems, being 
my dance buddie, and all around a sweet kid, good 
luck with you and Eric. JOCELYNNE- Never forget 
singing our lungs out in your car, the flat tire, the 
dorm room w/ the scissors incident, and meeting all 
your friends who meet in east bum. LIZ T. - I'm so 
glad you moved to Bedford and we became friends. 
Thanks for being such a good friend and listener. 
Make sure you keep in touch. MS.SAVandMS.FOLEY- 
Thank you for not just being my teachers, but people 
I can talk to about anything and get good advice 
from. Thanks to CD,CB,LH,KT,ATJT,MF,BR AR- 
LINGTON and MEDFORD peeps and anyone else 
whose name I forgot. 

Marisa DeMarco 

Thank you: MOMMIE AND DADDIO - 1 can't ever 
repay you for all of your time and love and support, 
but I hope you know that I appreciate it more than 
anything. You've sacrificed so much, and believe 
me, nothing has gone unnoticed. You've taught me 
so much about life, and I admire you both im- 
mensely. You've always trusted and had faith in me, 
giving me confidence and letting me be the person 
I am today. If I can be as good of a parent as you both 
are when I grow older, I'll be the happiest woman 
alive. I'll never forget the day trips to the beach, 
Westport, the ferry and tuna melts, car rides, Disney, 
learning about the stock market, bike path trips, 
fishing, going on the T, etc! You were always there 
for me, whenever I needed you, from a ride to the 
mall to going to a parent teacher conference to 
making me breakfast, lunch, and dinner to sitting by 
me when I was sick. There are no words that can 
express what you both mean to me. I looove you! 
IYNETTE - You are the coolest sister I could have ever 
asked for, Bubbie! You make me SO HAPPIE! You're 
definitely the goofiest, funniest, most beautious lil 
sis ever- can I take you with me to college? I 
remember asking for a little sister when I was six, but 
I never knew that I'd gain a best friend at the same 
time. You make everything fun- 1 don't think we've 
ever had a sad face around each other, and that's 
amazing for siblings. We have that *connection,* 
Netty. Ever since you were born I've known you 
were going to be a special sis. From sleepovers to 
baking (and me burning everything) to jumping on 
the tramp (we're the swanky fairies!) and playing in 
the snow and laughing so hard you pee on my floor, 
I love you, I love you, I love you! CHRIS BRO'LITE - 
You really did have me at "hey hey," and I just can't 
believe how great these years have been with you in 
my life. You make me so happy, with all of the: 
funnies, laughs, calls, raps, rhymes, chapters, home- 
coming and ice, homeless man shipping, lyrics. 
Express purchases, trips to Boston, goofy slippers, 
the "pelican," Bruno, ghg!, Jazmyn &Chayce, 4-24, 
10-10, semi, prom, the list goes on. You were so 
supportive and helpful throughout high school, it 

would have been hard to get by without you. The 
365 is finally over, babe, and it's time to begin our 
lives. I am so lucky to have you, I love you forever! 
COLLEENY BABE - Every time I think of you I smile! 
If I could create a friend for myself I would maju; 
them exactly like you! Thank you for always having 
faith in the Marisella and being funny and silly with 
me all the time (like on car rides with the radio and 
singing at the top of our lungs)! Never forget "hey 
baby," APES and my gardening gloves, History and 
desegregating, Chemistry and "promise yourself 
more moments like this," Ben Yu, Dumb Schmuck 
Club, Swanky Fish, New Port, Boston and frog 
pond!, the many parties, walking back from lunch, 
Schmelly Cat, the tent sleepover, dances (and being 
the only senior girls), Mystic Pizza, the tramp, 
shopping, Nacho, the carnival, locker buddies, online 
convos, ...:-D PARA BABE - You are my Bunny Idol, 
all the way. I just don't know what I would have done 
if you weren't around to make me smile:-D I love 
how we can just look over at each other and know 
what we're both thinking.'s definitely the b matte 
vibe. And how we can just hang out and eat ice 
cream, or spend hours talking, or go shopping, and 
everything we do together is just the best time ever[ 
When you're at your super cool college, always 
remember: singing "You're so vain" in the dressing 
room, car rides, the spring play and freaking out the 
changing girls, Khushbu, Health poems, Physics 
PSAT, APES (Costa Rica), Bread & Circus stalkage 
jumping the tramp, H&M, cooking, CFO, frosty GAt 
sandals (the changing room-we are so size four!)[ 
Express elevators, ... :-D KARA - Ever since 6th grade 
we've always had a great time together- it's gotta b<: 
an Aries thing ;-) Don'tchya forget: NH, picking me 
up in the mornings (thankyou!), teaching me how to 
ski/snowboard, baking, Halloween, "sexy lyrics,' 
DC, the beach, July 4th... REBECCA & MYCAL - No 
matter where we go and what happens, you guy; 
will always be a part of me. I'll never forget our trio 
and all of our memories- 8th grade and DC, goosey 
friends, squash & mayo, doo-raggy, "the mom," 
broccoli & cheese, smells like a fish, beach tripsT 
going on base, picking me up to just drive to BK & 
laugh & sing in the car & wave at people, guy convos, 
Boston, sleepovers.... KAYO - my Christmas present, 
English, N-Farf syndrome, summer adventures 
ERYKA - Sports Activities & the weight room, visiting 
me during break, guy convos online, going out to eat 
KEITH E .- all the laughs during lunch & Calculus & 
that one Physics party CHRIS M - English, "bew," 
bowling, crazy driving KAREN - Analysis, Physics. 
Calc, lessons, laughs, scarves. FL boys, doing hair 
before prom, fashion convos £P_- Spanish4 & break- 
ing Kate's lawn chair, prom, online convos. Ice Age 
IEMINI - Sofia, Bio, Spanish projects, laughing, online 
convos DAVE G .- prom, being my Alg2, History, 
and Economics buddy CINDY - all of the memories 
since 3rd grade, we've been through a lot. I'll never 
forget you. Guys, I love you: ASHLEY S.. HEATHER 
Bedford Branch - Melinda, Daysi. Mollie. Kerri. Marta. 
Elaine, and Trecia. Thanks to all of the teachers that 
have gone out of their way. Good luck Class of 2003! 

Whitney Dorer 

I can't believe I'm writing my senior thanks! These 
four years have flown by, but I couldn't havemade it 
^---without everyone's help. You all kept me laughing, 
smiling, and enjoying my highschool years to their 
fullest! Mom, thanks for all your supportive talks and 
late night correctingpapers. I've learned so much 
from you and you've helped me find who I really am. 
Dad, thanksfor always giving me things to get feisty 
over and buying silly toys to trick the animals with. 
Iknow you will always have something up your 
sleeve. Jamie, I don't know what I would havedone 
without someone to fight with. Thanks for dealing 
with all my friends, they really do loveyou. I know 
you'll make it far in life with all your crazy ideas. 
Mary, Katie and Jake, you are sospecial to me, I'm 
glad you're so close by. Jessie, thanks for being the 
best friend ever and thesister I never had. Art, you are 
the greatest! You taught me and Jessie so much about 
life. Margaret, I love feeling so welcome at your 
' h 6 W e, you always listen to anything I have to sayand 
I love ganging up on Betsey together. The Buttricks, 
thank you so much for afternoons full offun and 
yummy cookies when I was a kid. John, thanks for 
being an awesome minister, I'vealways looked up to 
you and I'll never forget the adventures we all had in 
Transylvania. I am sothankful for everything my 
friends have done for me. We have grown so close 
and I would nevertake any of it back. All of you have 
your own little quirks which make you all that more 
special. BETSEY, seriously, you are the most outgo- 
ing person I know and I love it ! Sometimes thingsget 
a little shaky, but it always makes our friendship 
stronger. I love coming into my own houseand 
finding you munching away on cookies sitting in 
front of the t.v. You're truly one of thefamily. We've 
done so much together: flaming cheese-its, yoga in 
my backyard, destroyingBecca's car with fake snow, 
and na-na magazine land. BECCA, you really should 
get more sleep, so you can diagnose my problems as 
a real doctor. I will never be able to repay you for all 
yourawesome hair styles, I don't know what I'll do 
without you! Our adventures are always so fun : getting 
snowed in, our boyfriend from Kingsley, endless 
nicknames, cleaning your room, singingat the top of 
our lungs to Shakira. KERRY, I always look up to your 
amazing achievements, some day I'll be watching 
you in the Olympics. Our fun is always so spur of the 
moment: supportgroup in freezer section, hiding in 
your basement, swimming in your pool, blowing 
your horn, Imiss all our classes together. SARA, really 
I don't know how I would have watched a full 
moviewithout you. I always look forward to our 
trips to Marshalls to buy stuff wicked cheap. ALLI 
mypally, I'm so glad I got to know you! Our CSI 
parties, Nantucket, the beach, our fugue, 
thewonderful aroma of the beast, attempting to be a 
superfan with you, being detectives searchingfor 
your purse. JEN the hen: our stupid moments quickly 
add up, getting 99 cents out andsomeone leaving 
their light on, watching Legally Blond, forensics is 
such a blast! DAVE A.:Kerry's boiler. COREY: phys- 
ics, fixing my stuff, lots of stars, I now know you 
wear multiplestripes, and THE list. HEATHER: our 
math parties, I don't think Betsey will ever shut up. 
JENC: whenever I'm sad, I look forward to your 
hugs. SARAH C: attempting to teach me the 
bootydance. ADAM: I know you're really nice 

inside. TIM C: always keeping Solomon on track. 
NATE: always giving me a hard time about my hair. 
KEITH: crew, swimming, locker buddies, your tram- 
poline, Spanish videos on your roof, wait... how do 
you say bagel. TYLER: RaccoonsRule! KURT: maybe 
we can roll some dice together sometime. NIKKI: 
you'll always be myWednesday child. STEVE: thanks 
for being so tall and always calling me Wheatney! 
CHRIS: Yeah dive team! Thanks for all the booty 
(pirates that is) and making me feel like an 
acceptedspotted cow. SAM: we'll have to go to the 
junkyard again together. LISA: your sparkles 
alwayscheer up my day. DEREK: dead seal, all those 
great freshman Spanish classes, derekquisima. COL- 
LEEN: cockroach. "You don't just go around untying 
people's string!" KAREN: your greatguy stories. 
PETE: the originator of whit da ****. JEFF: I will 
never forget our excellent CSIparties, kneegasms, 
swim-bus scandals, and surprise visits to your tram- 
poline. JUANITA backyard Olympics, ski lift , con- 
sorted chocolates, in the distance, self-consciously. 
RICHIE: ourpizza parties and awesome handshake! 
WILKINS: thanks for always playing my favorite 
songon the guitar. SARAHS, JENNY. EMILY. ABBY, 
TAYLOR, all my x-c gals: you are thegreatest! Slush, 
pseudo-whatever, tripping on the track, tag in the 
rain, pooh-sticks. PERKINOS:vocab cards, your lat- 
est updates, and our awesome wild girl road trips. 
MEGAN: I will alwayslove your sexy Buddha belly. 
AMANDA: your silly giggle will always make me 
smile. MICHELLE E.: my favorite 80's chick ever. 
OWEN, ELLIOT, and DAN: Ferry Beach will neverbe 
the same without all of us there together. KATIE: 
drive-bys. trips to target, I always love tohear your 
sagas. ALLIE: we totally have to go sit in more chairs 
at Pier 1 . MONICA: we reallydo love you! JOE. ERIC. 
MIKE, and PAT: thanks for letting me bug you all the 
time. Thank youto all the teachers who have pushed 
me to my limits. THE BF CREW: you guys are so 
muchfun. DAVE and MR. V.: you guys are the best 
bosses ever! Well, these years have been so fullof 
fun, I will remember them forever. I hope we all 
have an awesome rest of the year, justthink... we're 

Candice Duprey 

The most important Thanks goes out to my family. 
DAD & MOM: I Love You both very much. Thank 
you for the constant support you gave me. Dad, I'm 
so proud of everything you've gone through in the 
past 9 months. You are my hero, always have been, 
always will be! Mom, You are always there for me. 
Stickin up for me givin some extra gas money when 
I needed it. I love you 2 and you made the past years 
at least bearable! Russell: You have accomplished so 
much lately. Thanks for ways givin me advice and 
pretty much being the jerky older brother to Chris 
and 1 . Hehe. Thanks for letting me borrow things, 
helpin me out, and whatever else. You've grown out 
of you'r li'l rascal faze finally and I'm so proud of 
you!! Christopher: Congrats on getting in to UMASS 
Lowell. We've been through major battles with each 
other, but in the end, I'm so happy I have you and 
Russell as my brothers. You have become that awe- 
some guy we always knew you would. THANKS 
GUYS!!!! Nicole Russo: Yeah, you'r in the family 
section! Haha! You are truly one of a kind hun! "W 

in tha starz gotta love it. We have been through 

a lot and I wouldn't have rather done any of it with 

anyone else! You'll always be my kid sister. Ni 
could ever replace you!! (hows Rich?) Now Foi 
Friends::: Jackie A: We've been friends sine* 
first got here and I'm glad we still are. Thanks 1 
the times we drove round old Bedrock IO time 
matter of 5 min!!! You m getting your life tog 
and I'm so happy for you! Thanks for everyt 
Nikki-di-du-das: -. Dude what can I say? Num 
trips to UML, New Years this year: callin Dani 
million times, "umm ...aha! Gotta love bessy tho 
Ha! Frankies, Wendy's (yeah in Concord!), D 
Ab. Lang., guitar lessons . or lack thei 
manernanema! , Trips 2 ummm .... borrow! 
from JP! Haha ... I don't even know what else! 
GREAT! Ryan M.: You are the bestest friend ar 
could ask for. Bedford stinks and we need 2 ge< 
Hey, at least this is our last year. ...ugh ... we thf 
Halloween (sorry again!! Ha!), Spooky « 
"Slayer!", Eric moments (see after EricS.), rainl 
cafd, "big n' tasty! " , seriously you are just aw 
Never let anyone convince you otherwise!! 
for everything. Your mah hero! Eric S.: I'm so b t 
we are still friends, or whatever we are. You mai 
so happy when I'm with you, and I needed to 
you for that alone. So many good memories (i 
bad of course), but we always seemed to Sp 
World, times we don't even member, Wendys; 
Haha! Everyday man! Just cuz your jewish I 
love ya! Haha! Your awesome hun. I will missv 
when I go to big bad NY haha! I don't even [ 
man! light li'l nikki ... catch ya later. Sarah B.: 
wow. Where to start with you?! NY trips...."! 
eat at peir one", "Belmont 187", "Are we * 
MASS???", "Hey Steve, if we worked there, ii 
pay us! !" your aint all that intelligent 
Haha ! J . k . thanks for all the talks we ' ve had and ; 
great times! You always seem to be there if anyj 
goes wrong for me and I love ya for that! I'm he* 
you always, just as you have been for me. Da 
Good times. Mr. Lee's class was great. Trying 
nikki's li'l voice! Ha! Although you have so mud 
aint no one else get it but .... yeah they do but' 
ever! Haha! You are a great kid! Your going on i 
now, I 'ust know deep down it will all be ok fo 
In the long run. You strong and vou have sucha : 
and darin2 heart! You just gotta learn to use it 
often ... rather than listening to evervone else. I 
Ya!! Meizan G.: Hey! Spooky World, Pritty i 
every haunted house in New England I, wrong 
of the medians, LNH trips for Ashley. Always fa 
ya ked! Your awesome and I hope you have furj 
Carolina! Ashley G... UNH trips as well! College 
that we never really did! Haha ... Gobbstopp; 
Yeah!! Gotta love them. Haunted houses. Yo 
such a cool kid. Stop trying to grow up too fast; 
down and enjoy what you have right here and 
You'll figure it all out soon. I just know you 
LUCK! Jessie R. . Coowrl! Haha. I can write that 
an easy person to talk to! Geometry I dunno m 
Igotta say 2 u is.... "Always an adventure with Di 
Cooter! !" hehe Hey baby! You are the bestest! 
Pita's .... still haven't had one but whateverHahi 
season will be tons of fun. So glad we became 
good friends this year. I mean what would 
without my Other People To Thank: : Trigg, Jul 
Jimmy Mae, Tracey O'B. Kate T (Field Hocke) 
awesome!), Liz Trishier (Bowling and Marine 
Nikki Gabrino, Justin Your mah hero 2. \ 
Speakin of Muffs .... Sarah A.::Muffin:: Dude. 

the well you're a proqupine" good one Pete ... 
1 one! Haha! You are fun to hang out with! 
lorible times cruising the streets of Concord 
idering NIETHER of us live there! Ha! Pool, 
s house! Haha! Much love! Scooby Gany Chris 
lah brotha! New Years was fun no? I'll never 
;t my van blowin up in CT! Oh our good friend 
r ard! Nehe. Era era .... your awesome and I love 
e a tru brotha! Head: Our heart to heart talks ... 
>ugh they sometimes get us more pissed off, 
are fun. Milk man this summer was great . 
gan unun yeah I wont go there for you, Chris, 
or Beth. Trips with JJ, Mr. Deeds Haha! Beth G. : 
iss was fun! I miss u already, 'anniversary and 
mer are coming soon, we'll all be together 
1! Just like it should be always! Kendall T.: aka 
ia! Trips to CT, and wherever else the cars took 
! We finally saw Harry Pot. Took long enuf hu? 
kvle : : Hello my Love. I hope your new years 
; well cuz all I could think of was you. I'm with 
I can just feel the glow around me and I thank 
so much for that. You are/we're my first love, 
the first to mean it back. I Love You and Miss 
so much I cant begin to explain in words 
es! ChilM before Field hockey ... when you 
:d. Gotta love Algebra 

dth Egan 

and Mom, thank you for being the best parents 
ild have asked for. Thanks for putting up with 
11 these years. Your guidance and support have 
e me the person I am today. Mom, thanks for 
ing my papers, all the advice, lunches, trips, and 
lways being able to make me feel better. Dad, 
ks for all the homework help, car rides, your 
nee, trips, NH, and keeping me calm. Catherine, 
iugh I may not always show it, you mean a lot 
e. I can talk to you about anything, I always have 
vhen I'm with you, even when we're fighting, 
yn, thanks for all the good times, car rides, NH, 
talks, and letting me come rescue you. Chris, 
les for being such an awesome friend, I couldn't 
asked for a better one. Thanks for all the good 
s, DC, England, Borne, Naushon, New Bedford, 
'the scenic route', Barbados, movies, bowling, 
rise parties, lifeguard training, Lexington, Soph, 
ish, Analysis, foods, swim team, crew, road 
, DS, skiing, DDR and much more. You made 
:hange my mind about hating high school, 
k you. Lisa, I'm so glad we became friends, 
school wouldn't have been the same without 
Thanks for the notes, phone calls, Student Gov., 
s, NH, ME, Outkast, teaching me how to drive 
car, movies, Boston, Six Flags, late night swims, 
ng your sisters with me, and everything else, 
re the bestest. Meagan, thanks for all the good 
s, nights out, swimming, crew, DS, my psyc- 
band, and for making me feel like a celebrity, 
telle, thanks for being a great friend and always 
irstanding. For movies, the practice, Red Sox, 
es, old-times, and for being almost as bad at 
ng as I am. Nikki, thanks for always making me 
E, parties, new years, and road trips. Perkins, 
ks for liking me, long phone calls, driving 
ins, laughing spells, Starbucks, bringing me to 
convertibles, mix-tapes, Concord/Lexington, 
Its trips, walks, your dogs, Boston, England, 
lining. I miss you. Derek, thanks for the talks 
notes, freshman Bio, my folder, math, English, 

parties, Boston, Hum., band, England. Becca, thanks 
for the long talks, letting me complain, BF, Mint- 
Oreo frappes, helping me with math, being an 
awesome paint manager. Whit, thanks for all the 
hugs, swim team, BF, Spanish, crew. Betsey, thanks 
for the random talks, BF, for hating me for no 
reason, for getting over it, Soph. English, Carmel 
apples, and ice-cream Sundays. Kerry, thanks for 
Soph. Civ, Wind, England, and for trying to volun- 
teer w/ me. Jen C. thanks for my daily hugs, math, 
hum., physics, HW help, camping, Spanish, Bates! 
Sarah C. thanks for being my math buddy, tutoring 
me, Spanish, physics, track Nick, thanks for CT, 
crew, band, parties, Truman! Keith Michael Collins, 
for sharing my name, math, wind, CPR, your back- 
pack, Chem, 'it's gotta be done'. Jeff Taylor, thanks 
for our 3 years at CT, camping, NH, parties, Civ. 
Colleen, snippidy-snip, snippidy-snip, for making 
me smile, for being such a friendly folk. Lauri, 
thanks for the parties, band, being my trumpet 
buddy, cereal, scooch. Pat R., thanks for all the good 
times in Band, for keeping me sane. Lindsay M., 
thanks for the emails, the article, cooking, eighth- 
grade. Katie S., thanks for being my first real 
girlfriend, and for being and awesome one, for all 
the long talks, notes, phone calls. Heather, thanks 
for Hum., New years '01. Brian B., thanks for swim 
team, for always making me laugh. Sam B., for Civ., 
Hum, Psyc, BF, middle school phone calls, the dance 
recital. Julia, forcalc, health, frappes. Marisa, thanks 
for Calc, physics (drop-out), lunch, parties, awk- 
ward moments, the note. Dara, thanks for Physics, 
Hum., lunch, letting me be your older brother. 
Lindsey H. , thanks for psyc. , civ. , your dance recital. 
Jason K. , thanks for being my body guard, DC, Soph 
English. Mac, thanks for the good-old-days, Borne, 
BF. Tracy, thanks for being so nice, even when I 
weirded you out, Outkast. Karen, thanks for swim- 
ming (and the walk home), hum., band. Trigger, 
Latin, civ., psyc, el nino. Sara S., thanks for the 
movies, floor plans, animals. Jamie, for Spanish, 
physics, English, DC, England. Chris W., for making 
me laugh, Civ. Emily F., thanks for being my track- 
slacker buddy. Chris S., For band, parties, making 
me feel cool, crew. Ashley, INSIDER! Jeff P., thanks 
for making me laugh in Band, even when I wanted 
to kill you. Physics. Jenny W., swimming, hand- 
shakes, band, GAH Monica B., for band, being my 
informant, rides home. Mrs. Blake, thanks for being 
the best coach ever, for pushing me, for break and X- 
block. Mrs. Luke, thanks for two great years of bio, 
Fuji Yama. Dave and Mr. V., thanks forgiving me the 
best job ever and for putting up with me. Minues, 
for letting me be your second son and all the family 
trips. Thanks to Mike B., Diana B.. Alec, Candice, 
Mike H., Amy L., Catriona, Corina. Thank You to 
everyone I forgot, I'm sorry but it' really late. 

Matthew Fish 

First I would like to thank all my family and relatives, 
mom, dad, Hillary, for the love and support all my 
life. Dad, thanks for knowing so much, all your 
support, you're great. Mom thanks for all the sup- 
port, and encouragement, and all your good advice. 
My grandparents, thanks for all you have done for 
me. the rest of my family thank you for everything. 
Ross- you are most definitely my best friend, 
"Daaaang", all the time we spent chillin in the 
basement, hanging out/ working in the shop with 

Jimmy (the man) all summer, "this things gonna 
handle like nobodies business". All the times we 
went cruising around the town, the VA in the winter, 
playing Bocce, potato guns, all the camping and ski 
trips, countless hours of nothing to do. Thanks for 
being there to talk to all the time, you are the man. 
Matheson- you are one of the funniest people I 
know, all the times driving in the Volvo with nothing 
to do, your crazy schemes, tractor racing, paint ball in 
the woods, we had tons of crazy fun. Jeff, Skuthay- 
"Uhh, the cars making this noise", la/y style chillin 
in the basement, cruzin around in your truck "built 
ford tough" , directed study with zip zaps, your super 
deals, all your great one liners, you are a funny man, 
thanks for all the good times. Brain- the scooter, 
eating good food, talking about cars "I need it", all 
the times camping and skiing, and the air cannon, 
goodtimes. Brad- "Ohh Jeez", you are hands down 
the craziest driver in know, all the good times driving 
in the sable and the c-rolla "Brad you're gonna cut 
this guy off right?", the CD trade, playing with the 
comps, camping, and skiing very fast, ski team, 
you're a good friend, thanks. Keith- we have not 
been good friends long but thanks alot, CD trade 
CPR classes were we took way too many notes 
hanging out, ski team, many funny times in the pas 
year its been cool. Kurt- Good times driving (in botl 
cars), talking about cars, biking, ski team, Englisl 
with Gaillard "rat pack", all the other good times 
Greg G., Jeff T, Sam, Derek, Dave G., thanks for som< 
good times. Anyone else I didn't thank. Thanks fo ' 
everything, it's been great. 

Gina Fusi 

Activities: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 12 Sprinj 
Musical 9, 10, 1 1 Concert Band 9. 10. 1 1 P.E.A.C.E 
Club 12. First and most important I want to thank m} 
family. Without you guys I wouldn't have gottei 
anywhere. Your patience with me has helped me , 
lot. Dad- 1 don' t even know where to begin. Without 
your love and guidance, I wouldn't have gotteu as far 
as I did. You've done more for me then I could have 
ever asked! I love you! Mom- Thank you for beh^j — 
so supportive of me, even when I didn't deserve it 
and for believing in me. I love you! Melissa- Thank 
you for being a great little sister. I know I am not 
your ideal person to be around, but thank you for still 
chilling with me. We've had lots of fun together. 
Sarah Healy- you have been the best friend to me in 
the times when I've really needed it. And I've needed 
it during high school. And you've always been there 
for me. through everything. I know that I can be kind 
of strange and not make sense at times, but you still 
want to hang with me anyway, even when other 
people don't want to. Marching band has been more 
fun with you in it. Five "stahs" for Bedford High 
School (maybe someday)! Plus, who else would see 
"The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" 
and "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" a 
million times with me in the theaters? It's only truly 
fun going with you, Merry. We've had lots of lun 
times hanging out together. "King. ..DOM!" "Legolas 
doing his nude rendition of "Silmarilhon, the 
Musical"... with lots of high kicks!" "TIG!" "TOG!" 
"Arrrrr, We be pirates!" "Piptastic!" "Domilicious!" 
"Orlirific!" "WHOAH!" Ricky Reiss - you have also 
been an awesome friend to me during marching 
band, school, etc. ..we never really had a chance to 
hang out much out of school but when we did we 

had loads of fun. Marching band has been loads of 
fun with you in it. Go pit percussion! You're one 
of the coolest people I know. And someday I will 
play my Bagpipes for you in front of your house 
-when you're least expecting it! Chris Stuart - you've 
been a great friend to me these years that I've been 
in Bedford. It's been especially fun this year being 
in Math and English class together. You've made it 
very fun. Thank you for letting me rant endlessly 
about "Lord of the Rings" and not yelling at me to 
stop! Kimmee Sagrillo- you're such a cool person. 
I'm so glad that I met you in marching band! You're 
so much fun to hang out with. It's never boring with 
you around. Also, thank you for being there when 
I needed a friend the most. Go flutes! Fruits (flute) 
and pickle (piccolo) power! Marching band dorks 
all the way! Ms. Savarino- 1 don't even know how 
to thank you. Without you I probably would've 
flunked out of school a long time ago. I know I 
haven't always been the nicest person to you, but I 
thank you for not giving up on me. You've helped 
me so much these past four years. Not just with 
ischool but with life skills that I'm sure to use in 
future years. Mr. Reagan- Thanks for making play- 
ing an instrument fun! And for making my first two 
years of marching band great! Mr. Felker- Thank 
you for making the past three years of marching 
band a fun experience! 

David Gagnon 

First I would like to thank my parents. With out you 
pushing me to do my best, I would not be where I 
am or the person I am today. It seems the sacrifices 
you have made for me are paying off. Matt, good 
luck next year. You're going to need it without your 
big brother watching your back. To my friends for 
always being there and for all the fun we had 
together. Mike, man we sure had some crazy times. 
J>ee you on my wing Mav. Travis, I still think joining 
the marines is a mistake, but good luck anyway, 
you're going to need it. Robert, you certainly- 
changed in the four years at Bedford, but your still 
one of the funniest guys I know. Brian, we should 
have hung out more. Maybe you were busy with 
somebody else. . . Thank you to all the fine Bedford 
citizens who didn't pass me off as another kid from 
the base. It sure would have been a different 
experience if you had. Perhaps I would have slept 
instead of playing ridiculous games in calc, or I 
would not of had a beautiful date for the prom, and 
I certainly wouldn't have had as exciting of a life. To 
all my friends who have moved through the years, 
you probably won't read this, but thank you any- 
way. To the cadets under my command, sure I 
wasn't the best commander, but I surely wasn't the 
worst. I have had a great four years at Bedford, and 
I will never forget them. There are so many more to 
mention that mean a lot to me. Thank you all and 
good luck in the future! You know who you are. Go 
Purdue.... the chicken school? 

Gregory Gannon 

Activities: Football: 1,3,4; Lacrosse: 1,2,3,4. First 
I would like to thank my parents for everything that 
they have ever done for me. Without them I 
wouldn't be the person I am today. Mom, thank you 
for your support and love, for always making sure 
everything got done, making my lunch and just 
getting me out of bed in the morning. Dad, its just 

being commonsensical. Even though I don't always 
show it I'm thankful for all the sacrifices you have 
made. Thanks for your concern about everything, 
the Honda, Mantown, coming to my games and your 
advice. I love you both more than I can say. For the 
boys: Pete -We have been friends for so long. Its 
gone by so fast and everything has been so much fun. 
The pa in the ha, the beast, stop that jazz, camp, the 
ACK, shammy, wow!, giving me rides to school, 
soaring poop!, tissues, maine and the bat, making 
fun of everyone, thanks for living next to me and for 
just being Stew. Richie - sweelard with two shakes 
of a lamb's tail, we have really gotten to be good 
friends, my nick-names, blink, nfg, camp, sidler, 
stalkers, the Honda, do you have any gum. but I 
have some starbursts, there is so much to say but I'm 
sure you'll hear it between now and when we go to 
college, you're always there to talk to about anything 
and be a good friend. Jeff - the past four years have 
been great, cruising in the Honda, camp, all the jokes 
and things we've laughed at, toilet paper, big J, 
concerts, toothpaste on your car, the bb gun, driving 
a better car than your dad, your house and for just 
being cool. Brett - my mannnnnn!, blink, ww, not 
caring at all, helping me in programming, don't ever 
forget what matoman did, wu-tang clan!, thanks for 
being the man at everything, good luck at Tufts. Alex 

- being crazy, getting confirmed, rides when I couldn't 
drive, grunting noises, being unbelievably gross, 
bad gas, getting to be better friends this year. Kurt 

- cars, having the talon, always knowing more about 
cars than me, for getting us lost driving home from 
Woburn, for being the only person I know to get two 
speeding tickets in the first month of having their 
license and for having fun back in the mountain 
biking days. Adam - asian!, nfg, wheel covers, 
driving home from Woburn and getting lost in 
Boston, having the most bootleg dvds and other 
things than anyone, for letting me steal your tp and 
for having a Christmas wreath in your trunk for no 
real reason. Steve - cone, thumbs, lacrosse, making 
fun of each other. Mark - crazy music, that one crazy 
night we will never forget, you really scared us but 
it was fun, peeling out in reverse, throwing me 
down the stairs, pee, good luck at Cornell. Corey - 
you are one crazy kid, football was fun, I can't 
believe your accident, thanks for having the coolest 
parents, the fish out of water and all the fun times. Ty 

- being a savage more times than I can remember, 
blink 182, band, tyyyyler sexy muffin!!, you know 
who that is. Matheson - you are crazy, sat class, for 
wearing sweat suit uniforms, funny noises. Matt- 
cars, cars and more cars, metallica. Dave - football, 
Spanish video, for being the man. Tim - jaba ahhhh, 
football, have fun in college. Scott - football, being 
guards together, superfan. Mike - lax buddy, that 
nasty black camaro, football when you could play. 
Tim McGrath - truffle shuffle. Nate - the nova is not 
faster than a viper. For the girls: Samantha - just put 
'em on the shelf, I've known you forever, you are the 
greatest, we've been through so much but its ok, 
burping in bio, being my cheerleader, all the jokes, 
semi, you are just a real good friend and I'll miss you 
next year. Kim - jello lady, ww, you aren't that bad 
of a driver, 80's clothes, talking about lots of funny 
and scary things, shoping for my health project and 
just being there to talk about anything. Jen - you are 
a really cool girl we had fun sitting in front of your 
house, thanks for being there to talk, Ms. Rozens, 

camp, for being one of the guys and sitting th 
all the gross stuff we talk about and for bein 
with Richie. Kate - you're really cool, fun 
going to the semi, puking in my car, camp 
secrets at the beach, chasing me in the truck 
just putting up with all the stuff I did to youi 
good fun. Krista - the crack attack, Rapha 
when your momma was havin you or som; 
Carey - pee buddy forever. Sara Sabella - forh 
out with lacrosse and making us food for tl 
rides. Whitney - csi, powder puff, arts and a 
camp. Anyone else I had fun in High Schoo 
Jamal, Pat, Ian, Kirsten, Kellie, Kerry B, Minu" 
B, Sarah A, Nick, Phil, Sam MC. Derek C, " 
Nathan. Tom, Jamie, Ally, Julia, Cabans, 
Brad(the beast), Amanda, Erin, Ricky, Jack 
Dan, Becky, Kartherine, Caitlin. I also want t~ 
anyone I played Football or Lacrosse with: Fo 
Corey, Tim, Scotty, Dave, Pat, Ian, Jamal, Gre 
Wiggum, Rob, Travis, Wildman, Busa, Ryan, 
Dennis, Teddy, Miller, Jeremy and Sargen' 
crosse: Steve, Mike, Kessler (we miss you 
Miley, Ryan, Nils, Webster. Weston, Bratton. J 
Matt, Alex, Ty, Danny, Sancho, Rossi and 
Teachers/ Coaches: Mrs. Kurzman, Mr. Sulliv 
Gaillard. Mrs. Rozen. Mrs. Belbute. Mr.V - it 
Dig, Lev-Dogg, Brendan, Maclssac, Hirsch, 
Sab and Coach Sullivan. Thanks anyone who; 
the last four years so much fun. Its been great 
Luck Class of 2003!! 

Logan Gans 

I would first like to thank G-d for giving 
strength to go through these high school 
I want to thank my Mom and Dad who 
gave me words of encouragement when 
down. Then, there is my brother, Jared, 
has been overall amazing. I would also 
thank Matt Wampler-Doty for being an 
friend. Ken Liu for helping me succ 
make the transition from Ohio to Bedford, 
there are the rest of the members of th 
Class of 2003 who I look forward to s 
again at the reunions in the future. I woul 
like to thank Steve Shamlian, Joe Chapa 
other members of the Class of 2002 who 
with me for my hardest classes and g 
started in many of my extracurricular acti 
Finally, I would like to thank the teachers 
efforts both in and out of the classroom I g; 
appreciate. These teachers are Mr. Gaillarc 
McGowan, Mr. Modzelewski, Dr. Ryan 
Reynolds, Mr. Venkatesh, and of cou 
Sills. Thank you all and good luck in the 

David Gerberg 

I would first like to thank my parents. I am fe 
grateful to you for all that you have done for m 
where I am because of your efforts and sa 
Mom, your compassion and support are a 
Dad, you are the true jazz padre. I would also i 
thank Steve T. Your spirit and strength guid« 
Laura, for being there and talking sense int 
Holden and Simcha, for exemplifying dignity 
piness. and loyalty. Derek, for encouraging 
think and lift harder. You are the leader of the 

d, for insights, confidence, fun, underground. 
Hi, for always going out of your way to help. Keep 
uiing and stay out of trouble. Keith, the ping- 
Jg champ, this is your sweater. Jeff, keep diggin' 
James Brown. Dave, happy birthday, good luck 
Ji the chicken. Phil, the drediel is for you. Will, 
ihe theories. Sarah, for reality with laughter. 
Mor, don't bet on the home team. Mike W., keep 
Jig and then we will play basketball. Betsy, for the 
liine fun attitude. Eric you are the tennis pro. 

I for the laughter. Pete, for the spotting, the 
lily rent-a-car. Whitney, you ran all four years. 
(:h respect. Nate, for the tips on less for more. 
Iiher t for being truly kind. Nick, for parking 
;/ay, hitting Derek with the rock. Ken, for the 

I I on all the hard questions. Mike B., good luck 
1 flying. Owen, for the fro inspiration. Mr. 
henson, the swimmer and professor, thanks for 
ife stories. Brett, for the Godfather. Karen, for 
g a friendly neighbor. Jesse, for music, strong 

Vic. Jaco. Gandhi. Jimmy Smith. Arnold, 
is. Thanks to everyone else who I've forgotten. 

icholas Gleason 

off, I want to thank my family. MOM and DAD, 
have always been there for me, and have sup- 
ed me always, no matter what I've put you 
ugh. Now, as I move forward, I hope you'll be 
e to help me meet the challenges that lay ahead, 
ik you. BRIAN, we've always had good times, 
natter how old we were or what we're doing, 
going to miss you next year. CALLIE, I wish we 
d spend more time together, but regardless, 
ve always been there to talk to, and have a 
lys taken my side. ASHLEY these past three years 
'been the best three years of my life. It wouldn't 
: been that way without you. Thank you for all 
>ood times, the movies, the never knowing what 
o, and the chance to talk to someone about 
ything. Thank you. The MCNULTY family, 
ik you for making your house like a second home 
te, and acting like a second family. MARK, dude, 
/e been friends since we were born. There have 
1 some great times, and there always will be. 
nks for introducing me to pretty much every- 
g that I like to do now. It's all you. The AMATO 
ily, I've grown up with you guys, thanks for 
ything. DEREK, dude, there have been some 
d times. Everything from hitting you in the head 
1 a rock to Washington to first night and hope- 
forever. Thank you. KEITH C, my only cubicle 
lling friend. Great times were always had, 
hington and Guster and double dates and the 
e music. Thanks, and we'll always be in touch. 
; , remember back in the day, digging for gold in 
Jack yard. Sleeping at your house and having the 
scare us all. It's been great. SARAH & JEN you 
have been the two coolest girls I've have the 
ilege of knowing. You've always been there to 
your point of view, and it's always a good one. 
ECCA you've always been fun to hang out with, 
f always so full of energy, except maybe fresh- 
i year. SAM you are by far the craziest kid I know, 
and your geo and your scorpions, keep it up. 
US 7 and 3 boy, your one of the best people I've 
' met, don't ever change. LAURI we've been 
ids for so long, thanks for always letting us into 
r house, thanks for all the parties, and thanks for 
lys being around to talk to. KEITH E we have 

defiantly had some great times, I still remember 
finding that old bottle in your backyard and watch- 
ing Jurassic Park. KATIE you've been a great friend 
and a very cool person to hang out with. BETSEY 
you are the nicest person I know, and the most 
exciting to hang out with. JENNY you'll always be 
my favorite snare drummer. SPRINGER dude all the 
drummin' we did and all that blue man, you know 
it. JESSE even though we never really got a band 
together, I'll always remember every time we played 
and every show I went to. So long and thanks for 
all the shoes KEN you taught me everything I know 
about the guitar. You're the best songwriter I 
know, and one of the coolest people in general. 
COLLEEN tea! We've had so many good times. . . La 
la la! PHIL you are defiantly the most reliable 
person I know, you always know what to do, and 
your always right, the best combination anyone 
could have. WHITNEY the who, your defiantly an 
awesome person. TIM the android, always a voice 
of reason to shoot down the stupid ideas. Thanks 
for all the punk rock. JENNIE you made sure that I 
lived through freshman year, thanks. MEAGAN for 
some reason, you make everything seem funny. 
PAT your still a little kid, and always will be. Don't 
ever change. CORINA and AMY the stage left 
Asians. HEATHER we've been in every math class 
since 8th grade, too bad it has to end. KAREN 
thanks for all the great times and the fun talks. ALEC 
your truck is my saving grace sometimes. RICHIE 
and TYLER the wind ensemble drummers. You 
guys rule, thanks for all the mornings. ABBY for 
always being cool and helping me through districts. 
HARRY for all the time spent out in your car 
checking the lot. All the teachers I've ever had, 
especially MR. FELKER, MR. LOW, MR. REAGAN. 
Thanks especially to all of my percussion instruc- 
tors, JIM, NASH, and JOHN. 

Dara Goodman 

MOM: Thanks for saying "I love you" everyday, 
even if I didn't always want to hear it. DAD: Thanks 
for always letting me eat the food off of your plate 
and for baking me shortbread cookies just because 
I said I wanted them. Thanks to both of you for 
building a compassionate, loving, and bizarre home 
for our family. DANYA: Thanks for all the clothes, 
the glittering car rides, and late night ice cream 
Boggle battles, and compassion/love/understand- 
ing. G'MA and G'PA: Thanks for Florida (I can't 
believe I saw an alligator!) , Cape Cod, Fig Newtons, 
Crazy 8's, and for your faith and love. MARISA: 
Bunnies for life! Thanks for shopping (matching 
sandals!), "pretend'Vstinky bed/tent sleepovers 
(Are those birds?), teaching me how to curl my 
eyelashes/ put my hair up. Thanks for always mak- 
ing me laugh and acting like a goon with me 
(suddenly bursting into song for no apparent 
WOMAN!). You are the frostiest, best dressed, 
restaurant bill calculating goddess that a girl could 
be friends with. You made me cry with the peer rec. 
STEPH: You're the first one I call. Thanks for always 
listening to me rant/complain/freak out. I feel like 
can truly count on you for anything. Thanks for 
giving me Howard and stalking with me. Remem- 
ber: Craftworks. hot sexy men, "oooh. its shiny", 
fat neck turtlenecks, 6!!! batches of cookies, count- 
less errands, duckies. We understand each other. 

KAYO: Since first grade, 'nuff said. COLLEEN: You 
make me smile. I love our ice cream/cosmo parties. 
NYC/Tournament/Spring play were awesome be- 
cause of you. Thanks for all of those late night drive- 
byes. AHH! "The Ring!". You're a dirty, dirty apje_ 
(marsh trip!) and Martha Stewart ho, you c/afty, 
crafty thing. KATE: Thanks for "Making democracy 
work!," our grand exodus from the BDTC. "all 
night" lit drop (wink), knowing how to do 
a' visibility', liking soup almost as much a I do, 
visiting Harvard, being crazy, letting me be "njinor- 
ity minority leader" ( I bow to your online moder- 
ating skills), and for your freakish love of linguistics 
and cheese. HEATHER: French projects, biking, 
New Year's Eve, "being food", Mrs. Hoyt, 
badminton. . .MICHELLE: Monkey lover! You're one 
smart, hilarious chic. I'm so glad we're friends 
because hanging out with you is like spending time 
with a destructive, fabulously witty tornado. Please 
continue the tradition of breaking things in college. 
Remember... the poli sci "battle dome", DC, ran- 
dom talks on the phone, (thanks for those humani- 
ties notes, too, btw!) KATY: "Crossroads" — what 
was worse? The movie or nearly dying on our way 
home? Naked Fish/math buddies 4eva. MATT: You'r : 
blistering intelligence, highly honed penchant for 
verbosity, and your inquisitorial perspective hav; 
amalgamated into a merry transpiration. KAREN: 
Thanks for all the "Jew bonding" and being girl' 
together. MR. REYNOLDS: Thanks for launching mv 
political career at the tender age of 14. Thanks for 
being such a great teacher, sharing the monkev 
story(HA!), having a "stash" of donuts, and for 
being a vehement warrior in the battle against the 

Tyler Grey 

Mom and Dad, I have to thank you first for being the 
most supportive and loving parents I could ever as : 
for. MOM, for always apologizing to me for missing 
a sporting event, for telling me how to dress^.., for 
always keeping me on track. We tested each other's 
patience many times, but you have helped me eveTy 
step of the way. DAD, for always giving me pre-game 
pep talks no matter what time of day it was. For 
having more patience than mom with things like 
college applications and for selflessly doing things 
for our family. If I have a single role model, it is you. 
PETE, for challenging me in everything I do, for 
those intense ping-pong matches, for playing video 
games while I try to do my homework, and for 
making fun of me about not knowing everything 
about everyone in Bedford. If it wasn't for you, I 
wouldn't be half the person I am today. I also want 
to thank my grandparents for their incredible sup- 
port in everything I do. it means a lot to me. ERIN, 
you have taught me as much about life as anyone, 
and I look up to your maturity. No matter what 
happens, I will always remember you as being the 
most caring and loving person I have known. The 
many memories we have will always stick with me. 
teaching me to play the piano, playing pool, eating 
countless dinners together, animal planet, keeping 
me awake on long car rides, and just for having fun. 
MAC thanks for being my friend lor. literally, our 
whole lives, for the good times at the beach and for 
teaching me how to surf. Thanks lor always know- 
ing how to get me mad. COREY, for being yourself 
and always managing to liven up the scene. For 

learning how to play chess with me and all the other 
random stuff we have done, sleepovers, foosball, 
DDR, and for getting food at break everyday. BRETT, 
class pres., for trying to explain the 4-th dimension 
■Kune, boys state, Jay Venuti...HEEEEEY BIIIIILLLL!! 
PHIL, for countless good times at track, and for 
keeping me motivated. ADAM, for representing the 
Asians. ALEX, soccer and track, lets do it up. GREG, 
for your many goofy sounds. DEREK and NICK, 
making band fun. ..Irish Derry! RICH, unforgettable 
soccer season, percussion... JEFF, Heff, forgiving me 
tons of rides, and for continuing to like Britney. 
PETE, for keeping school and day camp fun. KURT, 
for caring more about cars than anyone. MARK, lan 
parties, being in just about every class every year. 
TIM, for being the distance team. SARA, the trio! , for 
being great friends after all these years, and all the 
camping trips. WHIT, raccoons rule!, and Bedford 
farms nights. KATE, for putting up with all the guys 
in math/science since freshmen year. ALLI. for all 
the cd's and for being a soccer superfan. JEN and 
ALLI, for hanging out with the guys. BETSY, for 
being so nice. Thanks to everyone else! 

Megan Greer 

First, I would like to start out by thanking my family. 
Mom, dad, MaryAnn, Kory, Kathy, Michael, and 
Matt. Thanks to all of you for all the support you've 
given me weather you're near or far. I don't think 
that I could have made it through as much as I did 
without my sister and brother. Thanks to the both of 
you. Now to move on to my friends, Ashley, you are 
3ne of my closest friends. We have been through a 
ot and there are still many years to come. Good luck 
and I love you very much! Beth you're the excite- 
ment of my life. You always have something inter- 
esting to say. Good luck! Go Bucs!! Jessica you will 
always be known as my little PUNK ROCKER. I hope 
that everything works out for you in the next few 
years. Candice girl I hope that you'll find the happi- 
ness that you're looking for when you get out and 
move to New York. You have always had this side to 
you that you never really show and you should, you 
are a beautiful person and many people will see that 
they, already do! Good Luck! Mike well it's the end 
of the year and both of us are getting out of here 
soon! I hope that you find everything that you want 
in Florida! Good Luck! Oh yeah YOU WON! J-Mal 
you owe me and always remember that! Also, re- 
member all those good times that we had in Mr. 
Stevens class. Well I just hope that you do very well 
next year and remember that I love you! Liz, well I 
just wanted to thank you for being my listening ear 
last year in Chem. And I hope that you do well in the 
up coming years. Aaron hey there crazy kid, just 
kidding! Thank you so much for all the good memo- 
ries I have of work and Mr. Griffin's class. Katrina 
thank you for being such a good friend in class and 
out side of school I hope that you do well in the up 
coming years and thanks again. Jesse like Aaron said 
just wait and the band will find you, don't push it and 
you never know what my come to you! Thanks for 
being there all the time! Ami and Leah boy we have 
been through many hard times together but we all 
came out on top! Thank you both for being good 
friends and Ami good luck with your parents and 
COLIN! Oh, and Leah stay just how you are, and 
don't ever change for anyone they should like you 
for who you are! Ryan I love you and hope that one- 

day you can make it back to the beach where you 
should be! Thank you so much for being such a good 
listening ear and friend! Shamekia and Scott I want to 
wish you two the best of luck! I hope that both of you 
find what you are looking for and good luck! Rebecca 
gee-galie-wow the year is over and we are out! I want 
to wish you the best of luck in all your years to come! 
I love you and just remember all the good times at my 
house! I didn't want to leave too many people out so 
here are some people that I would like to thank; 
Tommy, Jimmy Mac. Kyle. Nikkii, Dave, Colin, 
Marky, Rob, Ryan Lamb and last but not least Josh 
Davis. The last thing that I would like to say to 
everyone is don't get caught up in one thing life is full 
of choices!!! Good-Luck! 

Michelle Hagar 

MOM & DAD- Thanks for putting up with me. for 
always being their and supporting me in what ever I 
choose to do. and for pushing me to accomplish my 
goals. MATTHEW & ALLISON- Thanks for putting up 
with me for all these years. LISA- What can I say. 
except I won't go pickin banana's in Vermont, we 
have had our moments, both good and bad. We have 
traveled to Maine, NH. RI, Massachusetts, but we 
learned how to sing in Connecticut. We were oper- 
ated by our good friend Rosy (and can share stories), 
we laugh at the same scenes in "Singin in the Rain", 
and are still mesmerized by it. We have developed 
our own language: SHKPP. holy begonias, holy 
shubunkins. stu. and suffered through Math, His- 
tory. Law, and Work. We went shopping, to the 
movies, out to eat, and every time we got out of your 
car it was followed by "if you don't lock your door 
you're in big trouble". I could always count on you 
to lose something, than realize it was in your hand 
(Diet. Pepsi) or to like anything that sparkled or to be 
able to carry on a phone conversation for hours at a 
time. We dodged flying object that came towards our 
heads, and laughed when we w ould miss our targets. 
There was the night of the poker chip fight, the time 
the nutcracker music fit "Gone in 60 Seconds" per- 
fectly, the nights in Boston, the parties, D&D's, 
Steve's, and the nights we didn't have anything to do. 
We have had a lot of fun and have developed a lot of 
memories in the past 3 years, so thanx. CHRIS- The 
age old question who did I meet first, you or Sarah. 
I guess we decided it was you, and we have been 
friends ever since. We were a team, football, Softball 
(the window), wiffleball. 3 yard tag, bar-b-que. 
talents shows, movies, lemonade stand, our infa- 
mous graveyard, snowball fights, bowling, "Wild 
Thing" , our famous one of a kind clubhouse, and the 
night of the poker chip and brown sugar fight, 
getting lost in the middle of nowhere, "Ah Chris 
where is Massachusetts, ya know the part of the map 
we kinda need!" finding RT 20 no matter where we 
were, and all the other things we ever did. KEITH- We 
were in pre-school together, and every grade after 
until 5th grade. We are the worst spellers ever, the b- 
day parties, our make believe games. Milton, CPR, 
Law, the ride to the Cape. Ememin, Parties, our 
famous conversations, thanx buddy. Nikki- They 
told us that our friends would change once we got to 
high school. They were right, except for us, we 
remained friends when all our other friendships 
diminished. Softball, Freshmen FH, Physics, the eye 
(once again sorry), Florida, Middle School, our first 
group of 5 and our second group of 5. Stone, the 

sleepovers, Friday and Saturday nights. New 1 
the Super Bowl, and everything else. COF 
Olympics Anyone? How about some Pringles. 
about a scrapbook? We have had a lot of 
sleepovers, CCD, Boston, movies, parties, i 
hangin out doing nothing, and our long con^ 
tions, thanx. HEATHER- Forensics, Psycholog 
projects) , the good old days, movies, dinner, g 
parties, mall, sleepovers, "scary" movies, the 
blue lights in your car (so cool), Softball, Fr 
FH. REBECCA. P- "For some reason I feel 
should be offended" , our small lunch. Drew vs 
(but the Red Sox are still the best), FH (go 
History. Gym. REBECCA W- FH. Math. # 1 4 (rr 
G. Girls, your dance, and everything else, 
BETSEY- Drivers Ed. E-Brake. Snow. ABS. 
test (I'm surprised we survived), 8th grade 
law, your cheerfulness at 8 am, and freshm 
JEN- 1/2 days, sleepovers, math, our old g 
Sarah's house, cooking, and everything else w 
did. DARA- Psychology, our Political Discu 
X-block. law. KATIE- Math. English, Film, 
drawing, X-block. MARISA- Spanish, collee 
day, shopping, parties, hangin out, Softball, 
men FH. Thank you to all I forgot, and to m 
hockey and softball teammates. 

Krista Harrington 

First of all, I need to start by thanking my fr 
MOM- thanks for all of your love and su 
through everything. You have sacrificed a 1 
make sure that I never missed out on anyt 
Thanks for always freezing/renting, and just " 
so caring. I hope that someday I become as g 
a mom as you are. DAD- thank you for 
pushing me to do my absolute best in eve - 
and for also teaching me that my goals are lii 
Thanks for all of the sports and all of the 
valuable things you have taught me, and for 1 
Raf as much as I did.haha. RICK- thanks for 
looking out for me. I know that is was always ii 
best interest. Your extreme generosity and co? 
care is appreciated more than you know. Thar 
all of your wonderful gifts, and surprises, I lo 
LINDSAY- thanks for always making us all 
Thanks for all of the clothes, and accessories 
always being there. Your beautiful person insid 
out. I love you. MIME- your one of the nices 
thoughtful people I know. Thanks for bef 
handy, haha, and for always dancing. GRAJ 
thanks for all of your preaching, funny lines, 
always stealing the TV. NANI- thanks for bei 
caring and funny, you belong on SNL. GRA 
thanks for always being so nice, talking or 
phone, and for being one of my biggest fans, I 
you. PAT- This past year has made me realize 
special you are to me. I love how I can count o 
to always make me laugh. It's going to be hx 
look back on high school and not remember 
Always remember, situation 1&2, pats, sox, " 
you falling asleep, the bank "slip", getting p 
over, t.w., cold hands, rusty nail, JOSE!, the boo" 
and much more. Thanks for being such a , 
boyfriend and friend. I can only hope that our ft 
will be just as great as our past. CARE- where 
even start. You have been such an awesome firi 
Thanks for always caring and listening, and pu 
others before yourself. Your a beautiful 
inside and out with an amazing heart. Th 

lly wave, dooz, muffin, raf, cam, bunny, ccd, va, 
j iner dates, cetaphil, the disaster, the van, bsc (jess 
vays checking you out, ha) , future plans, boot, our 
nds, anyways I could go on forever, ILU. KIM- 
nce class just wouldn't have been the same with- 
1 t you. You're a great friend. Thanks for dance, 
ing stuck in the 80's, gigs delivering clothes, benz 
9 les, Waterville, interesting convo's, BAZZLE, D.W. 
i d the "V", soc, always making me laugh, ILU. 
>URT- your one of a kind. It is hard to find 
neone as concerned and understanding as you. 
anks for being such a great friend and also for, 
ftball, TEXAS, Corby, tete, B&C, chem., Umass, p- 
: nch, civ (always falling asleep), petty, law, 
. endly's, nappy roots, feeling the same way about 
i jrything, "...its worse when you gotta pee", thanks 
: • just being you. ELYSE- "111 bring the blenda", 
m ur so funny, and can somehow relate to every- 
| ng. You have an amazing ability to listen and 
>■ ver judge. Thanks for, hilarious talks, funny sto- 
j s, petty, being so helpful and caring, feeling the 
ne as me about most people and things, bahtendah, 
q tting a kick out of my passion for cheerleading, 
Jinuch more. MEGHAN- All I can think of is us 
tting wicked lost in the ghetto. We have had some 
j my moments, b-ball games, the 9's, Tula rides, 
:verse" convo, petty, and pretty much talking 
Dut everything, and thanks for always calculating. 
:i USTEN- whenever I think of m.s. I think of you. 
Je talks, understanding everything, the wall, al- 
ways laughing and always understanding why I am 
jighing, impersonating people, bigB getting mad 
■is, civ(getting yelled at) , "shrimp. .. . " , shell, &much 
Are. LINDSEY- thanks for softball, the pencil on 
A neck, my moms sandwiches. KATIE K.- your 
mil a wonderful person. We get along so well b/ 
- i/t think exactly alike! Thanks for all of the college 
rlits, talks, KAM club, your mothers sandwiches, 
iid for all our memories, ILU. NADS- "box", ha. 
Janks for always being realistic. Your sense of 
Jmor and ability to be a great friend is amazing. 
Janks for, TEXAS, boxy brown, funny stories, 
uVice, umass, tete, macgrill, nappy roots, liking the 
»Jne things, understanding, petty, playing tennis 
id watching me fall, the morning after new years, 
*dgewood visits, &much more, ILU. EMILY- you 
,m one of the nicest and most considerate people I 
iJow. You always make time for a phone call, and 
ejlvays listen. Thanks for, track, driving places, funny 
Aries, the shang, "Em, I have to tell you some- 
Jng", petty, long talks, good advice, &much more, 
■IAN- thanks for being so fun to hang out with. 
JEX- thanks for the convos, track, smiling. BRETT - 
lu're an awesome person who I know will succeed. 
Janks for being so funny, and for all the childhood 
otmories. RYAN- thanks for always being such a 
M'.il friend, and always making me laugh. Thanks 
jk beast cruises, &much more. ADAM- the rides to 
4iool and for being an awesome guy. GREG 
J|PETER- "like when your momma was having 
<|u". JEFF, RICHIE- for being so nice. CHRIS- thanks 
,1 being so helpful and funny. SAM.KELLIE.JEN S., 
tlLIE, WHITNEY- thanks for always being so nice, 
■id for always being funny. KATIE B- thanks for all 
Jthe good memories. ST.ONGE'S- thanks for let- 
ij.g your house be my second home, ILU GUYS! 
j &E&KATHERINE- for being my pals. ILU guys. 
■A IPRIEST FAMILY- thanks for always being so wel- 

coming. MRS. BOGHIGIAN- thanks for always being 
so nice and caring. I always enjoy coming to see you 
and thanks again for all of your jewelry help. I am 
very sorry to anyone I forgot. Best of luck to the class 
of 2003! 

Lindsey Hartwell 

First and foremost I would like to thank my mom and 
dad. Throughout my whole life you guys have given 
me so much support. You've taught me so much in 
life, stuff that someone could never explain in words. 
I don't think I could ever give you my full gratitude. 
Just know that I love you guys and always will. I mean 
that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you 
Johhny, my little bro. What am I gonna do with 
you. . .but what am I gonna do without you? I'm not 
sure if you'll ever understand how much you mean 
to me. I'm glad we've been so close. Hey keep 
yourself out of trouble, not just for mom but your 
own sake. I know you don' t wanna hear it, but I LOVE 
YOU! Grammy, your special to me, your more then 
a grandmother, you have great importance in my life 
and you mean so much to me. Thanks for loving me 
and for showing me the world. Bingo was great. To 
the rest of my family, feels good to know we're so 
close. I Love You. Brothers&Sisters Meghan-what 14 
years now, and still many more. I'll never forget the 
day we met, riding bikes in the neighborhood guess- 
ing each others names, running away to your house, 
"the baseballs" Barbie's, pushing cars up the street, so 
many firsts, vacations, and just our overall strength to 
our friendship. You've Left Me With So Many 
Memories And I Love You always and hope that we'll 
always stay together, com'on, I wanna be able drink 
coffee together when we are old ladies. And To Your 
Fam Who Always Included Me And Became A Second 
Family Kirsten-what a close friend you R2 me. 
We've gone through some tough times but overall 
we've shown our strength. We've hadSO many laughs 
and so many more to come. You have so much life 
to you that I hope you always follow your dreams and 
don't forget to stay in touch. Cuz I Know You Won't 
Be Anywhere Out Here. I'll never forget 6am, the 
cops, and the trouble no matter how good we try to 
be. I love you. Katie B's-I'm so glad we've found each 
other. I feel that in the end you discover the true ones. 
Thanks for giving me your true support. It really 
means a lot. "I'm Happy See Can't You See My 
Smile"." we're strong we can do it"clubbin" 
much fun, just thanks for being their after so many 
changed. We'll Probably Be Together In College And 
At the clubs thanks for listening when I needed to talk 
.Mia-hun don't ever forget that I don't care what 
other people say. I'll always be here, please don't 
forget that! Keep working hard and standing strong. 
You've done so good and I'm so proud of you! Just 
remember I'll always love you. Megan-. Always been 
awesome and always will be. ...just keep the laughs 
coming. Remember our First Thongs And Bik eCamp 
(molasis). Now don't party too hard. Emma thanks 
for bringing me to Tufts (Parez).BJN-you were a big 
part of my Life since I was like 14. You'll probably 
never see this, but I just wanna let you know I learned 
a lot from you. good luck in life and I hope to see you 
somewhere down the line. Joe you're A Good Kid, 
Sean, Scott, Tommy, Mike. Joey, Jimmy, etc. (my 
billerica boys) (and the burlington boys and the rest 
of the towns)... I love you guys, we've had some 
good times, don't ever change. Nicole -8thgrade... 

thanks for the memory's and stay strong. . .thanks for 
going to visit with me and for being gothic in the 
beginning.. To all my friends the laughs, theups, the 
downs, learning together, guys, parties, and keep- 
ing our heads on straight.. Thanks to all the peoole 
that over these years gave me a new memory to hold 
on to. Mercedes that's my little thug... stay out of 
trouble "what Up son" (JOE) And Ale x SolrjrJ^, 
Flipped Out On You, But You Have To Admit That 
I've Done Pretty Good, well to the class and people 
I grew up with.... we're still not grown up yet. I'll 
never forget you people; good luck in life and pever 
forget your dreams. Thanks For Throwing Keys Out 
The Window@Apartment, My Girls Who Always 
Listen 2 My Problems And My Explaining, thi 22's 
that seem to be everywhere, after hours (up all 
night), the sewer, "Katie you can put my jeans on I 
know you can", *um my size is 16, papa gino's^ mall 
rats, Billerica house of correction, "the dajice", 
hoosier daddy, Jv basketball (a age 40, Spanish diva, 
"truth or dare", obsessing, laughing/crying, Elyse 
our first bra's, court always being so loving, krisla 
your moms sandwiches, JennR for being hard headed 
like me, Tracey for good times and your house And 
Always Being There For Me. Mia picking up guyi 
with me, late night gas station-Katie B's, Emma for 
blbg, Aaron for your sweatshirt, fun wed.@ my 
house(bro.&jordyn),Mikef. For Always Being My 
brother (and letting me in the hot tub) , Lou Tompkin i 
for always knowing the right thing to say and havinj ] 
a big heart, dad for saying "go girl", mom for jusi 
understanding, Johnny for letting me be taller and 
me beating you up, everyone outa school that helpec I 
me get through it, , Mr. Bfor being my softball coach 
everyone I've ever played softball with, especially 
Kristen cuz I'm gonna get a ponytail outa ya, farina':) 
and Jackie for just being cool, Chris "can I go in your 
truck", thanks for hanging out with me, Kate for 
always being so loud and for your CJ stories, Sam m^ 
B's -softball, we've had fun, my white black friend. 
"Sam you have no friends"j/k, Kelly your |ust crazy.. 
Adam Chan for just being you. I wanna thank Mr. 
HUNT!!!!!! That. Mrs. bosak you're a special teaarei — 
to me. You're more than a teacher you're my friend 
and you helped me through a lot. Thanks for listen- 
ing. Mr. C I know your out there somewhere. 
Thanks Overall its been real. . .we've all had fun even 
though its defiantly time to leave... I'm sure I'll be 
missing somewhat of this place, that's what every- 
one seems to keep saying . . . thank you everyone that 
has ever been a part of my life. 

Sarah Healy 

Mom and Dad and Kathryn: you have always pushed 
me harder than I thought I ought to be pushed. I 
know that I have not always seen eye to eye about lots 
of stuff. I know who I am and the people I like to 
hang out with. I will choose my friends with care. 
No worries. Gina: wow has this year finally hap- 
pened or am I just dreaming? Well it must be real or 
I have no idea with what's going on. You are the 
only person who is as big a Lord of the Rings fan as 
I ammaybe bigger. But who else would see it with 
me so many times and find all the inside info font. 
We are going to have to stay in touch with each other 
when we go off to college. You havemade all my 
years in marching band so much fun. Marching 
Band was some of the most fun Ihad. Remember that 
I will be there for you no matter what time of the 

day. You are a goodlistener for when I rant. I like to 
listen to you rant about whatever was on your mind. 
We arevery weird and that's ok Ricky: We will have 
to keep in touch after I leave. If I had not known you 
I don't think that Icould have made it thru math Jr. 
year. I have had fun hanging out with you during the 
musicals. I had fun doing Marching Band and going 
to the movies and all other outside of school stuff. 
You acted sometimes as my conscience when I got a 
little weird. You have always been there tohear me 
rant about whatever was on my mind. You are a 
good listener. Ms. Pascucci: you are the best teacher 
that I had and you pushed me and made me think. 
Youalso went to the extreme to help me on a project. 
You always were there for me when I neededadvise. 
You are the nicest person in the world and I am very 
privileged to be a student of yours. I thank you for all 
that you have done for me. 

Betsy Holand 

Mom, I remember in middle school when I was the 
only person who didn't fight with my mom, we still 
don't. You are the only stable thing in my life; I know 
you will always be there for me. Dad, although we 
don't get to see each other as much as either of us 
would like, I love your company. I know you are 
there for me whenever I need you. Sam, thanks for 
being passionate about everything, thank you for 
caring so much about me. John, thank you for 
always telling me the truth and facing me when I'm 
sleeping. Someday I'll have a boyfriend, you just 
wait! Don, thank you for all your support - and the 
Jimmy! To my 2nd moms, Susan and Sarah, I can 
always count on you for anything, you have done so 
much. To the Dorer's: thank you for making me the 
fifth addition to your family and letting me eat all of 
your food! Kerry, ILU, and I don't know how I 
would have gotten through these years without you. 
[ know that years from now we will still be close as 
ever. Never ditch me cause I'm too "goody-two- 
shoes"'; for you! Whitney, I can't believe how close 
we've stayed after everything we've been through. 
Tuu ve taught me that everything can change in a 
snap, and at that moment past disagreements are not 
important. I will always be there for you, especially 
to eat your gluten-free food! Becca, I hope you know 
that I am ready to talk 24-hours hours/day, except 
past 8pm! I know that I can come to you if I ever need 
a completely honest opinion. And all I want you to 
remember that school can wait, sleep can't! Sara, 
you are such a strong person, I know you will 
accomplish extraordinary things someday. Thank 
you for educating me in 80's movies, accompanying 
me in my hyperness and for your many stories. 
Colleen, someday when we're twenty-five we'll be 
teaching together, right? I can't wait. I know that 
even then you will still have your thirst for life, never 
lose that, it makes you who we all love. Sam, I still 
think you and Nikki should go on a comedy tour, 
study parties are always more fun when you're there, 
French was . . . fun (well the videos anyways) , too bad 
Bernie broke the camera. . . Keith, sorry about hating 
you... I swear I don't anymore! Work (well, you 
working-me eating) has been great, thanks for fi- 
nally getting lazy and for being my co-captain. 
Chris, want some hamburgers on my George Fore- 
man grill? Thanks for doing so much for me. Katie, 
thanks for the guy dramas, the many trips to CVS to 
get our candy fix, and always wanting to hang out 

with me! I'll miss you so much. Jen, you were 
always the trouble-maker in English! Thanks for 
letting me eat all your easymacetc. (don't worry; I'll 
be over soon...). Lisa, someday I will be a self- 
confidence speaker and you will be my first subject 
and we can go shopping and buy awesome clothes! 
Elliot, someday we're going to the beach and you're 
going swimming. Thanks for laughing at me, and I 
love your hair! Michelle, thank you so much for 
being my personal art tutor last year, I don't think I 
could have dealt with Mr. Pilla without you! Nikki, 
thanks for sharing my lip gloss obsession and mak- 
ing me smile every time I see your crooked license 
plate. Richie, physics was the best (the calculator!) 
and I swear you are only person to ever call me "Liz" . 
Heather, math isn't the same without you and you 
can't deny that you love it when I bother you! Nick, 
you are always so upbeat-it's fantastic. Thanks for 
being big enough to give me piggyback rides! 
Marisa, your swing is dangerous, but your tramp 
rules! Thanks for coming to my pictures with me 
(we are so beautiful!). Meagan, you are the sexiest 
person I know, thanks for the tights. Allyson, thank 
you for rescuing me this summer. I'm also so happy 
you scrapbook, and I can't wait to see your future 
ones! Cabans, let's have a straightening party, ok? 
And we'll be sure to do it in the driest weather 
possible! Erin, you watch out cause when you least 
expect it, I'm gonna get you in a thigh-slap! I love 
your spirit, and I'll see you at paint-a-plate this 
summer! Jeff, I think you are the nicest kid I have 
ever met. Thanks for the diving memories, and you 
are totally welcome to use the Jimmy whenever! 
Sarah P. , I miss you so much! I love your stories (real 
or imaginary) and your drawings-keep it up! Allie, 
you are by far my favorite sophomore. I'm so happy 
you work at BF and I can't wait to make more Target 
trips this summer. Ty, I just want to thank you for 
being so damn nice to me all year. Steve, call me 
anytime your car breaks down. Jamie D. , I know I'm 
your favorite Whitney friend, don't lie. To my 
Spanish class, you guys have made my year a blast! 
Especially Julie, Jack, and Kevin-you guys are the 
funniest people; I'll miss you! Everyone at BF, you 
guys make working so much more entertaining-I 
can't wait for the summer so we can have more good 
times. Thank you Mr. V and Dave for everything you 
have done for me. You have taught me so much; I 
hope I have demonstrated that! LC, thanks for all the 
education, the lip-gloss, and the shopping. Oh yeah, 
and for putting up with me! Colleen, thanks for all 
the advice, you're so level-headed. And I can't wait 
for our boxes to be decorated! To all my UU buddies 
at First Parish, you guys are just sooo cool-thanks a 
bunch. All right, I think this is the latest I have ever 
stayed up on a school night (it's 1 1 :45!) so I'm tired, 
and because I'm tired, I'm forgetful... good night. 

Gregory Hughes 

First of all I want to thank my parents. Mom and dad, 
without you I don't know what I would do. You are 
always pushing me when I need it and your always 
there for support. You guys are truly the best parents 
anyone could ever ask for.Jeff-Even though you're 
my little brother, I find myself looking up to you.Im 
proud to see the little kid I used to pick on and beat 
so easily in everything, grow into the person you are 
today. Thanks for all the one-on-one games and for 
always keeping me company. Grammy+ GrampyH.- 

One of the best things that ever happened to mel 
having you guys moving in. Thanks for all of 
love and support. Grammy+ GrampyG. -Thank 
for spoiling me every change you got. You guys r 
so much to me. Rick-Thanks for always coming o 
see my games and being such a great person t 
around. Amy-t- Brian-thanks for all of the g 
summers. You guys are awesome.Jake and E 
have some of the greatest people in the work 
parents. PD-Even though we haven't gone yet I k 
Aruba is gonna be crazy .Thanks for all the good t. 
at your house and during basketball 
football. We've grown up a lot together and have 
some awesome times. TB-Thanks for all of the 
dom conversations and fishing trips. Thanks fo 
ways being there to bail me out on the football f 
you made everyone else around you better. The 
no one I would have rather been capt. with. You 
also one of the weirdest people I know. That 
makes being around you that much better. SW-S 
tie, Good thing you decided to come back to Bedf 
things just wouldn't have been the same will 
you. Thanks for all of the trips to "house" and g( 
to all of the games. IS-We have been friends sinc< 
were in diapers. Thanks for all the good times • 
the years. DA-Everytime you're around I am laugh 
my leg off.Thanks for all the good times at « 
house and everywhere else.BS-Even though youvj 
to Belmont you were never too far away. You a; 
funny man, especially after a long night. CC-Yod 
one crazy man. Thanks for crackin me up all of J 
time. ALL 8 OF US-We've been through some ura 
gettable times. Nothing will ever break us apart. iJ 
wait until we're all old and fat sittin on a pel 
talking about all the good times.Jamal-Thank yotj 
breaking my ankle because if you hadn't we ma 
would never have been friends. Thanks for alv< 
keeping me company and teaching me how tc 
black. I never once minded picking you up or hav 
you stay over even though I may have showed it a 
in a while. We are more like brothers U 
friends. Megz-One of the best decisions I've in 
was driving you home that night. We have so ml 
memories that I will never forget. Your such a spe 
person to me and I thank you for everything. Tha 
to;KH ,CS. KB. CL, ES.KL. AC. KK. RL, JD. SB.I 
TG.AI, CC, RC.AB and everyone else I missed. Tha 
to all of the coaches that taught me more than 
about a game. Coach Byrnes, LeBlanc, Boche 
Hunt, Sullivan, Maclssac, Hirsch, Casey, Burg 
Petrillo, Mangan. Also thank you to Mrs. Irving, 
being my favorite teacher ever. Thank you for any< 
who ever played offensive line. Thanks to the fa- 
nes: The Wright's, Brady's, Sullivan's, DePries 
Wilcox's, O'Neil's, Pabian's, Sullivan's (Christ+p 
Teque's. To anyone else I forgot I am sorry but ev 
word costs me money so thank you to everyoi 
missed and good luck class of 2003. 

Danielle Iandoli 

First and foremost I have to thank my family. M 
you did a great job raising me by yourself an 
admire you for it. Jimmy thanks for being sue 
great little brother. You have a lot going for y 
Good luck in the future! Dad thanks for watch 
over me from heaven. I miss and love you v 
much. Blake thanks for being my moral support 
love you very much. You are not only my boyfriel 

are also my best friend. I am looking forward 
our time together. To all my girlfriends. Sam 
are like a big sister to me and we have been 
jgh a lot. Mel, you are one of the most fun 
ile to be around. Too bad it didn't work out 
our parents, cause we could have been sisters, 
and Leah, I am so glad you moved here. We 
a great friendship and nothing can break it. 
are my family away from home. Trigg we have 
;ome difficulties, but have managed to make it 
jgh and we will stay friends no matter what, 
are the loudest person I know. Meg, we aren't 
3se as we were, but I have learned much from 
and we grew up together. I hope everything 
well for you. Chris I know things didn't work 
or us, but I do need to thank you. You were a 
in my life and I now know the person I need and 
: to be. Thanks for helping me find myself. I 
ilways have a place for you in my heart. Fowler, 
glad we were able to make up. Too bad we lost 
:ime. You are my best friend and like a brother 
e. Colin, we may not talk anymore, but are very 
>rtant in my life. I am glad to have known you. 
i luck! Nate thanks for being such a good friend 
lard time in my life. You were one of the only 
was there for me. I am always willing to return 
ivor. Mike Busa you are such a special person to 
nd I am glad we have had the opportunity to 
; out so much these past few years. Duffany 
ks for coming to all my events. We always had 
Whether it was dancing or working on my car. 
iks for all you help and just being a great friend, 
is and Eric I have just started to get to know you 
'ear, but you are both great people and I am glad 
e been given this opportunity. Thanks to all my 
lers. I have learned much from all of you. A 
ial thanks to Mrs. Jordan for putting up with me 
,ese years. I couldn't have done it without you. 
are a very special women and I am lucky to have 
vn you. 

ex Iwanchuk 

e you Mom and Dad. I know I may not say it 
igh, but I truly thank you for everything you 
done for me. We have learned from each 
r, and it's made a loving relationship. MOM- 
ks for all of those late night talks, or waking you 
efore I go to school. Remember, I learned from 
esson. DAD, thanks for all of your dances, and 
■ simple jokes. Make sure you bake a cake before 
leave. Thanks for all of the exotic trips, and you 
ing up with the rest of the family. STEFAN we 
had some of the best times together thanks for 
g there for me. Don't ever forget our cruise 
lories. The 'jerk,' the mc hammer dances, diesel 
s, and just don't forget, I'm still cool. 
HERINE- you are the little one, thanks for 
ys putting up with me. Baking cakes, and 
ing fun of dad. Don't forget to pull-my-finger. 
,EY- You are a true-best-friend, thanks for all the 
i times. CO, Track, the note for Lindsay 's friend, 
lys letting us come to your house. Double- 
>ht sessions, caroling, beach, cruzin in the jeep, 
thank your mom for always feeding me. BRETT 
ih money. We are the epitome of social-Darwin- 
Great times as el prez. We are 'da numba one 
lias' Always there to listen, or for us to just be 
al directors. GREG- Whoa, what can I say here. 
IHHH? Getting confirmed, blue man group We 

are men. Lets do it up. RICHIE- Dick, my-man, the 
boat in Maine, enough said. Oh the double 
dates. ...heyooo lace up the boots and lets hit the 
pitch. TYLER- Lace-up-those-boots, just answer me 
one question, and be honest? STEVE - cone-buddy, 
lets not shave our heads again. Good times TP'n 
pimpin in the Lincoln, Hampton. ALLI- Thanks for 
all the memories. Late nights for Humanities, writ- 
ing papers. Maine, listening to the same song. Get- 
ting lost. Condoms in the wallet. We have had our 
fair share of great memories. Thanks so much for 
being there. Thanks for NANTUCKET also, and 
your-mother and-father for trusting me with you 
and rubbing my back. JEN- Thanks for putting up 
with me in math and forensics, and for letting me 
touch your arms. JEFF- Thanks for pimpin the 
Hondas with me. CSI nights, and just plain being the 
man. MARK - for being my pee buddy. ADAM- chan 
man, for all of the good-times with Mr. Levinson. 
KURT, CHRIS - thanks for always tooling on my jeep. 
KRISTA- good times at track, back of da bus, high 
fives. ELYSE - since fourth grade, and it will never 
stop. COURTNEY- never forget our Mr. Schmitt 
stories, and making me cry MEGHAN - thanks for 
cracking my knuckles. CAREY- thanks for being my 
nunkey, and always listening to me. KATE - you are 
mine. Bathrooms, and Tyler's house. Good times. 
KIM- You are amazing, I can't say enough about you. 
Remember... our acronyms, Eskimos, dinner at the 
hub, our arguments, the island, Tiffanys, you are my 
number-one-choad, thanks for all the memories. 
PAT- good times partying. IAN - don't forget about 
the sewer excursions. CHRIS- lace up those boots, 
and thanks for those rides to school. SCOTT - pimpin 
the freshmen (or the lack there of) and the Germans. 
DAVE -don't forget you are from Armenia and you 
are my stunna I have the best grapes in the world. 
GREG- roller blading, skiing, writing poetry. BECKY - 
thanks for all of the late night talks I will never forget 
them SARAH - thanks for doing my homework, and 
for the good times. KAITE K. - good times at A+F, 
maybe someday.. KIRSTEN -thanks for always let- 
ting me make fun-of-you. Who knows, maybe we'll 
still have our chance. And yes I am still S.D.A 
CAITLIN- for the gas money, cleaning my car, and 
our talks on the way to school. Don't forget I cleaned 
up your vomit. LISA - washing the car, snow-storms, 
play-practice, dumb late night jokes, back-scratches, 
stars... you are an amazing, never forget that. COL- 
LEEN - thanks for the beautiful necklaces. DAVEY- 
Latin-buddy, skiing, NH. ahh no. CHRISTIAN - 
golfing, the stang, mini golfing, Lindsey, and intro- 
ducing me to the world of gambling. TIM BUSA - 
Groove, if the shoe-fits, (yes it does) 6 going on 7? 
JESSICA - late-nights, coffee, back scratches. MILLS 
family (Mia)- thanks for always feeding me. and 
putting up with showing our food at the dinner 
table. BOBBY- Gro(roll the tongue) ve. Thanks for all 
those 'heyoooooo's and wheeeeee's' And all the 
good times and our exotic adventure to the hub. or 
Essex. Or just showing me how to spend my money. 
BEDFORD FARMS- thanks Dave, and Mr. V for 
always letting me be late, and for having a great time 
at work. EDGEPAINTERS- keep up the good work 
(Jesse and Ben) Good luck to the class of 2003 from 
your VP 

Kurt Johannessen 

First of all I would like to thank my parents, I would 
not be anywhere without them. Mom you have 
always taught me to be what I want, Dad you haye 
always supported me and motivated me. I \ybuld 
like to thank my brother Peter and my sister Krlsten; 
you will always be a part of my life even when I CTQjft^ 
get along with you. The rest of this is in no 
importance of order. I need to thank Greg Gannon 
for always being a friend, mountain bikes, Mantown, 
cars, and everything else. Matt Fish, Ross Vinuti, 
Brian Coppola, and Brad Vatter; we should all go 
mountain biking again (and speak French Rossi 
Thanks for buying my car too Brian, sorry it broke. 
Chris Matheson; the only one who worked more 
than me at WW, maybe you will get a Talon someday 
and be a rapper, or take down a foreign countries 
economy. Brett; class president, WW King, Gatsby, 
you are going far. Jeff Tate, spending money < m cars, 
WW, hanging out and more. Peter Stewart; ski team, 
Lexington Club, and hanging out. Adam Cha nr d y o > t= 
are the man, enough said. Richie, your basement is 
sick, NFG is not. Sam Blanchard; what a math class 
Betsey Holland; orange backpack cult, French class 
peer leadership. Mark Amato; talking about cars 
coffee, and the MP3 player you will someday finish 
Ally; foods class, good luck with DDR, you are off thi 
rocker. AP Environmental; lots of field trips & my 
only eight person class ever, Whitney Dorer, Mat; 
W-D, Kate Wilsky, Ally, & "young kids." Food ; 
class; Dusty, Ally, Phil, and the girl that never comes 
Jen Stratchan, you are awesome too. Alex, the "cool' 
kid on my street. Corey. Ty, and Steve. I'm glad I go : 
to know you all. Thanks to all the interesting teacher , 
and classes for making high school fun; APES wit! 
Mr. Griffin, Economics with Mr. Donnelly, and o 
course English with Mr. Gaillard (and Ms. Harvey. 
Barry, my boss at WW who gave me the best job. Ilsi 
at Bedford Day Camp for making me realize WW is 
a better job. Phil DeMeo, Greg Hughes. Betz/boys. 
Mike in Indiana. Kim Bernardo. Jenny Spincer. 
Taryn Westerkamp, Alyssa Theodore, little TimnTy^ 
the Towles and all the college kids: Jon T. John B. 
Tommy M. the lifeguards and everyone else from 
WW; you guys all rock. Mr. Gaillard; Ratpack, water, 
hawks. Walden Pond, Peer Leadership. Car Club (it 
does exist). Big thanks to my mostly reliable car. 
Kirsten L and Emma W-D for the yearbook, class 
officers, and everything and everyone else that I 
forgot; high school was awesome! Good luck to 
everyone with whatever the future brings! 

Eric Kalchelmyer 

First I want to thank my family, who means so much 
to me and I could not have gotten through high 
school without. Mom and Dad thanks for pushing 
me to always work harder and strive lor perfection. 
I wouldn't be the person I am today if it wasn't for 
your support. Kari thanks for helping me out with 
everything. I hope you have a great senior year m 
college. Terri thanks for being a great sister and good 
luck in the future. Rodney, you've been a great 
friend of mine. I'll be watching lor your name on the 
TV. In a couple of years as the new Bruce Lee. I hope 
you have fun in college. Aaron, you're a very cool 
kid. thanks for driving me to a lot of the basketball 
games. Jesse, you sure arc one crazy kid. thanks lor 
making dance class a lot of fun. Josh, thanks for all 

the rides, you're an incredible basketball player, I'm 
sure you will go far. Shameika, you have a great 
personality and I had a lot of fun hanging out with 
you. Mike B. t it was fun hanging out with you this 
-past year, you have a lot going for you. Katrina, 
thanks for being a good friend, It was fun getting to 
know you these past years. Bianca, you have a 
unique personality, which made it a lot of fun talking 
to you. Nathan, we had a lot of fun in math, good 
luck in the future. Travis, you're a cool kid, try not 
to get yourself killed in the marines, I know it will be 
hard. Mr. Jacob-Dolan, thanks for helping me out 
with my essay, I highly value your opinion. 

Kathryn Kerwin 

First off I need to thank my family. Mom- 1 know we 
argue and never see eye to eye but there are no words 
to describe how much I appreciate you and all you do 
for me. Dad you sometimes feel like I don't treat you 
die best but I value your respect and love so much 
and I'd like to thank you both for being such good 
parents to me, even when I don't deserve it. Stevie- 
although we don't talk that much, you're not half 
bad. You've been a great person to look up to, 
although I can't blame things on you anymore. I 
didn't realize how cool you were until you were six 
hrs. away. And to the rest of my family- Nana and 
Grampy, ReRe, Aunt Sue, Linda- you all have been 
such a wonderful support system. Always encourag- 
ing and loving, I appreciate everything you've done 
tor me. FRIENDS-Sarah (aka SLA!) You have been 
my best friend and my partner in crime! We've done 
po many crazy things-You have been a GREAT best 
bud- helped make me a stronger person and get thru 
k lot. We've done so much- UTA (he will miss us), 
f? (what does that stand for?), SHPD, SPD (if looks 
could kill I'd be dead) "niii caaa", "pork fri ri? Ok", 
Jr. prom (MY couch, the morning after, Jenn in the 
woods), Sr. prom (limo, going with your brother), 
the loop (getting caught) , New Years (I won! Ha ha) , 
the hill, "I could slit my wrists and die happy," 
Dudley, Bob's (Hey Baab). H double R, "I don't 
know- I like Popsicles", ceramics (Nice shoes...), 
your wedding song, Spanish, NH (PSC-ha ha), Hamp- 
ton, Cape, our raps, ruining songs, our bored game 
(aaah!), the "anxiety attack" (I can't choose. ..), the 
parties (houses I unwillingly went to) , when the God 
said my name (twice social situations!), CC (the 
song!), finding new guys (we never did get around 
to that), Red Sox game, working (Zack, Mike and 
TJ!) at Abercrombie, picking up guys ON the high- 
way, stealing my clothes (and eating my food), 
always running on fumes w/your hyper blinker- 
"that's ok cuz I work at A&F"- you're priceless! 
Together we are unstoppable- and our theory will be 
proven! We are gonna have so much fun next year- 
even tho I will miss ya more than anything-Bedford 
won't be the same w/o us! Krista I've known you 
forever and feel like I always will. I never appreciated 
as a kid what a sweet and honest friend you were. 
Luckily I know now! "Studying" for chem. and bio 
and then wondering why we failed, those stupid 
college tours and praying that we go to the same 
school. You make me laugh so hard and I can always 
count on you for everything. We have become such 
good friends again! Thank you for always being 
there and making me feel comfortable when I need 
to vent- you are such a great person to rely on. I hope 
whatever you choose to do will make you happy and 

that we are just as good friends in 20 yrs as we are 
now. ILU! Carey- thank you for being the nicest 
person I know and will probably ever meet. Tennis 
(the self tanner episode on the bus, losing con- 
stantly- this yr will be the best!), FH ("screwing", 
the sleepovers and dinners, quitting!!), prom, the 
parties, freaking out when (blank) drove by, our 
talks (I'll miss those!), throwing matches (what?). I 
can't stress how awesome you are and hope we stay 
close- ILU! Courtney- thanks for sharing all of my 
classes! Both this year and last have been fun. You 
were always so nice and a great person to talk to. I am 
so glad we got to know each other over the past few- 
years and even better this year- it was fun! Kellie- 
thanks for being so funny and great to hang out with. 
I will never forget the "maybe the stars aren't out" 
story. And art, X-block this year, working at the mall- 
you have become a really good friend. Everything 
from Wilmington, Billerica, New Years- anything- 
you've been so much fun to hang around with! Sam 
we've had a lot of fun this year! Bentley, New Years, 
break, everything- you are so funny and awesome to 
be around. Jen S- thank you for being so nice and a 
great friend over the years. From bball to dance to 
church (and physics!), you have been so much fun 
to hang out with and share some classes! I hope that 
even when we aren't in the same college, we will 
always be twins in different colors! Nikki- thanks for 
teaching last yr (Shayne!) and being in all my classes! 
You are SO funny- 1 will never forget being dumb in 
physics, math, problems in gym (your talent in 
sockey and the Booty Drop!), psych (the favorite!), 
everything. I'm so happy that we've become such 
good friends in the past year! Love ya! Jenn- 1 felt the 
need to thank you for all the times we had before this 
year. We had some fun- Florida, boys, parties, Six 
Flags. Thanks and good luck. Alex- we've had some 
good times. Remember middle school? Thanks for 
fun at work (when did you work?) and on the 
weekends. Maybe someday. Greg- 1 told you I would 
write something! You've made me laugh from middle 
school thru high school and are probably the nicest 
guy I know. Law, psych, and lunch have been fun 
this year! Love ya. Thank you to all the other friends 
and acquaintances that I have had fun with over the 
years- Kim, Meghan W, Kirsten, Elyse, Dave, Katie B, 
all the seniors of the neighborhood- Jamie, Brett, and 
Adam (physics for life!). Thank you to all my teach- 
ers that have helped to make me into the person I am 

Kathleen Kourian 

Activities: Ice Hockey 1 , 2 NHS member 3, 4Reckless 
Driving Team 3 , 4NKOTB Fan Club 1 , 2 , 3 , 4First of 
all I would like to thank myself for all of the hard 
work that I accomplished throughout the past four 
years. I am thankful for all of the good choices that 
I made in my high school career which have led me 
to where I am today. Secondly, I would like to thank 
my parents for always looking out for my best 
interest. I know I probably do not acknowledge 
them enough for the many things that they have 
done for me but I am very thankful that I have such 
caring parents. I would also like to thank my 
brother, Preston, for making most of my life a living 
hell. Thank you very much!!! I would like to thank 
my grandfather for the example he has set for me in 
his driving abilities despite his reputation for run- 
ning down small children and bicyclists. Another 

important person that I would like to recognize i 
nana, who is one of the kindest people that I 
ever known. Next, I would like to recognize all o 
other incredible people in my life. Lilly, thank 
for being the wonderful person that you are. I v 
our friendship very much and I know that we 
remain friends in the distant future. Candice, Ii 
thank you for all of the very interesting and amu 
memories that we have shared together, 
thanks for being the crazy radical that you are, 
very glad that I know you. Kate, I very glad tha 
have become friends within the past few yi 
Cindy, thank you for enlightening us all with ) 
amusing stories about a person whom shall rerj 
nameless. Michelle, thank you for setting sm 
good example for everyone else like the timej 
decided to throw clay on the ceiling in art claa 
would also like to thank Kayo, Heather, Jung, I 
Jin (good luck next year!), Marisa, Lisa for beingi 
me and never finishing the art homework on n 
and Mr. Pilla for making me the "fantastic 
student that I am today. And finally, I would lik 
thank God for creating a decade as awesome as 
80s. Thanks to everyone again!!! 

Cynthia Last 

First of all, I would like to thank my parents for bt 
so awesome. Mom-you've always been there foi 
whenever I needed support. Whenever I'vej 
depressed or anxious, you were able to cheer me 
Your presence gives me so much comfort and pe 
I hope that when I become a parent, I can live l 
your example. I love you with all of my heart. 
You are the most supportive, loving dad ever! Yoi 
always gone out of your way to spend time with 
whether it's Boggle, Ping-Pong, tennis, or ski trip 
Sunday River! And you're always able to make 
laugh! You almost never get mad at me (whii 
must say is amazing, since I can be a major pain i 
butt!), and I know that the reason you're so I 
me is because you love me so much. I am so gla< 
have you as my dad! You and mom are the ID 
parents, and I mean it from the bottom of my he 
I would also like to thank my brother, Nick, 
always caring about me and treating me with re 
( at least when I don't act like a brat!) You are go 
to be so successful, since you're a Physics ge 
You are so compassionate, and you'll make a 
derful father. Julie-you're the most spunky, spirit 
and funny little Russian girl I've ever met! Yc 
become a part of our family, and I've very thai 
for it. I think you and Nick are perfect for each off 
I'd also like to say thanx to all of my friends (ii 
particular order). Lilly-you're just incredibly co 
so many ways! You're so friendly and accepting 
everyone, and I really respect that! Katy-Thanx 
always listening to me, even when the topic 
about "the person who shall remain unnamt 
(Hee. hee, hee!). I will always look back at ourt 
to Six Flags and remember one thing: Preston and 
Teacups!!! Oh, man!! That was nauseating!! Jt 
You're just awesome in general! Kate-You're gc 
be so successful, I KNOW you can make it 
Cornell! Michelle-everyone's idol! We all aspire 
be half as perfect as you! Art classes have been 
entertaining with you around! I respect you 
much. You are the most dedicated person on 
planet! Jennis-I'm so glad to have gotten to km 
you better this year. Your a great person! Maris 

w that we've grown a bit apart lately, but I just 
it you to know that you were always one of my 
est friends. We've known each other since the 
d grade, and no matter how much we got on each 
:r's nerves, we always stuck together. I hope that 
:an always keep in touch! You're friendship has 
nt the world to me. Dara-Good luck in Harvard 
i'd better go there, or I'll kick you!!) Eun-Jin- 
r are great person. Carolyn-Volleyball was so 
naming with you around! Finally, I'd like to 
lk: Mr. Pilla, Mrs. O'Toole, Mr. Stephenson, and 
McGowen. I respect you guys for being such 
tpassionate people (That's right, Pilla!!) and 
iderful teachers. I'm SO sorry if I forgot anyone! 
thank you in person if I did! 

iark Leshane 

vities- football 1 ,2,3,4.1 would like to thank my 
;nts for putting up with me through bad times 
good times. I would like to thank my brother 
lg for helping me during my football career to 
ierstand the plays. Next I would like to thank the 
d motor company for making the best and fastest 
mobiles in the world. I would also like to thank 
ches Sullivan and Hirsch for drilling me in the 
August sun and heat during double sessions. Dad 
>uld like to thank you for getting me into baseball 
other sports and coaching your best even though 
might have not won a championship. Thanks 
Savorino and Mrs. Foley on helping me in 
ning center with my work. Mom thanks for 
hing me how to drive even if I went a little fast, 
ill my teachers for helping me get good enough 
les to get into college. A special thanks Mrs. Reed 
grade teacher) for teaching me to get organized 
young age. I also need to thank Ms. Carol (6 ,h — 
;rade teacher) for getting me prepared for High 
ool. I would like to thank Mr. Connelly (6 lh - 1 1 ,h - 
ie teacher) for teaching me about making wood 
jects and teaching about the automobile and 
tricity. To Mr. Nolan for being the coolest prin- 
il in Bedford Public Schools history. Thank you 
in Waldron for teaching how to umpire. Now I 
lid like to thank Rob Lundberg for being the man 
taking cool things happen when we did nothing, 
k Leonard for not sleeping a minute while 
ting in the rain to meet Hulk Hogan. Steve 
baz for always giving me gas money when I 
ded it. Kyle and the rest of the Carroll family for 
ng us come over when there was nothing to do. 
all my friends during the fun times. A special 
us to the Bedford Football parents and players 
helping us out on and off the field, and creating 
;e great dinners for us before the home games. I 
d to thank the guys at the gym for helping me 
ng ripped so fast. I would also like to thank the 
s and wrestlers at New League Wrestling Alliance 
L.W. A) for letting me wrestle and become Cham- 
i of their Company in (2001). Finally I would 
to say my goals for my future in life. First I am 
lg to go to Johnson and Whales in North Miami 
major in Sports Entertainment Management. As 
a as I graduate I will try to get a job in that field 
probably try to work as a general manager for a 
rts team. However, during that time I will try out 
the World Wrestling Entertainment Tough 
ugh contest and try to become a pro wrestler, 
h all this said and remembered none of it would 
r be possible to ever accomplish if I never got a 

good education, which I have done, in Bedford 
Public School. (1989-2003) 

Courtney Little 

I have to begin by thanking my MOM. There are no 
words to truly describe my love and appreciation 
for you. You've sacrificed so much for Shane and I, 
and I honestly couldn't have made it w/o u. You're 
more than a mother, but my true best friend. No 
matter what the distance we'll always be close. I love 
you. SHANE:my bobo. You're the best brother a girl 
could have, no matter how overprotective u can be. 
Thanx for all fam. vacations, corny, stupid jokes, & 
4 always being there for me like a true friend. I 
know we will always have a tight bond, and friend- 
ship. I love you bobo! JOHN: thanks for adding so 
much to Shane's, and my life, and for getting mom 
out've house every Saturday night! LOL Johnny! 
UNCLE MIKEY:thank you for teaching me what it 
means to be truly grateful, and for enlightening my 
life. I love you. AUNTIE DONNA: for being a crazy, 
fun, and always loving Auntie! FRIENDS: LEE:since 
first grade you've been a true friend, and always by 
my side. Getting into trouble together in class, 
always laughing at who knows what! I love you Lee, 
and look forward to the rest of our senior year and 
years to come. LOL! KRISTA: Kristaman. We've 
shared so many good memories together, in a short 
period of time! Softball, parties, all of our classes, 
weekends, Providence, Long Horns, TEXAS~ to 
low4fat ho**! Ur such a great person and I truly 
value our friendship. I'm looking forward to the 
future and know we'll always be close friends, LOL. 
NADIA: Nads! Gosh. Mustang! Sophmore year, all 
the cruises in Rudy, 1 1 2, any jam! Parties, guys, it 
all, you've been such a great friend, I love you for 
that! I know we'll always be friends. LOL Nads! 
EMILY: We've been friends forever, and I am so 
happy that we're even closer. Country Store, roller 
bladding, Sunday walks, runnin' the rain, Martha's 
Vineyard, massage my " D ***"!," and I must say 
MATT HANSEN! LOL Em, and can't wait 'til you go 
to school closer to home! COLLEEN- you are such 
a great person, and I am so glad that we became 
friends. End of ur sr. year, summers, S.& S., parties- 
Mcgrath's, New Hamphire, the beach! We always 
have a good time together, and thank you for always 
being there for me! Love you! KIRSTEN- Ahh! 
You're always so much fun, always smiling! Espanol, 
English, "The Wall", I hope we have more memo- 
ries to come, and that we make the rest of senior 
year a blast! Clubin'! LOL Kirsten! CAREY- I'm glad 
that we became friends this year. Ur so sweet and I 
love hanging out w/ u! I hope the rest of senior yr. 
is a blast! MEGHAN- 8 ,h grade, all the talks and 
walks! MONTREAL! LINDSEY- 8 ,h grade, FL. and all 
the years playing softball w/u, it wouldnt've been 
the same! LOL & wish u the best, hope we keep in 
touch. KIM- this year's been great so far, I'm glad I 
got 2 know u better. Hope the rest of our senior year 
is even better! SAM B. - Ur so much fun, and thanx 
4 always makin me laugh! Best of luck! KATIE K.- its 
been great being in all the same classes, I wish u the 
best of luck next year! HEATHER- ur so awsome & 
I love hangingout w/u: NH, summers, UMASS, 
can't wait 4 next yr! LESELEY- b-ball, softball, FL, 
parties summers, UMASS! I miss u! SARA S.- 4 being 
an older sister, all the rides, b-ball, softball, LOL, & 
miss u!THANKS2: all softball & b-ball girls it has 

made highschool a better experience! EBONY: I'll 
miss u, dance, talks, thanx4 always being true, don't 
change, LOL. BIANCA: 4 all the ol'times! SENIOR 
BOYS: PAT: 5 ,h grade, Little women, Terabithia, . . . 
sorry I had to mention it! Thanks for always having 
parties so there's somthing to do in this town' Your 
such a cool guy, & I hope we become better friends 
Best of luck to you. CHRIS- S'* grade' For always 
making me laugh, Hampton Beach last day Jr(year, 
I've never laughed so hard! Your awesome Chris, 
don't change! SCOTTY: longtime bud, we go way 
back! Thanx for coming to BHS, & enlightening 
everyone w/Bugaloo! You're a crazy Scott! iCan't 
wait 'till the last day of Zhaka's class! GREG: July 20"'? 
Haha!I wish u best of luck in college & b-ball DAVE: 
thanx 4 being the only boy who knows how to 
dance! IAN- for always being so nice & .^.hot' 
BRIAN, TIM- hope the rest of senior yr. is awjome, 
best of luck next yr. MiKE S. -cruises and talks, u'll 
always be a good friend, miss u. JON T.- ride:up to 
Umass MIKEY D.- for freshmen year, parties, talks 
SEBASTIAN- you'll always be a special person tome, 
b/ c all that we've been through. I'm glad we still are 
friends, & hope we stay close, I love you. TRACY: for 
being an older sister to me, I miss you! TEACHERS- 
MRS. STOTT, & MS. GULLAGE: ur the best neighbor > 
and friends a girl could have. Thank you both for al I 
you have done. MR. WALSH- for letting me nap in 
CIV., being a great softball coach, and ur one of th ; 
coolest, and nicest teachers @ BHS! MRS. M. 
SULLIVAN- for teaching more than just English. 
Thanks for always being so sincere and thoughtful , 
I truly admire you, and thanks for everything you 
have done for me. MR. HUNT- these last four year, 
would not be the same for me if it wasn't for you. 
You've given me the confidence I needed to excel 
inside & outside of school. Words cannot express m » 
gratitude, I wish you & ur family best of luck in th ? 
future. I'll miss you! 2003 BHS SENIORS: These past 
four years have flown by fast, I wish u all the best of 
luck!!! f 

Kenneth Liu 

HOME, n. A dwelling place together with the family 
or social unit that occupies it. An environment 
offering security and happiness - 1 couldn't possibly 
ask for a better one. I can hardly believe how lucky 
I am to have such an amazing family. Mom: for 
everything. For nurturing me, believing, sharing 
my dreams with me. and always being right. Al- 
ways. Dad: for the support, the endless encourage- 
ment as well as the endless advice/nagging/lectures 
(really!). You are tireless, my role model since 
forever, a real superhero. I trust you more than 
anyone else in the world. Daniel: You make me 
laugh on the crummiest days. For being the brother 
I always wanted, for your creativity and curiosity. 
For bringing things into perspective. And for being 
so gosh-darned cute!! Although we can't stand each 
other at times, I know we'll always be there lor each 
other. Grandparents: You guys have been nothing 
but love, a wellspring of generosity and care. I truly 
value what you have done for me. FRIENDS, in no 
particular order - Matt: Conversations with you are 
the best. Harvard Square. For always bringing 
something new to the table for oh-so-many years. 
Chris: My homeroom buddy! For being "French." 
socialist, and having an uber-cool last name. I 
sincerely hope you start a fashion revolution. Logan. 

for hanging there throughout the years. For holding 
the fort along with me in everything. I'm proud of 
how you turned out. For the many games of chess. 
Mike: Good times, good times. For the wonderful 
cynicism and existentialist commentary on life. Read 
Camus! Driving around with the music and the 
talking was fun. Lunch on half days with me and 
Will: You've helped me through a lot, man. For 
being there, someone I can confide to on a daily 
basis. Hanging out, tennis, rifle, math, science, 
Chinese school, you were there for it all. Now stop 
stalking me! Sam: for getting me into Boy Scouts. 
JLT, camp, weekend trips: we've been through it all! 
Your generosity and honesty are inspiring. History 
class (Mr. Reynolds)! Chris: For your idealism, we 
had some great times in middle school. We kind of 
drifted apart, but I haven't forgotten. Best wishes for 
the future. Tim: Sticking it through French with me! 
For always being interesting, random hanging out, 
cross-country, being snobbishly smart with me 
(Mensa!!). You run really fast. Brett: For being 
selfless, your great sense of humor, and our always 
being on the same brainwave. Poking fun at every- 
thing, rolling the eyes, sarcasm, snide comments, 
yep yep. Whether it was playing tennis, discussing 
the meaning of life, or both at the same time (uh oh ) , 
you were there. Lilly: For proving me wrong. For 
being there from the beginning and turning things 
upside-down. Dave: for getting me into jazz. Your 
hard work and motivation is truly inspiring. Silent 
warriors forever! Keith: For stressing me out and 
reminding me of things I have to do. Still. Brad: For 
being sneaky and maniacal and really really funny. 
Procrastination Nation! Pat: XC Running Buddy! For 
your impeccable sense of humor. I remembered. 
Steve: For being passionate in everything. Opti- 
mism, sense of humor, you're my role model. 
Andy&Jerry (yes I will refer to you as a unit) : Tennis, 
movies, getting "buff: it's been grand. You guys 
are wacky and funny and incredible. Andrew: 
Chinese school, DDR, LAN parties, anime freak: for 
introducing me to the "good stuff." PEOPLE I 
haven't mentioned -The Wampler-Dotys: You guys 
have been like a second family to me. Whether it was 
the summer at MIT, college recommendations, driv- 
ing us places, and everything else, there's so much 
generosity there. Everyone who's been, or ever will 
be, a member of the Nerdery (and/or Math/Sci- 
ence/Chess/Programming Team): You are the 
coolest. For making me laugh everytime I'm there. 
The wackiest place in BHS. And of course: Mr. 
McGowan. For being so much more than a teacher. 
For really being a positive influence. Peer Leaders: 
Working with you guys has been inspiring. I learned 
so much and was amazed by the talent and sincerity. 
My buds on the rifle, tennis, and cross-country 
teams: Too many awesome moments to document. 
We toughed it out, victory or defeat. Yearbook staff: 
For putting this thing together so people can read 
this. We found happiness somewhere within the 
stress. And lastly, for every single person that helps 
keep the school running (and Mr. Walsh). Your 
selflessness and passion for education are qualities I 
strive for in the future. There is not enough space or 
time for me to mention everyone, if I have forgotten 
you please don't take offense: you have all made me 
who I am and for that I am absolutely grateful. 

Nikki Lua 

I am very blessed. There are so many people who I 
want to thank for helping me during high school and 
my whole life. MOMMY- U R my angel, and you 
have given me the most important thing any person 
could ask for, love. I could not have a better mother 
you have always put me first and I want you to know 
that I will always love you. DADDY- U R a wonderful 
person. Thank you for being there 4 me, I love u so 
much. I will always be u'r little Sticky Monster, u'r 
little girl. STEVE- I remember reading your senior 
thanks and saying that I can' t wait to let U know how 
much U R appreciated. U R my role model, and no 
matter what happens I know that u will be there 4 
me. I luv u. ALLI- You are my best friend. I have never 
met a nicer, sweeter, or better person. Thanks for 
being there 4 me, and all the great times (The food 
court, driving in the car, LOTR) I am so lucky to have 
a sister like u. JOEY- No matter what I say u r funny. 
U r so smart, and brave. Even if we fight I will always 
love and protect u. KARI- I remember holding u 
when u were a baby and thinking that I have never 
seen anything more beautiful. I still feel that way. U 
are my baby sis. I love u and I hope u know that. 
NANA&PAPA- Thank you for all that u have done for 
me, thanks for loving me always. I love u. DIANE, 
you loved me as your niece, you have loved me as a 
person. I have learned things from each 1 of u that 
has made me special, and u all are special. I love u. 
LAUREN, MIKE, &CHRIS- U are the best cousins I 
could have asked 4, 1 love u like a sister and brothers, 
thank u 4 loving me. JEFF. LORI, DEAN, MARJORIE, 
&BILL- Thank u for everything I Love u. LISA- I 
wanted to say thanks to u 4 not only being my friend, 
but 4 being a wonderful person. U are so special, I 
am lucky to have u as a friend. Always remember: 
Fire&Ice, Will, Legolas, our long talks. Harvard 
square plus so much more. U will always sparkle. 
Thanks 4 telling me I'm smart, and not letting me cry 
too much, luv ya! SHELL- I believe that there is a 
reason some people r friends. We have been friends 
for such a long time, and I know it is 4 a reason. 
Thanks for looking out for me. I will miss alot you 
next year. CHRIS M.- U always make me laugh. We 
have had some funny times, like when we stole the 
cones, or when we drove around the brook in your 
car, or when we saw Zoolander 3 times @ the 
movies! U are awesome, and thank U. KEITH- re- 
member that sketchy guy on the subway? Thanks for 
protecting me. U are a great person and you deserve 
every thing u have. U are my locker buddy, and u r 
an awesome friend. SA- 1 know things didn't turn out 
like we planned, but u r still a wonderful person, and 
a wonderful friend. You will always have a place in 
my heart. I will always be there 4 u. HEATHER-U r 
awesome, thanks 4 all the great times, I am going to 
miss u. JEN (penny)- 22 1 dropped my shoe! I have 
had the funniest times with u. You are great. I'm 
sorry I fell all the time! (more than colleen) BETS- U 
make me laugh so much. Remember eight grade 
(Mr. Stevens should have checked your hmwk!) I 
will miss u in classes next year, and I'm sure we will 
miss Alec. KATIE- Your awesome, and it was great 
being in gym w/ u. Ill miss u next year. LAURI- 
thanks 4 letting me hang out w/ u, good luck next 
year. Becca- SBP was awsome. Good luck. WHIT-I'm 
glad to be u'r weds. Child. KERRY-humanities and 

lunch was great, good luck next year. MR. WILi 
Thanks 4 teaching me about Softball, and also a 
life. U are a wonderful coach. KELLY- U have hi 
me so much, thanx for not only being a coacl 
teacher, but also a friend. MS. STOTT- U are a 
role model to have, and I look up to U. U r a 
coach and teacher . MS. BILLOUIN- U r a wond 
inspiration. Thank you. CHERLY &GREG- Than 
letting me in your house, and letting me eat 
food. Disney on Ice was awesome, I luv u guys 
HAGARS- Thanks for all you have done for mt 
a special family. Sam, Sarah C, Julia, Alexi, Joe 
Monica, Naomi, Christina, Lindsey, Marisa, V 
Missy, Carrie, Laura, and Amanda, U R great c. 
leaders. Mark it Yall! Mike Butrick & Pat Reed. ' 
my teachers Thank u. If I missed anyone Im so 
am very sure that I forgot someone, I still love 
Oh yea, I'd also like to thank Harry P. To the di 
2003, We did it, congratulations and good lu< 

Kristen Lundberg 

First and foremost I would like to thank my fai 
After everything we've been through, I want y« 
know how much I appreciate and love each o 
you. MOM- you've always been a crazy one . 
love you for it, I will never forget my first dance 
tell, do tell" or how no matter how many times 
say you hate shopping you'll go with me. I knov 
b/ c of you I will grow to be strong and opinion 
I love you. DAD- what can I say, you understand 
need to be social and say hi to everyone I see 
Bedford", I also think I inherited your temper, 
no matter where I am I will still run to yc 
promise. I love you. ROBERT- my twin, its unbe 
able that we're so different. You are the good t 
We have had some great times, and even wher 
in a bad mood I know your dancing or ratto talk 
make me laugh. I know you will be great in life. I 
you. KAYZ- all my life you have been there for 
you are like a second mother to me. All of your 
projects and your advice have helped me to bee 
the person I am today. I will never forget our v 
on the beach. You have set such a good exampl 
me- you're incredible. AL- you're possibly the 
niest person I've ever met. You're way too goc 
me, and I think we'd make pretty good travel ag 
You've been there for me, even when my head 
stuck in the sand. I love you both, our memorf 
the cape and vacations will never fade, they're al 
of a movie, you're my family. MIA, you're lik< 
sister I never had. You and I have gone througl 
best and worst and back again. There's nothing 
I can write that will explain our relationship, I 
you. Our trips to the Dominican, our dance mc 
I'm so proud of you, you're part of my far 
MAMA MILLS, you're amazing. You're possibly 
of the most kind-hearted and loving people I've 
met. You've treated me like part of your family 
welcomed me into your home. I thank you 
everything. I love you. JEN. Our tanning sessic 
the Dominican, scuba Steve. Thanks for bein; 
much fun. MEGGERS- it all started in 4th grade 
since then it has been quite the adventure. Afte 
the rough times, we are still laughing, spying, 
complaining- Our first dance, the dreaded "b 
Camp Hayward, CKY, identical laughs, shop) 
until. . . we have no money. I know we'll look bac 
these memories together when we are old and 
and laugh of course-ILU. LINDZ, you're still 

e crazy girl I've known since 4th grade. You and 
ve had such fun- Mexico, random towns, ran- 
i boys, getting pulled over at 6a.m., getting 
:d at for laughing too much, my first club 
srience. Don't every change you are so unique, 
always. MEGAN- 1 never stop laughing when I'm 
ind you. You're my partner in crime-running 
y to the D.R.-they wont notice, shut up!, being 
r.V. and of course in the movies- Sisquel and 
t, cani/bemy, shaqquaanda, hey dad... what's 
what are we doing here is the question, and 
ares all the time. I'll see you on SNL one day. ILU. 
1A- I'm so glad that we've become such close 
ids. I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for 

■ help in well. . .everything! - Junior prom: ya 
v what's funny?, sleeping over your house ev- 
ay in the summer, our daily beach trips, where's 

■ lebaron?, breaking the door down, the Arme- 
mafia, the accord. . .then the altima., Bentley 

p- you got a beef? ILU... COURT- we've been 
ids for so long and I wish I could thank you for 
everyday. You've been through so much, and 
ou still remain so strong, you're so important to 
you've always been there to listen and offer 
:e whenever I've needed you, thank you and I 
v you will be a star one day. ILU. CAREY- my 
pling my only regret is that I'm just getting to 
v how incredible you are this year. I'm lucky to 
you in my life. The dumplings, your first 
;ey game-, the booty shake, our faces, your kind 
t and more to come. You're one of my favorite 
lie to be around, ILU. KRISTA- since the days of 
10 and those never-ending phone calls of 
lleschool.. Oh my god its underwea!, shrimp, 
staa, You're so incredible and thanks for always 
ing my mind with a little nudge, ILU. LEE- my 
partier! You're the best and you're always out 
vesuch a great time. Hey don't tell anyone I took 
e in the hall. The semi-formal, eating at Uno's, 
KIM- think of all of the mixed up situations 
e been in. driver's-ed with Roger, our prom 
:h, getting lost in Boston. London- leaving the 
:r of London for our piercing, the Themes River, 
/ere such freshman. ILU. SAMMY B'S- how can 
get our half days, movies, dazed in confused - 1 
t get it? - We were such dorks. Thank you for 
ys listening. Our secret college trips- ice cream, 
er king, no wait Wendy's. KELLIE- our gossip 
ans in algebra/art class, our music fights, our 
phone conversation- Lundwig this is Heiser. 
rS- yeah j.v. captains, you look sooo good in my 
les. To all of my favorite guys: PAT- I'll never 
:t the movie experience (Don't laugh at me. ..), 
always laugh with you, GREG- After everything 
las happened. . IAN- you're the greatest, thanks 
le good times and for being so sweet, DAVE- for 
ig Spanish/dancing as much as me, BRIAN- 
cs for making Mia's "parties" worthwhile, CHRIS 
Dws-elbows, SCOTT-, JAMAL- you're the sweet- 
md TIM. You guys have all made Bedford that 
ti more entertaining. ALEX, it was fun while it 
<st lasted, maybe one day...- B.B., JENELLE- I 
v no one will ever share my same passion for 
1, Venezuela- Rover.. NICOLE, my Fattard - 
e had some good times, I will miss your smile. 
5TEN- you got my name. Brett B., Kerry B. Adam 
i, Josh D., Greg Gannon, Kurt J., Katy K, Chris 
leson, Tracy O, Bianca, Kristi T., Peter S, Steve 
nd Kate T. Thanks to Scott Rossi and Mark S, 

Johnny H.- you guys have been so much fun-. 
Thanks to my favorite teachers- Mr. Walsh and Mr. 
Hunt, you guys are the greatest, you're always a 
good laugh, thanks for everything, Mrs. Taub, Mrs. 
Irving, Mrs. Rozen, Dr. Haswell, Mrs. Lohrum - 
thank you all so much. To the class of 2003, it has 
been such an amazing experience that I will never 
forget, I wish everyone the best of luck. 

team for all the fun times. Thank you to all my 
classmates and teammates through the years who 
have helped to make school and life much more fun. 
Thank you to all my teachers and coaches who have 
helped to guide me through life and provide 
opportunity for success. 

Arthur Lusby 

I would like to start off by thanking my God because 
without him I wouldn't have made it this far. Mom 
and Dad I made it! I just want to thank you for 
everything, keeping me in the right direction and for 
all the support you gave me throughout life and 
you're the ones that made me believe I could accom- 
plish any task if I just apply myself "It takes a hard 
head to make a soft A$ S " as you would say pops. The 
one teacher I really want to thank is Mr. Hunt who 
really taught me a lesson in life, which he might not 
even know he did. Before I get to the rest of my thank 
you's I'd like to give a shout out to all my fallen 
soldiers, Philip and Michel hold it down in 
Kobehaven. Matt wit ya crazy self in Ga. Jojo and Dre 
stay coo and I'll see ya in Oklahoma. Then my 
cousins Alvin and Brandon "Yo we are going to be 
famous yall"!. My cousin Christie. Then my one and 
only clique, my brother I should start off with that's 
my right hand man, then my twin tower Deondre 
"Timmy"! Alyssa what can I say I just want to thank 
you for being you, you are the best thing that's 
happened in my life and I love u for that, thank you 
for being my # 1 girl and I'll see you at the top baby! 
My homegirl Sharonda Roberts!! Lol with ya crazy 
stay coo and smile! Then some quick shout outs to 
Katrina with her lame jokes, Krysten, Jamal, Aaron, 
mike Busa my Italian brother, Coach B, and P Sullivan 
my homie, Delilah, Katie, Rodney, then the whole B 
ball crew! And last but not least thank you to all the 
haters out there keep hating cuz I'm still gonna keep 
doing my thing and keep hating when I'm on top of 
the world rich and famous! I'll holla at y 'all lata peace 
and hair grease! 

Michael Lynch 

I would like to start out by thanking my parents who 
have always been there for me through my eighteen 
years. Their everlasting support and guidance has 
helped me become who I am today. Mom: Thanks 
for always believing that I am capable of more and 
hounding me to get my homework done. Dad: 
Thank you for getting involved with my activities 
and supporting them a 1 00%. Thank you to my 
brother MATT aka Shoe. You have been a friend like 
no other and always there for me. We have had so 
many good times together that its not worth trying 
to count. I have tried to be the best big brother 
possible and thank you for putting up with my 
criticism. I know that you will go far in life. JIM we 
have known each other for so long that I can barely 
remember a time when you were not in my life. We 
have had so many great times and done so much 
together that it seems impossible to imagine life with 
out you. Good luck in college and life. JESSIE Thank 
you for putting up with me even when I'm a jerk. I 
always enjoy the time I spend with you no matter 
what we happen to be doing. Your love and friend- 
ship has helped me through a difficult time in my 
life. I want to thank you for that. Thank you to the lax 

Alyssa Martin 

First I want to Thank God for all of the blessings in 
and on my life. Second my Dad- for all the arguing 
(smile)! My Mom- for everything guidance, under- 
standing and your love. You truly are tin- best. 
Steven-You're a bum 1 Keep your head ii|> Delilah 
I'm glad you are here, you and Vivian are like sisters. 
THANKS! My K-Town friends for the laughs and 
believing in me. The Williams family-for your friend 
ship. A Special Thanks goes to my Pastors the Walk- 
ers- you all have brightened my life up so much and 
I'm grateful. Thanks for your teachings and the love. 
Lastly but not least my Hanscom people! The Chapei- 
for always making me sing. Thanks' Sharonda- 
homie we finally made it. It's been rough but we still 
here after 3 months! Deondre- you're like a bad 
brother, I got the upper hand son! Now What! 
Kyrsten- please be on time. Katrina- for supporting 
me singing. Rodney- Mr. Bruce Lee. Katie- Girl 
know u one of us! Aaron- U are crazy but you keep 
it real. AJ- who would of thought? You make mfc 
smile Thanks! To everyone I forgot its ok! I'm out 1 

Allyson McConnell 

A big thanks to my family. you put up with mf 
I still don't know. Mom and Dad. you paid for sfc 
much and still loved me when I asked for more :i 
You made me the success that I am today. Meggy, 
you and I have been through a lot and you've helped 
me through very rough times. I hope I helped a little 
too :) I love you! Strach... Hen. ..Jenny Jones. arc 
my sister, my best friend, and my role model. We 'vp 
had SUCH good times together and they're detmitely 
not over yet! Don't ever forget our daily bathroom 
meetings, good times at Bruegg's with the muffs and 
coffs, being men, best lax captains ever! I love yotIr H 
Never lose touch! Ratch Dawg, you rock my world 
baby! T Petty was SUCH a good time, same with the 
Red Sox. ..Crabby Dick's lives on! It was nice to share 
Jen too, even though I'm pretty sure she liked you 
better! Love you! Big A, I love you. You mean so 
much to me and you always will. What will I do with 
my time if I don't have your homework todo?! Good 
times in Nantucket, long drives in Maine, post Jr. 
Prom, QT with both our are the man from 
Nantucket. I won't ever forget you. please keep in 
touch always! Whit, my one and only DW and 
Malibu Barbie combined! Thanks for always being 
there for me and making me know that at least you 
love me! Good luck in school and never lose touch' 
I love you!!!! Chan, my Asian brotha' We have had 
SUCH good times. I can't even begin to remember 
them all . Lo Hong "Andy" Wang, honorary Asiain 
(ooops), Man Ho and his wonderful fashion sense. 
QT at the playground and in your driveway, Christ 
mas Power Points, hiding me in your trunk, the I List 
and the A List!!! I love you! Jefty. butt grabs, arm 
molestation, Ellen! Thanks lor having us cram in lor 
CSI and for always make my day brighter' Please keep 
in touch! I love you' Erin, I love you' You are my 
sister and always will be Have a GREAT senior year. 
I will miss you tons. You are a wonderful and 

amazing person and I am always here for you. 
Michelle, you are awesome! There's nothing more to 
say! You've made my days at BHS so much fun and 
I'll never forget you! Good luck in senior year and 
never forget that you are PERFECT... never let anyone 
tell you any different! Pete, even though you smell I 
still love ya! Thanks for always making me laugh, and 
for having a Dad as cool as Ron!!! Don't lose touch! 
Kurtis, thanks for making Foods and CPR enjoyable 
this year! It was great to have classes with you... now 
we're tight. Stay in touch and don't drive too fast! 
Love ya! Steve, you're the man. ..thanks for being the 
Enviro. co-prez with me! You're so much fun, 
wherever you go in life please keep in touch! Love 
you! Matheson, even though you hate me I still love 
ya! Thanks for always being so funny and for talking 
to yourself in homeroom! No thanks for the AAM 
though! :) Greg, thanks for the Confirmation way 
back when. was good while it lasted. Keep in 
touch. Kerry, you're the man! You are so much 
fun. high school memory. ..your house! Love 
you tons! Betsey, thanks for always braiding my hair 
and for being tight with me in Mary Morris' 
class. ..good luck with Oprah! :) KT, it was awesome 
to have you in History and then Hum. You make my 
day and I'll miss you tons! Keep in touch! Flaiken, 
don't chop down too many trees in college! Even 
though you're way smarter than me, you're still 
wicked fun and I'll miss ya! Keep in touch!!! Becky 
Mosch, you are an amazing person who has always 
made my days better! Good luck with the rest of 
school and come visit me tons! Love you! Phil 
DeMeo, I love ya! Sorry you didn't get to have me in 
Math class this year, I know you missed me! Come to 
UMass and we'll take classes together! Em Siegs, 
Maxine, and Cait Cait Dolly, take care of the Environ- 
mental Club forme! Just be goofy and have fun! Love 
you! Jamie, though we drifted apart this last year you 
did so much for me in my transition to BHS. Good 
luck with school and please keep in touch. B Copps, 
thanks for taking my sister off my hands all the time! 
It was great getting to know you, keep in touch. 
Marcos, your hockey knowledge and good natured- 
ness made every day more easily survived! Keep in 
touch. Minue, thanks for always reminding me that 
I'm poor and that my Dad only has one hand. Keep 
in touch. Wa Wa Wa Willsky , you made science class 
fun for 2 years in a row! You are awesome because 
you are yourself! Keep it that way! Because you're 
smart our paths won't cross in college, but please 
keep in touch! Everybody, remember the good 
times... TP Bandits, quality nights at the playground, 
bleacher painting, spot painting, Aileeeeeeen, 
"Ummm Richard", day at Good Harbor and Hamp- 
ton, Walden Pond, parties in Chan's driveway, mid- 
night runs to Stop and Shop, Jen and I tagging along 
every night with the boys, nightly trips to BF, fun 
times after the Jr. Prom, TOM PETTY, the "Big 
Surprise" that turned out to be me, that grand fiesta 
at Jeffs, the cop pulling up to Dick's for the birthday 
festivities, that crazy drunk lady at Vinny Testa's who 
yelled at Matheson, Kerry Bosman's house, Corey's 
car accident (not a good time) and his BRAND NEW 
YELLOW CAR (def. a good time), Steve speaking 
Jibberish, New Years '02 and '03. ..and the fun 
continues!!! You all have made my 3 years here 
amazing and I'll never forget any of you! I love you 
all, please please please KEEP IN TOUCH!!!! 

Timothy McGrath 

I would like to thank my family. They have sup- 
ported me through all of my endeavors. I cannot 
express my appreciation to my late grandparents; 
Douglas Raymond, Marion McGrath, and John 
McGrath; in person, but their memory will always 
stay with me and will inspire me. I would like to 
thank my grandmother, Marion Raymond, who has 
always lavished me with unconditional love. I would 
like to thank my parents for their guidance and the 
values that they have instilled in me. I would like to 
thank my aunts and uncles; they have shown me 
unbridled generosity throughout my life. I want to 
thank my brothers. John has always provided a fine 
example for me to follow. Pat (EEEEEWWW) has 
always provided me with competition. I would like 
to thank my cousins for their comradery. My friends 
and peers have done many things for me. They have 
entertained me, protected me, angered me, and lead 
me. I want to thank the football team in general. I 
would like to specifically thank certain players. Travis 
Desiato, although a jerk at times he has often listened 
to me (reluctantly) while others dismiss me; Robert 
Lundberg, a passionate player who has surprised me 
with his capacity for compassion; Greg Ganon, for 
laughing with and always listening to my stupid 
stories when no one else was interested; and Jamal 
Teque, for his leadership and humorous antics. I 
would like to thank the entire hockey team. Less than 
half the size of the football team, it is a much tighter 
group and I would like to thank all of those scumbags 
equally. I want to thank Ben Gould and Chris 
Leckband; they have been my closest friends in the 
past year and have provided me with a sounding 
board to bounce my thoughts off of. I want to thank 
my AFJROTC comrades. Dave Gagnon and Mike Busa 
are great commanders. They are neither too serious 
about AFJROTC nor are they not serious enough. I 
would like to thank Liz O'Donnell for all of the fun 
we have had and all of the support that she has given 
me. I would like to thank the plethora of teachers, 
instructors, and mentors that I have had. I want thank 
Mr. Peters and Mr. Stephenson, I never thought that 
math could be so much fun. I would like to thank Mr. 
Gaillard for sharing my love for Planet of the Apes . 
I want to thank Pat Spinosa, his encyclopedic knowl- 
edge and knack for pedantry has inspired me. I want 
to thank Mr. McGowan his style of teaching has 
always complimented the way that I learn. His classes 
are never dull and we always seem to see eye to eye. 
I would like to thank Ms. Harvey. She sets English on 
a plate in front of us instead of stuffing it down our 
throat. I would also like to apologize to heron behalf 
of our entire class for, at times, taking advantage of 
her kind nature. I would like to thank Mr. Walsh for 
his endless supply of personal examples. I would like 
to thank Col. Pappas, Capt. Carson, Chief Edris, and 
MSgt. Rollend for being superb mentors in every 
respect. I want to thank my athletics coaches. Coach 
Burgess, for never speaking down to us; Coach 
McGrath, for his sense of humor; and Coach Doherty , 
for not making the throwing kids run or keeping us 
at practice for more than 1 minutes. Lastly I want to 
thank Charleton Heston and say that I am who I am 
because of all these people. 

Stephen McLane 

First off I would like to thank my mother. Mom, I 
have helped me so much throughout life. I can 
express into words how grateful I am. Thanks 
always looking out for me. Dad, thanks for all 
help and advice with the college stuff. You h 
taught me so much and I am proud to be your s 
Thanks for all the summers at the beach and ev« 
thing you have sacrificed, I appreciate it. Meri, 
are the coolest sister ever. Thanks for the fun time 
Umass and for driving me around for two years.A 
thanks for helping me put up with "them two" Ty 
thanks for putting up with all my crap, you are 
awesome friend. Fun times w/ McSweeny, Soo 
the kayak warning label. . .Corey's house with K 
and Ryan, BF and everything else. Corey, thanks 
always giving us a place to go, also thanks for the 
pajama jams, starting DDR, fruit, surfing, and 
and for letting me cut your hair. Brett, to pu 
simply. . .you are the man, bring da ruckus, fundi 
at the B-ball games, sociology, and everyth 
else. Alex, lets do it up, fun times at BF, the beach, 
a million dollars would you.... Greg, lacrosse, • 
camp, Mrs. Rozen's class, ehhhh, hum|j 
whaaa.Chan Man, you're Asian, but that's cool.P^ 
fun times with Quinton, and the JET mag.Jt 
thanks for always driving, day camp, Kyle, and 
times at your house. Kurt, nice car, I'm going tob 
that record before college. Alii, you're cool, no rr 
ter what Matheson says, thanks for all the cd's 3 
fun times. Sara S, thanks for all the fun times wl 
we were kids. Day care over your house with Ty, i 
all the great memories. Rich, thanks for calling 
cone. Mark, you're crazy, thanks for the fun time 
golf, and chasing you around Bedford. Flaiken, thai 
for being # 1 , fun time at the hypnotist. Whit a 
Betsey, you two are the craziest people I have EV 
known, but you're cool, thanks for the fun times 
BF and dc.Kate T, thanks for being so cool. Alys 
even though you are so much older than me, I 
more mature, and I have a life. Thanks for the f 
times at work and Dave, and Howie Day. A sped 
thank you to Mr. Griffin, the recommendation v] 
great and I appreciate it very much, (now you ca 
tell Alii I never said thank you). Mrs. Kurzman, 
are an awesome teacher, thanks for starting t 
Forensics class it was a blast. Ms. Pascucci, thanks f 
the great recommendation, I appreciate it vej 
much. Mr. Gaillard, you are an outstanding teacrJ 
and a great man. Thanks for actually getting ii 
interested in English. Ms. O'mally, thanks for all t 
help, you have helped me greatly. Thank you to I 
the other teachers I've had who have all helped i 
tremendously. I would also like to say thank you] 
Brendan McGrath, You are the best coach I ha 
ever had. Thanks for all the help with everythir 
Also, Dave Johnson and Warren Toland for gem: 
me started on the game I love. Steve Nugent, Kf; 
Maradei , Mr. Maloney , you all have helped me in I 
many ways, thank you. Also a special thanks to Da 
and Mr. V, you have given me an awesome job, ai 
thanks for putting up with me. To everyone else I' i 
missed thank you. Ryan... thanks.Kate, I truly ca 
not put into words how I feel about you. You are t) 
best thing to ever happen to me. I have no idea whe 
I would be without you. You are an amazing lacros 
player; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Than 
for all the good times, Blue man, Cali pizza kitchq 

•house, my house, skiing, beach, along with so 
y others. Good luck at Wheaton, you are going 
■eat things in life. I'll love you always. Classes of 
J, you all have been awesome. I'll see you later. 

iristopher Minue 

ke to thank my family, without them I wouldn't 
made it anywhere. MOM thanks for making me 
11 my work, for always believing in me, for the 
tions: barbados, england, the farm, why are 
: no potato's on these plants? For being someone 
ild talk to. I expect fantastic care packages. I can 
hope I am as good to my kids as you have been 
e. you really are the best, and I love you. DAD 
ks for keeping mom in check! and for all the 
ey mornings when I was little, for arguing to 
me a car, for pushing me to go to a good college, 
eeping the visa on you at all times! I can only 
: that one day I am a good of a father to my kids 
u have been to me. I can 't imagine a father better 
you, I love you. SARAH we haven't always 
:n along, but I couldn't imagine growing up 
anyone else. mr. flyswatter, water skiing, the 
roger, the chicken coop, the forts, when you get 
your supporting mom and dad! NONNA and 
MDPA you are the best! Thanks for teaching me 
to cook and for everything. I'll try my best to 
! you guys proud of me! KEITH what can I say? 
e had a lot of good times, the scenic routes, 
idos, naushon, stone house, bourne, taking a 
n red, swim team, my extended stay in milton, 
I in billerica, the apple theme, me breaking up 
ind everyone, the trail, you made high school a 
time MICHELLE m-dawg thank god you moved 
door all those years ago, I don't know what I 
d have done! The forts, wild thing, lemonade 
Is, picnic-lunches, the communion cake mix 
asketball, football, me breaking the window at 
house, so much more MEAGAN harassing 
, swimming, driving around, ddr, dealing with 
levil, your awesome singing, making all the 
ions, getting decked by the biggest wave ever 
3 sbp, new year's eve, hating each other, not 
g each other, level 2 the musical, signs, the 
couple, stealing cones, Starbucks, new years 
he semi-formal (the good one) , stalkers BECCA 
1-pursuit, sbp, swim team, your flip, getting 
it with five people in the car by your mom, 
ing to you talk about your husband(s) BETSEY 
ing up at 8 and you being in bed, swimming, 
m-market, stripping in your sleep, your obses- 
, physics WHIT yeah dive-team! the whole 
t-less thing, hey do you know why your timer 
nted?, trampolines KERRY the good times in 
, if my younger sister was dating an 1 8 year old, 
>mly showing up on my trampoline COLLEEN 
Iks, the parties, going bowling, the cd-player in 
car, psych, making awesome Spanish food, 
a music-videos JENNY my party, missing my 
way by just a bit, guster, bicks, letting you 
, not remembering certain things, water at 
ice, your awesome coaching SARAH A. sarah 
trong your mother called you're late for 
nerschool, having identical phone numbers, 
aching swim lessons LISA hair accessory shop- 
letting me drive your car HEATHER want 
thing else to eat? Just kidding! you are a great 
for putting up with me BRIAN B letting us 
5 your mom. ddr, rhode island, getting yelled 

at by the lifeguards JEN C cheerleading competi- 
tions, that's balmy, cwv. store24, calling sarah ugly 
SARAH C the john stories, your parents dislike of my 
driving, Chinese fire drill in boston, cwv KEITH C late 
night convos, band, the no fun zone BRIAN C cwv, 
the Spanish video, not doing law homework MARISA 
english. calculus, letting you eat my clemintines. 
bew, not knowing where you live DAVE not paying 
attention in calculus, the dot game JULIA calculus 
day, doing really well on ap bio quizzes, scraping off 
ice NICK crew, band, Stevenson's class, our identical 
political views LINDSAY deserting me to go to the 
Olympics, my mom making you sandwiches, that 
awful Spanish video in chili's ALLYSON sign lan- 
guage, Spanish videos, working really hard in psych, 
your position in the social ladder LAURI the parties 
at your house, band, psych, two years of gullage 
KARA for being the nicest person ever, I mean ever! 
hearing about your car troubles, psych KAREN 
ashasdlkjfavi, calculus, threatening you with ham 
and cheese, buying you the best sweater ever CAREY 
driving to school, zahka's class, ap bio JEN S. espanol, 
english, calling me cese, medea, swim lessons, deal- 
ing with english KATE T band, the good time in film, 
what ifs in law JAMIE Spanish video pitchfork, 
medea, diving, cookies in english RICH being the 
one to start calling me cese, physics, the Spanish 
video, mcr, wind KATE F the abercrombie couple, 
guster, the counselor show, making a scene at sbp, 
the pizza fight, white trash mini golfers TOM M. 
tom-tom, swim team, physics, sbp MICHELLE E. 
after all these years our friendship has become so 
tight, new years eve, the birth control pills, getting 
your car stuck in my driveway MIKE B the scavenger 
hunt, sbp, band CANDICE best friends when we 
were little, hockey, riding around in your basement 
BRITTA hey culty, just wanted to mention that, culty 
PAT ap bio, letting you drive all through bedford 
DIANA I really don't hate you I swear CHRIS S. crew, 
bowling for money, dressing up like tigger and 
giving out hugs AMANDA C. for being psychic, 
breaking all those picture frames, two fights in one 
night BECKY for breaking my blond habit, air horn, 
pancakes table 9 , saddlebags, new year's phone calls, 
for really being awesome and I mean that, thanks 
MIKE ddr, getting really into risk AMANDA F. swim 
team, bathing caps, your many boyfriends from 
burlington DALE oh my god! Hi, my name is dale, 
swim team MONICA band, getting yelled at for 
talking, elbow fights. Sorry for anyone I missed. 
Thanks to the class of 2003. I had a blast. 

Tomas Moran 

First of all I want to thank God for everything he's 
done in my life. Mom-You are the greatest and I ever 
couldn't ask for anyone better. You were always 
there for me whenever I needed you and I could not 
have asked for anything better. Thank you so much! 
Dad- 1 can talk to you about anything and you were 
always around when I needed you, whether it was 
helping me with math homework or just someone to 
talk to. Thank you for always being there. Also, 
never forget "Chicken Viola" on Tuesdays and 
Thursdays. Andrew- You are the absolute best 
brother I could have asked for. It was kind of weird 
but cool being in the same school as you for the first 
time. Keep up with your studies so you can choose 
where to go to college. Mrs. O'Reilly- Starting 
Christmas in July and keeping me in line while Mom 

was in school. Erin O- rides to school, ROTC ball. 
Ross-I've known you for so long. How about the 
time I had seizures in the 6th grade. Dave G- Drill 
team, ROTC. you're the boss now. Talor- Notre 
Dame will always be better than BC. Richie- Gocjd, 
times at Wedgewood, in the neighborhood, and 
math class for 3 years. Brian B- Remember that 
lacrosse season when you were goalie? Swimming 
for four years. . . how did we manage to surv i ve ? Dave 
A- "Tommy can you hear me?" Ana- ROTC ball, 
swimming. Lauren B- Semi my senior year, drill 
team. "I feel dizzy" and I will beat you at cards. Becca 
H- drill team. .we won! Can't forget the "tofTec" 
mug for Secret Santa. Break people: Brian, Alex. 
James, Peter, Johnny, Alec, Matt, and Shawn.j If 1 
forgot anyone, thank you all! CLASS OF 200}. WE 

Samuel Morgan 

I'd like to thank many people, including teachers, 
friends, relatives, car mechanics, etc. I would also 
like to thank Geo, for making a great automobile, 
and Hanes Beefy T's for making comfortable clothe 1 1 
at affordable prices. Also, Canada gets my thanks fa 1 
keeping it real in the north. And I can't thank Canad. 
without thanking beans, which heave helped me 
through hard times by providing carbohydrates and 
protein to keep me going. And finally, I'd like t<> 
thank glass in general, because without glass, we 
couldn't have cups, blenders, thermometers, win 
dows, and thus food items like pies would go extinct 
creating problems worldwide. 

Katie Olander 

Wow, I finally made it. I want to first start ou; 
thanking my family for always being there. My 
parents for putting up with me through all my 
difficult times and laughing with me during the 
great. I love you both. My brother, Kevin, your one 
of a kind. My sister, Kristen, I know I can always 
count on you. To Emanuel. I love you with all my 
heart and soul. You've always been there for me. 
Lisa, man, we've had our ups and downs and still 
have managed to land on our feet, you're awesome 
and never change. A.J. it's been nice knowing you 
and I hope you get that house you always dream 
about. Alyssa. you're great and love your outfits. 
Sharonda, its been nice having you in ALL my classes 
for the past 2 yrs. To Aaron for always keeping it real. 
Rodney (aka Lee) who always makes me smile. Ean. 
I miss ya. Thanks to Mekia, Tony. Rebecca T., 
Nathan. Krysten.Tiff. Kesha. Nikee, Kayo, the V ball 
team. Coach Gallo, and anyone else I might have 
missed. I'll miss ya and greatest luck for the future 

Lisa Paquette 

I need to start by thanking all of my family MOM. 
I love you so much. You do everything tor me and 
would give me the world. I know sometimes it 
seems like I don't appreciate it, but I do. more than 
anything else. You have given mc a wonderful life 
and sacrificed yourself for inc. I promise that one 
day I will take care of you. not because I need to. but 
because I want to. I am proud to be your daughter 
GREGG. I am so happy that you came into my life ten 
years ago. I love you. too. As much as we ma> argue 
over stupid things. I truly appreciate everything you 

do for me, including paying for every dance thing on 
the planet and my car. DAD and LORI, I know I do 
not see you guys as much as we would all like, but 
I still love you enormously. All of my little sisters: 
girls to stay little forever, and even though that is not 
possible, you will always be my baby sisters. I love 
you girls and could never imagine my life without 
you. NANA and GRANDPA, I am so lucky to have 
such loving grandparents like you. I love you. Thank 
you for everything you have ever done for me or 
have given to me. I don't know what I would do if 
something ever took you away from me. AUNTIE 
DONNA, thank you for always being around and 
being so fun, but I will never get on a boat with you 
and mom ever again! All my other family members: 
aunts, uncles, cousins, all of you, I love you. And 
then there are all of my friends, three best friends in 
particular. MICHELLE, oh goodness! You are an 
awesome friend and I was lucky to have someone 
like you around the past few years. It's nice to have 
someone around that understands 
things... sometimes. I would not trade anything in 
the world for our friendship, even all the diamonds! 
Seriously. Someday we will rent a movie that you 
want to see, someday. Next time we go on a long car 
ride, you bring the music and I'll bring the hair 
brushes! NIKKI, life would be so boring without 
clumsy people like us, maybe that's why we get 
along so well! I would never trade you in either, I 
promise. You are an awesome friend, I hope you 
know that. We have had some pretty good times. 
We will never forget Will at Fire and Ice, or Lyla and 
Stu. Next time we go to Hampton Beach, I suggest 
we bring along someone who knows where they are 
going. I will never use my directional if it gives you 
a headache. And I promise to never go banana 
picking without you. KEITH, oh wow. I think you 
know how I feel by now. You have been there for me 
through some rough times, some of them I don't 
think I would have gotten through them without 
you. I am so lucky to have you. I'm happy you came 
"toTexas with me. Even though we learned to argue, 
I know we don't want to. I can't imagine you not 
being around next year. No matter what, always 
remember to smile, keep fuzzy hair, and don't leave 
watches on counters. I love you so. All three of you 
are the best friends I could ever ask for. You make me 
smile. And I like it when you come to my dance 
recitals! If for some reason you try to forget me, 
don't worry, I'll just find you anyway. You guys are 
awesome and I am the lucky person. All of my other 
friends are awesome, too. BECCA, you're an awe- 
some French buddy. BETSEY, you're so funny and 
the best shopping buddy. WHITNEY, you're a great 
Barnes and Noble CD shopping buddy. KERRY, 
you're a cool stuff math buddy and if it weren't for 
you, I'd still be doing my math homework. REBECCA 
W. we have had some pretty good dancing times, 
never stop. HEATHER, we will always be English 
buddies, but somehow we manage to do very little 
studying. TRACEY and BIANCA, I know we aren't 
very close anymore, but I would do anything for you 
guys and you are what I call a loyal friend. MARISSA, 
you're my Maine buddy. COLLEEN, I hope I never 
really hurt you when I pinched you! LAURIE, thanks 
for always including me. And all my other friends, 
I appreciate having you guys around to hang out 
with. I always have the feeling that I'm forgetting 

something, so if I forgot a friend, I promise that it is 
because I have issues and a bad memory. 

Rebecca Parkhurst 

I want to thank my family first. To my parents I know 
you think I'm not grateful for everything you've 
given me, but I really am. I am so lucky to have 
parents like you. MOM-I can tell you anything, and 
I can always count on you DAD-you amaze me 
everyday. I know we've had our differences, but ur 
my hero. I love you both. EM-where to begin. 
Thanks for being the only one in this family who also 
sees how crazy our parents are. You're way smarter 
than you think and I wouldn't have survived child- 
hood without you (even though I almost didn't 
because of you). GRANDMA SYLVIA-you're a true 
matriarch, and the funniest person I know GRANDMA 
BARBARA-Thanks for being so knowledgeable and 
generous all of the time BETS-Thanks for always 
being there even when I don't give you enough 
credit, and being the change I needed in sixth grade, 
my complete opposite, keeping me sane, somehow 
the only one more tired than me, Fiona, my voicemail, 
the bubbles WHIT-ur awesome. Thanks for still 
being friends no matter how many times we grow 
apart, letting me finish your sentences, never letting 
anything get in ur way, flawless, our weird moment, 
being an awesome Interact pres., Bedford Santa, 
pottymouth, crew KERRY-you helped me get me 
through middle school. Thanks for being the most 
modest Olympian, hanging out in England even 
when I was a mess, ur hilarious, squash, Mr. Right, 
Peugeot, playing in the snow during midyears, 
chaps SARA-ur so brave. I am still inspired by ur 
speech from last year. Thanks for teaching me how- 
to watch a movie, getting hit on everywhere we go, 
fittings at vicki's, backseat driving, curling my hair, 
crew SARAH C. - You have been there for me since the 
beginning of time, I can't thank you enough. Thanks 
for talking my ear off and letting me do the same, 
rathead clan, my rec, culture club JEN-I think you 
might possibly be as crazy as I am. ur so cool and 
definitely not the evil twin. Thanks for being one of 
my oldest and favorite friends, chronically late buddy, 
tito, culture club COLLEEN-You always know how 
to make me laugh. Thanks for your good moods, 
two things, oomph, sploot, there were birds. . ., It's 
me, It's me, our dance, we have too many jokes I'm 
done KEITH E. -stressing out at bf, crew, swim team, 
Scams, revenge of the nerds CHRIS M. -good times at 
sbp, breaking the law for me, crew, coining more 
sayings than I can remember LISA P. -alphabet and 
birthday month buddy, all the stories, French notes, 
noone can get between us MICHELLE H. -lunch bud- 
dies, History, Health, roommate NIKKI-sbp, there's 
something in the water, clubbing, oh wait, ur not 1 8 
NICK-political arguments, my favorite conservative, 
rejection, crew, high-fives, CDD, ego-u know the 
rest PHIL-being totally weird, but so cool, you're 
amazing MARK-making school much more interest- 
ing, shaming me in chess SAM B. -French videos, 
TIM-doing less homework than me, but getting 
more done before class, slacker king, having basi- 
cally every class together KEITH C. -fellow insom- 
niac, never giving up on tests, slacker award, crew 
BRIAN C. -rescuing me in Chem, sp3d MARISA- 
someday we'll carpool I promise DAVE G. -being the 
coolest kid ever DARA-being all-around awesome 
and liberal TY-being one of the nicest people I know 

KEN L.-ur too awesome for words SAM M-C-tB 
such a good host, civ/vis KARA-all the bike 
DEREK-adding words to my vocabulary, mi 
friends again, superwuss, porcupine JESSE- 
church, just being cool LILLY-pouring paint in 
bare hand, being hilarious KAREN-talking a 
boys in French, sp3d JEFF T. -taking one for the 
JEFFTAYLOR-tennis ball wars in ur basement LA 
March from Carmen, calculator-man, crew, 
lackies KATE-math and science buddy, don't k 
what I'd do without u WILKINS-comic relief, W( 
song, Ferry Beach, owl MICHELLE Y.-u totally ai 
me in so many ways, never change MEAGAN-fl 
buddy, swim team, Stephen Lynch, Buddha, fi 
man on varsity KATIE S. -supermodels, art I, ge 
lost at Hampton Beach MIKE B.-sbp, marriage Er- 
F.-art I, Interact, ur ugly even though ur my fav 
MATT G.-I hate u, no ur awesome, u make 1 
hilarious OWEN-ferry beach, eating ben and jer 
whip cream ELLIOT-ferry beach, trivial pur 
coach potato, apple picking in the rain, that ti 
new year's DAN-ferry beach, yellow, Latin AM 
being nothing like corina, crew, backstage and p. 
ing CORINA-being nothing like amy, crew , b 
stage and painting, braiding ur hair AM AND As 
team, playing in ur lean-to ERIN M. -birthday bi 
ASHLEY-my twin, letting me be ur sidekick, a 
lunch, trekking through the woods PAT sin; 
destroying madrigal, cello CHRIS S.-cr 
trashpicker. being hilarious ALLIE N.-my mer 
bf, getting lost in Hampton Beach, dance, c 
JAMIE D. -being awesome, even when whit dot 
think so, football, sbp, smart kids JOE B-P-b' 
quaker, sbp, football, hanging out at the dot 
ERIC-ordering a ferari at Bickford's, football, i< 
ball, sbp KAYLA-swing dance partner, knitting, L 
MONICA-no loitering, wind ensemble ARIEL 
chestra, cheering me up before you knew 
SHREYA-latin, orchestra, destroying madrigal, 
derstanding my lateness MAI-playing doubles, e 
when u hit me, destroying madrigal BRIAN 
finding every possible way to annoy me, ur ai 
some SEAN H. -basically, ur wicked cool DALE-hi 
name's Dale, that disgusting, but pretty funny IC 
A. -you're practically my younger sister, and by 
my favorite freshmen. Thanks for always being v 
beyond your years. Thanks to the crew (especi 
painters) and Harry, interacters and Mr. Mod, ma 
chem class, wind ensemble, orchestra, tennis gi 
swim team and Mrs. Blake. Thanks Mr. V., Dave, . 
the bf crew. Thanks to all my teachers, especially 
Pilla. Ms, Devaney, Mr. Maffa, Mr. Felker, 
Stephenson (cousin), Mr. McGowan, Mr. Gaillc 
Doc Has, Mrs. K. Sullivan, Mrs. Irving. Thank; 
Mrs. Milligan and Mrs. Higson for being so nic« 
the mornings, and Mrs. Gelormini. I am so sorr 

1 forgot anyone; but you probably know me v 
enough to know how late I was up doing this. 1 1« 
you all; it's been a great four years. Good luck! 

Kara Perry 

First of all, I am so happy that this is finally ove 
would like to thank my parents. I am extreml 
blessed to have been raised by two loving, cari)| 
and supportive people. Thank you for being there 
me, driving me everywhere, and enduring lc 
dance recitals where everything looked the same 

2 1/2 hours. I love you very much and thank you j 
all that you have given me. To my sister Lisa, I'll m 

and don't put mom and dad through too much 
f. Thank you to my grandparents, grandma, Pam 
Bruce for your advice and support. My best 
id Marisa: Thank you for being there for me 
%. I will miss you and your fashion advice. You 
be the next DKNY! You are the best! Sexy lyrics! 
ey: one name Michael Vaughn. Karen: thank you 
istening to me and for being there for me. Katie: 
i though you won't see this, thank you for the 
times we got to have. Tim: thanks for letting all 
> bury you at the beach! To the rest of my family 

irek Pfeffer 

, I want to thank my family. DAD: thanks for our 
about philosophy, you were the one who told 
to have no regrets; for getting me into lifting 
I I ever be as strong as you?) and for always 
ving what to do, you are the person I look up to 
nost and I love you. MOM: I'm sorry we spend 
luch time arguing, without you I would have 
dat many things; I appreciate everything you've 
: for me and I love you. GRANDMA: thanks for 
ing with me to the store when I was little, and 
leing so warm and kind to me; I love you. ZEKE 
RORY: thanks for being good dogs. Now, my 
ids... SAM: thanks for being such an outstanding 
id, and for sharing so much with me; for candy 
ks, painting, talking about stuff, camping, un- 
round rap, walking around Bedford, chilling at 
■ house, getting lost in Boston, playing tennis 
basketball, cupcakes, abandoned trains and the 
ing lot techno rave. DAVE: for so many great 
about girls, life, and protein; for all the ideas 
r e shared; for being yourself and doing what you 
t to do; for dedicating yourself to everything you 
for always supporting me and being there for 
for hitting the "J" with me all the time; free jazz 
potatoes; thanksgiving feast. JEFF: for growing 
nth me, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather 
^upwith (well, maybe jesus...); for hanging out 
y weekend and countless good times; for two 
rise parties; for taking me camping all those 
>; for being such a great friend; and, of course, 
al. NICK: dude, we've had some good times; 
ks for hitting me in the head with a rock. Haha, 
kidding. You are an awesome friend and have 
ys been there for me; thanks for always telling 
low you feel. KEITH C: k-dogger james, k-bone, 
are the man. I'm glad I moved into your neigh- 
lood, thanks for hanging out with me all the time 
putting up with my stupid jokes (you know 
t I'm talking about). KEITH E: for freshman 
)gy class and the good talks we used to have; for 
ling all the time; for beating me in arm wres- 
. I'm sorry we didn't hang out more. SARAH C: 
are amazing. Thanks for all the chats we've had, 
laying up until 5 in the morning talking about 
inds of crazy stuff, for always being there to 
i and help out, and for being so trustworthy, 
lk you for always understanding me or at least 
ig to. I don't know what I'd do without you. I 
you! JEN C: for many of the same talks; that one 
t during the summer, that was one of the most 
lorable times I've had; for being so enthusiastic 
it everything and for fighting with Sarah all the 
I I love you! HEATHER: for growing up with 
of course; also for being so honest and helpful 
for being a great friend. SARAH S: for our late 

night walks around the neighborhood, for chilling 
and watching the Simpsons at 2 in the morning, cross 
country sleepovers, foods class; most of all, for being 
someone I can trust and talk to about anything. 
JULIA: thanks for being so much fun (physics, 
calculus); remember eighth grade, dog walks, the 
dance, good times. You always make me smile. 
CATHERINE: thanks for being the best neighbor 
ever, for lemonade stands, for all the time we spent 
together playing and chilling in your pool. You were 
always like a big sister to me, and still are. KAREN: 
seagull, thanks for always being willing to forgive 
me. Thanks for the craziest friendship I've had, and 
one I would never give up. BETSEY: thanks for being 
so happy all the time and for a great time at the junior 
prom. BECCA: for being so generous and kind; for 
ninth grade, squirrel wuss! WHITNEY: whitnisima, 
thanks for being so much fun and for a sweet time at 
the semi. KATE: for hanging out when we were 
younger, and for being my civic buddy. JAMIE: for 
spot, the eternal newt; for hanging out so much 
when we were younger, for the great talks we've had 
online, and for being so much fun. JASON K: kessdog, 
thanks for being a great friend and telling me how it 
is. Also, thanks for beating me up (in the snow) and 
inspiring me to be stronger. I miss you. MATT: for 
your wisdom and for sharing your writing with me. 
JESSE, for being the hippest mexican in all the land. 
MIKE B: for making soccer so much more fun; you 
are a good friend and very italian. TYLER: for some 
good talks, rubbing elbows and wind ensemble. 
RICHIE: for soccer and wind ensemble. BRAD: for 
being a cool guy, and hanging out with me. TODD: 
for being my only friend from billerica, for being the 
man. ROB C: for hitting me with a bottle many times, 
monkey bites, and a crazy birthmark. PHIL: for being 
so funny. PETE STEWART: fool, thanks for the good 
times at the gym. DEREK C: the other Derek, we had 
some good times during the summer. COLIN: for 
being a great guy and for sophomore art class. 
JOHNNY W: thanks for our talks about writing and 
for being a role model, I've always looked up to you. 
MONTANA: for being a great guy. OWEN: for the 
hair and psychology. CHERUB: for being so cherubic 
and for being the coolest freshman (sophomore 
now, I guess) ever! BRITTANY: for lots of things. 
KAT: for being a lot of fun, for introducing me to 
Westford, meow. MRS. M. SULLIVAN: for being an 
incredible English teacher and a better person. MR. 
STEPHENSON: for making math enjoyable and for 
your stories; for being someone to learn from, and 
not just with the calculus. 

Colleen Reed 

This is in no particular order, and if I forgot 
anyone, ANYONE, I am oh so sorry... 
MOM and DAD: I can not even begin to thank you 
enough for everything you've done for me. You've 
been wonderful parents and I'm glad that we are so 
close. Not everyone is so lucky. PAT: It isn't often 
that someone can say their sibling is one of their best 
friends. I hope we'll stay this way for a long time. 
LAURI: I remember going into Mr. Hirsch's class in 
5th grade to watch a movie and you saved me a scat. 
I was so happy. Then we became best friends. Seven 
years and going strong! Thanks for all the great 
memories, I can't even begin to list them all now. I 
hope we'll stay close in the years to come. MARISA: 

It started with the shared bond over the horridness of 
chem, and grew into a BEYOOOOO-TIFUL friend- 
ship. Thanks for all the support, shopping-trips, and 
for being my dancing buddy. I will always be there 
to save you from the pigeons, babe! KEITH: Wh^^ 
would have thought that a silly little competition to 
see who could yell "WHAT'S UP?" first back in 
freshman year would turn into this? Thanks for 
movie nights, car rides, ice cream trips, coming to 
the dances, (even though you hate them) , and giving 
me something to laugh about (like your obsession 
with chicken fingers.) Thanks for being so under- 
standing and for always making me smile. DARA. 
You're one of the kindest people I know. Youf re so 
smart; you always give me a new and better outlook 
on everything. Thanks for your funky attituqe and 
wonderful sense of humor. Thanks for your "funny 
squeal" and all the hours spent doing "dnvabys." 
Thankyou for staying till two in the morning when 
the power went. MICHELLE: I've knowrfc you 
forever, you were one of my first friends. Thankyou 
for always being there, and always making iw i ny 
fun, whether it's talking on the phone, teaching ccdl 
or just cruising around. JESSE: Since the secret hand 
shake back in 8th grade, you've been one of my bes 
friends. Thanks for all the support, midnight walks 
and goofy things to make me laugh. TIMMY: You'v< 
always been a shoulder for me to lean on. Thank > 
for hours on the phone and for always makinj 
conversations so interesting. ASHLEY: Remembe 
the time we stayed up till 5:30 in the morning 1 
Thanks for "forceps," singing Beatles, and for mak 
ing me happy. MEAGAN: Thankyou for "our call." 
and for being my "special" bus pal. Thankyou fo 
giving me something to laugh about when you stall 
Ms. Blake. BECCA: Thanks for 1,000.000 insidi 
jokes, even if we forget them all. Thanks for alway I 
listening to my stories and laughing at my jokes 
You've been a great friend. BETSEEEEEY: Thanks fo 
endless hours over the phone, silly jokes, and sieeing 
"Spiderman" with me. You've always been there to 
talk to. We used to joke about teaching together 
some day, but I'd absolutely love to some day! 
WHITNEY: Thanks for being such a cool and unique 
person and for giving me someone to look up to. 
KERRY: It seems like just yesterday we were starting 
off 6th grade with Mrs.Marlow, (haha). Thanks for 
all the great times since then! CHRIS: Thanks for 
making me laugh with funny impressions and sto- 
ries. Thanks for always listening to mine, however 
long and pointless they may be. KEITH-E: Yeah. 8th 
grade "friendly folks." Thanks for always being a 
nice guy. and always making things tun. KAYO: 
You're one of the coolest people I know, you have 
really been an inspiration. Thanks for getting me 
through physics and waking me up in math. KATIE: 
Thanks for being my K-Sista, girls' nights, and letting 
me do "drive-byes" on the way back to your house. 
CORINA: Thanks for being my secret pal and for 
making things fun when you gel all hyper and silly. 
AMY: Thankyou for making my brother so happy 
and for being understanding when I would turn the 
volume way up in the car. LISA: Thankyou for your 
love of sparkles, and for being a good tnend, (even 
when you go and pinch me.) NIKKI Thankyou lor 
always making a simple night out interesting 
HEATHER: Thanks for always including me and for 
being my "freakmg-out-ahout science-class-pal" 

REBECCA: Thanks for always sharing your notes 
with me in humanities and for being someone fun to 
talk to. I wish I could have stayed in physics with 
you. KENJAMIN: Thanks for your goofy wave and 
playing along when I laugh. Thank for your good 
advice and beautiful music. NICK: Thankyou for 
"fancy meeting you here," letting me drag you on 
double dates, and for your great advice. PHIL: 
Thankyou for always putting me in my place, by 
pretending that my jokes weren't funny, and that I 
was "GROSS." You always gave me a good laugh. 
BRAD: It's so great to always have someone as fun 
as you to talk to online. Thanks for always listening 
and for spacing out during Spanish class. BRIAN: 
You are quite possibly the funniest person on the 
face of the planet. Thanks! KAREN: Thankyou for 
giving me so much help and support last year. It 
really made a difference to have someone who 
understood. KARA: I've only gotten to know you 
this year, but I'm glad that I did. You have been so 
kind and thoughtful to me. Thanks for the great x- 
mas party. TIMBO and GRANT: Thanks for 
"saxophone's night out", for trying to fix my car 
window, and for being two of the funniest guys I 
know. KEVIN: "I WANT MY PRIVACY!" You rock. 
CHRIS R. Thanks for being one of my best friends, 
even though you're a plane ride away. Thanks to my 
ARIEL, and ALEX for making things fun in and out of 

Jesse Robichaud 

Let's begin, shall we? Mom and Dad, I wish I 
could show you guys how much I appreciate 
everything you do. You've always been the 
most loving people, and you've always sup- 
ported me. It seemed that all you wanted was 
for Nick and I to be happy and to do what was 
right. You've helped make me into the person 
I am today, I never would have discovered 
music if you hadn't been looking out for the 
better interest of your kids. Thank you for all 
the hugs, talks, all the times you've made me 
feel proud, for letting me be me. I love you 
more than I could ever tell you, and I hope I 
become as good of a parent as you both are. 
Nick, you've always looked out for mom, dad, 
and me. I think it's cool that we turned out to 
be completely different kinds of people, but still 
the same. I enjoy our conversations; you're a 
funny guy, and your advice has helped me more 
than you've probably noticed. The hair and 
clothes may bother you, but you've always seen 
past it, and it's because you're good brother. I 
look up to you a lot, and I love you. Thanks for 
the confidence, "tall people fighting", car rides, 
girls, and acting goofy. On to Ken (jamin), 
Dude, you and me have had some awesome 
times. You've been my friend longer then 
anybody, since first grade when you showed 
me where my classroom was. Teaching me bass 
must have been a job and a half, and I appreciate 
it, it's helped me so much. Thanks for high 

school, bad relationships, Green Day, sleepovers, 
and bands. We rocked some socks. Colleen, 
the girl next door. You've been my sister all 
through high school, and you've always been 
there to talk, or give me a ride when I didn't 
have a car. England, psychology class, Hallow- 
een (no neccesito un chaqueta!), 
"GOOODBYEEEE", swing dancing, "I'd rather 
not", Tumbleweeds, and good times. I love you 
and your family, have fun in college. Corina, 
my high school love. We were always the 
unlikely couple, but we always shared some- 
thing that was really special to me. You always 
made me laugh, and I was happy when I was 
with you. The dating failed because of my 
stupidity, but we managed to stay good friends 
through it, and you'll always be the first. Thanks 
for dealing with my crap. Alyssa, the friend- 
ship you and me developed over the past year 
has meant the world to me. You always came to 
see my band and have always made your house 
welcome to me. You've been a part of every 
family I've been in, marching band, The Upper 
Hand, and now your family. You're the cutest 
girl, and way cooler than half the kids at this 
school. Thanks for band camp, sleepovers, hair 
dye, talks, trampolines, vegans, Josie, Brian, 
Kathy, and Kenny. Sully, marching band has 
made us awesome friends, and this year was 
wicked cool being drum major with you. We 
had some awesome times, I won't forget DMA, 
the girls, sneaking out, band camp, and your 
sister... I mean. uhh. The Marching Band! 
Since 8"' grade marching band has been a huge 
part of me. You guys are my family, and I had 
a blast. Thanks to everyone who did it from 
1997 to 2003; you have all changed my life. 
BRAH. The Upper Hand, starring Tony, Nate, 
and Ken. Some of my best memories, some of 
the hardest times, the hardest work, and the 
sexiest men alive! In all seriousness, it was a 
pleasure rocking alongside you guys. Stay cool. 
Jeff, for "Straight-edge hardcore for life! ", sneak- 
ing out, beat boxing, Ben, for being there to talk 
and be crazy, and Fish, for smart on the inside, 
crazy on the outside, and the most misunder- 
stood kid there is. To Jeff, Ben, and Fish, thanks 
for having me in J. Sherman, it brought me to be 
friends with you guys, and you are by far the 
most interesting group of people I've ever met. 
Thanks for fighting the man with me. Hip Hop 
anonymous, all the adventures, and for coming 
to shows to see my band. Wilkins thanks for 
Afros, bad sneezes, OWL, English classes, and 
hair metal. Kayla, for being the coolest cheer- 
leader ever, for listening, and for not caring 
what people think. Alec, Jenny, Mike, you 
guys are hilarious, don't ever change. Danika, 
you're such a strong person, you've always had 
good advice. Boys are dumb. Nick, Big Man! 
Thanks for being as tall as me, and for drums, 
Ken Beats Jesse, Bedford Day, marching band, 

and being the gentle giant. Tim, for bein£ 
funniest dork ever. Katie O, sorry things wo 
out the way they did, you were a big part o 
life and we had some good times. Good luc 
college! Phil, for track and being a wei 
Ryan M (Metal), thanks for making Bed 
that much cooler, and teaching me some 
gression. Lauri, for all the parties and s 
Leah, wish I had gotten to know you soo 
you're amazing. All the base kids that 1 
moved away, Brandy, Heidi, Volz, Amai 
Jessica, Jamie, and Dave. The teachers 
really made a difference: Mr. Reagan, 
Felker, Mr. Fichara, Mr. Jacob-Dolan ( 
sweater), the Budkas, the Sullivans, 1 
Pascucci, and Mr. Boschetto. Thanks (ir 
order whatsoever): Jimmy, Emilys, Max 
SarahS., the Sub-Plot kids, Ians, Lucy, De> 
Ahni , Aaron , Nathan S . , Ritchie (Rach ) , Ka 
Becca P. Abby, Captain Planet, Co 
Slovakian, Hair Metal, Sammy, Tracy 
Katrina, The Cheerleaders, Cori, Mark (th; 
for WE), Coombs, Asians, Corey B, Joes, A 
Gagnons, the middle finger, Zoe-Zoe Kt 
Cassie, TJ, seniors of 200 1 , Mollie, Ami, 
Crouton, Shamekia, TonyC, Jess and Joari 
Eric, Cabans, Courtney, all my family. Gee 
Carlin, Meg, youth and family services, all! 
bands I met. Bottom Line, DMA, Rockl, 
Mass, good cops, shiny things, girls, and i 
sic. Fight The Man. -J 

Karen Faye Siegel 

Most importantly, I want to thank my fair 
All of you have been so supportive through 
some of the most difficult times of my life, 
you have no idea how much you mean to I 
I may not show it all of the time, but I lovee 
and every one of you more than the mucl 
muchest! Mom: Thank you for driving me 
over for lessons and appointments despite y 
busy schedule. I have loved all of our li 
"dates" and casual girl-talk. You mean the wc 
to me. Dad: I don't think I have ever told ) 
how much I appreciate you. Your end 
willingness to help me in all of my endeav] 
and to be my personal chauffeur is gre<] 
appreciated. Rachel and Morry: No mal 
what the event, you have always come to a! 
thing I have participated in. Thank you 
being a great sister, Rachel, and Morry, th. 
you for being the brother I always want 
Laura: You are my best friend and my r 
model. You are so incredibly intelligent i 
talented and so many other gifts. You have 
capacity to become anything you want to 
and I admire you so much for that. Thank 
for just being my sister. To all of the otjl 
people... Abby: being my other best friend, 
green marshmallows, quirky little phrases, h I 
ing our own weird language, being my rw 
personal bubble days, dancing no matter wij 

troubles, sounding like Lili, and just being 
ncredibly gifted. I love you principessa! 
inie: Now 8, flying, madrigals, sextet, 
I, and just being somebody whom I truly 
:. Ashley: for coming to Bedford and 
ing this year hilarious and incredible - I 
ldn't have made it through without all of 
chats. Marisa: loving FL, having the most 
lous styled, spa sleepovers, senior prom. 
I getting me hooked on Alias. Dara: J 
es, getting into Harvard and not caring, 
g so unique - in a very good way. Leah: 
irning cursive, being goofy, dress shop- 
I weird guys in your life. Lindsay: flute, 
ing parties, telling me every detail of every- 
g, finding music amusing, letting me be 
le and moody. Colleen: penny pinnies, tea 
:es, always being there no matter what, 
ins: new year's eve, our insane corner of 
sis and Cabans, being so incredibly differ- 
rom each other. Derek: for getting over all 
le problems we have, semi, summer mov- 
Keith: swim team bus stop, senior prom, 
g my study buddy for many classes. Heather: 
unities study buddy, New Year's eve, phys- 
isanity. Chris: threatening me with non- 
er food. Mark: B&N coffee dates, driving 
verywhere, every musical, madrigals, deal- 
with my craziness. Becca: field hockey, 
a team, fighting for French with me. Betsey: 
g so jovial no matter what the situation, 
tney: wanting to hear all of my stories. 
: and Jesse: giving great hugs and knowing 
n it's a "bubble" day. Jeff: being a true 
ridual. Tara: sextet, madrigal weekend, 
g the coolest Busa. Laura: flute and 
Igewood swim team. Jimmy - loving 
.my. Mike, Elliot, Alastair, Frankie: always 
g in musicals and respectively, madrigal 
ness. Flute ladies: for never practicing and 
:aring about it either and for engaging in 
ic flute girl-talk. Caitlin, Maxine, Emily, 
on: for being so dramatic and vocally tal- 
d - you will go very far in the years to come, 
her and Kayo: for never giving up and 
g the other senior girls in madrigals. Fish: 
icine balls. Colby: Blue Man Group. Mad- 
people: you are a truly talented group and 
the potential for being the best in all of BHS 
n't let your differences come between the 
y of your sound. Sextet ladies: for dealing 
my love for boy-bands and with my insane 
lucting moments... no one ever said it was 
to arrange music! Katie R: for believing in 
sotential to succeed as a singer. Matt W.: 
ieing the best friend I could have ever asked 
I apologize to all who I forgot. Thank you 
naking my Bedford years quite memorable 
enjoyable. Life Goals: To live life to its 
st and to always dream. Elyse Smith 
t of all I would like to thank you mom and 
for giving me all the love and support a 

daughter could wish for. I cannot explain just 
how lucky lam for having such a caring family. 
Mom, thank you for dealing with the tude all 
those times. I want you to know just how much 
I appreciate everything you and dad do for me. 
Dad, thank you for being so patient with me and 
being such a handy man. To my sisters: Through- 
out my life you both have been inspiring role 
models to me. It is so nice to have you both to 
look up too. Erin: My twin, I wish you lived 
closer so that the three of us could spend more 
time together. You are such a thoughtful and 
caring sister and the perfect fashion consultant. 
Robo: I could not ask for a more comical sister 
than you. Your funny, caring and a very gener- 
ous person. From the Robo T snap to the 
interesting language you have of your own it is 
always creative. I am so lucky to have such 
understanding sisters who are always there for 
me. Parker: I have to say that you are the 
funniest brother in-law. You always know how 
to keep yourself busy and to have a good time. 
I am so thankful that you are apart of the Smith 
family. Mike: I am always amazed at how long 
I have known you. Thank you for being such a 
generous person. It is also nice to have you 
apart of the Smith family. Ryan: Thank you for 
being such a wonderful best friend to me. We 
always know how to have fun together. Thank 
you for always being there for me when I need 
someone to talk to and whom I can trust. I am 
so thankful for having someone like you that is 
so thoughtful and generous to me. I love you. 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkie: Thank you for being so 
friendly and making me so comfortable in your 
home. I appreciate all the delicious meals and 
the generous gifts you have given me, but most 
of all you are two of the most caring and 
supportive people I have ever met. Court: There 
are so many memories I cannot even imagine 
were to begin. I could not wish for a better 
friend to grow up with. I will never forget Paula 
Abdul, performing for your mom in your living 
room and of course the slip and slide! Thanks, 
for always being there for me through the good 
and the bad times. I want you to know how 
beautiful, talented, smart and caring you are. I 
have been so lucky to have you as a best friend 
for all those years. I wish I could write more but 
I cannot even reminisce all the times we have 
had together. To your mom, thank you for 
being such a wonderful mother to me, I truly 
appreciate it. Krista: I am so happy that we have 
become so close. You are such a sweetheart and 
an understanding friend. I will never forget 
foods and Mrs. Irving's class. I love how we 
never knew what we were doing. We have had 
some good times and I look forward to even 
more. You are such a caring and devoted friend 
and I appreciate that so much. I'll bring the 
blender!! Megers: I will never forget Transition 

you Lindsey and me. I will miss our coffee chats 
after school. We have had some fun times! I 
will never forget them. Kirsten: never forget 
the walks to Spanish and Latin"party ked ahhhh!" 
The semi remember when we ate at UNO's. If 
there is one person I can laugh with it is you. I 
will miss your laugh as you walk down the hall. 
Kim: I am glad that I have gotten to know you 
in the past couple of years. I will miss having 
lunch together. I had so much fun with you that 
night at Court's watch out for those bananas. 
Carey: You are such a sweetheart and it makes 
me so happy that we have become friends in the 
past couple of years. I will always think of you 
when I eat mozzarella sticks, they just won't be 
the same without you! Sara: I miss you out in 
California. We have had some really good times 
and I wish I still had my party budd) around. 
You have always been such a great friend to me 
thanks. Rachel: Thanks for being my Traff? 
dresser and always beautifying me. Incubus 
long cruses to TCBY those are the best. I have 
had some awesome dance parties with you, Kim 
and Sara. Kim: never forget the good old Danc« 
Inn those were some rough and also fun years; 
Don't forget about the aliens in our belliesi 
Linda AKA my other mom thank you for all that 
you have done for me. Pat: thanks for alway$ 
having the parties. Ian: thanks for always being 
so fun to party with. Scott: Thanks for being 
such a riot all the time and for having such an 
awesome party after the junior prom. Greg; 
Just looking at the flagpole! Thanks for such a 
good time up in Maine. Chris: Thanks for 
always being in such a good mood all the time! 
Dave: Thanks for being so cool and being so fun 
to party with. Tim: Thanks for being such acool 
kid. To: Alex, Brett, Jeff, Nathan, Bianca. Knsti. 
Jenelle, and to those I did not get to thank, Good 
luck in the future. 

Caroline St. Onge 

First I would like to thank God tor blessing me and 
always watching over me. For my family, you all 
mean so much to me. I know I haven't always been 
the easiest person to get along with, but thank you all 
for always sticking by me, I love you all so much 
Mom- thank you for always cracking me up. danc 
ing. making me feel better, and being the best 
mother in the world. Dad- thanks for always trying 
to be funny, giving me everything I could have ever 
asked for, and always pushing me to do my best. I 
hope I grow up to be as hardworking and driven as 
you are. James- thanks for being such a great little 
brother and always wanting to play and gang up on 
MKS. Michaela Potato chips baby, tonis. 16. Carol 
and Rosemary, and Iree/e. You are one of the most 
unselfish and caring people in the w orld Thanks lor 
always letting me hang out with you, siding with 
me. being a riot and being the best sister and tnend 
Kaiherine thanks lor being my "other" sister, bring 
ing me cheese, ham cubes, crashing our bikes, spy 
routes, getting your shoelaces stuck, and letting me 
steal your movies all the tune LYLA& Krista thanks 
for being my best friend, understanding EVERY 

THING, always being there no matter what, and for 
being such a caring person. Thanks for the jokes, the 
shower event, all our dinners, getting hit with a 
football at the beach, hands/arms, wrestling, "does 
the cheese melt?", raff and bunny, sharing every- 
thing with me and being hip, fresh and new. Don't 
go away too far, I don't know what I will do without 
you. ILU. Kim-thanks for sixteen years of being best 
friends. From teaching me my words, kidsongs, all 
of the sleepovers, being peed on, dancing, under- 
wear searches in WV, hazing, being Siamese, "Carey 
I thought you were going to look," TREX, "I don't 
know if I peed", figuring out the boys lineups. 
Thanks for always being able to make me laugh. I am 
going to miss you so much! ILU. Kirsten- thanks for 
always laughing until we shake and stop breathing, 
making our faces, being a dumpling, getting pelted 
with snowballs, "is that the key?" , and being crazy all 
the time. I'm so glad we're friends. ILU. Courtney- 
thanks for caring so much about others, always being 
sweet, being a great friend, imitating gums, the 
Maine car ride, and being funny. ILU. Meghan- 
thanks for being so much fun, getting stalked in 
Maine, leaving to buy cameras, figuring out the 
lineups, and New Years this year. I'm glad we 
became closer this year. ILU. Elyse- thanks for being 
hilarious, sharing my mozzarella obsession, and all 
our x-block talks. ILU. Scott- thanks for doing sign 
language, always asking for gum, the Maine car ride, 
jumping off the bridge with me, letting me drive the 
Pearl and being a fun person. Pat- thanks for always 
having people over and being funny and nice to me. 
Chris- thanks for having the best laugh and for all the 
fun. Greg H.- for wearing sweatpants in eighth 
grade and always being so nice. Dave, Ian, Tim, and 
Brian- thanks for making the weekends fun. I will 
miss all of you guys! Katie B.- thanks for being the 
only other Dawsons fan,, doing riverdance, 
and writing each other our first notes. Good luck 
next year! Jeff- thanks for eighth grade, junior prom, 
Sanibel, PSAT class, being spe, and being one of the 
best and coolest people ever. I'm going to miss you 
so much. Brett- thanks for being a great friend, 
surviving history, New Year's last year, and always 
being so nice and friendly. I'm sorry about the first 
grade concert incident! I'm going to miss you! Alex- 
thanks for the back scratches, bringing me to get my 
license, hitting me with rulers, having turtle syn- 
drome, and waking me up junior year. I'll miss you. 
Katie K. -thanks for "screwing", FH camp (finding 
people under the beds), being my tennis partner, 
getting flustered when people drive by and being 
such a sweet girl. I'll miss you! Sam- never forget the 
squirrels, REA.CDR, and the Moffats. Thanks for 
being so much fun! Kate T.- spying on CC and CJ and 
watching saved by the bell. Chris M.- thanks for the 
rides, physics and bio, and operation big gums. 
Sarah A.- thanks for quitting field hockey with me! 
Richie- thank you for always being so awesome and 
for making me a better person. I will never forget 
you or any of the memories we had. I will miss you 
next year. Peter - I'm not Laura. Greg G.- my pee 
buddy! Thanks for being such a nice person and for 
the Spanish videos. Adam- channie! Thanks for 
being a sea animal, marrying me in Spanish, loving 
Hot Stuff, forehead massages, smelling victory, lov- 
ing food, laughing so much, and being so much fun. 
I'm going to miss you! Thanks also to Corey, 
Matheson, Tyler, Mark and the tennis and FH girls. 

Jamie and Whitney-Buse! Also thank you to the 
Amatos for always letting me come over. The 
Bernardos- thanks for letting me stay at your house 
so much, taking me to New Hampshire, and always 
making me feel welcome. The Harringtons - thank 
you for always letting me visit, having me for dinner, 
and letting me nap at your house. Thanks to Mrs. 
Sullivan and Mrs. Morris for being such great teach- 
ers. To anyone I forgot, I am extremely sorry. Good 
luck to the class of 2003, I will miss you all! 

Peter Stewart 

First of all I want to thank my Mom and Dad. 
Thank you so much for everything. Your love, 
support, and guidance has made me who I am 
today. I am so lucky to have parents as kind and 
caring as you are. Mom - We can always joke 
around and have a good time together. Dad - 
Even though I didn't appreciate it at the time, 
thank you for always making sure that I did 
what needed to be done, and that I didn't put 
things off. Heather and Lauren - I could not 
have better sisters. Thank you for always being 
such good friends, for being nice to me even 
when I was annoying, and for making sure I 
didn't turn into a weirdo. Thank you also for 
breaking in Mom and Dad so I had it easier than 
you did. Nana - Thank you for coming over 
every day since I was born, making my bed, 
making sure that I always did my homework, 
and for our talks. Papa - Thank you for driving 
me everywhere, and for teaching me to drive. 
Greg - From riding our bikes to Toy Works to 
driving around on Friday night, we have come 
a long way. Thanks for always being there to 
laugh at the same dumb jokes and to make any 
situation funny. The pa and the ha, always 
telling me good music to download, me ripping 
off half my toenail, which I did not do on 
purpose, have all been fun. Jeff - For all the 
good times at Carlton Willard, for driving me 
everywhere and letting me sit shottie most of 
the time. England freshman year was awesome. 
You are the man because you are a true J. Richie 
- Thanks for teaching CCD with me every Sun- 
day, it was fun even though we would celebrate 
when we had the week off, and for dealing with 
the certain parents. Blast-o-Butter will always 
be the best, some day I'll make you a meal made 
entirely out of celery. Brett - For being "The Last 
of the Boghigians", sorry about the time I hit 
you with the desk. It's too bad no one likes your 
movies, Dr. Strange Glove. Adam - For being by 
far the coolest Asian in the school, I can only- 
wish to be as cool as the Chan Man. Simple Plan 
is awesome, and the uncontrollable Asian laugh 
is the best. Mark - I'll never forget that night you 
went crazy, thanks for not getting too mad 
during telephone games. Jen - Thanks for 
thinking I was funny, even when I made fun of 
you, and for getting disgusted by mayonnaise, 
even when it is in the packet. Steve - For not 
flipping out when we call you cone. We had 

some good times at day camp with the inte 
diate kids, too bad we got stuck with the c 
ones (Jacob, Andrew) . Kurt - For always ha 
the fastest car, and at the same time ge 
pulled over the most. You're the only per 
know who can end up in Boston when w 
trying to get to Bedford. Ty - Thanks for al 
giving me some of you goldfish at lunch 
parmesan are greatly appreciated. Mathes 
You are by far the weirdest person I ki 
Thanks for always making us laugh, anc 
being the one with junk in the trunk. The 
- TP bandits, blink concerts, NFG, B-fast 
beach, hanging out at Corey's, sleeping at ' 
Even though what we did each weekend 
pretty similar, they were all fun. Derek - 
getting me into lifting, strongbad email, an( 
shuffle. Sam - For being my friend since 
grade, even though we hated each other t 
Photo was always fun. Corey - Thanks 
always letting us come to your house and fo 
"fish out of water". Phil - I'll never forge 
time you jumped in the snow in your un 
wear for $2, you're the man. Alex - We 
some crazy times with Doc. Has, you have n 
let a day pass without finding someon 
molest. Allie - For always saying I smell v* 
it is you who needs to take a shower, alv 
managing to live in a place that's a pain to f 
and for being "one of the guys". Kate - 
never getting mad when we made fun of ) 
for chasing Greg with CJ's truck, and for 
times in English class last year. Jamie - Engl 
was a blast, we had fun in English the last 
years and our ceramics class sophomore ] 
was the best. Nathan - For being in like 5 of 
classes this year, and for making physics b« 
able. Brad - For being my friend since 
grade, I'll never let you forget about that tim 
Mr. Wakeham's class. Dave - History jur 
year, and for some intense games of rc 
paper, scissors. Kim - Latin this year was f 
thanks for "peeing yourself when someth 
is funny. Scott - It's too bad the ACK died, 
when it was alive it and the pearl were 
coolest cars in school. Whitney - For alw 
being in a good mood. Krista - Ceramics w. 
good time "Cause when your mamma was 
havin' you..." Everyone who was in my 
junior year - Harvinator was the best, an< 
block was by far the best class ever. Thank j 
to all my teachers for putting up with me th 
last four years and for making High Sch 
interesting, making learning a possibility. J 
Venkatesh - Thanks for always joking aroi 
with me , even though you aren ' t really a teacr 
but an escaped felon. 

Jennifer Strachan 

To my parents: You two are the most import 
people in my life. Your support and encouragem 
are my biggest blessing. Your generosity has p 

d me with more than I could ever need. I love 
both very much. Mom-Thanks for editing my 
;rs, taking me on college visits, all of your help 
l applications, being the loudest and craziest 
;etball mother, driving lessons, watching the 
>s, shopping and most of all being my biggest 
model. Dad-Thanks for teaching me all of those 
*ts, staying up late and studying with me, taking 
;o sporting events, and telling the weirdest jokes 
then laughing at them. You always know how 
take me laugh, even when I don't want to! Joey 
Colleen-You two are the funniest kids I know, 
aks for always entertaining me. I don't know 
t I'm going to do next year without you. I love 
both. Joey-Thanks for always caring. You are 
most thoughtful boy I know and a true gentle- 
l Colleen-You have always been there for me. 
l though you are younger than me, I still look up 
ou. Thanks for the girl talks, fashion advice, 
jing over everything, and being the most intense 
petitor. Remember it's okay to lose sometimes, 
be rest of my family: grandparents, aunts, uncles 
cousins, I love you all! To my friends: Alli- 
iks for being my shoulder to lean on. You really 
ied me through a rough time. I'm so glad we 
: become such good friends and share so many 
[lories: lax captains, long talks, sleepovers, point- 
drives, hockey and soccer games, shopping trips, 
tis, and sappy chick flicks. Thanks for always 
ning and giving the best advice. Jamie-We've 
1 through so much, soccer, rec basketball, lax, 
onels," CCD and English classes. Whit-you 
lys make me smile. Your sweet personality 
lys makes me feel better. Thanks for always 
g there. Betsey-You're one of the funniest girls 
>w. Your lip gloss and pen fetishes, lax manager, 

nights, English classes, eating all of my food, 
Easy Mac and pancakes. Sarah-Thanks for always 
ning and telling me some pretty crazy stories, 
etball, making apple pies, Mo, and reffing. You 
: always been so good to me, especially through 
e difficult times. KT- You're so much fun to be 
ind. I don't know what I would' ve done with out 
at camp, Spanish class, our crazy videos, and 
ing up with the boys. Nikki- Thanks for being 
:at friend, peer leadership, science classes, your 
lorn crushes and your funny jokes. Michelle- 
jovers, reffing, classes, and those chocolate chip 
ties. Thanks for always being there to straighten 
gs out. Jen- soccer, basketball and our crazy 
her/fans. Katie K. -rec basketball, our dads 
hing, science classes, Saturday masses and Celtics 
es. Julia-lax, soccer, and psych class (with the 
teacher!) Also, Thanks to Meghan M, Meghan H, 
mda, Erin, Jenny, Katie, Ashley, Ally, Katherine, 
:y, Heather, Rebecca W, Kerry. Colleen, Lauri, 
a, Courtney, LisaP, Kara, Kristi, Candice, Michelle 
id Sara S. You guys have made the last four years 
njoyable. Thanks to all of the soccer, basketball 
lacrosse girls. Even though our records haven't 
1 the greatest, I still consider us a success. Thanks 
ill of your hard work and dedication. The last 

years wouldn't have been the same without 
, To the boys: Thanks for letting me be one of 
guys. You are all so much fun to be around and 
r questions and conversations always keep things 
resting. Greg-Thanks for always looking out for 
You're a great friend. Pete-You're definitely the 
liest guy I know, you're always able to make me 

laugh even if it's at my own expense. Jeff-semi, peer 
leadership, camp, tp excursions and trips to Boston. 
Chan-Thanks for making me an "honorary," and my 
birthday gift. Kurt and Matheson-your car obses- 
sions, Wedgewood, tp, and beach trips. Alex- I'm 
glad we can finally get along... most of the time! 
Thanks for being so crazy and doing anything for a 
laugh. Chris M. (Ceasel)- Spanish and English classes 
were great and Medea. Brett- You're the best class 
president ever! Thanks for working so hard and 
organizing great events. Corey- Thanks for being a 
good friend, trips to Boston, peerleadership, being 
the biggest space shot, and always having us over 
your house. Also, thanks to Steve, Ty, Scott W, 
Philaiken, Marcos, Ken L, AJ, Matt, Jamal, Derek, and 
Nick. Richie- You are the most amazing person I 
know. You helped me through a rough time and 
have continued to stand by me. I can't thank you 
enough for everything you've done. You always put 
me in a good mood even when I'm having a bad day. 
Thanks for coming to my SAT class, taking me to 
Boston, getting lost, all of our "close-calls, " losing in 
basketball, watching my games, thinking alike, psych 
notes, always sticking up for me, helping me with 
math, late night talks, and all of our classes. We share 
so many great memories and I know there will be 
many more to come. Thanks for always listening to 
me complain and giving me the best advice. I don't 
know what I would do without you. ILU! Thanks to 
the Volpicelli family (you guys are so much fun) , the 
Baggetts, the Tates, Mrs. McConnell, and the Vanarias. 
I would also like to thank all of my teachers, espe- 
cially Mr. Hunt, Mrs. Billouin, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. 
Byrnes, Mr. Gaillard, Mr. Casey, Ms. Harvey (x block 
was the best!), Mrs. Devany, Mrs. Stott. Dr. Haswell, 
and Mr. Walsh. A special thank you to Mrs. O'Malley . 
You have been such a big help this year with the 
"never-ending" college search. I really appreciate all 
of the time and effort you have put into this process. 
I know it'll all pay off in the end. Thank you to 
anyone else I forgot. And finally, congratulations 
and good luck to the class of 2003! 

Ian Sullivan 

First I would like to thank my parents. You guys are 
the best parents anyone could ask for. You have 
always been there for me, and you have both taught 
me so much. Thank you both for making me into the 
person I am today. Mom, you have taught me so 
much. Through out the past 1 8 years you have had 
to push me through school my entire life and even 
though sometimes it didn't seem like I appreciated 
it. I did. Without you I couldn't have come this far. 
Thank you for always waking up before me before 
school and making sure I was up and ready to go by 
the time the bus came. Even on the cold winter 
mornings at 4:00 a.m. waking up for hockey prac- 
tice, you still got up to make sure I was ready and to 
send me on my way. Dad (Bryan), you have also 
taught me so much. You have shown me by example 
how a person should act. You are one of the honest 
and hardest workers I have ever seen. Over the last 
three summers I have been able to spend time with 
you that I will never forget. By watching you do 
everything you do, I have learned what it means to 
give 100 percent. I know I don't always say it or 
show it, but I love you both very much and I 
appreciate everything you have ever done for me. 
Colton, I know I've gotten on your nerves some- 

times, but you have always put up with me and I 
thank you for that. If you ever need anything don't 
ever hesitate to ask me, because I will always be there 
for you. Glenn, thank you for showing me how to 
have fun on the job site, your jokes make me laugh 
every time. I would also like to thank the rest of my 
family. Liz, Mary Clair, Jeanie, Joe, and Vickie. You 
all are the nicest and most caring people I hav e weqr, 
met. Now for my friends, Pat, Chris. Scott. Tim. 
Greg, Brian, and Dave. You guys are the best. Pat. 
I'll never forget the times at your house, those were 
some wild times. The Mud Pit, the Driveway Party, 
and all of those other rippers you had, also at 
Winnipesaukee. Chris, I'll never forget the limes 
when you, Pat, Jamie, and me used to cruise in the 
red wagon, listening to Bombs over Baghdad and 
doing reverse donuts in parking lots. Those were 
some good times. I'll never forget the time we went 
skiing, the gum wrapper didn't work. Scott, you 
have put up with a lot of stuff from us over t lie last 
year, and you never lost it. We were j list |oking 
around. You are truly a good friend. Tim, how's the 
craving treating you. Those were some good parties 
at you house too. Whenever I feel like going out an< 
partying I'll know you will always be up for it. Greg 
those were some fun time up at Maine last summer 
I can hardly wait to go up there this summer. Brian 
It's always good to know that whenever a party get I 
broken up you'll be right there running out the bacl . 
door with me. Dave, those have been some fun time I 
over your house the last couple of New Years. Thanl. 
you all for the great memories. I'm sure we'll have 
a lot more in the future. I'd also like to thank last 
years seniors, Mike, Boone, Dennis, Craig, and Ryati 
for all the good times playing cards. I'd also like to 
thank my football coaches. Coach Sab and Coacl 
Sullivan, and my Hockey coaches. Coach McGrath 
Coach Mead, and Coach Dion. I'd like to thank Ms, 
Irving, Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Sullivan. Ms. Sav, thank 
you for everything you've done for me over the last 
four years. You are the most influential teacher I 
have ever had. Without all of your help I would have 
been lost, but thanks to you and your hard worlf io~ 
push me to do my best I made it through with no 

Jeffery Tate 

Activities: Soccer 12 3 4, Indoor track 1 2, Diving 

3, Spring track I 2 4, SADD 2, Environmental club 3 

4, Tournament of plays 3. Car club 3 4. Interact 2 3 
4. To my family: MOM'n'DAD-Thanks for making 
me believe that I can achieve anything in my wildest 
dreams. Dad specifically for letting me buy a car that 
you ended up driving, letting me drive the car I liked. 
Thanks-for always trying to be at all my sporting 
events, to support me, I know that you both work 
very hard supporting our family. JEREMY- thanks- 
for being the cool older brother and for always 
teaming up with Jon and beating me. You taught OK 
a lot and I'm glad you lived at home for a little w title 
You're still a LOOZAH! JONNY-thanks lor also being 
a cool older brother and friend. Even though you 
might not know, I feel that you have taught me so 
many valuable things about life in general |ENN'Y- 
even though you can be a brat some tunes I still love 
you and I will miss you next year. GRANNY Thanks 
for being the greatest woman I have I ever known 
and also the strongest. You always made everyone ol 
your grandchildren feel special. I am so glad that you 

moved to Bedford because if you hadn't we would 
have only seen you a few times a year but instead we 
get to see you multiple times a week. GRANDMA-I 
am sorry that our time together was cut short but I'm 
glad I got to know you and spend time with you as 
much as possible. I wish you got sick when I was 
older so that I would have known what to do. I love 
you all. Friends: RICH-Where do I begin? I have 
known you now over 1 7 years, basically I have 
known you all my life and I'm glad that we have 
remained best of friends that whole time. Thanks for 
always bringing me to the beach in the summer and 
your mom for feeding me like I was a bottomless pit 
(which I pretty much am). You're like a brother and 
best friend at once, it's been real. PETE- man, all the 
good times at the Willard, being roomies in the UK, 
which 's basically where our friendship began and 
I'm glad. G-REG- I'm glad that we became friends 
over the course of HS, I'd say we had some really 
good times. We had a good time up in Maine we 
should do it up again for-sure. JEN- you want some 
Mayo? I guess no. You have to be one of the most 
;ven-tempered and nicest people I know. BRETT - 
AKA-"Gatsby" All the good times working at 
Wedgewood, we all have to work there one more 
year (at least). KURT- Thanks for helping me with 
my car and giving me ideas of what to do next. 
TYLER-thanks for always being the ladies man, sur- 
viving a wicked bad car accident, I hope you and Erin 
:an survive through college. ERIN-thanks for always 
being strong and getting me through chemistry, 
itfa out you I could have never made it. ALEX-you 
efinitely have the weirdest sense of humor I have 
ver encountered in a person but that makes you 
ho you are so don't lose it. CHAN-thanks for being 
he crazy Asian we all loved because you can make 
fun of your own type only because it's the truth. 
KATIE- we are LC buddies forever you made it fun 
_and thanks for making me believe that I will get into 
college and I know that you will too. If you're lucky 
I'll become a frat boy. COREY-thanks for coming to 
Bedford, I can't imagine it with out you, all the good 
times in your basement playing foozball. We can 
never forget Phil putting his head through the ceil- 
ing. STEVO-thanks for taking our ridicule about your 
cone shaped head. MARK-Thanks for not killing me 
when I decided not to run from you like every one 
else did. Word to Tin-Tin. CAREY-All I know is that 
I am glad that we got through the middleschoolness. 
I think your kind personality will get you far in life. 
You will succeed in whatever you try. ALLY-for 
being my favorite element (67). You're one of my 
hard-core CSI buddies. I'm glad you came to B.H.S 
because I consider you one of my best friends 
because I can talk to you about anything and I know 
you will understand. WHIT-your my other, hard- 
core CSI buddy, and be being a great friend all the 
time and for being my favorite "silly-yack". KATE- 
you always took our ridicule, most of the really smart 
girls in this world do not have a personality but you 
defied the odds and have one of the best. BETSEY - 
thanks-for making my swimming experience a great 
one and for driving a manly truck that you let me 
borrow for the senior prom last year. CABANS-I 
figured I'd lump you together because you look the 
same but underneath you are both two amazing 
people who are indeed completely different contrary 
to your looks. MATHESON-first of all you have EN's 
and alien-fingers for sure, and I'm glad you let us 

make fun of you because you knew it was all in fun. 
JAMIE-we had some good times especially in En- 
gland like when I fell asleep on you on the bus. 
KYRSTEN-Never forget CWV, and CAD. You are 
definitely an ABM for sure. I'm glad I had a bunch 
of classes with you this year. MS.SAV- you taught me 
all the skills I need to know to get through college 
and you helped me survive HS, I never could have 
done it with out your help and guidance thanks. 
MS. FOLEY- you always kept me on task when I got 
side tracked thanks and good luck. MR. MAXWELL- 
"fuffy" enough said. MR.PUOPOLO- "Jeff Tate 
Imgreat never latel state". The ROGERS- you guys 
are like family, we will live next to each other for 
ever, even though Beth you're a rato. GAILLARD- for 
creating RP, we own you. Word to Kevin C, Misch E, 
Kimbo, KristaH. ElyseS. PhilA, SammyB, Kerry B, 
Katrina K. Nate D. Lindsey H, DJP, Nate S, HOSS, 
Tido, Alastair, Phil D, Mike F. Derek C . I forgot you? 

Jeffery Taylor 

First of all I want to thank my parents, for always 
standing by me and helping me find the road to 
success. MOM: Thanks for always keeping me 
organized, teaching me how to do laundry, and 
always being there to listen. DAD: I have learned so 
much from you over the years. You taught me how 
to study hard and stick to things. I truly admire your 
accomplishments and your work ethic. I know that 
all the lessons you've taught me will prove invalu- 
able during my college life. Thanks also to everyone 
at RADIOSHACK: The knowledge and skills that I've 
built at this job have far surpassed my highest 
expectations. MIKE: You have been a great person to 
work for. The experiences gained from working 
with you have created the perfect stepping-stone for 
my entrance into the business world. Thanks to all 
my FRIENDS for doing what you do best. DEREK: 
You have been my best friend since day one. way 
back in '85. You were always there for me when I 
needed someone to talk to. Thanks for all those 
middle school sleepovers and for introducing me 
into the world of fitness. I had a great time on the 
Cape Cod vacation; we will always remember those 
mountainous onion rings. NICK: There is no 
question in my mind that you are the most talented 
musician I know. Thanks for all the good times in 6- 
6, Mr. Fi's class, and tennis games brought to a halt 
by snitza. Thanks also for always playing NHL '95 
with me even when you didn't really want to. KEITH 
C: Thanks for being the co-originator of insomniac 
nights (it is 1:54 as I write this); I'm sure the next 
four years will bring many more. You are my best 
competition in both NFL Blitz and ping pong; Two 
activities that took over our summer nights. KEITH 
E: I have always admired you for your 
friendliness. . .it's level has been matched by few. 
Thanks for making sure my cats don't spend too 
much time in the freezer. SAM: You are the leader 
of Team Sam, and always will be. Thanks for 
teaching me to drive a stick-shift, and for letting me 
eat your food after school. You have always kept 
things interesting. BRAD: I've been hooked on 
computers since we played Commander Keen in 
your basement in 3rd grade. You were there to help 
cut down the giant trees for project satellite. Thanks 
for living across the street, and always having stocked 
cabinets so I can borrow your food when I run out. 

ROSS: I don't know what I'd do without yc 
your knowledge of the automobile. Than 
keeping me company during wet dog and for 
ing me how to ride the mini-bike. "What a: 
doin'?" "Just chillin'." There is no better v 
spend a Sunday. MATT: You are the ultimate 
I don't know anyone else that can get such a a 
for $400. What can I say? I guess it was buil 
tough. DAVE: I really respect you for never n< 
to follow the trend, you're always yourself. Yo 
some of the coolest music tastes. Thanks f 
James Brown CD's! SARAH: Your cheerlfi 
talent just continues to amaze me year after yl 
think we developed quite a strong appreciatiJ 
comedy nights last summer. . .1 look forward tc 
in the future. JEN: Thanks for going to the 8th' 
semi with me... that was awesome. I don'ti 
we'll ever forget all the great times we had, goin 
back to playgroup days. HEATHER: Youhavea 
done the coolest things of anyone I know. I thi 
incredible that you got your black belt in karan 
took so much dedication. And who knew w« 
going to college in the same state? See you i 
Thanks also to everyone else that helped mal 
BHS experience an awesome one. I can honest 
that it's been fantastic. 

Aaron Thomas 

First I would like to give all honor to God be 
without Him there would be no me. He was th 
who saw me through the storm. For this I am fc 
DO. Dad- you have been the best to me my \ 
entire life. I could never have asked for a more p 
FATHER than you. I hope to be half of the ma. 
you are when I get older. Ma- I am sorry fo 
heartache and pain that I have caused you over 
past years. I know that you understand that t 
haven't always been peachy for me but I am 
sorry and I hope you can forgive me because 
you with all my heart. Anthony- even though I 
not show it, I love you more than life itself. You': 
brother my only brother and that will never ch 
Mrs. Linda you have the kindest heart ever ii 
whole wide world. Donnah thank you for yoi 
and advice. To my grandmother, aunts and ui 
thank you for your kindness. Now to my fr 
thank you for everything. Christiana I love you, . 
you and I love you some more. Philip you're th« 
a guy could ask for. Lisa I love you to life. Rodnc 
are so funny, Brenda stay strong, Katrina don 
them haters get you down. Shamekia- goosh 
boosh. Alyssa, Sharonda and AJ, try and spread 
Delilah thanks for keeping it real. Katie thank 
staying so mellow. Eileen I miss you very 
Megan you are so much fun. Kyrsten stop beii 
angry and good luck on your modeling career. 
Thank you for your guidance. Eric thanks for 
friendship over the past three years.. So here g' 
list ofpeople who are the best. Scott. Derrick, Lake 
Keisha, Amanda, Pascal. Alex AKA Birdman. Ste 
wish I were you; Lindsay, Liz, Nikee, Ebony 
Jamal, Drea, Teka, Sherbriea and Jwuan aren' 
glad we are cousins? I sure am! RIP Terrance Joi 
anyone who I might have forgot, please don't 
me, I am only human. Lil' Kim is the best 

Jatherine Thomas 

I)M- Thanks for all the advice, all the support, and 
Jrays understanding. "If you put it down, buy a 
Iv one! " I will never forget all our trips and nights 
Xing up watching Friends. You have gone through 
Jnuch with me. You are my best friend, I will miss 
x more than you will ever know next year. I love 
1! DAD- Thanks for giving me everything I have 
I wanted. Our trips to California and Nevada, 
ng on every ride at Disney World, and being at 
ERY game I ever played. You have supported me 
1 encouraged me in everything I do. I love you 
ddy! ANDREW- You are one of the sweetest and 
ist caring people I have ever known. Remember 
:rything I have taught you. No matter where I go, 
ill always be there for you. Take care of the girls. 
>ve you! CJ- 1 am so happy that I have you in my 
You are my best friend and I love you more each 
f. You have always been there to hug me and make 
■ laugh. I have never been closer to anyone than I 
to you. I'll always love you! KATIE- 1 would have 
/er survived without you. Thanks for all the good 
les and all the advice. Knowing EXACTLY what I 
s thinking, always being there, and always under- 
nding me. Thanks for letting me crash on the 
ich at 2 am! ILU! I'll always be there! KELLIE- 
^ht before Thanksgiving, 2 am night, the limo, 
/hy didn't you just use the door?," saving my life, 
/stal Nacht, Jiffy Lube, the death night, red pick- 
trucks, your dashboard, screaming fights, town 
iter, lost in the gardens, "your rooms is a shoebox! " 
i helping to push the Honda out of the snow! 
)re good times to come! JENN- Ackerman! Thanks 
doing my make-up, hair, and burning my fore- 
id. Days in your pool, Arlington, stealing the car, 
rties, advice, laughing at me, losing my clothes, 
rices, and always standing up for me when I didn't 
ft the strength to. You are one of the strongest and 
ist loyal people I have ever met. Never let anyone 
inge that! LIANA- You've come so far from those 
nversations at break. I admire your strength and all 
u have accomplished. Thanks for always being 
:re to talk with and knowing about the "twins". 
J! RICKY- You have always been there to protect 
;no matter what. I'll never be able to tell you how 
ich I appreciate what you did that night at Jeremy's, 
anks for all the phone conversations and the good 
vice. I will always be there for you. MIKE F.- My 
st boyfriend! I will never forget how sweet you 
:re to me. Thanks for all the late night phone calls, 
: advice, Scream, your basement, and just being 
le to make me smile. MEGAN K- Chats in directed 
idy, cutting class, getting ice cream, drive-bys, 
ycho stories, 2 weeks, and littering! We've had 
q! SAM- Cruising around, trips to Bentley, all your 
a stories! Thanks for always being there! ALEX- 
's attic, my house, coming to get me when I called 
la up crying, keeping my secrets, telling me the 
ith. You will never know how much I appreciate 
[u always being there for me. RICHIE- Longest 
ationship I ever had! Thanks for all the band chats 
d never being a "fake person." Days at the beach, 
mp, Boston, and Wedgewood. Stay in touch! 
ve never met nicer people in my life. From driving 
Dund to sitting in my living room I always have fun 
lien I am with you guys. Neverchange! KIM-Piggy! 
ury-Kate's, surviving field hockey, losing at poker 

games, Wedgewood, Halloween, day 2 lunches, 
golf pencils. I'll miss you! ALLI and JEN- SWS! You 
girls are the sweetest. Thanks for always distracting 
me in Spanish Hen! Our trips to Boston, hanging out 
with the boys. Alli-keep the species alive! I'm gonna 
miss you two! RYAN W.- Prom, driving me around, 
talking to me late night, listening to my problems, 
always being there if I needed you, you will never 
know how much I appreciated it! I miss you! JER- 
EMY- We've had some good times! Camp, driving 
around, parties at your house, McDonald's, stay in 
touch! DALE- "You're the best!" GREG G.-Semi, 
beach, not keeping our beach talks SECRET!, camp, 
puking in your car, making me get out of bed to go 
to the beach! JEFF T- HEFTY!! Wedgewood, Day 
Camp, beach, and prank calls. I'll never forget your 
arm fetish. I'll miss you! PETE- Stew! 8th grade semi, 
camp, days at the beach, movies, BSC, and thanks for 
always making fun of me! BRETT- You have survived 
many BORING math classes with me! I know I would 
have died if you weren't there! I will miss you next 
year! NICOLE- Hey fatty! We'll have to steal trucks 
and cruise around over the summer. You're so much 
fun to hang out with and you understand my life. 
Never change who you are, you're a great person! 
Stay in touch! MARY-KATE- You are the sweetest 
person I have ever met. I would have never survived 
the summers without you. I miss you "nice girl"! 
LAUREN GRAY- Gym, all the Danny fights, "better 
everyday", U-Mass, FH, our chats in counselor crafts. 
You're the best! MEAGAN AND ERIN- 1 would have 
never made it without you! Thanks for having a sense 
of humor! Good luck! Have fun next year... MARC 
and LEAH- I grew up with you guys! From football 
games to summers in the pool, I'll never forget you! 
Thanks also to: FH, Softball, and basketball teams, 
Mike G., Richard, Justin, Lindsey H., Jon S., Eric M., 
Jamie, Whitney , Jimmy, Chris D. , Teddy, Boone, BB, 
Dave W., Sarah A., Vanessa, Jessica C, Tracy, Chris 
M., Candice, Kristi, Brianna, Derek P., Alec, Chris, 
Jenny , Ben , Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan , and Mr. McGowan . 

Jamie Vanaria 

Activities: Spanish Club, Environmental Club, Var- 
sity Soccer- 1, 2, 3,4 Varsity Lacrosse Best Buddies- 
3,4 First I would like to thank Jesus for his guidance 
and help all throughout my life. Mummy and Daddy, 
you are truly the most loving and supportive people 
I have ever met, and have given me the values and 
strength I need everyday. Mummy, all of our talks, 
shopping, and tea, and Daddy, all those nights by 
ourselves making cookies and being goofy. Liz-you 
are the absolute best sister anyone could ask for, my 
best friend who I can say anything to and always 
laugh with. Brian-I love you so much. All of our late- 
night drives, our proms, the semi. Our memories are 
precious gifts we share; thank you for every mo- 
ment. Nanny Madeline and Nanny Ellen, love you 
two! The MILEY FAMII.Y-thanks for always feeding 
and welcoming me JULES-Christmas, kung-fu fight- 
ing, biobuddies, chem, lax, waiting for college, 
shopping, you're a great friend. JEN S. -Colonels, 
CCD classes, teaching CCD and never getting pre- 
sents, lO* grade English, back row of senior year 
English. Soccer and Lax, I'm so glad I've always had 
you to play both with me. RICHlE-you are such a 
great friend. London theaters, Spanish videos, 9 ,h 
grade English (rrrRich!), superbowl party , CCD teach- 
ing (sammy!). JONI!!! (She still loves you). 

WHITNEY-middle school was so much fun living at 
your house. Sleepovers, being pyros, dancing in 
your basement, Brian and whip-cream incidents, 
swimming, ceramics, falling off the exercise thing 
"I'm OKAY!!" Also thanks to the DORER FAMILY_ 
for always having an open door. JEFF- falling asleep 
in London w/blackmail pictures to prove it, ceram- 
ics, break, x-2 with Harvey. PETE-for always being 
so silly, handshakes, London, English, ceramics. 
JEN C-soccer sagas, jack hanna SARAH C-Sp^inish 
class, dances BOTH-diving, school dances, falling 
asleep for 5 hours, sleepovers, late-night movies. 
"UF", physics, never a dull moment with you girls. 
DEREK- nnnnnDerek, Spanish class, all of our IM 
talks, jack handey, junior English, crazy volleyball 
and sockey in gym-you have always been an amaz- 
ing listener. SAM MC-food fights at lunch.; new 
year's eve, jumping on whitney's trampoline. TOM 
M-Spanish class, sitting on the heater, English class 
CHRIS M-Medea, almost dying in Boston like 8 
times, diving in HS and at WW, bio, driving your 
car at the mounds for our kick-butt Spanish video 
STEVE M-best buddies, lacrosse parties at your] 
beach house. TY-always being at Sara's together,! 
wachusett, London, the new room SARA-my oldest 
friend. Mr. Schmitt's class, sleepovers, Waterville 
with Lindsay, yoga, CCD, b-day parties, literal danc- 
ing. SABELLA FAMILY-thanks for always treating 
me like a third daughter, and Anna, I've always 
looked up to you. LINDSAY MANN- my best friend 
I never see. I'm so proud of you Linds, we've had so 
much fun from mr. fuimara's class to close-talking 
at Waterville, and pulling you out of class to visit the 
rabbit. NATE-for slacking, being so funny, English, 
bio. BETSEY-for braiding my hair, swimming. En- 
glish class, all your energy. KERRY-swimming, 
sleepovers, your horsey COURTNEY L-english 
sophomore and senior year, Spanish class. I admire 
you so much Court, always smiling and your ambi-j 
tion. NICK G- Nico, Spanish class, all your tapping. 
KRISTA- extremely hot soccer camp, going on runs 
together, carpooling, block parties. DAVE G- being 
my bio and English buddy GREG- annie the dog"1r 
my girlfriend. KEITH-Physics, swimming, spin- 
ning out. ADAM C and BRETT-neighborhood bud- 
dies BRIAN C- BC. goofiness at break COREY- 
making me laugh in Spanish. LAURIE and COL- 
LEEN-ceramics, all your stories I truly enjoy. KARA- 
parking space buddies. LILLY-apbio. LEAH-you are 
so cool, I'm so glad I met you. John Mayer was 
AWESOME. AMANDA-soccer, GYM. I'm so happy 
to have become your friend. ERIN-soccer. lax. 
physics, US History, yoga pants SOCCER GIRLS-you 
girls are awesome dancers, shallon, jen m, lisa c. all 
my freshman, good luck ali, jenny spencer, queesh. 
meg, everyone. KATE T-shakira videos, sws, En- 
glish and Spanish class, x-block. SCOTT W CCD. 
bugaloo, English class. CAREY-english class, eating 
chocolate chips at your house, bio. KIM-lipgloss, 
craziness in London. MY OTHER BIG SISTERS JACKIE 
and JEN-you guys are so funny, have always treated 
me like I was your age. and always make me laugh. 
I LOVE YOU BOTH!! Chris Sullivan, you're so 
funny. Ray and Sue-congrats on Jack, thanks for all 
the laughs. THERESA and KC. and the kids-always 
being so much fun! Somnath-you are hysterical, 
and such a wise person. CLASS 2 00 2 -Matt, for 
parties at your house. Jimbo. all our talks and all the 
fires. Campbell girls, all our sports. Sarah Shepherd. 

Pat Allen, Steve Shamlian, Dave Weston, all my APES 
buddies! Alex, for car talk and hating fruit. Bratton, 
you and your fleece pants. Sancho-gym class. Ryan 
Wilson, for being funny during analysis. Mary- 
Kate, you're as beautiful as Boston Harbor is brown. 
And by the way Jimmy MC, working at the BSC, best 
buddies, cinnamon toast crunch. LAX girls, Jessica, 
Kate V, Kate W, we had tons of fun. 

Bradford Vatter 

Activities: Soccer: 1,2,3; Cross-Country : 4; Ski Team: 
2,3,4; Lacrosse: 1 ,2; First off, I would like to thank 
my parents. You have continually encouraged and 
supported me in everything I did, from school to 
sports to Boy Scouts. Without you, I would not be 
who I am today. Jeffie - you are the coolest little 
brother, even though you always beat me ski racing. 
Jeff - I'll always remember hiding in the basement 
at my house, the crazy bus drivers and the charlie 
tree, going on donut raids, "turn off that blasted 
horn", throwing stuff out your windows, huge 
snow forts in our yards, being lazy at lacrosse, e- 
crazy beats, parappa, LAN party and all the crazy 
computer ideas, "for backup-purposesonly", direct 
|v, hitting snow-banks, cutting down that tree at 
your house. ..thanks for it all. Ross - thanks for all the 
advice, crashing wicked bad the first time you went 
skiing, spanky going nuts every time I came to the 
door, having the best mountain bike around, html. 
Papa Gino's Tuesdays, lazy lacrosse days, ski team!, 
J'this is beat", hitting golf balls around in your yard 
Keith - keep the cd trade alive!!, there is no easier 
way, Morris's class, sophomore English lunch hw 
Sessions, zoning out in that class, procrastination 
time, knowing better than to ride in my car in the 
snow, being paranevil, insomniac hours, fighting 
effs tyranny, keith the lesser, APChem and making 
un of mark's sister, and blitz.. Sam - ddr, rockets, 
XC, mailbox, talking about cars, chebor and bees, 
scorpions, going over to your house after my teeth 
got removed and almost passing out, paintball, . 
Matt - the camping trips were always fun, like the 
time it rained the whole trip - wait that was more 
than once - or the crazy mountain biking, especially 
when you got hit in the head by your bike, always 
being wicked cheap whenever we did anything. 
Watch out for bufo!. Derek - I'll never forget falling 
off that stool in chemistry that day, thanks for all the 
movies and shenanigans at your house, under- 
ground rap, strong bad, putting the couch in front 
of my door. Dave - I'm still scared of your dog, 
thanks for always going to the gym with me and 
being a jazz addict, running was a lot of fun too,. 
Brian - sleeping over at your house, always biking 
with me, causing a ruckus on the ski trips, glade 
skiing, making huge fires on camping trips, potato 
gun, always buying a new bike, and having crazy 
rice plans for your car. Nick - all those cds. trying to 
drive your car, close races, wearing the Celtics hat, 
Morris's class, sneaking into your room at Day 
Camp, lacrosse, casio-power. Pat - thanks for always 
worrying about keeping up with us during the 
races, then leaving us in the dust. ..yeah, tacos, 
hooking me up at d'angelos, looking sketchy. Col- 
leen - thanks for all the races even though YOU 
cheated. Also, driving around randomly - where are 
we going!?!, shifty eyes, talking online, being lateto 
the bus stop. Tim - thanks for always encouraging 
me at XC, being the biggest slacker I know, and 

being in practically every class I took. Good luck 
with your eagle! Mark - working at the school (ugh 
too early), the heat wave, exploder, your car being 
hit and run from, driving me around (big thanks), 
big t!!, for being a crazy metal-head, burning in 
effigy, don't get stuck in the cd-rom drive. Ken - 
thanks for being the smartest kid, but still being cool 
to talk to, crazy programming classes . Richie - skiing 
and crashing into that rock at Ascutney, raiding your 
locker all the time. Phil - thanks for confusing 
certain teachers, and making them think I was you 
cough Reynolds cough.. Mr. McGowan - for being 
really cool and understanding, always, and for mak- 
ing physics fun . Mr. Palmer - Thanks for being one 
of the funniest teachers ever, chemistry wouldn't 
have been the same without you. Mr. Gaillard - 
What's the word on the street? Watch out for the rat 
pack. T194 Leaders - Mr. Dutton, Ken, Allan, Mr. 
Poulin - you four, in particular, were always sup- 
portive and inspirational. Thanks for always encour- 
aging me along the way. Thanks to everyone else 
who supported me over the years. Finally, thanks to 
anyone else I forgot. 

Ross Venuti 

First I want to thank my parents and my family. 
Without them I could have never come this far. 
Thank you for all your love and support. Grandma, 
I love you so much. Thanks for all those huge 
dinners and special meals that you cooked for me 
and my friends. You are the cornerstone of our 
family and I appreciate all the times you have been 
there for me. To the rest of my family, thanks for 
everything that you have done for me throughout 
my life. I really appreciate all your help. Uncle Joe 
and Dave, thanks for the summer job. I had a blast. 
I'll remember all those times we had to drive to 
Concord in the morning and all those nights that I 
worked at BF. Thanks a lot. MATT- You're my best 
friend. All the fun times we had on camping trips, 
the ski trips, all the Saturdays and the summer days 
we were at the shop working with Jimmy, "free 
donuts", "this things a race car!", and "SPIN EM!." 
Cruising around with "nothing to do as usual". 
Those hours of entertainment provided by the mini- 
bike. The winter with the VA parking lot and 
Matheson's "secret lot". Thanks for being there to 
tell me that I was not as smart as I thought I was in 
some situations. That kept me out of trouble. Ohya, 
I have a mustang. BRAD- What can I say. Thanks for 
being there when I really needed someone to talk to. 
All those fun times we had on camping trips and ski 
trips, cruising in "the shaggin" was good until the 
accident. "Do the face!", the CD trade, andtheNFG 
concert. CHRIS- Hours of nonstop mini-biking at 
Davis School. That one crazy night sophomore year 
when we could not stop laughing. What were we 
thinking? Blowing up stuff was wicked fun. The one 
rocket that just wouldn't die. That thing took a 
beating. The birthdays and the sleepovers. Matheson. 
we had fun. Paintball in the woods until the cops 
came. You have the craziest ideas. BRIAN- All the 
times we couldn't stop laughing. "Pipe snake", "I 
got a question for Jimmy ", Dimeatapp is so good. 
Riding the mini-bike and your homemade scooter 
that was a death trap. The Italian food from grandma's 
and the like 7 course meal. Damn purple car. 
running from the VA po-po, the paintball until the 
cops came, night bocce, all the camping trips, and 

the potato gun. JEFF- Sleuthay. You arej 
funniest person I know. "I think my blender 
abducted by aliens. " All the times we went crui 
in the explorer. Sun Micro Systems: "How dc 
get to Bedford?" The NFG concert. The "ei 
sheet", Venkatesh's class, wet dog, the huge 
project done in one night, all the rest of your 
liners, and comedy in the basement. You're a ( 
friend and thanks for all the good times. KEr 
Even though we haven't been friends for that 1 
we had a lot of fun for the past year and a half 
the times we went cruising and looking for so 
thing to do, hanging out in Jeff's basement, 
summer nights that we went to the pool hall 
CD trade, and NFG. BECKY- Thanks for beinj 
beautiful date to the semi. CPR was not alway: 
most fun class, but it was a little more enjoy 
having you there to talk to. Thanks for being a g 
friend. KIM- Thanks for being such a good pe 
I'm glad that we were able to become good frie 
You were always there when I needed someonB 
talk to and you were always able to cheer mJ 
Thanks for all the fun times we had while we vfl 
in youth group (like the inner city farming),] 
being so nice, and for just being perfect. I hope| 
I was as good to you as you were to me. You ki 
that I'll always be here for you whenever you n 
anything. For anyone else I didn't thank, sorryl 
I'll try to thank you in person. 

Richard Volpicelli 

To my family: Mom- for always being there fori 
family, making my lunches and bagel, suppor 
and encouraging me in everything I do, hound 
me at all costs, and making me the person I 
today. Dad- sticking together as guys, helping 
out with all my sports, encouraging talks. golfH 
being so strong for our family, you are sucrl 
amazing man that I can proudly look up to and I 
after. Nicole- giving me a good example to livefl 
all your advice, you are such a huge influence (■ 
me. I value everything you say, all the great figfl 
chasing you up the stairs, and knowing I'll a\vM 
have someone to turn to. Kara- always making ff 
home interesting, showing me how to live myB 
on the edge, paving the road so I could walk ifl 
easily, chilling on the BAB, having a cool oi 
sister that I can always talk to while staying up 
late leaving crazy messages on Nicole's phone, 
my friends: Danny R- being my first and best fri 
for so long, taking me rollerblading freshman y 
Phil- Flaiken! band, rat screw, pit, soccer. M, 
Matoman, being a good sport with all our jokt 
will smoke you in downhill and freestyle. CoM 
never show the J.Lo video again. Brett- Heh \M 
Sup? How ya doin'? Wanna get some COFFEB 
Tim- Champ and Dick duo forever. Chanman-B 
coolest Asian I know, quality NFG sessions. CoB 
Watchusett freshmen year. Tyler- hand soej 
FIFA, Qatar! soccer, P to the E, funny faces, chill 
after school, homerun-derby, Greg and the Pj 
guin. GregH- Maine, Wedgewood. swim team. 
Penguin and all you're crazy fantasy creatures m 
are out to get me and Tyler. Alex- always keep) 
things interesting, jamming to Xzibit in my kitch 
double dates, reabzing one thing that nobody \ 
ever know, constant new girls, soccer capu 
hitting on my sister, making "that" face to ml 
you mad. GregG- sweelard, tailpipe, and ot 1 

'■ irious made up names, cruisin' in the Honda/boat 

- ith 80s tunes, NFG, ricca adventures, sidlelation, 
OG, kickjives, grunts, junk dents, boxman, 

i recandy, starburst, BDC, "But he's got jeans on!", 
a tanks for being such a true friend, you always know 

- hat to say and make me laugh. Scotty- hockey/ 
u iseball throughout the years, you're a short, fat, 
if ummy kid with a lisp. Kurt- Guimy, DJ Volvo spin 

,at. . . Matheson- boy scouts, cutting down the 
il servationarea, dance parties, specialty Xzibitremixs 

I y DJ Volvo, always keeping me on edge. Steve- 
eing the biggest cone that gives stellar haircuts. 

ii hris Minue- Cese, bashings, MCR, crazy Spanish 

II roject, helper at SBP, Wind Ensemble, wishing I 
if 'as Canadian. . .eh? Tom- Tommy can you hear me? 
i: erek- savage goalie, band comments, blanking, 

hoenix. Jessie- you know who to call for a drum- 
{ ler. Petey Stew- Stew note, teaching CCD, you 
i now who we hate, "that fleece is so warm and 
ti lzzy", Tom Petty, NFG, filling the cup to the brim 
i : Blink, "THE VAN!", making me laugh, being the 
t mniest kid I know. Jeff- I've know you for so long, 
« lere are so many memories I don't know where to 
i art, from going to preschool and playgroup to- 
t ether, to having many crazy sleepovers, you've 
i Iways been a good friend, for all the great times 
t re've had over the years, I know you'll do good in 
i fe as long as you keep you hands to yourself. Nico- 
tvage drummer, we will start a band some day. 
hris W- the Cars and 80s will always rule. Whitney- 
ie most energetic, smile filled person I know, co- 
junder of the best handshake in the world. Betsey- 
IZ! Physics with Joe-Z, thanks for always cheering 
le up after morning hockey practices. Alii- Yankees 
nek balls and stuff, Crabby Dick's, Hockey Superfan, 
] layground, Tom Petty, Forensics, Junior year 
[ inches, DDR, becoming a guy, being a down-to- 
[ arth girl that I can always count on. Kate- band 
I uddy, being a real, non-fake girl, always being 
lere for me to talk to. Kerry B- throwing a sweet 
arty. . . Jamie- from Joni to CCD to intense Spanish 
rojects, you've always been there forme, giving me 
dvice I sometimes didn't want to hear, thanks for 
verything you've done for me over the years. Jen- 
ey yo pal, I never thought we'd come this far. Let's 
(link: walk to remember, "no have", close calls, SS, 
OS, smoking you in basketball, lost in Boston, QT, 
sychnotes, superfans, notes on cars, study parties, 
n-depth convos, running jokes, and so many more, 
en, you are the most incredible, amazing person I 
ave ever met. You make me feel so good about 
ayself and you have made me realize so many things 
n life. I can't describe how happy I am when I am 
vith you, and how we got to this point just makes 
(even better. You treat me like no one else ever has 
efore. Just remember, that whatever happen, hap- 
tens. ILU. JD- typing with a little footy on the pitch, 
kippy- Essex, soccer, baseball, fake/real fights, 
kiing Sunday River, crazy faces, happy cat, insanity, 
iuddy- mastering you in physics with Joe-Z. Kiely- 
lAAAAAdam, thinking you won a SI 000 on a 
cratch ticket. Tito- hitting the pitch with the boots 
aced tight, JV's on the plateau, hating the Yankees 
jheyo). Strachan's- thank you for being such an 
imazing family, treating me like a son, and being so 
nuch fun to be around, you are all amazing people. 
)utton's- F-cubed, Essex, skiing, McBaldo's, mul- 
iple boardgames. Tate's- having me as your fourth 
ion. Everyone else- Sammy B, Kim, Carey, Megan 

W, Krista, Katie, Courtney, Elyse, Kirsten, Mike 
Busa, BrianC, PatD, Nate, TimmyM, Ian, B-radley, 
Ross, DaveA, Julia, SarahA, TimC, Cabans, Leah, 
Travis, SaraS, ChyrisseV, LisaP, NikkiL, ErinM, 
MichelleE, Alistair, Gary, and the entire 2002 boys 
varsity soccer team, and all the BHS teachers who 
helped me throughout high school. To anyone I 
forgot, I am truly sorry. And finally, good luck in the 
future to the class of 2003. 

Katherine Wallace 

Matt: What is there to say to the GCM? The 're be 
time for me to think of sufficiently cheesy lines 
before I go to college. World domination! Thanks to 
Dara, future minority minority leader, for making 
democracy work with me and working to overthrow 
the oppressive establishment. Oh, the mailboxes! 
Remember that little typo in the writ'in directions? 
Michelle, thanks for being cool enough to bowl by 
kicking the ball, to aspire to be a monkey, and to 
share the Libertarian newsletter fun with me! Re- 
member those stairs when we were transporting the 
food cart? Katy, if we survived Worlds training, we 
can survive anything! Matt WopaD, thanks for 
planning to learn Japanese. Also, thanks for discov- 
ering a strange skin condition you never knew you 
had. Heather: Remember the WB club? We've come 
a long way. Kayo! Marisa D., sockey! MarisaS.,my 
programming buddy! Mr. McGowan, thanks for 
being super nice about my perpetual programming 
idiocy. You've pounded some things into my 
head. hello world and the bit bucket! Mr. 
Reynolds, for launching my crazy political career 
with that extra credit assignment sophomore year. 
Also, for being an incredible teacher. Thanks to the 
polisci class, because youa*™re all super. Sarah 
Caban, calculus help! Mr. Stephenson, for down- 
ward and upward dog, and being impressively inspi- 
rational. Mrs. O'Malley, for being so awesome. Mr. 
Sheinfeld, litmag! Mrs. M. Sullivan, Ms. Walker, Ms. 
Taub, Mr. Mod, and Mr. Pilla, some of my favorite 
teachers. Miss Johnson, the kindest person in the 
school. Mom and Dad, thanks very much. The MA 
Democratic Party for teaching me the true meaning 
of corruption. And finally, I'd like to thank Jill Stein 
for being God. 

Emma Wampler-Doty 

First I would like to thank my family, especially my 
mom and dad, for raising me into the person I am 
today. MOM, you are the most amazing person I 
have ever known, thanks for always understanding 
and listening to my side of things, and never giving 
up on me. Thanks for always doing little things for 
me and always being such a caring and selfless 
person. I will be lucky if I grow up to be half the 
woman that you are. I really believe that you are the 
best mother in the world, and you know that I will 
always be your little girl, I love you. DAD, even 
though we don't always see eye to eye, thanks for 
always looking out for me and wanting the best for 
me. Thanks for helping me out with homework 
sometimes and always knowing random pieces of 
information from how to fix the TV to how to build 
a satellite. I love you. MATT, even though we are 
complete opposites. we always have interesting con- 
versations, and thanks for always laughing when I 
make fun of our parents. You are one of the smartest 
people I know, thanks for inspiring me to try harder 

in school. I admire how you always make sure that 
your voice gets heard, don't ever let anybody take 
that away from you. To the Keohans: Brendan 
(Broham) , my little buddy Liam, Ed and Deb, and to 
MEGAN: we've been through so much. Thanks fox. 
always being my best friend and my other half fyr the 
past 9 years. Thanks for all of the good times since 3" f 
grade: day camp, bike camp, soccer, crustacrons, 
dressing like twins when we were little, getting into 
trouble, camp howe, camping trips, our 7 lh grade 
class, baby sitting your cousins, the DC trip, NC, 
California, Tiawana.NYC, my island in Canada in the 
summer, road trip to Florida, Rangeley ME, sharing 
clothes, being my hairdresser, CWV, Walgreens, get- 
ting sued for S3 50, the Filene's incident, AC and 
Billerica guys, me getting in fights and getting 
punched in the face by scary Billerica girls. Tufts 
boys, the hockey frat.snowboarding trips, dance 
class, the M bros, freshman year, 6 semis and proms, 
partying every weekend, "I can't see my c yds". 
throwing rippers at my house (even if I wasn't 
home), new years, crusin in the Accord, Hampton in 
the summer, driving around the strip, crashing the 
Accord, almost dying, saving my life, being my 
"guardian angel", "Heaven", cruisin in the Altima, 
crashing into snowbanks, and being the closest thing 
I have ever had to a sister, I love you. You are the most 
honest and genuine friend I have ever known, and 
you were the only one to stick by me through some 
pretty tough times. Thanks for always being there; 
especially at times when other friends and guyi 
seemed to come and go, I really don't know what I 
would have done without you. I'm gonna miss you 
so much next year, but it's alright cause I know we 
will be BFF. KIRSTEN, thanks for being one of my 
best friends, all of the memories since sophomore 
year, weekends, Sally, eating sausages at 3 AM. Mrs. 
Ching, Nautilus parking lot, prom, "You know what 
I think is funny?", "Last night consisted of you saying 
stupid *** and me laughing", Bentley, "We got a 
beef '.chocolate cruellers, zero sleep, losing your 
voice, "Where's your LeBaron Freddy" the Arme- 
nian mafia, sleeping at my house every night in rKe 
summer, coming to rescue you when your car runs 
out of gas, cruisin in the Corsica, cruisin in the 
Altima. Tufts frat house, breaking down the 
door, "hey, you're the girl that... ".new years, col- 
lege visits on Fridays, having every class 
together, "Welcome to Monday" yearbook editors, 
meetings day after day. Always remember. . ..our 
lives are a soap opera and every day is another 
episode. I love you, you're a really smart girl and a 
very good friend. MIKEY. I am so happy I met you for 
the second time 7 months ago. You are so good to 
me, even though I don't deserve it sometimes. I 
never thought I would find someone who is exactly 
like me only a guy. Thanks for being the best 
boyfriend in the world, partying at Tufts every 
weekend, my house in the summer. "How you 
doin?",123 and DU frats. letting me stay over, 
always helping me study lor physics, "oompa 
doompa'V'he's just a HI' guy". your friends are the 
best. You are so sweet and one of the smartest people 
I know. I love you. and no matter what happens I 
hope we always stay good friends. To my |r. prom 
dates: LindseyH. Nicole!.. Kirsten. Megan, and 
TracyO, we had a fun time that night. I.IN'DSEY. your 
really funny and a nice girl, remember Perez, going 
to the beach in the summer. BLBG (deep down, we 

both know that I really am). Thanks for always 
making people laugh and always sticking up for 
your friends. KatieB, SamB, and KellyH, thanks for 
coming out with us on weekends sometimes and 
making fun of me about my driving and BLBG. To 
everyone at CWV: Nejat, Matt, Emily, Tania, Megan, 
KyrstenW, Becca, Dirty O, Nate, BrianC, JeffT, PeterS, 
ChrisM, ChristinaF, and DanM, we all hate our job, 
why are we still working there again? Dan-thanks 
for showing me how to win in traffic court (even 
though I lost). Nejat-underneath all of your dirty 
jokes I think you really are a nice guy, even if you are 
25 years old goin on 17. Emily-that night we got 
snowed in and stayed in the Fitch House was crazy, 
then working I 3 hours straight with no sleep, don't 
forget your visiting me next year at college. Kyrsten- 
remember the PPP and "bakin cookies"? Becca- 
Sunday "breaks" in the woods, "you can't get it if 
your 17 right?", I seriously think you are a more 
dangerous driver than I am. To anyone I forgot, I am 
really sorry, and thank you. To the best class ever, 
the Class of 2003, congratulations and good luck! 

Matthew Wampler-Doty 

Thanks to Mr. Modzelewski, who shaves everyone 
that doesn't shave themselves. Thanks to Mr. Pil_a, 
who hasn't a hair left to shave. Thanks to McGowan, 
who shows that eunuchs can be cool too. Thank you 
Mr. Boschetto for chasing dreams instead of ambu- 
lances. Thanks you Mrs. Sullivan giving me a soap 
box. Thanks you Mr. Reynolds for showing me the 
world. Thanks Mr. Sheinfeld for the mutual puzzled 
looks. Thank you Emma for being intelligent, funny, 
and putting up with brother. Thanks you Fish for 
always being there. Thanks to Lucy, Thanks to Jeff 
"Liberachi" Picton, Cory "Who really isn't" Gross 
Chris; goofing off will be tough without you. Thanks 
Ken Liu for you, and thanks Lilly for being silly. 
Thanks Dara for having honorificabilitudinity. 
Thanks Michelle; when you're a starving artist please 
don't eat paint. Thanks to Derek for calling me a 
genius; look in a mirror sometime. Thanks Chris L. 
for making me feel right about myself, and thanks 
Logan for making me feel left. Thanks Mike for 
making three toed sloths look hyperactive. Thanks 
Jimmy for the lessons in good hygiene. Thanks 
Marisa Siegel for letting the blind lead the blind. 
Thanks Jason for your love of innocence and lack 
thereof. Thanks Jamie Chin, this wouldn't be here 
without you. Thanks Emily for being kind and kind 
of quiet. Thanks Heather for respecting me diocrity. 
Thanks to Marisa D„ the best teller I've ever told. 
Thanks Kayo for playing with dolls with me. Good 
luck Anthony, Nessa, Devon with your three more 
grueling years. Thanks Matt, Alex, Jeff for doing 
your own thing even when you shouldn't. Thanks to 
any I've missed (I'm sorry) . Thanks Kate Wallace for 
being odd. 


First I would like to thank my MOM and KEN for 
raising me and helping me become the person that 
I am today. I would also like to thank my sister 
PASCAL and little brother KORBEN-you both can get 
on my nerves.Also to my AUNTS and UNCLES 
GRANDMOTHER for always being there for me. To 
everyone at CWV-"Rumor Mill"-so much drama 
goes on in that place, but is has been the best 
job. MARIE- Your like my older sister, always boss- 
ing me around settin me straight. I know I always get 

on your nerves. But weve had good times. ANAMAY- 
AA " Do u wanna be arrested for disturbin the 
peace"? Frog Pond? Who's That? Cancer Sticks and 
fresh air breaks OCT.Sminue good times at the 
Williard.alway love story time. BrianC-AWNAH! 
keep on trying to be a ratto dude, always coming to 
school rapping some song u just bootlegged off the 
internet, air force ones, and bling blingin. Thanks for 
stopping that demonstration we almost had, don't 
forget the baby gap girl. JEFFT- Willard 4 life! Tan- 
zania, CAD.B.O.B.I am not the ABM!I had fun being 
in like all your classes every year always laughing 
about something the HOBBIT lives!. DEREK-I had 
fun cruzin around with u and listening to bob 
marley.acapella, and Tupac, or whatever u had blazin 
in your car. Getting flat tires. It burns!, It Burns! We 
had to much fun in forensics. And Derrick it is not 
1960-1 will not get to the back of the bus.DougH- 
making up songs at the Williard- "TAKE A BATH 
WASH YOUR SELF" lol and "Where you get that 
thang from? .She get it from JOHANNA! 
"BLACKFOLKS: Eboni-you are a genuine person, 
still remember what you wearing the first day I met 
u in the 8th grade. KATRINAC- OH LORD! Your cool 
when your not talking about your MENZ, im glad we 
understand each other on so many issues, and we are 
still writing that book. AARONT-your probally gonna 
be somewhere having a conniption. SHAMIEKAC- 
GOShortie it yo birthday! Rememberall that trouble 
we had in English class. ALYSSA and AJ- yall are just 
like Aaliyah and Damon Dash, DELILAH- Country 
Girl. SHARONDAR-Complications and 
Misunerstandings. More CWV Folks:DANM and 
NEJATS- You two made Sunday morning breakfast 
great, the confederate table and all the mess you two 
would get into. JessicaMcGrath- your just well edu- 
cated lol, even though you are bit earthy, you're the 
still the coolest. YOU GOT RICH FIRED! Im glad I got 
to meet u at the Willard. "Christafa Columbus sailed 
the ocean blue in 149 2 "."Everyday on Jerry- 
Springer "Natalie-Your just crazy and fun nough 

said .MeghanM-Can I still sing at your wedding? 
NorthShore Folk: Suz- all around fun, had fun at 
your prom, sober crews!. Danielle-sorry I always 
mistaken you for your sister. Michelle- to bad you 
left CWV. you need to stop learn how to walk like u 
don't have a broken heel, and don't ruin anymore 
twins, you still remind me of buffy megan. 
KIRSTENL-you're my name twin, so much fun over 
the years, SABOTAGE! in the ceramics room, and 
getting kicked out in Art Enrichment so many times 
in middle school. LINDSEYH-you're cool girl never 
forget all are conversations about Diddy and Renee. 
KRISTAH- " Whats up white girl?" Oh man. to much 
fun in physics and analysis senior year! KATIEB-"I 
times in the Willard, and helping telling u how to 
put a doo-ray on properly lol. COURTNEYL, E1YSES, 
KIMB, SAMB Jenis D-I wish you all the best of Luck 
had fun getting to know u all. SAMB- remember 
SNEE your such a blonde haha underclassmen: 
ChristanaF, TracyR, StephanieF, AlexiaB, ErinM. 
Natasha, and fun in being yalls Spanish class for two 
you years!. AmandaF-miss cleo, momma T. and 
Thug Riders. We had to much fun in Latin and 

Eboni Walcott 

WOW!! Time has gone by so fast. It seems lik 
yesterday I had an attitude, when my mother to 
I was going to school all the way out in Bedford 
I can say my high school career was hard for m 
I made it. Firstly, I would like to thank my Lon 
Savior Jesus Christ, without him I would be not 
I would like to thank my mother Lillie T. Bro 
love you sooooo much. (Mom we finally mad< 
And to my dad, Toby Brown, I like to thank yc 
everything that you've done for me. I love y 
didn't forget about you, my UT brother Jus'rr 
will always be here for you, No matter wh 
good.J I like to give a special thanks to my: 
Nicole, Co thank you for always being there fo 
You are always there when I need you, good or 
Nicole you're like my Big sister and a second m 
in one. I love you a lot. And to my Aunt Philly, t 
you for all the talks. I love you. I would also li 
thank my boyfriend, Danny Baptiste, Thank yo 
always looking out for me. You have give 
something else to look forward to in the future. I 
you J) To my best friends: Hayle, Katrina I lu 
guys. (We are still like the three Charlies An 
And to my girl Janene (keep ur head up). I HI 
give a shout out to my fellow peers and also 
friends: Courtney, Bianca. Aaron, Tucker, J: 
Shameka, Nicole. David S., Meghan, Krysten 
Mike, Ian, and to the others that I did not men 
Good luck to the class of 2003. 

Meghan Wilcox 

Mom&Dad: Thankyou for always being there| 
me, even when I wasn't always easy to get along 
.1 would never have made it this far w/o you i 
You've taught me a lot about life & unconditid 
love. I will ALWAYS love you!Mom: We've had f 
of difficult times but we made it through. I res 
that you were just being a mom. We've grown dp 
and I hope it stays that way, your strong and as m 
as I deny it, I hope I turn into my mother. Dad: W 
been through a lot together, and I know that 
will be more to come. I love you so much and I ki 
you will always be there for me. You've taught i 
lot about myself and I love you. Kate: thanks 
being a big sister. We've grown really close over 
last couple yrs, your one of my bestfriends. Yoi 
always been there for me, especially through 
toughtimes, and god knows we've had alot of th 
Ilu so much, you have alot going for you, and d< 
let ms.muddpuddles get you down.Mehwhere 
start kiddo? We've had some strange times, g 
fights (I know you could kill me).& good time 
even though you don't think I do &I know I act 
your mother sometimes, but its b/c I don' t want 
to have to go through all the tough stuff that happ 
in life. I won't be around alot next year to bug y 
but I want to tell you it gets better. Tilly: 1 4yrs 
longtime. We've grown-up together. From"wi 
your name?"to"who's driving?"we've been throi 
it all; fights, tears, laughs, jokes, everything you 
think of.I know we haven't been as close the last 
but you're someone I know I can always call, 
know that thirty yrs from now, I will still be abl 
call u. Ilu like you're one of my sisters. TheHarrv 
You're my second family, I'm at your house jusi 
much as I'm at mine. I even go on vacation 
you.Lundy:! spy w/ my little eye; oh god do y 

nk they saw us?I feel like all we do together is 
I igh, complain, and scheme ideas. We've had a few 
1 hts but we made it through. Remember 8th grade 
ithe bag, our first dance in 6th grade: "do tell, do 
l."Or New Years this year?Howabout CKYIYou're 
I favorite lil'Shopper. Ilu so much. I know we will 
* ;p intouch.Elyse:TRANSITION is where it all 
rted, or was it w/ my boy haircut?, I don't know. 
1 c've gotten alot closer these last couple years, and 
it r coffee trips get me through the week. I know we 
)uld be in college already, but at least we had to 
through it together. Ilu and the best of lucklCourt: 
: ;till remember sitting on my porch for hours 
i ight just talking about everything. You've always 
en someone I can talk to about everything that's 
|iing on, we've been through similar 
I. ngs. Remember meeting halfway on DunsterRd? 
inping off the bridge in ME? You're one of the 
longest people I know, stay that way. ILU! Krista: 
4 e've been through a lot together. The car accident 
l. the way home from the CCgame, driving down 
walkway in Lynn, dinner at the nines and uno's. 
e've become so close the past two.yrs and I don't 
int to lose that when we go to college. ILU. Kim: 
ly don't you go2 CKY w/ the rest of the 
autyQueens?Um we have some SketchyWinners 
the line up here. We've had some good times, and 
ope we keep intouch. ILU. Carey: We've done some 
a things together, like going for a "drive" in ME 
d having those sketchy guys follow us, jumping 
f the bridge in ME, and going to see 
>'eetHomeAlabama. You're a sweetheart and I will 
ver forget you. Ilu so muchlGreg: We've shared 
X together over the past year or so. Thank you for 
aling w/ me even when I was being difficult. I've 
irned so much from you and us. You truly are a 
'eetheart, don't change, ever. The Hughes: Thank 
>u for always including me in your family, you 
vays made me feel welcome. Alex: thanks for 
iching me to crack my thumbs. Pat: "I was just 
iding, GOD!", Ian: wait. ..Best Looking?, Chris: 
m always have a smile, Dave: we had some 
lodtimes, Tim: it's the quiet ones that make me 
:rvous.Scott:My therapist, BrianTts 
:JamalT:you're a sweetheart, don't change.- As a 
oup we've had some good times. KatieB's: you 
oke my camera!Denis/Mr. Walsh: even though 
01 picked on me when I was little, you turned out 
be one of my favorite teachers/ 
lach.Thankyou&good luck with everything. 
r.DanHunt:You were a great EngTeacher, and a 
>od coach(I still have ankle trouble when it 
ins),Thankyou for helping me write my college 
say. I've learned alot from you and I wish you the 
St of luck!Mr.Gaillard:thank you for my recom- 
endation, it really meant a lot to me. I learned a lot 
your class. DrHaswell: I enjoyed your class, and 
ank you for writing me a recomendtion. Even 
ough you were always a little stressed, you mau- 
led to be a great teacher. Librarians: thankyou for 
ways giving me a pass even when the library was 
dl.Goodluck w/ the underclassman:). To: 
ttleMegan, EmmaWD, KristiT .NicoleL, 
ttcy.KatieK, JenelleV, BrettB, PeterS, SteveM, 
ichieV (I'll miss our homeroom breakfasts), 
iatheson, and to everyone else I might have forgot- 
n, I'll never forget you:). 

icott Wright 

First off, I would like to thank my parents for being 
such a huge part of my life for the past 1 8 years. I 
love you Mom and Dad. Matt- Thanks for always 
looking out for me, and just being a great older 
brother. Jen- Thank you for supporting me and 
always being there in certain situations. Matty- lam 
the luckiest Uncle in the world, I love you buddy. 
Also, I would like to thank my second family the 
Bradys , for always welcoming me in their home and 
putting up with the two of us. I would like to thank 
all my teachers who have helped me over the years, 
especially Mrs. Sullivan, who over the past two years 
has always been there for me, Thank you, and if you 
want to go back to Aruba you can have my ticket if 
I don't make the tournament. Also, Mr. Walsh 
thanks for letting me go to the computer lab to write 
this and for being one of the coolest teachers. I also 
would like to thank all my coaches over the years for 
their unlimited support and for giving me a chance 
to succeed, Coach Sullivan, Coach Sab, Coach 
McGrath, Coach Hirsch, Mead, Dion,. Coach Byrnes 
- thanks for everything the last 2 years, congratula- 
tions on # 1 00, and I hope the Superfans will live on. 
Now for the ring of 8- TIM- We've had a lot of good 
times since building our tree fort in your backyard, 
ARUBA, football, baseball, cards, painting, Madden 
(I'm the all-time champion by the way) , TAKE THE 
and by the way I will be making a return to Nautilus 
(RIP- BRV). BRIAN- the smartest one of us, we've 
managed to stay close even though you decided to 
attend the HILL, hockey (LAKE PLACID), will you 
get me a glass of ice for a dollar?, your basement ( It 
wasn't me), and by the way you are the WORST 
DRIVER in the world. PAT- WHATS UP WILLY, 
IT'S SO HARD, I keep forgetting who got off the 
train at your boat, It wasn't my fault just to let you 
know, I will be visiting you at UMASS(PD's school), 
GREG- LOON, the chosen one, you are one messed 
up skit-so, thanks for always helping me out (PETTY) 
and all the other times I've screwed up. By the way 
tell your cousin I said hi, lets not forget all the times 
up at Maine and we are gonna catch some major fish 
on your ocean-liner. IAN- my former fellow Cap- 
tain, we are SCUMBAGS, I can't believe we are still 
alive after the trip to Umass--DWAYNE-O.WHAT 
wherever you play, and I'll see you in the over 40 
league. CHRIS- you are still the smartest kid in a 
certain subject, do you want to go on a boo-t safari 
through my kitchen? That was quite a fun summer 
of painting, but I hated those kids, by the way 
where is my sweatshirt? I'LL SEE IN Fear and L 2. 
DAVE- my buddy on the 8th grade bus, you are 
gonna be a rich man when you grow up and a lucky 
one if you know what I mean, Thanks for always 
helping me out with advice. YOUR HOUSE IS SICK, 
we found that out DEC 3 1ST . ARZO— NEVER STOP 
PUMPING IT UP. To the girls. I'm glad we have all 
become friends and thanks for always putting up 
with me , COURTNEY- ( your mom was walking in 
and my mom was walking out), KRISTA, CAREY. 
MEGAN. KIM. ELYSE.KIRSTEN- thanks for espe- 
cially putting up with everything. BRETT- A lot of 
things have changed since Mrs. E. but two things 
haven't, and that is that our friendship and also that 
I can always count on you. THANKS! AND GOOD 
LUCK AT TUFTS! ALEX- thanks for p-ing up the 9ers 
with me, for at least a little while, also thanks for 
taking over the SUPERFANS for me. JAMAL- the 2nd 
biggest lineman in the DCL. sc-oop, WEDGE. I 

don't worry I'm not down that much, but if I am 
you'll be getting a call, thanks for everything. DICK- 
FELLOW SCUMBAG, you borrowed my gloves in 
Mites, CHETTY-MOOSE. carry on the SBAG tradi- 
you and will never forget the times we shared 
(3\3\02). KATRINA- Will you remember m e\^. 
the seniors of last year-, my advice to you all islto go 
to Vegas (start an empire), PLAY TO BEAT THE 1 7. 
KAMADEEYAHA, thanks for making jr. year nasty. 
JEREMY, CRAIG, and to the underclassmen- icarry 
on- MARKY. ROSSI, CHIRS (A.K.A- chuck, fcrnie, 
dicky), HUDZIK -me and you are gonna be| rich, 
Chris +Ricky-f 11 see you guys at the tree in about 20 
years, CRAIG- thanks for the advice in the carl TIT 
semi+ prom, A Walk and Deeds, Sundays, remem- 
ber the 4 rules, CHEESE SANDWICHES. Lajtly. I 
would like to thank everybody who I forgot. andalw> 
wish all my classmates the best of luck in the future 

Michelle Yen 

Dara: for always speaking your mind, letting m<' 
cook in your kitchen despite imminent danger o " 
fire, and being my accomplice in insanity (remem 
ber our funeral for Echo?). Kate: for being a third 
party activist, for worrying teachers with your ex 
pulsion from the BDTC, for having the guts to 
subscribe to Libertarian propaganda for my sake (th< 
day that Massachusetts gets instant runoff voting, I 
promise to repay the deed by kidnapping the Linux 
penguin so he can eternally mock Bill Gates in th< 
name of democracy and fair business practices) 
Katy: for being an extraordinarily nice person: bak 
ing cookies, driving us around, and doing so much 
more. Kayo: for pursuing (or at least attempting t o) 
copious amounts of Latin, sleep, and work (by- 
work, I mean procrastination, of course) : in another 
life, we will be twins. Heather: (or being orchestra 
buddies since Middle School; also, for being genius 
girl: you are the main reason why I passed geometry, 
physics, and various other math and science related 
subjects. Lilly: for all the good times in art enrich- 
ment, geometry, history, and sociology. Stcph: for 
being willing to risk your eyesight for various en- 
deavors such as hair-dyeing (It is a continuing 
source of relief that your vision is still 20/20). Mr. 
Pilla: for putting up with me for all four y ears while 
still maintaining a killer sense ol humor, and man- 
aging to teach me countless ideas and concepts about 
art in the process. Mrs. M. Sullivan: for reforming 
my view of English for the better, making learning 
a memorable and thoroughly en|oyable endeavor, 
and for creating an atmosphere where every one felt 
comfortable participating. Mr. Rey nolds: for turn- 
ing me into a Republican, holding some of the best 
debates I've ever listened to, and ranting about the 
vast right-wing conspiracy in a largely humorous 
way. Mr. Sabourin: we were challenged to think 
harder while at the same time learning the meaning 
of character and integrity through your example 
Nicole: for being a wonderful sister-you are the 
most bizarrely entertaining person that I have ever 
met. Mom and Dad: for always wishing the best 
Last but certainly not least, the Creator with y ou. all 
things are possible. 




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Bedford, MA 01730 

gONgPAT/UlATIONg glA SS OV 200? 


Thii 11 not the end, but the beginning 
of ao many wonderful opi^ortanlti&s. 
Ute have always a^mfre^ yoar deter- 
mination, creatk/ffy, sense of faamor, 
artistic talent, ability to connect with 
people and enthusiasm and know 
that sparkle in yoar eye will help you 
succeed ha whatever you set out to 
do. ]ust remember, in college you 
don't faave to schedule any 8 AH 

We love you and wish you a wonderful future. 
U>ve Mom, T>ad, Brendan £t- Uam 


you continue to inspire and 
naze as!! ^pou have grown Into 
a woman with a kind heart, a 
frong spirit, a keen intellect and 
^during beauty. We are proud 

of you and we love you. 
Mom, "Dad, Em £t "the boys." 

A^XrOyi/ Mere words will 

NEUEfc be able to express 
the depth of our admiration 
for yoa "$)ou have honored 
us with your undying love, 
respect and kindness. May 
dob continue to bless you 
U>Ve, Mom £tr"Dad 

"$>ou are the mcut reiourceful 
Individual we have ever known. With 
thii ability and your deiire, Dad and I 
know you will iucceeo in anything you 
put your heart and mind to. Guilty oa we 
are for not iaying it enough we are proud 
of you and love you alwayi! 
Look out college here comej Oarib\ce\ 
Hoping the beit for you 
alwayi! Love " 
Be Safe! Have fun! Go par! Love £hrij 


44 Middtesaoc Turnpi** 


Matt cmb "Emma, 




Sharing your IK/es has been a \oy 

anb an abventare, 
Afwayi remember that our love h 
with you. 

Love, Mom anb-Dab- 

✓j^ /ww y/wr very first day at Davis 
T~ Sc/ioof. . . To you last year at SJfS, 
you /iave made us very jrrouaC jfou 
truly are a wonderful young woman w/io 
can acAleve any goaf you set for yourself. 

Sefiev e .... I magine .... Dream .... Seeome 

Welove you, 
Mom & Dad 

knocking on 
the bathroom 
making a 
mab bc&h to 
the mall, 

choosing a beb for Christmas morning, 
or having a bance party without warn- 

we always have so much fun! 
I'll miss you when you're away but 
we'll stay close no matter what. 
Thank you for 
being you anb the 
best sister anyone 
could ever have, I 
love you! 

From the day* on 

the btxs, 
To the new patfw 

4 * 

&rBest Uftsfaes 

Meredith, Mom 

Way to go Scott! 


Scott, All of your hard work + 
determination ha^ paid off! 

U/e couldn't be proa&er of you 
and your accomplksfamenti. 
Love Mom + 'Dad 


k/e are proud of you for 
aot only what you have 
accomplished bat alio 
rfie percon that yoa have 

Congratulations on this 
important milestone anh 
may your future be filled 
with happiness anb 
success in whatever you 

Love, Mom, Dad 
and Kenrda 


U/e're so prous of you! 
U/eVe watched you grow 
into a strong an^ coura- 
geous young waman. 
The future is at your 
finger tips, so reach far 
the stars, you Reserve ft. 
k/ith all our lave: Mom, 
Bob, I en, Ama^ anb 



U/e Love Poa - Mom and Dad 


Ami, Memories 

\mi. when we had you 
We were si) young 

We grew together 
and had much fun 

Take time to remember 
all that we've done 

I he plaees we've been, 
did \ou ha\ e tun? 

St . NC,OH, ( A. then MA 

and the travel between 
Should give memories that last 

Fights with > our brother. 

too long in the ear 
Memories you'll have 

from near and Tar 

Old friends, new friends 
another year, another school 

You adjusted well. 
You alwa\ s do 


Just a few words of good advice. 

Always Id your brain over-rule 
your heart 

Granny Mischler 

Grandpa Mischler would have 
said, "don't take any wooden 

( 'ongratulations to my first great 
niece. You have grown up to he a great 
young lad) and always remain first in my 

I love von! Dwayne 

from the days of the "Fairy 
Princess" to a Graduate I have 
watched you grow into a beautiful 
and intelligent \oung woman who I 
am so very proud of. 

You will always be my " MiMi". 

I o\c. Aunt Dale 

"Good Luck" Uncle Eugene 

Dear Ami. 

We are so proud of yon and your 
accomplishments thus far. You are a 
beautiful and intelligent young lad) now, 
w ith tremendous sincerity that we all love. 
Make the most of the y ears to come. With 
your w isdom and determination, all of your 
goals will be achieved! Keep your head up. 
learn from mistakes, and dream big - - settle 
for nothing but the best, you deserve it. 
Live your life to the fullest and yet one day 
at a time for those goals and wishes will be 

We are always here for you and love you 
very much. 

Uncle Aunt Mar\. Moruan & Mark 

Hear Ami, 

Cong ratufations on the 
past near, f just vyish you 
coula stay near. 

Although, f /-now you 
don't vyanf to be Here, I 
thank you for the ride this 
past year! 

Love, Philip 

Now. High School graduation is here 
Take time to reflect your prior \ears 
The plaees you've been, the friends you've made. 
Oh yeah, and don't forget, your parents along the way!! 

I ove. 

Mom and Dad 

Pear Ami] 

ft. art oar first yrtat yraxddauykttr oral you art very 
altar to our ktarts. k/t art so proud ofi you fior off ofi your 
accoMpftskmttts lit your fifit. lift kavt so many mtmortts ofi 
u/ktK you totrt yrou/i'ny up. /t clots* t Stem possiiit you art 
nm yraoluat/ky /from kiyk sekoo/. Atvays rtmtmUr ut foot 
you vtry muck, Papam & tframmy 

Dear Ami, 

It seems like just a short while 
ago you were a little girl. Now, you are 
a beautiful young woman. There are many 
milestones throughout life, however, the 
corner stone of everything is your 
family, where you develop the affections 
and learn the values to live by. Stand 
strong for your convictions and extend 
your hand to others that may stumble. 

Remember life is a journey, not a 
destination , and we are all on a 
pilgrimage . Set your goals high as you 
begin you next adventure, know that your 
family is always there and our love is 
unconditional . We are so proud of your 
accomplishments and we look forward to 
supporting you with each new challenge 
that you undertake . 

Cong r a tulations . 

Love, Bawbaw and Nana 

Conjra tula lions Mark. 
From Brio-Ntc to computers, 

-from Madrigal tv metal, 
jou have brought us jwf joy 

f Hey, Mister 81**. Shy, 
out V<£ so proud of jou . 


Da^ Mom, Kath and Tmtir^ 


May your life continue to be fitted 
whi'th great accomplishment*, 
you have always brought us much 
pride and admi'raqtion, 
y?ou are a true leader - remeber to 
be yourself/ your good sense and 
wonderful smile will carry you 
through the challenges of life. 
We love you very much/ 
Mom, ~Oab, and Todd 
" do confidently in the durection of 
your breams, live the life you have 
Henry David Thoreau 


Our love £t support Wilt be 
with you always, Em'oy 
every new chapter ha your 
life, continue to make good 
choices and remain true to 

Love Always, 
Mom Er'Dad 

Congratulations to our son! 


U/ords cannot express how much |'oy and happiness you 
have brought into our Irves, We are so very prcxxb of you 
and everything that you have accomplished. Thank you for 
being a wonderful role model and loving "big 

U/e are so pnx& of you anb- all of your accomplishment, 
U/atching you grow from oar tittle boy fo a fine young man ha 

these very fast 18 years has 

been a wonder anb |'oy, 
U/e have enjoyed all of the 
soccer, hockey, anb baser 

ball games, swimming 
events, scouting abvenxure^ 
anb musical performances, 
your love arw devotion to 
family anb friends has been 
a wonderful gift to us all. 
May our bebication anb commitment to life continue to open 
the boors of success in all of your future goals anb ambitions, 
U/e have been truly blesseb with a great son anb brother. 


Mom, T^ab, Kara, anb Nicole 





3?oa are a Superhero! 
We are so proas of you. 
Wishing you a future of 
happineii an^ iucceis 

Love always 

Mom, T>a^, Katie ccnh 


Congratulations Carey! 

you've always mabe us prou^ 
anb mabe us laugh, U/e wish 
you a bright anb happy future. 

Mom, Dab, Michaela, anb 


you% TcxruizE is tilled u/ith as m^h 

]CTp AS ^06{ HAVE arOEN U<3. GTAV TfUAE 



pouVe mab-e our breams 
come true by iusf being you! 

Now if i time for the 
"£tattMan" to follow (ail 
breams amh make tfaem come true! 
you've mabe m all 10 proa^! 
Mom, Dao ano Jen 

Congratulations Tom 

U/e wkh you continued iucce&s in all that 
you choose to pursue, U/e have enjoyed 
watching you ^elvelop cmb grow into the 
wonderful/ confident young man that you 


Mom, ^Dafr anb- Andrew 

Pou are our shining star! ^ou have brought such |'oy 
to our trves anb we are so pr&u&l We love you! 
Congratulations with all our love! 
Mom, Vab, Steve, Alii/ Joey, Kan, an^Tro^o 

Congratulations Class of 

from All of Us at 


Bedford High School 

Official Yearbook Photographer 

1-781-272-4700 ~ 

99 Cambridge St, Burlington, Ma 01803 fl . 




A daughter k lust a little girl who grows up to be a friend. 

Love Always 

> 9 


Don't took back arib feet sorry 
about tfae past, for ft is gone. Don't 
worry about tfae future for ft has not 
yet come. LK/e in tfae present ocrib 
make ft beautiful! Uz, we are so 
prou^ of you; best of tuck in alt your 
future plans. 
Love always Dab- £r |<aty 


We are so pr&ub of all you've 

bone. Do you remember 
Brian teaching you to r\beV 
We love you. 
Mom, Dab* £r Brian 


C)i*,Q, you\ * 

always loeen a 

fun, CAirli/\,G), 

Unique, and 

T^ivT^a^true to yoursgLf and 
you^ values, we're so ■p^ouol of 

you for what you've 
accomplished! 1 now youVe on 

your way to more, great things, and we are beside you all the way 
Congratulations, and never forget Vn^lorellita"! 1 

M#y your special friendship continue to flourish and persevere! 
It has been a lay watching you grow and we are proud of the confront, mature and 

beautiful young women you have become. 

UJith all our lave arib bleiinags, 
y?our "Jparenti an& "Family 


PO. BOX 266 


BEDFORD, MA 01730-1409 

OoYigratuiatiom of 


"Fredrick H. Sullivan 
X)$.W. 1?OST 162B 

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. 

Environmental Consultants & Engineers 

5 Alfred Circle 
Bedford, MA 01730-2346 
Telephone: (781)275-6050 
Facsimile: (781)275-5651 
E-mail: info(5) 

CLASS OF 2003 




American Association of 

Ramada Sovereign Hotel 

Where Sunshine Service is number one! 

We offer: 

* Spacious rooms 

* In room coffee makers 

* Special rates 

* In room iron and Iron boards 

* Complimentary breakfast for two * 

Make-up Mirrors in every room 

* Indoor heated pool * A Garden Atrium 

* Restaurant and Lounge 

For reservations call 

(781) 275-6700 


Tel: 489-4574 Foreign and Domestic 


Complete Auto Service 

297 Trmpdo Road 

JIM VENUTI Belmont. MA 02178 



A££0H1?USHHENTS! ! ! ! 



Once again 
you have ynabe me 
very proud of you. 
J?ou have set goals 
and achieved 
them, ^ou have 
so much to offer. 
Beit of luck. M^y 
c^oVs light always 
shine on you anb 
through you. 
These worbs are from the bottom of my heart. 
With alt my love, always 

Congratulations to our tittle ray of 
sunshine an all of your accomplishment* 
at Bedford High School. 


U/ishing you always- 

to surrourib you, 
gooo health 


to sustain you, 
warm memories 

to cheer you, 
goob fortune 

to walk besides you, 

to comfort your soul, 
anb happiness 
to fill your heart. 

We love you! 

Mom, V>ab, Rachel anb Morry, anb Laura 


Such wit, such charm, such style, sucf 
curiosity for life! We never cease to b« 
amazeo at what you ^eci&e to try on, 
whether it be pants that are 10 sizes to 
big, or purple sequineo Presses, or a 
kai'ly schedule that enough to makt 

even the most 
energetic persoy 
exhausted. We 
are so proub- 

for becoming 
such a ^elfghtf 
young laby. 
We love you, 
Mum, Vab, one 




One can never consent to creep when 
one feels the impulse to soar. 

- Helen Keller 
We love you $00000 much! 
Mom anb Meg 

]amcd A Teqae 

H&lb "Fait to your Vreamz 

He that h voi& of wfabom 
bespketh hi* neighbor: but a man 
of unber^taribmQ hofeexh hfc 

peaCei'', proverbs 


May you gain much wk£>om from alt that yoa know 
Amb keep yourself centered as yoa continue to grow. 
U/e love yoa anb are proub of all that yoa have bone 
There is iust no boubt about it; we are bte&sek to have 

yoa for a ion. 


Mom, Da^, Stephen, Bn'annoy JaVon anb- the "Family 

OongratulatioYis, Katie 

"Follow yaar breams cento 
be true to yourself. 
We are so prou£> of the won- 
berful young woman you 
have become. 

Mom, T>a& ; anb Steve 

Dear Mictael, 

Mom and T^ad are ao Very proad of yoa 
'Pour enthusiasm, wit, and character 
have helloes you achieve academic anb 
athletic AucceAA. We will miAA yaa anb 

Matthew playing lacrasAe together. 
We know that whatever yaa decide ta 
bo far yaar future, yaa will be AucceAAful. 

"Fallow yaar breams. We wiAh yaa 
much happi'neAA far thiA year and all the 
yean ta fallow. CAnbertfanb we will 
always Aupjaort yaa in yaar deciAionA. 

Mam, Vab, and Matthew 



U/e've learned that oar way lin't al- 
ways yaar way! 
Now iVa time ta continue On yaar way! 
We love yaa and wiAh yoa Tfae beAt of 

Love, Mam, T>ad, £r Tommy 

' ,** " > 

you iasf Ateep getting better! 
k/e're very proub of you! 
Mom anb'Dab 


U/e are proad of yoa. you 
have grown Into a beautiful 
young woman anb we 
know that yoa will be a 
AacceAA at whatever yaa 
choose to do. We wish you 

a life filled with love anb happi'neAA. 
We love yoa, 
Mom, "Dad, pick, and UndAay 

Nice Gqxyiq \an. 

r*s been a foy watching you grow into the 

fine young man that you are. you've 
amazeb us every step of the way anb we 
zan only imagine the wonderful things in 
tore for you bown the roab. As you pass 
through the next phases of yoar life con- 
tinue to work harh anh bo what makes 
yoa happy. We are very proao of yoa. 
l-ove Mom Str'Dad 




Climb high 
Climb far 
your goal the s[ty 
Poar aim the star 

U)e are proad 
l-ove yoa, 
Mom, T>ab, anb }?eter 



Dear Sara - We love your happy 
smile, then and now. We are so 
proud of your accomplishments 
and perseverance. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Nick, Anna and 
Jenny, Sully, 
& Rose 



"Follow your breams anb 
soar to new heights with 
your endless energy anb 
U)e are so proao of yoa anb 
your accomplishments. 
Mom, Vab, Mark 




U/hether oat on the iaccer and lacrosse fields, 
iunping off a drving boarb, conversing in Spanish 
with strangers, or iust talking about life'* 


yoa have amazed as by your wonderful 

your commitment to yoar beliefs will continue 
to bring yoa great saccess anb peace. 

"For who you've become, 
for all of your accomplishments, 
for the beautiful memories we share, 
we thank you... 
We are so very proud of you. 
Our love forever, 
Dad, Mom and tiz 


We are all so Very prouib of everything you have 
accomplished, you are a kind, helpful, loving son. you 
have grven us many wonderful memories through the 


We know you will be a success in everything you bo\ 
We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Jeremy, ]on, ]en £r branny 


To Heather, oar accomplisheb 
icholar, musician, anb athlete. 
U/fth love from Mom anb "Dab 


CoYigratuictfioni on all 
of your accomplish- 
ments. Pour harb 
work has paib off. As 
always, we are proab 

of yoa. 
All oar love. Mom, 

T>ab, Catherine anb ]oce(yn 



Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 







to the first 


<£tass of 2joo3 

"Baubayiza Electric 
Ooynpayry, Inc 
328 Great fcoab 
Bebforb, MA 

Let us run with endurance 
the race that is set before us, 
looking unto ]esus, 
trie author anb finisher of 
our faith. 
Hebrews 12:1-2. 


'Dab, Mom, Bethany anb John 




U/e are proub^ of 
the young man 
you have be- 
came. May your heart gu\be 
you through life's journey 

Love Mom./ 'Da^ anb Geoffrey 

It takes heart to 
hream, breams 
arib soul to 
have the faith 
to make them 
come true. As 
you begin a 
new chapter in 
your life things 
will be different 
bat the inner 
you where the 
courage is, where the kindness is, 
where the breams are, will never 
change anb neither will the love we 
share as a family. U/e know the 
worfo waiting for yoa.. 
All Our Love 
T>ab ; Mom £*- Sarah 


Much Love, 

Love, Mom, Vab + 

{congratulations lesse! 
Pou have accom- 
plished amazing 
U/e are very prou^ of 
you anb know you 
will continue to fallow 
your breams. 
Lave, Mom, Dao + 

From the early years 
To the present day 
You have charted a course 
Your very own way 

We look back with pride 
At the blessings along the way 
You made the sun shine 
In our family each day 

Thanks for the memories 
The best sport you have been 
We couldn't be prouder 
Of the young woman within 

Congratulations to you Michelle 
Bucs # 1 4 

You have the brightest of futures 
and our wish for perfect dreams 

With love from your # 1 Fans 
Mom, Dad, Matthew & Allison 

your open heart, fu> 
spirit, anb loving 
make you so special 
Continue to listen an 
trust your instincts ar) 
your future loumey w 
be a success. 
All our love 
Mom, Dao, anb 


I.A.F.F. — Local 2310 


Th« Bedford FUg 

CoYigmtulctficym G\&*& of 2003! 


to the 

from the members of the 


May you carry your |'oy of 
learning wherever life takes you. 

Goob Lack cmb Beit U)hhe& 


Saint Michael 1?arafa 

U/ay to Go 

U>Ve anb- beit wiirxei 
TDab, Mom, 'Dan, Sam + ]ohn 



If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, 
however measured or far away." -- H. D. Thoreau 


l?alT<ms of Muii'c Gtubenti 

Oongrataia1]OYi6 cmb bast wi'ifoei to the Oiass of 2003 


"First Day of School 
- Seemes like yesterday! 
We are so prcxxb of yoa 
Pour "Family 


May all of your to- 
morrows be as won- 
derful as your 
And may you always 
know that you your- 
self are more wonder- 
ful than any bream 
could be. 
Mom £r £regg 


U/e are very proub of everything you have 
accomplished. c7od has blessed us with yo 
and many have been blessed to get to kno 1 
you. you may not get all the recognition 
you deserve, but you are an outstanding 
son, brother, and frienb to many. May cTc 
Bless you in your entire future enbeavor. 


Remember it takes a "HHTMASA". 
Love always, 
Mom, "Dad and Anthony 

TDear ~Oerek, 

y?ou has/e achieved all of the goals you set for yourself. We are 
all Very proab of yoa U/hat you has/e accomplished throughou 

your 19 years k truly amazing, your determi 
nation both in school 

and in U.G. Swimming 

is an inspri'ation to ev- 
eryone who knows 

Always stay true to 
yourself and never 
change. Pou are al- 
ways in our hearts. 

Mom, 'Dad, U/endy 

2D03 G\tx& officers 


y?oa wilt always be our Superman! 
Try your best anb* you Willi succeed, 
U/e are so prou^ of you! 

Love Always, 
Mom Dr'Dab- 


We love all that you are and all that you will 

We are are proud of you. Congratulations! 
Mom, Dad, and Andrew 

Roses are red, 
Violets are blue, 
You're going to college, 
And I'll miss you. 

"What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us. 
- Emerson 

Enima Wampler Dot> & 
Kirsten Lundberg 

Unerclass Editors 
Mingli Chang 
Jamie Chin 
Mike Prescott 

Photo Edilor 
Jessica Watro 

Busini-s\ Editor 
Ken Liu 

Faculty Advisor 
Michael Rinaldi 


Phil Stone 
Stephanie Russo 
Sean Griffin 

Ching Tzer "Chris" Chang 
Ashley Davison 
Christine Boynton 
Erika Briere 
Stefanie Scaglionc 
Wyatt Shea 

Through Our Eyes , the 2003 yearbook of Bedford 
High School was printed by Jostens Printing and Publish- 
ing Division, 1312 Dickerson Highway. Clarksville 
Tennesse. The Jostens in-plant consultant was Jana Pop- 
lar and the regional representative is John Neister. Thank 
you both for your keen assistance and expertise. 

The cover art was produced by Jostens Creative Re- 
sources. The official yearbook photographers were 
Burlington Studios and various student photographers 
working with the Yearbook. 

All headlines were set in Aytoblique 36 point, Body 
text was set in Joanna MT 1 point. Captions Joanna MT 
8 point. 

The last deadline was finished March 14, 2003 
- Mingli Chang 

Our sincere appology for any mispelled names or omis- 

U2's humanitarian lead singer Bono visits 
Africa and tours Midwestern America to 
raise awareness and support for African 
AIDS epidemic relief. 

Nuclear crisis arises when North Korean 
leader Kim Jong II breaks a 1994 pledge 
with the United States not to build 
nuclear weapons. 


A Halloween earthquake in San Giuiliano di 
Puglia, Italy, topples an elementary school, 
killing dozens of children. 

China's one-child-per-family policy creates 
an imbalanced boy-to-girl ratio that will 
result in tens of millions of men finding 
themselves single in the year 2020. 

Reuters Undo: 

^ In October, a Moscow 
theater siege by 
Chechen rebels ends 
in a Russian special 
forces raid that kills 
the captors and at 
least 129 hostages. ' 

^ Thousands die as storms 
and floods cause billions 
of dollars in damage in 
China and many countries 
across Europe. 

Ryan Rtpnio'/ AP Wide Wo>M Ptiotos 

^ Pope John Paul II 
travels to Toronto's 
Downsview Park in 
July to lead the World 
Youth Day vigil. 

• ( I • 

Over 100 people, mostly foreign tourists, 
are killed in an October terrorist bombing 
of two nightclubs in Bali, Indonesia. 


Emergency workers in the United States and 
overseas receive smallpox vaccinations as a 
preventative measure against bioterrorism 

not return safely to 
Earth, but we can pray 
they are safely home." 

- President George W. Bush 

Gene J Puskar "Getty images 

On July 28. nine 
Pennsylvania coal miners 
are rescued after being 
trapped for three days in 
a mineshaft flooded with 
over 70 million gallons 
of water. 

Getty images, Artvae 

Midterm elections make 
history as Republicans, the 
party controlling the White 
House, gain congressional 
seats rather than losing them. 

Jonn Pimpuo IP Wk> Www Photos 

Several large corporations 
inflate profits while top 
executives make off with 
millions in accounting 
scandals that send shock 
waves through global markets. 

1 1 

'. t. - * » * 

^ In October, Minnesota 
Senator Paul Wellstone 
dies in a plane crash 
along with his wife, 
daughter and five 
other victims. 

V Sparked by summer drought, ^ A weakened economy 

wildfires — including one set 
accidentally by a forlorn 
forest ranger— tear across 
the western United States. 

repeatedly drives down 
interest rates and delivers 
retailers their worst holiday 
shopping season in decades. 

V President Bush signs the Homeland 
Security Act. officially creating a 
Department of Homeland Security 
dedicated to preventing terrorist attacks. 

Kevin lamarque/Reuters/landov/AF P Photo/Juan Barreto/Corta 

^ Throughout 2002, Americans search for ways 
to recover and rebuild from September 1 1 . 
On the one-year anniversary, survivors, 
families and friends gather at all three sites 
to commemorate the lives lost. 

P.MO Saxon APWkX Worm Pt> 

^ Federal employees from the 

Transportation Security Administration 
begin screening all checked baggage 
and random passengers at airports. 

^ The possibility of the United States 
waging war against Iraq meets 
disapproval both at home and abroad. 

^ The U.S. Senate passes a resolution 
condemning a Ninth Circuit Court of 
Appeals ruling that reciting the Pledge of 
Allegiance in schools is unconstitutional. 

Patients in Florida are the first to receive 
the VeriChip, a computer chip bearing 
personal medical data that is injected into 
the forearm. 

Microsoft's Tablet PC enables users to write 
directly on the screen rather than typing on 
a keyboard. 


The Journal of the American Medical 
Association reports that children who 
grow up with pets have a reduced risk 
of developing common allergies. 


ian doctor Severino ^ El Nil 

and Raelian scientists and i 

id. who believe aliens dowr 

humans, claim to rams 

iduced the first and i 

luman. Neither claim Dece 

n genetically. - in Mi 

y Early tests indicate an 
experimental vaccine to 
be 100 percent effective 
against the human 
papilloma virus that 
causes cervical cancer. 

y University of Arkansas 1 
researchers discover that 
microorganisms grow in 
conditions similar to those on 
Mars, suggesting the planet once 
hosted or currently hosts life. 

y For $300 to $1 ,000 per injection, 
people craving eternal youth 
attend BOTOX parties to inject 
the FDA-approved paralytic 
i toxin into their skin to relax 
their muscle tissue. 

^ The U.S. Education Department reports that 
average geography scores of the nation's 
fourth and eighth graders, while low, have 
improved from 1994. 

^ Ellula introduces HotAir Speakers, 
a set of battery-powered, inflatable 
speakers that are small enough to 
fit in your pocket when deflated. 

^ McDonald's unveils new lower-fat french 
fries due to the new Healthy Eating Pyramid 
and in response to many former patrons 
suing for making them overweight. 

Sy 1970s peasant shirts are alive and well on 
runways and in school halls. 

David Oyson/Camera Press Retna . 

Everyone from hot 
young movie stars to 
aging rock stars sports 
the newest fashion 
trend, turquoise jewelry 

V The cola war puts new 
flavors to the test, 
including Dr. Pepper 
Red Fusion, Pepsi Blue 
and Vanilla Coke. 

^ Krispy Kreme lovers 
start a new tradition 
by celebrating their 
vows with doughnut 
wedding cakes. 


•J t 

^ Ron. Harry and 
Hermione are back to 
hitting the books and 
battling evil forces in 
Harry Potter and the 
Chamber of Secrets. 

A "The Bachelor" and 
"The Bachelorette" keep 
millions tuned in to ABC 
to see who will receive an 
on-air marriage proposal. 

John ftinrttSmnw St'eettJettv Images 

A PBS's "Sesame Street" 
introduces the Muppet 
Kami, an HIV-infected 
orphan, in an effort to 
educate young people 
worldwide about AIDS. 

• ( « 

cnowns Nia 
nd John Corbett 
ica's hearts in the 
)rise smash hit 
t Greek Wedding. 

^ Peter Jackson receives 
a Golden Globe Best 
Director nomination for 
The Lord of the Rings: The 
Two Towers, the year's 
most anticipated sequel. 

Cynical Simon Cowell and company stir 
up big ratings lor Fox's "American Idol" 
and big record sales for winner Kelly 
Clarkson, a waitress from Texas. 



ifter a two-year hiatus, Leonardo DiCaprio 
returns to the big screen with two holiday 
blockbusters, Gangs of New York and 
Catch Me If You Can. 

licago, a film adaptation of the hit 
Broadway musical, wins three Golden 
Globes, including Best Picture: Musical or 
Comedy, and receives 13 Oscar nominations 

I W iMi 

HBO Films' comedy Real Women Have 
Curves promotes positive self-image with 
the dazzling debut of Latin-American 
actress America Ferrera 

CBS scores a ratings doubleheader with 
a pair of forensic investigation dramas. 
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and 
"CSI Miami " 

Newcomer Norah Jones takes home 
five Grammys, including Album of 
the Year, for Come Away With Me. 

Multi-talented Eminem raps up 
five Grammy nominations for The 
Eminem Show and big box-office 
success in 8 Mile. 


Rocker Avril Lavigne and other 
"anti-Britneys." such as Vanessa 
Carlton and Michelle Branch, represent 
the new face of women in music. 

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Weezer teams up with the 
Muppets in the video for "Keep 
Fishin'," the second single from 
their hit album Maladroit. 

Pop takes a new direction when former 
boy band favorites Nick Carter and 
Justin Timberlake break out with solo 
albums and tours. 

^ In October, legendary 
hip-hop DJ Jam Master 
Jay of Run-DMC is shot 
and killed in a Queens, 
New York, music studio. 

V After a six-year ^ Country crossover star Shania 

romance, No Doubt's Twain hits No. 1 on the Billboard 

Bush's Gavin Rossdale 
in September. 

CD with every song in both a 
pop and country version. 

Former Beatles rock legend Paul McCartney 
brings in $2 million a night, for a total of 
$103 million, on the year's top-grossing tour. 

Issei Kato/Reulers/landov 

rokes, Spin magazine's 2002 
Band of the Year, lead a resurgence 
of rock 'n' rollers, including The Hives 
and The Vines. 

Armed with a steady beat and 
punk-rock-blues riffs, The White Stripes' 
stripped-down rock shines on the highly 
acclaimed White Blood Cells. 

Alpha-Mark Allan/Globe Photos 

Jackson's triple-platinum album 
Drive wins five Country Music Association 
Awards and is named the USA Today 
No. 1 country album of 2002. 

Nirvana, the famed grunge band's 
long-awaited greatest hits album, 
features "You Know You're Right." 
the last recording Kurt Cobain made 
iefore his 1994 suicide. 


Dallas Cowboy running back Emmitt Smith 
breaks Walter Payton's 16.727- yard mark 
to become the NFL's all-time leading rusher. 

The Detroit Red Wings capture the 2002 
NHL Stanley Cup over the Cinderella 
Carolina Hurricanes. It's a record ninth 
cup for retiring coach Scotty Bowman. 

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^ Serena and Venus Williams continue to 
dominate women's tennis, becoming the 
first sisters to be ranked No. 1 and No. 2 
in the world. 


^ The U.S. men's soccer 
team advances to the 
World Cup quarterfinals 
for the first time, by 
defeating Mexico 2-0. 

Chnslof Stache/AP/Widc Woilcl Photos 

V The U.S. Postal Service team 
propels Sports Illustrated 
magazine's Sportsman of the 
Year Lance Armstrong to his 
fourth consecutive Tour de 
France victory. 

Mike Powell/Getty Images 

^ The top-rated defense of 
the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
shuts down the No. 1 
offense of the Oakland 
Raiders to win Super Bowl 
XXXVII 48-21. 

Mall A Brown/Newsporl/Coiois 

^ LPGA pro Annika Sorenstam, after a 
record-setting 13-win 2002 season 
worldwide, accepts an invitation to play 
the Colonial tournament on the men's 
2003 PGA Tour. 

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the heavily 
favored Miami Hurricanes in double overtime 
to win the BCS National Championship. 
The 31-24 victory is the school's first 
national football title since 1968. 

The new sport of SlamBall takes 
basketball to the extreme on a specially 
designed court with four trampolines in 
front of each hoop. 

Skateboarding reaches new popularity 
heights thanks to the high visibility 
of the X Games and the "Tony Hawk's 
Pro Skater" video game series. 

Surfing welcomes a tidal wave of women 
to the sport after receiving a Hollywood 
endorsement in the popular summer flick 
Blue Crush. 


The sports world loses two legends — 
baseball's "Splendid Splinter" Ted 
Williams and Johnny Unitas, one of 
football's greatest quarterbacks. 

Zacarais Moussaoui, widely believed 
to be the 20th hijacker, goes on trial 
for his involvement in the September 11 
terrorist attacks. 

Martha Stewart faces charges of illegal stock 
trading after former Imclone president Sam 
Waksal allegedly tips her off regarding the 
company's demise. 

Russell Boyce.ReuteivLandov 

In show business since they were 9 months 
old, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. 16, have 
amassed a $76 million fortune through their 
Dualstar Entertainment Group. 

Veteran actor Richard Harris, known for 
his role as Hogwarts wise headmaster 
Albus Dumbledore, dies of Hodgkin's 
disease at age 72. 


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